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  • Affirmative Action - 1,541 words
    Affirmative action is one of the more recent and popular civil rights policies that affect today's society. Affirmative action can be described as nothing more than a lower educational standard for minorities. It has become quite clear that affirmative action is unfair and unjust. However, in order to blend race, culture, and genders to create a stable and diverse society, someone has to give. How can this be justified? Is there a firm right or wrong to affirmative action? Is this policy simply taking something from one person and giving it to someone else, or is there more to this policy, such as affirmative action being a reward for years of oppression against those whom it affects? There ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: action plan, affirmative, affirmative action, executive order, personal opinion
  • A Tale Of 2 Citys - 1,397 words
    A Tale of Two Cities By: CHARLES DICKENS Published by: THE NEW AMERICAN, INC. Published in the year 1960 354 PAGES Guillermo Chiu Social Studies Period / G Summary of Novel "A Tale of Two Cities" is written by Charles Dickens and it takes place in France and England during the troubled times of the French Revolution. The characters travels to both country but most of the story happens in Paris, France. The hot spot of the French revolutionists, mostly takes place in a wineshop in Paris, because the wineshop owner is Ernest Defarge and his wife, Madame Defarge are the key leaders and officials of the revolution. The action in the book takes place in many parts of Paris, such as the Bastille, ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: tale, tale of two cities, charles darnay, louis xiv, reign
  • Mental Illness - 1,213 words
    Beliefs and theories about mental illness vary greatly throughout the eyes of professionals. Many view mental illness as a serious condition, while others take it less seriously and see it as a part of everyday life. Although many think doctors are always right, they underestimate the influence and power these physicians exercise based upon their own personal views and ideas. Illustrated in the article, Social Class, Ethnicity and Mental Illness, Ann Vander Stoep and Bruce Link try to show whether there is a relation between mental illness which is linked to ethnicity and people with diverse backgrounds. In contrast, there is the view of Elaine Schowalter who is skeptical about doctors diagn ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: mental disorder, mental health, mental illness, witch hunts, personal opinion
  • Mystery Story - 5,542 words
    ... hly fifteen minutes in duration. I stayed in the kitchen for about five minutes each time. I dont mean to insult you this time, Mr. Ross, but knowing the layout of the house as you do, would that have been enough time for you to slip something into a cup of coffee and carry it upstairs to Mr. Richards? Ross nostrils flared ever so slightly. Yes. That would have been possible, if you consider the fact that his bedroom is extremely close to the stairway. In addition, I did take him his coffee at about ten past ten this evening. However, I still maintain that I did not kill him. I believe you. Thank you for your time, Mr. Ross. That short a questioning? I have already found out all the thin ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: mystery, body weight, real thing, computer industry, lying
  • Voting, Why Should We - 309 words
    Why should Americans exercise their right to vote? Why should we vote? Is it really worth our time? The answer is YES. People say that one vote wont change the outcome, but take a look at Florida! Right now, the election of our president is in the people of Floridas hands. [Your] one vote is very important. Many people take voting for granted. You see? By voting, here in Oklahoma, we are really choosing eight representatives to go to the electoral colleges in December. Those same eight people are also the people from our beloved state that are in the House of Representatives. In December, they [the representatives you chose] will vote for a president. Their votes are called electoral votes. ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: right to vote, personal opinion, george bush, vote, voting
  • Billy The Kid Review - 750 words
    He was an American legend known as Henry McCarty, alias William H. Bonney, and alias Billy the Kid. He was called Robin Hood by some, a cold-blooded murder by others. Sometimes he appears as a romantic figure led astray by the circumstances of life that he could not control, sometimes a hero, and sometimes just an insignificant outlaw. Henry McCarty was a man of varied images. He was a killer, a gambler, singer, piano player, and a user of both men and women. He was a personable, well-liked young man to those he did not steal from or needed but hated by those who were outside these categories. Donald Cline spent thirty-five years of his life studying Billy the Kid. He assigned himself to the ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: billy, billy the kid, robin hood, primary sources, varied
  • None Provided - 1,144 words
    What characterizes the animal rights movement as "many hands on many oars?" The best example I can think of that would characterize the animal rights movement as 'many hands on many oars?' is portrayed by the list found at the web page address: /arsites.html. This page lists link to approximately 250 other web sites concerning animal rights. Everything from the Animal Rights Advocates of Western New York to Zoocheck Canada can be found in this list. To compare the 'many hands on many oars' analogy more precisely, the 'many hands' would be all the different regional groups in the web page's list such as the Animal Rights Advocates of Western New York. ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: personal opinion, different kinds, animal rights, protecting, vegetarian
  • None Provided - 1,725 words
    The Permanent Campaign was written by Norman J. Ornstein and Amy S. Mitchell. This article appeared first in The World & I, in January 1997. Norman Ornstein is regarded as one of our nations foremost experts on Congress. Mr. Ornstein received a Ph.D.. from the University of Michigan, he writes for the New York Times, USA Today, Washington Post, and he has a regular column in Roll Call newspaper called Congress Inside Out. Mr. Ornstein is also an election analyst for CBS and appears frequently on television shows including the Today Show, Nightline and the Mac Neil/Lehre News Hour where he has been a consultant and contributor for Mr. Ornstein is a Resident Scholar at the American Enterprise ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: public policy, intensive care, entertainment industry, importantly, accommodate
  • The Origins Of Wonder Tales - 990 words
    The Origins of Wonder Tales and the Reason for Their Creation and Evolution Folk tales, fairy tales, wise tales, and wonder tales are all a part of virtually everyones lives from one point of time to another. Whether your a child an adult or a grandparent these stories play a significant role in ones continuing development. Although they have an effect on people of all ages children are most susceptible to the primary goal of telling and recording these stories. The purpose of this form of interaction (again primarily focusing on the application of story telling to mold children) is to instill moral codes and hope in our youth and to do so in an entertaining way which is also most often the ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: personal opinion, story telling, good vs evil, seldom, cinderella
  • Decameron - 1,537 words
    Boccaccios View of Woman For centuries Boccaccios view of woman has been disputed by those who have read his work. Some state that Boccaccio was merely writing to entertain the people of his time, others believe that he was sexist and that his writings hold woman in an inferior, negative light. It is widely found that the people of the twentieth century find the constant downgrading of woman offensive. Throughout his stories Boccaccio tends to depict woman as sexual objects and not as people. There are also cases where woman are portrayed as unintelligent cheaters that are not loyal to their husbands nor to themselves. This has began the debate whether or not Boccachio is a sexist. It may be ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: decameron, holy order, personal opinion, female students, beneficial
  • Book - 1,369 words
    A Tale of Two Cities The Novel "A Tale of Two Cities" is written by Charles Dickens, and published by The New American, INC. in 1960. The story takes place in France and England during the troubled times of the French Revolution. The character travels to both country but most of the story happens in Paris, France. The hot spot of the French revolutionists, mostly takes place in a wineshop in Paris, because the wineshop owner is Ernest Defarge and his wife, Madame Defarge are the key leaders and officials of the revolution. The action in the book takes place in many parts of Paris, such as the Bastille, Tellsons Bank, the home of the Manettes, and largely in the streets of Paris. These places ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: good book, national convention, french revolution, second language, clergy
  • Polygamy - 2,341 words
    ... ng about marriage) there are 22.31 million males and 23.84 million females. That is a surplus of 1.53 million females. The ratio is then 48.34 males to 51.66 females - closer to a 48:52 ratio. This introduces competition when men are restricted to one wife. Any surplus combined with monogamy has a tendency to increase the size of the effective surplus. It goes like this... If the numbers are 49:51 that means that there is a 2 per cent surplus. This means that 4.08 per cent of the female population cannot marry if they want to. (According to the British figures it is actually 6.41 per cent of women above the legal age of marriage). If they are determined it means they have to find a marri ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: polygamy, white rose, single women, the bible, availability
  • Masterbation - 1,047 words
    They're not blind. They don't have hair on their palms. Even so, they still masturbate. Of all the topics that continually find themselves under attack, none seems to be restricted solely to quiet, taboo conversations as often as masturbation. For countless generations, this subject has been put down, looked down on, and kept behind closed doors, and no one is really sure why. "It's immoral", or "its dirty" are the best anyone has come up with. The latter is a matter of personal opinion, and does not necessarily represent the views of this writer, and the former is, in fact, incorrect. To see why, please, read on. Morals and ethical principles have existed for literally thousands of years, r ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: the bible, categorical imperative, relieve stress, chronic, productive
  • Efgf - 1,158 words
    ... were motivated by personal opinion or by public influence. From the various discussions in class on this issue, it is safe to conclude that it is a combination of both. Whatever Lincoln's personal convictions on slavery were, as a politician his job was to serve the American people who he represented. With this in mind, one must remember the attitudes of the American people at that time. On the surface they appeared to be divided between slave holders, abolitionists, and those who opposed the spread of slavery. In reality, the opinions of these groups were all based on the same "logic" of white racism. Racism again being the belief that one race of people is humanly superior to another. ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: teacher told, white woman, random house, leon, racism
  • Censorship Of Pornography A Moral Issue - 1,265 words
    Imagine The New York Times headline reading "Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition Banned!!" If the pro-censorship/anti-porn sector of our society has its way, this headline may come true. Some of the pro-censorship supporters believe that women posing provacatively in bathing suits should be considered pornography and that this and all other forms of pornography should be made illegal. There is and has been a moral debate over whether or not pornography should be censored. Many individuals believe that pornography is harmfull to society and therefore morally wrong. However, on the other side there are also people who do not believe that pornography is harmful and some believe that it may even ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: censorship, moral issue, pornography, human good, present danger
  • Work Ethics - 607 words
    In the book, How to Tell When Youre Tired, Reg Theriault discussed the various aspects of working and how they impact different kinds of people. In chapter six Theriault specifically focuses on the relationship between younger and older workers. Although he states that older workers accept work as their fate, younger workers have their heads stuck in dream clouds and education is viewed as the vaccination against them he implies something different; work is a fate and both the white and blue collar workers always see the grass greener on the other side of the fence. Theriault speaks of how older workers are able to accept that work is their fate but young workers somehow believe that they c ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: ethics, work ethics, different kinds, city college, vaccination
  • Economic Growth Versus Income Inequality - 1,098 words
    Economic Growth versus Income Inequality For ten years now, our economy has been growing more dramatically than any other time since World War II. . The stock market is at an all-time high. The government is spending less on itself, and more on the people-weve finally achieved a balanced budget. If were doing so well, why isnt everyone getting rich? Most economists point to the fact that the upper class is running away with capitalism-and that the middle class is left to defend itself. Many experts have renamed it the anxious class because most Americans (in fact, 70% of the entire population) isnt living the lifestyle their parents had in the fifties, while the top 5% is more affluent than ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: economic growth, income inequality, inequality, versus, upper class
  • Personal Preconceptions To Race - 564 words
    There are two separate types of preconceptions which can bring into a class of this nature. The first deals with the literature itself. In my case, preconceptions pertaining to African American literature are non-existent. The absence of knowledge pertaining to a specific subject prevents one from constructing any meaningful preconceptions. The second type of preconception deals with the African American culture. I, like any other human being, have formed certain prejudices and stereotypes towards many things, one of which is the black population of America. Having said this, I believe I must first objectively view literary material before forming a personal opinion on the subject. This prov ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: personal opinion, african american culture, slave narratives, american literature, humor
  • Communication Between Men And Women - 900 words
    As everyone knows by now, there is a difference between a man and a womans outer appearance. What some people do not realize is that a man and a woman are also different in communication techniques. Generally speaking, men and women fall into two categories when dealing with communication techniques. When men talk, it is for giving information. Deborah Tannen says this informative speaking is report-talk. Report-talk as defined by Deborah Tannen is public speaking. Women on the other hand, use small talk to communicate. Small talk is a conversation which is usually considered to be short and meaningless. Deborah Tannen states that this communication technique of women is rapport-talk. Rappor ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: communication differences, men and women, invasion of privacy, early stages, mars
  • Information Systems Highway - 553 words
    One of the greatest controversies in todays society is control over the internet. Many large companies design software with intents for people to purchase and use respectively. Hackers are finding ways to crack the encryption on this software and post it across the internet for any body to download and use for free. Certain people believe that this is stealing and people should be punished. My personal opinion is that it is wrong for people to display this software across the internet for everybody to obtain, but then again is it right for certain corporations to design software with intentions that it will be out dated and better technology will come out later on? One example that I can thi ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: highway, information systems, operating system, windows operating system, file sharing

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