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Free research essays on topics related to: object oriented programming

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  • Letter Of Recommendation - 418 words
    Letter of Recommendation for Raj Rishi Chatterjee I should like to write a few words in support of Mr. Raj Rishi Chatterjee's application for graduate admission in your department. He is interested in pursuing his graduate work in the broad area of Computer Science. I have known Raj Rishi for two years. For two semesters, he was a student in my "Computer Systems and Organization" Class and laboratory course. In all the two semesters, he was one of my top students. I found him hard working and diligent to do the work assigned. More importantly, he is able to plan and organize his work efficiently. During the oral examinations, I found that he was perceptive and able to think logically. He als ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: recommendation, state university, visual basic, object oriented programming, enthusiastic
  • No Silver Bullet - 1,732 words
    The objectives of this essay are to examine whether or not Brooks original scepticism that no single new development in the next ten years would give software developers an order-of-magnitude improvement in productivity, reliability, or simplicity and future progress depends upon addressing the data are reversible. We will discuss Brooks original thoughts and we will try to give alternative solutions (if any). This essay, in general, accepts Brooks thoughts as he worked on OS/360 one of the most known, for their size, software projects. Before we discuss what Fred Brooks is arguing, we ought to refer to the differences between software engineering and programming. These two concepts are, in ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: bullet, silver, software development, alternative solutions, deliver
  • The Y2k Bug - 2,005 words
    The year 2000 problem could have been completely prevented had some early people envisioned the degree to which the microprocessor would change our lives. Surely, no one would have thought that in the early days of ENIAC that everything from your alarm clock to your car would be computerized. Even the IT managers of the 80's could not be blamed: The disk space savings from dropping the two digits of the date over 100 Million Records would represent almost 200 Megabytes! Space requirements aside, overhead on search times and disk loading/access are also added. Surely one could have designed a system whereby the program would be aware of the century, regardless of the data records used. Hindsi ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: credit card, internet protocol, nuclear weapons, integer
  • Structured Design - 984 words
    Structured Design is a method to convert an ``informal specification'' including a set of data flow diagrams and process specifications into a design that could be implemented using a language like Pascal or C. It was developed by Edward Yourdon and Larry Constantine, reportedly by examining a number of systems that had been developed in the 1960's that were regarded as good design examples, and identifying common features and patterns that they contained. Structured Design does not produce designs that have a number of desirable properties: It doesn't take advantage of the newer features provided by object-oriented programming languages. While structured design provides some limited suppor ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: architectural design, modern design, second edition, programming languages, examining
  • It Related Terms - 1,896 words
    A high-level programming language developed by Dennis Ritchie at Bell Labs in the mid 1970s. Although originally designed as a systems programming language, C has proved to be a powerful and flexible language that can be used for a variety of applications, from business programs to engineering. C is a particularly popular language for personal computer programmers because it is relatively small -- it requires less memory than other languages. The first major program written in C was the UNIX operating system, and for many years C was considered to be inextricably linked with UNIX. Now, however, C is an important language independent of UNIX. Although it is a high-level language, C is much cl ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: unix operating system, programming languages, application development, graphics, assembly
  • It Related Terms - 1,860 words
    ... e of programming that combines data structures with functions to create re-usable objects (see under object-oriented programming). Object-oriented graphics is the same as vector graphics. Otherwise, the term object-oriented is generally used to describe a system that deals primarily with different types of objects, and where the actions you can take depend on what type of object you are manipulating. For example an object-oriented draw program might enable you to draw many types of objects, such as circles, rectangles, triangles, etc. Applying the same action to each of these objects, however, would produce different results. If the action is Make 3D, for instance, the result would be a ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: world wide web, scripting language, database systems, react, percentage
  • Do Geeks Need To Go To College - 334 words
    In the essay Do Geeks need to go to college by Lisa Schmeiser is about the question if people lose the skill of wanting to learn if they skip college. I feel that a lot of high-tech jobs easily relate to a good majority of the general majors provided by universities. People that have gone to college and majored in biology, or some major to that degree, can relate their major to a programming job by how college teaches them the skill of learning. In the essay it was stated that object-oriented programming didnt make much sense when it was explained in terms of classes and constructors. But when I could map the general ideas to familiar ground-- the immune systems different types of cells and ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: attending college, object oriented programming, learning experience, high tech, computer
  • Haha - 1,228 words
    Home Page | Submit an Essay | Links Description of this essay : Compares java and C++ DIFFERENCES BETWEEN JAVA AND C++ 1 INTRODUCTION Since its release in 1995, Java has been hyped in many places, including computer magazines, broadcast news, and the Internet, as the solution to all problems in the application development community. As it has only been around for approximately 4 years now, it is still emerging into the programming language market. The main area where Java has had a large impact had been on the Internet. It is widely maintained that "Java is definitely the best tool so far for writing Internet applets." ( java.html) Testimony to this statement ar ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: application development, prentice hall, programming language, compatible, broadcast
  • History Of C++: Origins And Examples - 1,538 words
    Origins of C++ What are C++ and OOP? C++ is an advanced, high-level programming language (Computer languages) that is used to develop powerful applications for Microsoft Windows, many Linux environments, and other well-known and widely used operating systems. C++ is quickly becoming the standard language for commercial software development (Oualline). OOP, an abbreviation for object-oriented programming is simply code that attempts to place a new layer of abstraction between the programmer and the data he is working with this layer will help the programmer develop better code more quickly than he could do before. (McHale). OOP languages must include four fundamental concepts before it may r ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: operating systems, microsoft windows, american national, length, massachusetts
  • Metaphors Of The Mind - 1,794 words
    ter> Sam Vaknin's Psychology, Philosophy, Economics and Foreign Affairs Web Sites The brain (and, by implication, the Mind) has been compared to the latest technological innovation in every generation. The computer metaphor is now in vogue. Computer hardware metaphors were replaced by software metaphors and, lately, by (neuronal) network metaphors. Such attempts to understand by comparison are common in every field of human knowledge. Architects and mathematicians have lately come up with the structural concept of "tensegrity" to explain the phenomenon of life. The tendency of humans to see patterns and structures everywhere (even where there are none) is well documented and probably has it ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: human mind, quantum mechanics, foreign affairs, software applications, virtue
  • Programming - 1,049 words
    Let me say at the start that, as I write this, my experience is not that diverse, nor am I highly skilled in all the languages I've come into contact with yet. In the order I learned them, I know QBASIC, C, DrScheme, and Java. And, uh, Tierran. So when I say "imperative", I'm speaking from my C experience; "functional" refers to my DrScheme nightma..., er, experience, and "object-oriented" means Java, along with what I've heard about C++. My background in particular: QBASIC from early childhood to middle school or so. C starting after high school senior year. DrScheme in Caltech CS1 and CS2, freshman year. Java in CS3 the final third of freshman year. So, what programming philosophy is best? ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: functional programming, object oriented programming, programming, programming language, programming languages
  • Decline & Fall Of The American Programmer - 559 words
    Edward Yourdon According to Edward Yourdon, software development may soon move out of the U.S. into software factories in a dozen countries unless U.S. software organizations exploit the key software technologies examined in this publication. Here Yourdon takes a close look at how U.S. companies can implement object oriented methods, CASE tools, software quality assurance, structured methods, software metrics, and re-engineering. If we stand back and take a look at a broader view of the software industry this book is well worth our attention. This book takes a detailed look as to why the American software industry was in such a mess and seemed unable to compete with the software shops of the ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: american, decline, programmer, pacific rim, quality assurance

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