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  • Sheppard V Maxwell - 310 words
    The wife of Dr. Sam Sheppard(Marilyn Sheppard) was bludgeoned to death on July 4, 1954. She was found in the upstairs bedroom of her home in Bay Village, Ohio. The town mayor called the local police, Dr. Sheppards brother(also a doctor) and the next door neighbors. Local police advised the local coroner and the Cleveland Police Department. When the coroner arrived, he pronounced Marilyn Sheppard dead, examined Dr. Sheppard and took him to a clinic(run by Dr. Sheppard). Both Dr. Sheppard and the neighbors were investigated by Cleveland police. Dr. Sheppard was later interrogated while sedated in a hospital bed. He was also questioned with out the presence of his attorney. On July 7, the day o ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: maxwell, sheppard, jury selection, jury trial, candidate
  • National Debate Over Slavery - 1,053 words
    The National Debate over Slavery in 17 -1860 was important. Events from the cotton gin, to the Dred Scott case all played an important roll in slavery and history. Here are a couple more. In June 1776 the Declaration of Independence was signed. It was a statement of reasons for the separation between Britain. The declaration sited that "all men are created equal." It meant that people shouldnt be judged by the color of their skin nor their religion. Throughout the whole declaration, amendments have been added to make the world more equal. For example, the fifteenth amendment granted African American males the right to vote, and then in 1920 the nineteenth amendment granted women the right to ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: missouri compromise, nineteenth amendment, kansas nebraska, arsenal, abraham
  • Benjamin Franklin - 1,318 words
    Benjamin Franklin is unmistakably the most resplendent figure in American history. Starting out as an apprentice, Franklin was to become a renowned printer, a great statesman, and an innovator always trying to find ways to improve his community. But how could this peasant apprentice become such an influential man in a large-scale society such as Philadelphia? This was the question that baffled and worried many aristocrats of the early eighteenth century. For Franklin was to become a household name and soon an inspiration to all that sought freedom from the wont class system. Franklin symbolized the classic clich of rags to riches vividly throughout his lifetime. His resilience and genius tru ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: benjamin, benjamin franklin, franklin, eighteenth century, jury trial
  • The Effect Of Landmark Supreme Court Cases On Juvenile Justice - 1,763 words
    The Effect of Landmark Supreme Court Cases on Juvenile Justice Thesis: In the past juvenile offenders were held to the same standards and sanctions as adult offenders. The juvenile justice system has changed in the past 100 years as result of several case laws. The Effect of Landmark Supreme Court Cases on Juvenile Justice Three women simultaneously have their purse snatched on three different streets. The ages of the offenders are 12, 16 and 19 years. Police arrest all three. Will all three offenders be processed in the same manner? The answer is no. In the past, juvenile offenders were held to the same standards and sanctions as adult offenders. The juvenile justice system has changed in t ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: adult court, court cases, court decision, criminal court, criminal justice, district court, family court
  • Leopold And Loeb - 1,217 words
    Social reaction to school massacres and inexplicable acts of violence among the teenage population in the late twentieth century flooded television news programs and media broadcasting almost on a monthly basis. Many Americans questioned why such seemingly healthy and established children would want to harm themselves and others around them. Several psychological and moral issues arise from this question. Despite legal efforts to differentiate between adult and adolescent crimes, many argue that children who commit such heinous mass murders should be tried as adults and put to death for their inexcusable and fatal acts of violence. In 1924, the murder trial of two Chicago teenagers sparked a ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: leopold, loeb, issues involved, capital punishment, penis
  • Forensics - 2,159 words
    ... e to make the whole print glow when the laser beam hits it. The technique of laser-sweeping enables large areas to be searched quickly, and prints in odd places can be found. Dusting the same surfaces with powder would take much longer and prints in unlikely places could be miss altogether. Prints found by a laser can also be dusted with fluorescent powder to make them show up even more clearly so they can be photographed. Fibers play an important role in crime detection. A fiber found on a suspect may match fibers from clothings, carpets or upholstery at the scene of the crime. Or a fiber from the suspect's clothing maybe found at the scene of the crime. Sample of fibers from the suspec ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: forensic science, forensics, north america, american president, anatomy
  • The Magna Carta - 280 words
    In 1214, King John lost many of his lands and it seemed hopeless for him to survive any longer as the commanding leader of England. He had raised the taxes high to squeeze more money out of the barons; thus, the barons revolted and demanded he change the way of governing. To keep his crown, he had to agree with the barons' demands and listen to their terms. He rode to a broad meadow called Runnymede, where the barons and John met to talk. In June 15, 1215, they negotiated deals and presented their demands. Four days later, they finished a document called the Magna Carta, which contained 63 clauses to treat the barons equally. Later, the document was so popular the people argued that these ri ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: carta, magna, magna carta, due process, jury trial
  • The Evils Of Government Monopolized Justice - 1,692 words
    For important study links to this article, please visit: 1. Everyone, including President Macapagal Arroyo of the Philippines, exactly knows that the lack of economic growth and absence of political stability in the Philippines are primarily caused by Graft and Corruption. The present form or political structure of the government has nothing to do with graft. The corrupt politicians who cannot steal enough the entire patrimony of the Filipino people that run the government are the problem. Sending them all to jail is the right solution. Changing the government into a parliamentary form to be run by the same political grafters is a senseless s ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: government corruption, government officials, justice system, parliamentary government, defense attorney
  • Ceitful Democrats - 741 words
    The Democratic Party that has produced such great leaders as Presidents Wilson, Roosevelt, and Kennedy has fallen to new lows. The corruption started with President Johnson, and has continued with morally weak leaders like Carter and Clinton. Throughout most of the Party are spiritually insane doctrines such as the right to kill through abortion, the approval of homosexual lifestyles, and "the end justifies the means" mentality. While it is true that Republicans are also lacking in virtue, they come nowhere near the degree of arrogance, hypocrisy, vengeance, and self-righteousness that exists in the Democratic Party, where true wisdom is practically non-existent. Today's Democrats continue t ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: iraq war, pope benedict, vice president, today's, catholic
  • Al Capone Is One Of The World's Most Known Mobsters. Learn More About His Life. - 621 words
    Al Capone is one of the most historically known mobsters in the Untied States. He was born in 1899 at Brooklyn, New York. His family had migrated from the Old Country to have a fresh start with more money and more power in the United States. They were hoping for a better life. Capone quit school in the sixth grade. Although he did not get much schooling, he was very smart. He was friends with a well known gang in the area, of which Johnny Torrio was the leader. Torrio had invited Capone to join their pack in 1920 and move with them to Chicago. Capone accepted. Along with joining the Torrios mob, Capone had connections with Colosimo mob, which made him a very important key. Due to Capones hel ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: capone, tax evasion, jury trial, united states, entering
  • Child Pornography Press Release - 1,519 words
    I am Nancy Cohen, wife of Ivan Cohen, who was charged and convicted of possession and distribution of Child Pornography. Last week, Radio, TV and the newspapers stated the court of Appeal decision to uphold the conviction, but, to reduce the sentence from 14 months in jail, to 14 months of house arrest. After 4 years of silence, I, my husband and our children want our side of the story told. This wont change what has happened, but, as a family, we want the community to know the facts that were never told. In July of 1997, and during the raid of our house, over 1,200 floppy diskettes were seized, along with all our computer equipment, hard drives, CDs, printers, right down to power bars, as w ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: child abuse, child pornography, pornography, press release, hard drive

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