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  • Japanese Work Ethics Vs American Work Ethics - 2,021 words
    Japanese Work Ethics vs American Ethics "For an American to consider the Japanese from any viewpoint for any reason, it is important for us to remember that they are products of a unique civilization, that their standards and values are the results of several thousand years of powerful religious and metaphysical conditioning that were entirely different from those that molded the character, personality and habits of Westerners" ( De Mente, p.19). To understand the Japanese, it is necessary to have an understanding of their religious and philosophical backgrounds. My research suggests that basic ethical values in Japanese business systems are influenced by three philosophical and religious tr ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: american, ethics, japanese, japanese company, japanese society, work ethics, work force
  • Japanese Work Ethics Vs American Work Ethics - 2,061 words
    ... annot hire, fire, or hold back promotions. The company does the hiring and the managers and supervisors motivate via style, trust, goodwill, and cooperation. Promotions are dependent on longevity first, ability and accomplishment second. Employees are placed according to their abilities with the brighter picking up the heavier load and the less able a lighter load. There are no stars. Everyone is part of the team. Management trainees are switched every two to three years in a circulating effect or rotation. Instead of promotion and pay raise incentives, the most capable and productive gain status and will eventually be singled out for higher spots. Promotion is based on ability to get al ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: american, american corporate, business ethics, ethics, japanese, japanese company, japanese culture
  • Japanese Internment Camps - 1,211 words
    The first recorded Japanese immigration to Canada was in 1877. By 1901 the population grew to 4,138, mostly single men that came to Canada searching for jobs. As the immigration so did the discrimination against the Japanese. In the two following decades following the arrival of the first immigrants, the Japanese in British Columbia who established themselves in mining, railroading, lumbering and fishing faced severe discrimination. Those on railways were allowed to do construction, maintenance and dining car service, but were excluded from higher, better paid positions such as an engineer. Following the Duff Commission of 1922, licences issued to Japanese fishermen were cut by one-third, ma ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: concentration camp, internment, japanese, japanese internment, japanese navy
  • Japanese History - 623 words
    What essential roles did the ubasoku play in the assimilation of the Buddhist religion into the folk culture? Of the most influential people in early Buddhism the ubasoku were the main driving forces in the integration of rural Japan. These traditional shamanistic, Buddhists had come over from China and Korea. In their own country states they had supported the wrong group of politicians or they were just run out of their homelands for other various reasons. They had brought over the ways of Buddhism and superiour technology to help the native Japanese. The ubasoku were exiles, but with their superior technology they had no problem gaining acceptance in the upper class of Japanese society. Th ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: japanese, japanese history, japanese society, most influential people, upper class
  • Japanese Museum - 771 words
    The museum I visited was the Japanese-American National Museum in Little Tokyo. I kind of excited when I visited the Japanese-American National Museum because it was my first time to go to museum. I felt that Japanese-American Museum was really exquisite in its presentation. Overall, this museum was very interesting in the way it presented their respective heritages. When I first arrived near the Japanese-American National Museum, the museum was eye-catching. A new museum that opened up only months ago, its structure was beautifully sculpted in side and out. I really admired the way the museum presented itself to visitors and its display of such items like the barracks of the World War II in ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: american museum, japanese, japanese american, museum, national museum
  • Japanese Courting - 648 words
    As a young, upstart nobleman in the Heian Court keenly aware of the importance in your future career of the right connections to noblewoman from the right families, I would seek to foster favorable opinions of myself among noblewomen in the Court. There are many ways that would contribute to noblewoman from the Heian Court having favorable opinions of me. I would be very respectful and courteous of the noblewoman, as well as the ladies-in-waiting. I would go out of my way to make them feel special as suggested by Sei Shonagon in The Pillow Book of Sei Shonagon. "If one refers to the maidas 'Madam', or 'that lady', she will be surprised, delighted, and lavish in her praise. " (p48, Morris) In ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: japanese, university press, columbia university, new york, scurry
  • Japanese Educational Sysem - 1,088 words
    Japanese children are better students than American students due to a more active role by parents and families in their education. Parents of the United States (U.S.) arent as involved in the relationship of their students schooling All students who attend school in Japan start their school year in April. The parents of the Japanese students believe that the April cherry blossoms bring their children luck. Japanese parents decided to make an eighth grade camp for students who wish to go to high school. The students go to this camp to learn what high school will be like that they will be prepared for (high school). Children in Japan have few buses to ride to school so they walk, or ride their ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: japanese, social studies, elementary students, learning disability, smarter
  • Justice For All Except Persons Of Japanese Descent - 1,433 words
    (Except Persons of Japanese Descent) America Land of the free and home of the brave. Land of the free Land of the free Funny that the land of the free would steal away the lives of 119,000 individuals simply because they looked different. Nothing like good old irony to bring a country together. During the late 1800s, there was a large rise in the immigration of Japanese to the U.S, much to the dismay of many American citizens. The Japanese have long been discriminated against in the U.S. People have thought they are sly, treacherous, cruel In other words, they were strangers. People, as a whole, fear the unknown. Individuals of Asiatic descent have been so singled out for so long for one rea ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: descent, japanese, u.s. military, general john, executive
  • Japanese Women - 1,062 words
    Japanese women have made themselves an important part of society, one that allows them to have equal representation with men. Throughout Japanese history, women have had an ever-changing role in society. They have overcome hardships while soaring through the good, yet one thing has not changed; women are an integral part of society. Their opportunities have grown in areas of education, family values, and work. They are now looked upon as the roots of Japanese culture and families. The hardships of Japanese women began at the very beginning of their lives. A boy born into a Japanese family was highly desirable, but a female Japanese baby was not looked upon as an asset to the family. Some fem ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: history women, japanese, japanese culture, japanese history, japanese society, japanese women, men and women
  • Racism The Question Of Japanese Internment During World War Two - 2,253 words
    Racism: The Question of Japanese Internment During World War Two During World War Two approximately one hundred and ten thousand Japanese, citizens and aliens, were evacuated, interned and either relocated or imprisoned in desolate camps on the basis of their loyalty to the United States. This was justified as a military necessity because the Japanese were thought to be a threat to the security of the west coast of the United States. After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, age-old stereotypes that had their origin in the pioneer age of the old west were reactivated and turned against the Japanese as they had been used against the Chinese in years previous. These exclusionist attitudes have their ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: internment, japanese, japanese army, japanese emperor, japanese internment, racism, world war ii
  • Racism The Question Of Japanese Internment During World War Two - 2,239 words
    ... is when the Western Defense Command was actually set up. To get an idea of the size of the W.D.C. imagine a line splitting California, Oregon and Washington in half; the western half of those states would be the W.D.C. and would eventually be devoid of anyone of Japanese descent. Southern Arizona was also included in the W.D.C. Now the internment didnt happen all at once. It happened in a series of proclamations, each taking more rights of the Japanese away once it was put in to action. Proclamation three was the first which directly violated the rights of most Japanese Americans (Daniels 53). It called for an 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. curfew for every person of Japanese descent in the W.D.C. Dur ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: internment, japanese, japanese american, japanese emperor, japanese internment, racism, world war ii
  • The Japanese Internment - 1,493 words
    During World War II, Canada was at war with Germany and Italy. Canada was fighting to protect the lifestyle that its citizens had become accustomed to. The soldiers in WW II gave their lives for the good of their great nation. Canada was also facing a major threat in the Pacific. The threat was the powerful nation of Japan. To that point in time Japan was the strongest military force that the world had ever seen. The Japanese government was strongly influenced by military leaders who were in favor of an expansion of Japanese power in the Pacific through military means. Japan had been sweeping through such strong military forces as China, Australia and Britain (Hong Kong). Japan was a major t ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: internment, japanese, japanese government, japanese internment, military forces
  • Crimination Against Japanese-americans - 1,009 words
    ... ice that many people feel toward Japanese Americans. On one such message board, a person whose, username is Golightly, describes a Japanese person whom he is having over for dinner. His memory failing him, he cannot recall his name saying it "sounds like a loud sneeze." Later in the email, his racism and prejudice toward the Japanese becomes more apparent saying, "can't trust the Jappos - nasty yellow devils - all that bowing - can't look you in the eye! No time for them meself" ("Enfield motorcycle enthusiasts"). Not only does Golightly use racial slurs but he also forms a judgment of all Japanese-Americans without any supporting evidence or basis for his claim. The prejudice stands out ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: family structure, world book, ethnic cleansing, promoting, athens
  • Japanese Imperialism (and Other Countries) In The 1920s - 1,118 words
    After World War I, Japan began watching China with interest. Japans military leaders hoped to gain some of Chinas lands and resources if it should become weak. Soon, problems overseas such as the Great Depression and poor trade helped put that plan into action. Other countries at the same time were also experiencing the kinds of changes that Japan was. Nationalism and imperialism were becoming important ideas in the East. In the 1920s, Japan began to industrialize and democracy was put into place. Men earned the right to vote, unions formed, and women gained more freedom. Japan also began cooperating with the West in an attempt to prevent future war. As the Great Depression began in the 1930 ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: imperialism, japanese, british rule, persian gulf, tension
  • Analysing The Growth Of Korean And Japanese Economy - 1,408 words
    South Korea (henceforth referred to as Korea) is being looked upon as the role model by different countries for their economic development. Korean history and culture, state intervention, policy reforms, and Chaebols have been the corner stones for Koreas success. As B N. Song (1990) describes The way the Korean economy has grown, and the way the Korean people have shared the fruits of economic growth, have been greatly influenced by Koreas history and culture. Korea was among the very poorest countries in the world, the out come of the Korean War was devastating. Recovery of the country started in early 1950s, with extensive support and assistance from United States. According to B N. Song ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: analysing, economic growth, economy, growth rate, growth strategy, japanese, japanese economy
  • Analysing The Growth Of Korean And Japanese Economy - 1,412 words
    ... observers, the temptation to compare Korean and Japanese development is irresistible. Many people, both Koreans and foreigners try to estimate the number of years Korea is behind Japan. In this regard there is an interesting coincidence; Korea was opened to foreign trade 23 years later Japan 1876 versus 1853. Similarly Korea hosted the Olympics 24 years later they were held in Japan in 1964, and finally in terms of major economic indicators many Korean economists say that Korea is also behind Japan by about 20 to 25 years. Japan aimed to develop the economy and its army to meet the global competition, Japanese reforms were meant to catch up with the western countries and emerge as a self ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: analysing, economic growth, economy, growth rate, growth strategy, japanese, japanese economy
  • Descriptive Essay: Japanese Restaraunt - 561 words
    I was driving down the road back from college and I was feeling very hungry. I couldnt even think properly, all I wanted to do was to gobble down Japanese food. I could almost taste the Cung Pow chicken and the smell the steaming rice while I was driving my car. As I parked in the parking lot and got out of my car I could clearly see the restaurant. There was a big sign outside slightly tilting to the left as it hung over the entrance and boldly read Sunami. From the windows outside I could see inside and it didnt seem to be all that crowded. At the entrance of Sunami there was bronze statute of a pudgy monk sitting crossed legged with his belly building out and with a huge smile on his face ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: descriptive, japanese, japanese food, good time, booth
  • Characterization In John Galsworthys Japanese Quince - 449 words
    John Galsworthys Japanese Quince (reprinted in Derrines Story and Structure, 2nd Ed. [Dallas: Harcourt 1966] p. 80 81) focuses on the chance encounter of Mr. Nilson and Mr. Tandram, who are long-time neighbours, but who have not, as yet, met. As the story unfolds, we see that they are portrayed as near mirror images. Indeed, it is through their similarities in appearance, situation and actions that much of Mr. Nilsons character is revealed. Mr. Nilson has firm, well-coloured cheeks, neat brown moustaches, and well opened clear grey eyes. One can assume from this that he was a well-groomed man that took grave care in his good health. Maintaining ones health usually requires dedication to a r ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: characterization, japanese, quince, good morning, last time
  • Examining Japanese Sports And Games - 346 words
    The topic I chose is Japanese sports and games, especially sumo and other sports. I chose Japan because I went to a camp where some Japanese tourists were staying and I met some great people. They were so friendly and kind that I want to find out more about their culture. I chose sports because I like to play sports and Im interested in what kinds of things they like to do in their free time. I took a Japanese odyssey class in elementary school and I learned some interesting facts about the Japanese culture. The Japanese people are generally short, smart people who are generally interested in technology. They make good cars and they go to school all year long and all week long. As a culture, ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: examining, japanese, japanese culture, video games, elementary school
  • The Differences That Make Japanese Baseball - 1,251 words
    This report will talk about and explain the history of Japanese baseball. This paper will go into detail about the date of establishment of Japanese baseball and where the first teams were played. The paper will compare the terms of Japanese baseball with the terms of American baseball. The paper will also discuss the founders of the Japanese leagues and different teams. I will give background of some of the famous Japanese baseball players, and will also tell about some of the greatest moments from in Japanese baseball. Finally, it will name some baseball players who played in the United States and continued their career in Japan. The Japanese began playing baseball around the 1870s. They l ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: baseball, baseball players, japanese, japanese government, upper class

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