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Free research essays on topics related to: human mind

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  • Television Negatively Attacks The Human Mind - 936 words
    In the novel Brave New World, writer Aldous Huxley warns that society will be conditioned to accept a new way of living and to blindly adapt to certain dysfunctional behaviors. Neil Postman, writer of Amusing Ourselves To Death, sees Aldous Huxleys vision quite possibly coming true in todays world. The process of conditioning peoples minds and thoughts to behave in a certain way is a major theme that Aldous Huxley illustrates in his novel. Similar to the people in the Brave New World society, we as humans are being conditioned by the effect of televisions portrayal of world issues and current events. The desensitizing and dehumanizing effect of television negatively attacks the minds of huma ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: human mind, negatively, television programs, aldous huxley, the girl
  • Desert Places - A Journey Of A Human Mind - 887 words
    One of the most monumental poetic works of T.S Eliot is The Waste Land. The poem emerges as a gigantic metaphor for melancholy, loneliness, solitude- the unavoidable companions of human existence. Similar kinds of feelings are evoked by Robert Frost in Desert Places. The very title is suggestive of a mood of emptiness. Throughout our life we cross various deserts to find our destiny. The beauty of the poem lies in the conjunction the meeting point desert outside in the nature with the desert inside. This becomes the focal point of the poem. The dreary opening is indicated by the falling snow and the advancing night. The poet observes the scenario as the snow blankets the earth and the darkn ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: conscious mind, desert, desert places, human existence, human mind
  • Human Mind - 610 words
    The brain learns more with operant conditioning than classical conditioning because the brain tends to remember unusual things better than common things. In operant conditioning, you must have reinforcement, primary, secondary, positive, and negative reinforcement. Reinforcement is something that follows a response and makes you want to repeat that response. Primary reinforcement is the reinforcement that is first and of greatest importance. Secondary reinforcement is anything that comes as a primary reinforcement. Positive reinforcement is reinforcement that makes you want to repeat a response because the response was good. A positive reinforcement for kids in school is, if they get good gr ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: human mind, classical conditioning, operant conditioning, unconditioned stimulus, powder
  • Characterization Of Democratic Republicans - 733 words
    The Democratic Republicans were almost always characterized as believing in following the strict construction of the constitution. They were opposed to the loose interpretation the Federalists used. The presidencies of Jefferson and Madison proved this characterization to be somewhat accurate. It is true that both Jefferson and Madison supported the ideas of the Democratic Rebublicans but, they also did many things that contradicted them. In Thomas Jefferson's letter to Gideon Granger, Jefferson shows his ideas on how the Constitution should be interpreted and how they oppose that of the Federalists. Jefferson tells Granger that he believes they will be able to obtain a legislature which wil ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: characterization, democratic, states rights, economic depression, republicanism
  • The Aesthetics Of Korean Art - 630 words
    First and foremost, I think Korean art is realized by its love for naturalness. In everything from architecture to everyday furniture and ornaments to paintings, this aspect of Korean aesthetism is shown. If you look at the furniture pieces made of wood from the Koryo and Chosun period, you can see that most of the furniture, except for some of the luxurious ones used in court, have their natural wooden texture to it, unlike the furniture or ornaments of China or Japan. Chinese and Japanese people tried to artificially decorate their ornaments whereas Korean people left it at their most natural state and appreciated it that way. This aspect is also seen in paintings, too. Landscape painters ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: korean, primary colors, human mind, everyday life, wooden
  • Poe - 1,130 words
    Elements of Fiction in Poe=s Writing Edgar Allan Poe was an artist of literature. He was one of the greatest thriller/story tellers that America has known. He was known as "a seminal figure in the development in science fiction and the detective story. His writing came to have enormous importance for modern French literature" (X, John Richardson). Edgar Allan Poe wasn't out to frighten his audience. According to Peithman, his interest for his audience was within the human mind. In three of his works, AMorella@, ALigeia@, and AThe Oval Portrait@, there are several similarities and differences of elements of fiction such as theme, plot, tone, symbol, point of view, and climax. In the story ALi ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: first person, the narrator, science fiction, artist
  • Women In Advertising - 1,221 words
    ... d stereotype in society around women that preys on the human fear of the unknown. This only hinders the female's struggle for equality. The final concept that I observed was that of tokenism. The working women of the 90's is becoming more and more accepted , but advertisements still cannot seem to divorce themselves from the concept that the work place is just another medium in which their consumers can display themselves. They feel obligated to include the token women in work place environments who seem to enjoy modeling the latest style of working clothes, like one ad I saw which was selling the great little office dress. Little being the operative word in that sentence. They promote t ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: advertising, working women, marlboro cigarettes, health problems, conforming
  • Motivation - 801 words
    People want to be led, not managed. And,contrary to popular belief, powerful leadership skills arerarely genetic endowments, but rather systematic techniques that can be learned and used by almost anyone. Of all the things we ever learn to do, math can be one of the easiest. Once you know these exciting, yet simple, secrets, you'll discover your own natural ability to do seemingly impossible calculations a flash. Successful, ultra-creative, world-altering individuals are not completely different from everyone else. Their differences are subtle and few. But, within these seemingly fine distinctions lie the great secrets for achieving success and prosperity in business and in lif ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: motivation, body language, leadership skills, human mind, math
  • The Yellow Wallpaper - 1,221 words
    Throughout history people have always seemed to follow what notions that were considered "cool". Though I doubt that "cool" was the word used to describe these notions they were still there in some form or another. One of the greatest farces ever committed in the name of these popular perceptions was medicine. At that time, medicine that was on the cutting edge seem to have always involved some sort of noxious chemical or a typically atrocious diet. Not to mention the fact that ninety-nine percent of the doctors were men. Women's notions were immediately discounted on the bases of the preconception that women were not meant for such enlightened thoughts. No, men really knew what was best and ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: the yellow wallpaper, wallpaper, yellow, main character, the narrator
  • Fear - 531 words
    Fear is in every living organism, be it animal or human there is always an acute amount of fear. I have never known anyone not to have this, or any inner conflicting emotions. It is how we possess it, hold it close to our heart, wrap it in an iron clad sheath, and protect it from the outside world that makes us all different. No one can explain why we do this, they say it is because of our upbringing. I however, believe that the secretive fear that so many hold close is from lack of something. Be it love, support, or outcaste beyond one's imagination. To have complete and total resolve on such a matter, can only be obtained by one's ability to let go, and forget the past. Although it may see ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: human mind, organism, joining, endure
  • Henry David Thoreau - 1,031 words
    Why was Henry David Thoreau such a wonderful writer? He had many great qualities, but the most important were his devotion to nature and writing, his desire for independence, and his experiences he encountered throughout his life. Henry David Thoreau looked to nature as the basis of life and writing. He believed that nature is the reflection of inner spiritual reality. He spent his life in search of the essentials of reality and of experiences that would bring him close to these essentials. He lived in a hut for two years at Walden Pond to rid his body of inessential things. During Thoreau's stay, he completed his first book titled, A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers(1849). Here, he ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: david thoreau, henry david, henry david thoreau, thoreau, journal entries
  • The Nature Of Lucy - 1,384 words
    William Wordsworth is a revered romantic poet who believed that the meaning of romanticism is best illustrated when using everyday life events and familiar speech. Wordsworths explicit love of nature and mastery of the language allowed him to bring such emotion and power into each poem without the use of sophisticated words, which he believes takes away the effect of what is trying to be said. His intentions were such that any man capable of reading, well educated or not, could feel these emotions and fully understand his projected messages. He drops to the earth, for once, all that matter-of-factness of which Coleridge complained (Internet Bartleby). (Coleridge did not look to nature the wa ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: lucy, everyday life, young girl, the narrator, yale
  • Symbolism In The Grave - 1,025 words
    Born May 15, 1890, in Indian Creek, Texas; Katherine Anne Porter has written numerous short stories and a novel. Katherine Anne Porter uses autobiographical information and symbolism to relate the story of Mirandas maturation into adulthood in her short story The Grave. In The Grave, Miranda discovers her feminine side (West 28), and although she is only a child, Miranda understands a few of the events that shape a person into adulthood (Mooney 20). Porters genius as a writer is most evident in The Grave, published in 1935 (Grubbs 3319). Written in a style that is uniquely Porters, it is a powerful story of two childrens contact with the intricacies of life and death. Set on a farm in Texas ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: grave, symbolism, anne porter, holy spirit, coincidental
  • Symbolism In The Grave - 977 words
    ... for her offspring (3320). The scene horrifies yet excites Miranda, and she refuses to accept the fur from the rabbit for her dolls. The sight of the young rabbits forces Miranda to realize the knowledge of the complexities of life and the birth process. Having seen, she felt at once as if she had known all along. The very memory of her former ignorance faded, she had always known just this (76). The meaning of life and fertility and of her own body begin to take shape in the little girls mind as she sees the tiny creatures just taken from their mothers womb (Brooks 116-17). Through the experience of seeing the pregnant rabbit, Miranda comes to understand the difference between herself a ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: grave, symbolism, annotated bibliography, apostle paul, adulthood
  • 1984 - 1,705 words
    The film segment chosen was the final scene from Stanley Kubrik^s 2001 A Space Odyssey made in 1968. As the name would suggest, the film is set almost entirely in the future. Already having projected itself over 30 years into the future, it would be safe to assume that this motion picture offers a wealth of imagery and futuristic vision. It does. It is towards the end of the film, however, that Kubrik offers this to us on a much greater scale. In these few minutes, we are presented with the dawn of a new era: a near incomprehensible evolution of humanity. Through many complex design devices, the set design successfully achieves a vision for the future that is neither dystopian, nor entirely ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: 1984, jewish tradition, human mind, motion picture, reliance
  • Progressive Stuff - 5,060 words
    TRUTH AND THE EVOLUTION OF THE PROFESSIONS: A COMPARATIVE STUDY OF `TRUTH IN ADVERTISING' AND `TRUE AND FAIR' FINANCIAL STATEMENTS IN NORTH AMERICA DURING THE PROGRESSIVE ERA Both advertisers and auditors wrestled with the truth of their text during the Progressive Era (1880-1940). Although in North America, advertisers adopted "truth in advertising" as a theme, auditors rejected "true and fair" as a description of financial statements. Auditors instead adopted the weaker statement that financial statements were "consistent with accepted accounting principles." It is paradoxical that auditors compared with advertisers made the greatest progress toward professionalization during this era. Thi ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: progressive, progressive era, stuff, ladies home journal, absolute truth
  • Remembering The Holocaust - 910 words
    Six million Jews and millions of others, including Gypsies, Slavs, homosexuals, the mentally ill and the infirm were murdered by the Nazis between 1933 and 1945. The magnitude of brutality, the remorseless cruelty, and the mass murder during the Holocaust are unique. However the root causes of the Holocaust continue. Racial hatred, economic crises, human psychological and moral flaws are still ominously common. Saying this, we must have the courage to remember the Holocaust, no matter how disturbing the memories may be. For only informed, understanding, and morally committed people can prevent such persecution from happening again. There will never be enough remembrance of the Holocaust. To ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: holocaust, remembering, medical purposes, world war i, purity
  • Dbqessayancient Greek Contributions - 764 words
    Question: "What were the contributions to Western civilization from the ancient Greeks?" Throughout history, there have been many contributions to Western civilization from the Ancient Greeks. They made long lasting contributions in the areas of art, architecture, philosophy, beliefs, religion, writings, math, drama, science, government, pottery, and Olympics, and philosophical teachings such as by Socrates or Plato. In this essay, it will be proven that the Greeks impacted western civilization immensely. In document 1, the anti-sophist teacher and philosopher, Socrates, suggests that "The unexamined life is not worth living". This quote can be interpreted by saying that it is good to examin ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: greek, human body, worth living, western civilization, geometry
  • Freedom - 798 words
    Freedoms just another word for nothing left to lose. (Kristofferson) This sounds like a very prophetic statement. But is it? At first glance you may make sense of it, but when you look beneath the surface of this statement, you will realize that it couldnt be any further from the truth. Freedom is the single most important privilege that we as human beings can possess and it is only when this privilege is taken away that we can truly say we have nothing else to lose. Freedom is the right to think, the right to speak, it is the right to choose, the right to have free will, and the right to practice and manifest ones beliefs. Yes it is all these facets stated above that gives us our freedom of ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: free will, nazi party, central america, mexico, torn
  • Human Suffering - 1,040 words
    Human suffering happens every day, everywhere, in many types and ways all around us. We do not always see it, but that does not mean it does not exist. When we do see it exist we commonly ask ourselves, "Does human suffering have meaning?" I can answer this question easily. Yes, it does have meaning. I can answer this because of the four readings we read. However, as I examine this question deeper I see that the four readings have different ideas on "meaning" or the reason for suffering. Looking at the definition of the verb (to) suffer, "feel or undergo pain; sustain damage or loss," we see that suffering is something that can happen because of more than one action. Each of the readings exp ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: human mind, the bible, eightfold path, right effort, deeper

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