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Free research essays on topics related to: natural philosophy

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  • Frankenstein - 476 words
    the captain of a voyage to the North Pole Walton's sister and confidante to whom he writes his letters a student of Ingolstadt who becomes obsessed with his studies and creates the "monster" Victor's kind-hearted mother who dies of scarlet fever when Victor is seventeen Victor's youngest brother who is strangled to death by the "monster" A close friend of the Frankensteins who is accused and executed for the murder of William Frankenstein Victor's closest friend and traveling companion who is strangled by the "monster" Victor's adopted sister who marries Victor and is killed by the "monster" on their wedding night Victor's natural philosophy professor at the University of Ingolstadt A profes ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: frankenstein, victor frankenstein, robert walton, natural philosophy, contempt
  • Frankenstein Reanimation - 651 words
    In the story Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, a mad scientist named Victor Frankenstein is intrested in natural philosophy. One day when Victor was fifteen, he saw lightning strike an oak tree, and blast the oak tree in half, leaving nothing but a stump in its place. This event caused him to begin studying natural phenomena, especially the subjects of electricity and galvanism, two very new and exciting subjects of science in the eighteenth century. From the study of electricity, Victor soon learns the secret of reanimation, and brings a creature to life using old and rotten body parts. Many things influenced what parts of science Mary Shelley used in her story, at the time; electricity was a n ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: frankenstein, victor frankenstein, nervous system, percy shelley, strike
  • Moral Values In Frankenstein - 1,593 words
    It is said that every story has a moral, or sometimes if you look hard enough, there are many different morals within one story. In the well-written novel Frankenstein, the teenage author, Mary Shelley, teaches us about moral values. In most cases, moral values result in a positive way, but if there is an obsession for wanting something too much, it could turn into a negative situation. Shelley makes it evident that in most situations, too much desire for a moral value such as knowledge, love or ambition can result in suffering and agony for the characters in the novel. The first moral value that leads to suffering for the characters of the novel is knowledge. At the beginning of the story, ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: frankenstein, eighteenth century, paradise lost, mary shelley, thirteen
  • Religious Ideas - 700 words
    Puritan, Enlightenment and Transcendentalist Ideas As one might have discovered, things in life change every minute, day, week, month year and century. It has been this way since the beginning of time and will continue to be this way till Armageddon comes. Each time era has discovered a new way of thinking for the heart, mind, body and soul. Several religions have come from these changing ideas, whether they are similar or nothing alike, each idea is interesting and will forever remain a part of history. Old-age thoughts can be found in the ideas of Puritan thought, Enlightenment reason, and Transcendentalism. Each of these ways of thinking were quite different, yet similar at the same time. ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: changing ideas, human understanding, month year, the bible, insight
  • Galileo Galilei - 1,983 words
    The seventeenth century marked the beginning of spectacular changes in science that to this day flourish. However, during these times, science and faith would clash, and in their terrible conflict, the two were severed, to continue in divergent directions and to lose their common ground that continues at the present. The Aristotelian point of view that the Earth was the center of the universe was a universal, Biblical belief that no one dared to question. However, one mans discoveries within the universe brought much controversy that challenged the Aristotelian belief to the highest degree. The life of Galileo Galilei is a remarkable contribution to history, not only because of the complex d ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: galilei, galileo, galileo galilei, natural philosophy, scientific community
  • Socrates Project - 1,450 words
    The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them. Albert Einstein Philosophy shifted from natural philosophy, which was concerned with the nature of the physical realm, to classic philosophy, which compared the process of knowing and understanding. The leader of this new philosophical movement was a commoner named Socrates. Socrates lived in Athens during an era which emphasized the importance of the individual and his place in society. Athens was the cultural locus of the Greek world. Since Socrates grew up in this culturally strong location, he was familiar with the rhetoric of the Sophists. During this era of Athenian Empire, ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: socrates, natural philosophy, healthy living, good and evil, rhetoric
  • Charles Darwin - 1,790 words
    Charles Darwin and the Development and impact of the Theory of Evolution by Natural and Sexual Selection It is commonly thought today that the theory of evolution originated from Darwin in the nineteenth century. However, the idea that species mutate over time has been around for a long time in one form or another. Therefore, by Darwins time the idea that species change from one type into another was by no means new, but was rejected by most because the proponents of evolution could not come up with a satisfactory mechanism that would explain this change. The most influential evolutionary theories prior to Darwin were those of Lamarck and Geoffroy St. Hilaire, developed between 1794 and 1830 ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: charles darwin, darwin, sexual selection, natural history, comparative
  • Newton - 723 words
    Mediaeval understanding of science had mostly based Aristotle; Aristotles ideas held for thousands of years until the scientific revolution begin breaking them off. It is Newton helped the transformation of natural philosophy into modern science. Newton established the science of mechanics and laid the groundwork for classical physics with law of motion he discovered. These principles might seem obvious and simple to todays physicists, but this was a new way of thinking in Newtons time. Instead of seeing math, as no more than a device for calculation that had no essential connection to reality, Newton found a simple, precise mathematical law from which the observed measurements could be work ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: newton, scientific revolution, natural philosophy, solar system, invisible
  • Sir Isaac Newton - 1,237 words
    Isaac Newton, possibly one of the greatest scientific geniuses of all time, led a long and important life. Newton was an English scientist, astronomer, and mathematician who made significant contributions in many fields of scientific and mathematical reasoning. Newton also made important contributions to physics and astronomy. Throughout his life, Newton discovered and published many of his theories, inventions, and ideas. He devised three major laws of motion, along with the theory of gravitation, which explains how the universe is held together. He also uncovered the mystery and secrets of light and color. In the mathematical field, Newton made a significant contribution; he invented calcu ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: isaac, isaac newton, newton, sir isaac newton, westminster abbey
  • Newtons Life As We Know It - 482 words
    At his birth on Christmas day, 1642, in Woolsthorpe, Lincolnshire, England, Newton was so tiny and frail that he was not expected to live. Yet despite his boyhood frailty, he lived to the age of 85. As a delicate child, he was a loner, interested more in reading, solving mathematical problems, and mechanical tinkering than in taking part in the usual boyish activities. Until the time Newton entered Cambridge University in 1661, there was little inkling as to his mental prowess. His shyness kept him from making friends easily, and he did not mix with his more boisterous fellow students. At the university he took courses in Latin, Greek, Hebrew, logic, geometry, and trigonometry, and he attend ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: cambridge university, mathematical problems, natural philosophy, frail, geometry
  • Frankenstein - 1,010 words
    The novel begins in a frame narrative: Robert Walton, the captain of a ship, recounts his adventures through a series of letters to his sister back in England. Walton encounters Victor Frankenstein in the seas near the North Pole and is told his story, and the major part of the novel consists of Frankenstein's narration of his strange adventures. Victor tells Walton of his early life in Geneva and his close relationships with his cousin, Elizabeth Lavenza, who had come to live with his family when her mother died, and his friend Henry Clerval. Victor eventually goes to the university at Ingolstadt and begins to study natural philosophy and chemistry. During this time, he becomes consumed by ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: frankenstein, victor frankenstein, the narrator, north pole, mary
  • Frankenstein - 823 words
    I do not agree with the statement: Students in the twenty first century have little to learn from Frankenstein. Mary Shelleys novel demonstrates the type of language and intricate structure rarely found in novels today from which students in the twenty first century can learn much from. Mary Shelley puts forward timeless lessons of ones confrontation with ones self taking responsibility for your own actions, the result of being shunned from society and the dangers of tampering with nature. The novel foreshadows our very real fears of the double-sided nature of scientific progress making it relevant today and proving the statement: Students in the twenty first century have little to learn fro ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: frankenstein, victor frankenstein, nuclear energy, modern reader, plunge
  • Natural Terror - 460 words
    Dr. Shepard was a Professor of Natural Philosophy and Human Ecology and wrote a number of books on our complex relationships with the earth and her other inhabitants. Paul Shepards book, The Others: How Animals Made Us Human is an eye-opening look into our relationship with animals. In The Others, Dr. Shepards focus is on the topic of domesticating animals. Originally our relationship with other species was simple. Either we ate that species, or we were eaten by it. Simplistic as it sounds, that has a profound impact on our central nervous systems, specifically the limbic system. As an aside, domestication changed some species into status symbols, and it is possible to determine the social s ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: natural philosophy, terror, extended family, central nervous, briefly
  • Jane Eyre: Sexism - 1,831 words
    In the cases of Jane Austen's novel Pride and Prejudice and Emily Bronte's Jane Eyre, the ideals of romantic love are very much the same. In both 19th century novels, women's wants and needs are rather simplified. However, this could also be said for the roles and ideals of the male characters. While it was obvious that this era was responsible for a large amount of anti-female sexism in society and the economy, can it also be said that male-female partnerships were simplified from the male perspective? In Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, it is widely agreed that the character of Jane Bennet is, in all aspects, the perfect 19th century woman. She has beauty, charm, manners, a little intell ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: jane, jane austen, jane eyre, sexism, romantic love
  • Sir Isaac Newton - 755 words
    Sir Isaac Newton Sir Isaac Newton could easily be considered one of the greatest minds in history. He was an all around genius. He was a mathematician, a natural philosopher, an inventor, and an English physicist. Some of the phenomenal things he did include studying how light reacts to reflection, formulating laws of universal gravitation and motion, and built the first ever reflecting telescope. In 1642 Isaac Newton was born into a very poor farming family inWoolsthorpe, England. When he was very young, his grandma took over and raised him. During this time, he and his grandma lived with a man who took Newton under his wing. There Newton discovered his love for chemical operations. Even th ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: isaac, isaac newton, newton, sir isaac newton, natural philosophy
  • The Extraordinary Mathematician Sir Isaac Newton - 322 words
    Sir Isaac Newton was born on January 4, 1642, in the town of Woolsthorpe, near Grandtham in Lincolnshire. English mathematician and scientist who invented differential calculus and formulated the theories of universal gravitation, terrestrial mechanics, and color. His study on gravitation, presented in Principia Mathematica (1687), was supposedly inspired by the sight of a falling apple. When he was three years old, his widowed mother remarried, leaving him to the care of his grandmother. He was soon then persuaded to go to grammar school in Grantham after his mother was widowed a second time. He was sent to Trinity College, at the University of Cambridge in the summer of 1661. In 1665 he re ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: extraordinary, isaac, isaac newton, mathematician, newton, sir isaac newton
  • Self-determination Shown In The Works Of Erasmus And Pico - 1,341 words
    Among the most influential reformative authors during the Renaissance were Pico Della Mirandola and Erasmus of Rotterdam. Both distinguished writers explore humanism as a whole, and clearly dissect the relationship between knowledge and piety in their own way. According to orthodox theology, man was born sinful and was incapable of virtue without the aid of divine grace. However, Humanism offered an alternative, which said that man could freely choose his destiny and could act rightly by the exercise of his own will. Picos Wisdom throughout On the Dignity of Man, involves the practice of intellectual enlightenment and suggests knowledge as a necessary step towards piety. However, piety canno ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: erasmus, pico, pico della mirandola, divine grace, divine wisdom
  • Holy Sonnet 7 - A Historical/topical Approach - 1,210 words
    As if Thou hadst sealed my pardon with Thy blood ends a poem written by a man torn between an obsession with death and a true understanding of the afterlife. Caught up in mans oldest paradox, John Donne creatively expresses his reverence for God through poetry in his Holy Sonnet 7: At the Round Earths Imagined Corners (Donne). Being raised a devout Pentecostal, I clearly recognize that by bringing together events predicted in the book of Revelations and the power of prayer, Donne evokes in his reader the need to repent for their souls sake. The purpose of this paper is to do a topical/historical analysis of John Donnes Holy Sonnet 7: At the Round Earths Imagined Corners. Holy Sonnet 7 was wr ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: holy, sonnet, historical analysis, literary studies, renaissance
  • Analysis Of Victor And The Monster Frankenstein - 885 words
    Victor and the monster in Mary Shellys Frankenstein have a lot of internal conflict happening inside both of their heads. They both are dealing with this sort of half demon and half human side to them. Victor thinks of science as this wonderful thing and puts all of his heart and soul into, not to mention he self thought all that he knows. This all conflicts when he creates the monster, b/c now this wonderful thing that he did all the time that he once thought was beautiful has now turned into this awful creature. He even foreshadows his own fate by saying natural philosophy is the genius that regulated my fate (Shelly, 46). He foreshadows his own death and the death of those around him a nu ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: frankenstein, monster, the monster, victor, natural philosophy
  • Similarity Between The Monster And Victor In Frankenstein - 767 words
    People often act similarly to others when put in the same situation. For some, being similar to others is a task, for others it just happens. Either way, everyone is similar to other people, mentally, physically, or otherwise. In Mary Shellys Frankenstein, Victor and the monster end up to be quite similar. Both characters, Victor Frankenstein and the monster, had similar stages of development, disposition, and feeling. The wonder and awe that filled the young monster was parallel to that of Victors. Each of them had a great yearning for knowledge. Victor wished to become fully educated in science, and the monster wished to learn about human life. [the monster] ardently longed to comprehend [ ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: frankenstein, monster, similarity, the monster, victor, victor frankenstein

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