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Free research essays on topics related to: foreign language

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  • None Provided - 1,326 words
    [...] a Devil on't the Woman damns the Poet. -- Aphra Behn, Preface to The Lucky Chance Aphra Behn (1640-1689) was not the first woman writer; neither was she the only woman writer of her day. But Aphra Behn holds the singular distinction of being the first professional woman writer in the English language. That's right, ladies -- Aphra Behn was the first woman writer who did it for money. It was a natural choice for this young woman, a recent spy for the crown and a widow at the age of 26, to turn to selling herself (in a manner of speaking) in order to survive.Many other women of the period did so; but instead of novels and plays, they sold something much more fundamental and far more comm ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: westminster abbey, foreign language, short term, outsider, england
  • Managing Diversity - 1,569 words
    ... (Rowe 79). A comprehensive 1993 study of U.S. workers' attitudes bears out Rowe's assertions. The first installment of a planned quadrennial survey, the privately funded National Study of the Changing Workforce found that perceptions of discrimination take a heavy toll on job performance. More than one-fifth of minority workers reported they had been discriminated against by their current employers. Those beliefs correlated with a higher tendency to feel "burned out," a reduced willingness to take initiative on the job and a greater likelihood of planning to change jobs. (NSCW 1993). From an external perspective, a diverse workforce can also provide a distinct competitive advantage for a ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: diversity, diversity in the workplace, diversity issues, diversity management, diversity training, manage diversity, managing
  • Literacy A Good Thing - 1,496 words
    How many times do you remember saying to yourself, I dont want to go to school today., or seen commercials where children do whatever it takes to stay home? Well lets just say your not alone, however if you had the government on you, making sure you went, do you still think you wouldve said that, or even worried about anything else like a job or a family? Well when you have a communist government on you its no longer a choice but, a forced decision. Education is a priority in Cuban Society. And although we Americans think we are smarter, we need to retest our abilities. The Cuban Government provides free schooling from primary school to university or technical school. Education is mandatory ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: good thing, literacy, college education, education programs, mathematics
  • Da Peoplz Language - 664 words
    I wuz goin to da markit ta pik up sum food, when I said "yo G, wus up wit you." He got pot an dope all ova 'is coat, he got unuf *censored* ta fill up a boat. He took out a joint an a huge-ass gat, I said,"Yo man, thas phat!" He gave it ta me so I could look at it, and I said, " yo, ware dyou get dat *censored*?" He tol me ware he got it, an got my ass ova dare, but wen I arived, it wuz a *censored*in nightmare. big tuf guys all ova da plase, I got scared, so grabbed my mace. I wen inside to buy sum crap, But dare be a fatass wit a gat on 'is lap ... The preceding was an example of Ebonics, a language that over the past decade has gained much popularity. It is comparable to any foreign langu ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: foreign language, school education, public school, united states, fill
  • Agency Problem In Soe Of Chinaan Approach From Business Ethics - 1,768 words
    ... t is true that she broke the law. But if her business ethics had been good enough, she would have not got involved in such illegal and unethical behavior. She was assigned and trusted by the shareholder to have the authority to manage the company assets, but she betrayed her company by abusing her space of freedom, especially when the company was in such a difficult situation. At that time she should have used her professional knowledge and cooperated with her colleagues to improve the financial performance of the company. Another reason was that there was no healthy corporate culture in the company. Employees were not encouraged and rewarded for making contributions to the company. So n ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: agency, business & management, business conduct, business environment, business ethics, business managers, business people
  • The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Global Management - 971 words
    Today, after decades of expanding opportunity to all citizens, institutions are applying the lessons learned, to the task of meeting the new and growing needs of business, as well as of the larger society. The term diversity is embracing an international as well as multicultural perspective. The positive benefits that can be recognized from this diversity are significant to todays executives, corporations, and higher education. Commercial success in the future will depend, even more than it does today, on men and women who take leadership roles in an increasingly global economy. The intensity of todays global economy challenges corporate executives to compete successfully with anybody, anywh ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: global economy, global leadership, human resource management, international management, management, management executive, management review
  • The Unredeemed Captive - 906 words
    The Unredeemed Captive is a fascinating chronicle of life in Puritan New England. It is journey of the abduction and adoption of American settlers by Iroquois people. It begins in the year of 1704. The Mohawk Indians are allied with the French settlers in Canada and attack a small village in Massachusetts, called Deerfield. Reverend John Williams, a minister from Deerfield was a special target for captivity because Boston authorities held Jean-Baptiste Gayen whom the Canadians wanted returned. The night of the raid, two of Williams children were murdered. Reverend William along with his wife and five children were taken from their home and forced to march to Canada with the rest of the capti ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: captive, unredeemed, john williams, foreign language, england
  • Computerbased Training - 647 words
    Computer-based training (CBT) instruction is a very diverse and rapidly expanding spectrum of computer technologies that can assist anyone from a child to a doctor in teaching and learning a particular skill or process. This paper will describe the types of CBT and the disadvantages and advantages of using CBT. Examples of CBT applications include guided drill and practice exercises on learning a science such as physics or mathematics; the computerized visualization of complex objects such as the human body or the inner workings of an rocket engine, and the interactive communication between students and teachers in learning a foreign language. Computers over the past five years have changed ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: computer technology, school environment, personal responsibility, computer, anatomy
  • It - 465 words
    These days, information resources have developed tremendously especially with the latest technology available. One way to manage them is by having a system that used to be called Management Information Systems (MIS). Nowadays, the terminology of Information Technology (IT) is widely used. IT has developed into a popular and a well paying job entering the 21st century. To become an IT professional, one must obtain a good educational background. Early preparation is important in high school. During that time, four years of math is required although more than four years would be better. The types of math classes are both Algebras, Geometry, and Trigonometry. Another important class to have is f ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: information center, information systems, foreign language, preparatory
  • College Admition - 339 words
    My education in New York has allowed me to find so many new aspects of my self, my cultures (my two cultures of East and West), and my languages. My time here has also allowed me to see how each of these aspects relates to the others. Because of the rewards I have already gained, I hope to continue my education here. I am particularly drawn to Vassar College for a number of reasons. I want to stay in New York, near my guardian and younger brother. I also feel that Vassars size is ideal. Your student-faculty ratio of 12 to 1 is a very important advantage for me, and I think I would benefit immensely from such focused academic study. Finally, an undergraduate place at Vassar would allow me to ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: science and technology, liberal arts, public relations, attend, physics
  • Colorado College - 1,243 words
    How about this for your imagination. Snow all around you, skiing or snowboarding any weekend that you like, and Denver only 50 miles away. That has to sound good unless you hate the cold, but Colorado College has 300 sunny days every year. The campus area is moderately warm, but it is very close to the mountains and the downtown area. This college is a fun place to be, but it is also a very demanding school in Since 1874 Colorado College has been strongly committed to undergraduate instruction in the tradition which began with the medieval European University. Colorado College started in 1874, two years before Colorado became a state. It all started as General William Jackson Palmer founded ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: colorado, colorado springs, foreign language, physical development, american
  • You Might Be A Nerd - 689 words
    Your web page is more popular than you. When given a choice, you look at Computer Shopper instead of Playboy. Your computer has its own phone line. You have dreams involving your computer. You try to pick up women on chat lines. You can talk to a woman about your hardware and not mean anything sexual. You spend Friday nights with your computer. You ask a woman for her email address instead of her phone number. You've never actually met many of your friends. You think Bill Gates is "a cool guy." Only computer users can understand you. Your home page is longer than your resume. You've missed the X-Files because you wanted to play on your computer. You spend more time on the Inter ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: nerd, email address, computer system, foreign language, addresses
  • Graduate Student - 1,449 words
    ... ot satisfied with your career, it's probably time to decide if you need to change careers or change what "career" means to you. Most of us try to take one big leap from high school into a career. This is hard to do and for many people, very short sighted. Trying to decide on what to do with your life in one big step is what frees people from making positive changes. It's easier to learn about yourself and the world a little at a time and begin choosing smaller pieces to your career and lifestyle. Use your imagination to integrate your definite commitments, values, dreams, desires and natural abilities into the perfect day. An interesting thing happens to people when they clean out the co ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: graduate, graduate student, raising children, masters degree, qualify
  • American Sign Language - 1,936 words
    What would life be like with a severe disability? Physical disabilities seem to be very stressful because many of them develop overtime, but the majority of them do not affect ones communication. The thought of being deaf seems to be far fetched to me, however it could occur under certain circumstances and like other people, I would have to adjust accordingly. Although being deaf is a disability in which most are born with, its the disability with the biggest impact on ones way of communicating. Im amazed to think that people become accustomed to communicating other than verbally. This phenomenon is possible through American Sign Language or ASL. Today American Sign Language is a complex vis ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: american, american sign, american sign language, american theatre, foreign language, sign language
  • What Is Ebonics - 540 words
    What is Ebonics? Is it a language or not? Ebonics, referred to as black English, is a language with clearly evident African American roots. It has been found that, when learning English, African-Americans adapted the language using some of the structure and rules of their own native tongue. This Black English has carried on through slavery and then freedom for hundreds of years. Though often incorrectly defined as a language, it really is a nonstandard dialect spoken in many homes in the inner cities of America. Ebonics is not a separate language, but a slightly different form of another language which is English. Ebonics is vastly different from a real foreign language such as Japanese, Ita ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: ebonics, ethnic groups, more effective, vice versa, intellect
  • How Are Children With Learning Disabilities Being Helped - 806 words
    Read the literature attached and answer these questions: 1. Define the term "learning disability". The federal government defines learning disabilities in Public Law 94-142, as amended by Public Law 101-476 (Individuals with Disabilities Education Ad-IDEA): Specific learning disability means a disorder in one or more of the basic psychological processes involved in understanding or in using language, spoken or written, which may manifest itself in an imperfect ability to listen, think, speak, read, write, spell, or to do mathematical calculations. The term includes such conditions as perceptual handicaps, brain injury, minimal brain dysfunction, dyslexia, and developmental aphasia. The term ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: children with learning disabilities, learning disability, specific learning, school failure, mental retardation
  • Education Standards - 1,591 words
    In the mid-1980s, the condition of schools in the United States became a major issue. Some educators reacted angrily or defensively to the sudden scrutiny of the institution for which they were responsible. They treated this new concern for the schools as attacks on them. Others realized that this should be the time to initiate some long-overdue reforms in the way schools function. They also thought this could be the chance to build public support for better education. According to the Education Standards, Issues and Controversies on File from June 27, 1997 Most educators agree that measuring and improving students academic performance is difficult, if not impossible with out setting some k ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: academic standards, american education, education department, education standards, student achievement
  • New Technology In Television - 1,252 words
    The future of home television is at a crossroads with new technologies available in every direction. Will recordable DVD replace the home VCR? Will HDTV succeed with consumers? Will our old set be rendered obselete? What is affecting the mass rollout of these new technologies? The DVD story is a classic computer technology tale. All the key elements are there: vaporware, standards wars, compatibility problems, extremely high initial prices, and confusion at every turn. Even the technology's name stirs minor debate. Some claim it stands for Digital Versatile Disc, others say it means Digital Video Disc, and still others claim it's not an acronym at all. In essence, DVD is simply the next evol ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: cable television, computer technology, digital television, television programming, hewlett packard
  • Should Ebonics Be Taught In High School - 502 words
    Should Ebonics Be Taught In High Schools? I feel that if Ebonics were to be taught in high schools today, it would lower the already low standards on public education today. In most California schools, the competency level among its students in the reading and math department is already at an all time low, and by allowing Ebonics into the school system, it advocates less school work as well as laziness among its students. To say that Ebonics is a foreign language is wrong. It is the culminations over the years of people who have not been in school, who have lived in the streets, and who have tried to not receive any type of education whatsoever. These people were educational misfits who did ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: ebonics, public school, public school system, school board, school district, school system, school work
  • Why Learn A 2nd Language - 437 words
    Learning a Foreign Language: How important Is It for Kentucky's Future Citizen's? In my opinion the state of Kentucky has had a good way of making laws to ensure the development of their kid's future. The law requiring high school students to take a foreign language in order to graduate and go to college is a good idea. Even in college, you are required to take a foreign language and if you had already taken one, you can opt to take a test that shows what you've learned. If you pass you are not required to take a foreign language. In our day and time there are many over seas relations and that involves different cultures which usually speak a different language other than English. Almost any ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: foreign language, different cultures, main argument, good idea, seas

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