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  • Patriotism In America After September 11th - 590 words
    It was September 11. Nothing exciting was happening. School was already boring by now. I had just arrived in homeroom when I heard a sound that was frightening. Was it sirens? No, it was just the TV. I didnt pay much attention at first but after I got settled I looked to see a plane flying into a building. I was shocked. A thousand questions began to run through my head-where was this located?, was it ORNL where my Dad works?, or was it an accident? - while at the same time trying to focus on what the reporters were saying. We all know what was unfolding in the next few minutes, the United States of America was attacked by cowards in hopes of destroying the security of our country. Looking b ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: america, america after, patriotism, united states of america, new york
  • Organized Crime - 1,732 words
    Organized crime has always been occupied with a negative label. Perhaps this is due to the constantly changing environment in America as well as the social state of its homeland, Europe. Our society is convinced that the so-called Mafia is a family of pure criminals, pimps, and murderers. Whatever the opinion, there is no doubt that the Mafia played a big part in the history of America and the way Americans view crime today. The origins of the secret society known as the Mafia are believed to be as old as the 9th century (Mafia History). During the 9th century, the Mafias main purpose was to strengthen themselves against enemies, which invaded their homeland in Sicily. It was supposed to cre ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: crime families, national crime, organized crime, ethnic groups, america after
  • Change Or Preserve - 811 words
    The American Revolution was fought to change oppressive taxation and Legislation by the English government in order to reinstate the social political, and economic structure of the colonies before the English oppression. The colonists were very content with their lives until the implementation of heavy taxation and oppressive measures by the English government as well as many English companies, such as the East India Company. After the wars, America gained its independence, but based it's government around the welfare of the people, using John Locke's theory of government serving the people, instead of the people serving government. Before the heavy taxation and the despotic English laws, th ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: preserve, american revolution, economic system, second continental congress, oppression
  • One Fat Englishman - 1,902 words
    2. The author of the novel is Kingsley Amis, copyright 1963. 3. Kingsley Amis was a British writer from England. Roger Micheldene is the man the book focuses primarily upon. He is a shortish fat Englishman of forty (6) and a publisher. Of the seven deadly sins Roger considers himself to be gluttony, sloth and lust. He considers himself most qualified in the sin of anger (8). He is so fat that his hips have fused together and he is forced to wear a brace. He also drinks excessively and uses Snuff. His drink of preference is gin with water added and no ice. He has a wife in England, but still enjoys interludes with women. His character does not change within the novel. He remains a selfish, fa ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: current state, united states, coca cola, freely, forest
  • Mirth - 1,505 words
    Edith Wharton: A brief personal history and overview of literary achievements The cultural advancement of the 1920's has many important literary figures associated with it. Names such as T.S. Elliot, Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald are some of the better-known names. Edith Wharton is one of the less known of the period, but is still a formidable writer. This paper will explore Ms. Wharton's life and history and give a brief background surrounding some of her more popular novels. Ms. Wharton was born Edith Newbold Jones on January 24, 1862, in her parents' mansion and West Twenty-Third Street in New York City. Her mother, Lucretia Stevens Rhinelander, connected with wealthy Dutch lan ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: mirth, romance novels, mediterranean sea, age of innocence, criticism
  • Titanic - 2,555 words
    ... She made immediate plans to return to America after receiving the bad news. She booked passage on the first ship to America, which happened to be the Titanic ( She boarded in Cherbourg, France and considered herself lucky and was put in a stateroom on B deck for $130. By Thursday evening Brown was well aquatinted with Colonel Archibald Gracie, who would later throw her into a lifeboat unwittingly. On the night of the collision, Brown had stayed up to finish reading a book as she was an avid reader. When the Titanic struck the iceberg, she was thrown to the ground and went to see what happened (Garrison 137, 141). Once she realized that lifeboats were being lo ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: titanic, major problem, breaking point, national women, funeral
  • The French Presence In North America - 1,064 words
    The French presence in North America was spearheaded by the exploration of the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the great river leading inland by Jaques Cartier in the 1530s. The English immediately contested the French claims on the grounds that they conflicted with prior English claims dating from John Cabots landings on the east coast of North America in 1497, thus setting off a struggle which was to dominate the history of the region until the Treaty of Paris in 1763. The first French settlements of any consequence were at Port Royal in Acadia (now Annapolis Royal in Nova Scotia) and Quebec (now Quebec City). Both were captured by the British in 1614 and 1629 respectively, but the French reclaim ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: america, america after, french canadians, french civil, french king, north america, north american
  • Revolution In America - 867 words
    Discuss the validity of this statement Despite the view of many historians that the conflict between Great Britain and her thirteen North American colonies, was economic in origin, in fact the American Revolution had its roots in politics and in other areas of American life. I agree with this statement that the American Revolution had its roots politics, economics, and in other aspects of American life. The populas of the thirteen colonies did not find the need to stage a revolution just because of any one of these things, it took different aspects of each, being tainted with by the British monarch and Parliment to stage a revolution against a former motherland. As Thomas Jefferson so boldly ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: america, america after, american revolution, revolution, united states of america
  • Slavery - 1,062 words
    ... es were made slaves! Slaves were among the first articles of trade. They were traded all over the world. Slaves were among the first articles of trade between the primitive Celts and Germans, also including their southern neighbors. It was also well established in Homeric Greece, in preliterate China and Japan, and in the prehistoric Near East. Heredity slavery dated from earliest times in every Old World civilization. In ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt, slaves were mainly captured aliens who were rarely used productively except in the households of the upper-classes. As for Neo-Babylonian times (612-539B.C.), only foreign slaves might have done significant amounts of cultural work. In Egy ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: slave trade, america after, english colonies, traffic, 1848
  • Sacco And Vanzetti - 2,688 words
    Were Sacco and Vanzetti convicted and eventually executed because of popular beliefs about anarchy? The majority of the evidence on Sacco and Vanzetti points to the fact that they did not receive a fair trial, but why is that? Many people of the time feel that can be attributed to the fact that both of the men were Italian immigrants. While this may have aided the feeling of hated that was already preeminent at the trial. It was not however the main reason that the two men were not given their fair trial that every one is alleged to have the right to. The main reason that Sacco and Vanzetti were convicted, and eventually executed with out the proper process of appeals, is the fact that they ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: sacco, vanzetti, red scare, language barriers, prosecution
  • German Americans - 1,244 words
    In 1990 the U.S. Census Bureau reported that 57,985,595 people in the United States claimed some measure of German ancestry. This makes up almost a quarter of the U.S. population. German immigration started as early as 1607. The first three Germans to migrate to the U.S. were, F.Unger, H. Keffer, and F. Volday who were followers of Captain John Smith who settled in Jamestown, Virginia. They started the first German colony, known as the damned dutch. From 1820-1970 they estimated about 6.9 million Germans came to the U.S. which were 15% of the total immigrants. The peak years of migration were 1854, when 215,000 people arrived, and 1882, when 250,000 people arrived. Approximately 90 percent o ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: german americans, german culture, german states, world wars, north dakota
  • Turning Point - 363 words
    Study in America since 15 years old was the biggest turning point in my life. I was told by my parents that I have to go to America, after finish my freshmen year in high school. Thinking that I have to live in the different society and the foreign-speaking environment, I was both thrilled and scared. It was in the summer of 1995. I had attended the summer camp call August House It was the program for international student to improve their English skill before the high school in America. I had spent four months in the camp that was located on Martha Vineyard Island. I had a great time meeting people from many difference countries. I spent four full months with student from Japan, Korea, and ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: turning point, new england, early years, summer camp, japan
  • Atomicb - 3,093 words
    The way the world thinks of war changed forever in 1945. On July 16 in Alamogordo, New Mexico, America exploded the world's first atomic bomb, sending a huge mushroom-shaped cloud high into the sky. The Manhattan Project, which was used to end World War II, was mostly led by German and German-Jewish scientists, who had escaped from Hitler's Germany. In 1939, an American university professor named Albert Einstein wrote a letter to President Franklin D. Roosevelt, in which he outlined the possibility of using a nuclear chain reaction for a bomb. After reading the letter, Roosevelt began the Manhattan Project in 1943. Only a few people knew of the project, which was headed by J. Robert Oppenhei ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: german jewish, columbia university, american soil, kaiser, grade
  • La Cosa Nostra - 1,684 words
    Organized crime has a long and notorious history throughout the world. The ancestor to todays criminal organization can be traced back centuries to pirates who operated off the coasts of continents. The Mafia became to take force to protect estates when the landlords were not there (La Cosa 1). By the 1800s the Mafia had become criminal and used violence throughout Sicily. A strict ethical code called omerta, the rule of death if broken, was used to sworn members in. It soon became so strong that they became politicians and were able to influence police forces and gain access to weapons (La Cosa 1). Organized crime then came back to North America after Benito Mussolini tried to control the M ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: cosa nostra, third world countries, america after, first world, corrupt
  • Atomic Bomb - 1,410 words
    The atomic bomb was more destructive than any other weapon ever produced. Clearly its destruction power was greater than the world had ever known. The atomic weapon was invented for the sole purpose of being used in warfare. In 1943 America began something called the Manhattan Project. J. Robert Oppenheimer, an atomic scientist from Germany, headed this project. The U.S. dropped two atomic bombs on two Japanese cities in of 1945 to put an end to the Second World War. The atomic bombs ending World War II, disastrous effect on society as a whole, and its opening the door for advancement of scientific research in the atomic field, played an important role on its impact of the 20th century. Duri ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: atomic, atomic bomb, atomic number, bomb, world war ii
  • Al Gore Biography - 1,438 words
    As the Vice President, and one of the main running candidates in the presidential race, Al Gore has a lot on his hands. He manages to handle a full family as well as his duties at work and running a, hopefully, successful race. His main challenge will be to convince the people of the United States that he is the best of all of the candidates. This may be somewhat of a challenge for the Vice President with a formidable foe to run against. He and his running mate, Joseph Lieberman, are to face the one and only George W. Bush, the son of the former president George Bush Sr. Now we will travel into the life that has led up to this competitive race, the life of Al Gore. We will also meet the peop ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: albert gore, biography, gore, young women, physical activity
  • Forensics - 2,159 words
    ... e to make the whole print glow when the laser beam hits it. The technique of laser-sweeping enables large areas to be searched quickly, and prints in odd places can be found. Dusting the same surfaces with powder would take much longer and prints in unlikely places could be miss altogether. Prints found by a laser can also be dusted with fluorescent powder to make them show up even more clearly so they can be photographed. Fibers play an important role in crime detection. A fiber found on a suspect may match fibers from clothings, carpets or upholstery at the scene of the crime. Or a fiber from the suspect's clothing maybe found at the scene of the crime. Sample of fibers from the suspec ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: forensic science, forensics, north america, american president, anatomy
  • Eugene Oneil - 1,262 words
    Through poverty and fame, "An artist or nothing"(Miller p6), was the motto of a man named Eugene O'Neill, who wrote from his soul in an attempt to find salvation. In the year 1888, the Barrett House hotel in Time Square, New York saw the birth of a man who would be called the greatest American playwright. His father James, was an actor, and was famous across the United Sates for his role in the popular play Monte Cristo. Eugene's mother was a beautiful woman named Ellen who was also gifted with a great artistic talent. Through out his life, he would travel all over the world, marry three women, have three children, and write some of the best American Drama that would ever be written. "Much o ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: eugene, eugene o'neill, buenos aires, best friend, train
  • Jimi Hendrix: Rock 'n' Roll Legend - 1,151 words
    The extraordinary performances, recording, and lyrics of James Marshall Hendrix have made him impossible to forget. This American rock music guitarist made a legendary mark not only in the history of rock 'n' roll but also on the pop culture as a whole (Ross 32). With unique techniques never seen before and blatant sex-related performances on stage, he became one of the most influential music figures of the 60s (Kamin). Hendrix was not born into stardom nor was it given to him by any means. He strived all throughout his life to be the very best. Johnny Allen Hendrix was born on November 27, 1942 in Seattle, Washington to Al and Lucille Hendrix, and not until four years later did his father c ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: american rock, hard rock, jimi, jimi hendrix, legend, rock, rock music
  • Media Influence - 1,381 words
    ... ibly just act to reinforce or affect those that are already prone to such tendencies. These examples have been noted as possible indications of the effects of the mass media through the means of expression of television violence, but the media is accused of also acting in more subliminal ways when looked at through the vehicle of the print based and television news. News The mass media present a stereotyped picture of life, which can often lead to undesirable prejudices within not just national, but international, society. The mass media and in particular the television and print based news are often accused as being a significant source, in wide ranging and varied ways, of enhancing com ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: mass media, media influence, media power, sex crimes, ethnic groups

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