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Free research essays on topics related to: amazon rainforest

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  • Amazon Rainforest Indigenous People
    1,621 words
    The battle for the Amazon rainforest is a daunting task. Its a long going battle between miners, loggers, and developers against the indigenous people who call it home. Its a battle like any battle in a war; it affects lives, families, the economy, politics, and the environment amongst other things. The main topic of this debate is the effects of the Amazon deforestation on the people who live in it, this will be the focus of this research paper. In this paper, I will discuss the history, causes...
    Free research essays on topics related to: amazon rainforest, loggers, indigenous people, amazon, rainforest
  • Cattle Ranching Tropical Forests
    1,623 words
    ... way. This leaves a bare plot thats not very useful for anything anymore. Slash and burn agriculture in essence ruins the very delicate ecosystem that promoted growth in that area. Something as simple as opening up an area to direct sunlight throws the balance out of whack. Because the soils are left less fertile, the farmers must slash and burn new lands to raise more crops. This is a continuing process thats repeated over and over again, leaving behind it a deadly trail of unprotected land ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: cattle ranching, paradise lost, urban areas, tropical forests, amazon rainforest
  • Make A Difference Tropical Rainforest
    1,537 words
    RETELL: BACKGROUND INFORMATION ON THE AMAZON RAINFOREST AND OTHER RAINFORESTS The Amazon rainforest is the world's largest tropical rainforest. It covers approximately 2 million square miles in the Amazon River Basin of South America (Lyman 1998, 61) About two-thirds of the rainforest lies in Brazil. The forest also covers parts of Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Columbia, and Venezuela (Lyman 1998, 32) In the Amazon rainforest it contains a wider variety of plants and animal life than any other place i...
    Free research essays on topics related to: greenhouse effect, plants animals, make a difference, tropical rainforest, amazon rainforest
  • Amazon Rainforest Amazon River
    1,669 words
    The Amazon River is the second longest river in world. The headwaters begin high in the soaring Andes Mountains and stretches 6, 400 km across the South American continent to the Atlantic Ocean. It discharges between 34 to 121 million liters of water per second, and depositing an average of 3 million tons of sediments near its mouth. The outpouring of water and residue is so vast that the salt content and the color of the Atlantic Ocean are altered for a distance of about 320 km from the mouth o...
    Free research essays on topics related to: greek myth, atlantic ocean, amazon rainforest, rainy season, amazon river
  • Tropical Rainforests Amazon Rainforest
    1,620 words
    Rainforest protection is a global issue that affects the entire humanity. The paper identifies the problems caused by rainforest deforestation. It discusses the measures that should be taken in order to preserve rainforests. Outline Introduction Discussion Problem statement Economic issues connection with rainforest deforestation Environmental effects of deforestation Problem solving, ways to preserve rainforests Conclusion Rainforest Deforestation One of the major issues confronting the world t...
    Free research essays on topics related to: amazon rainforest, global warming, tropical rainforests, environmental impact, water supply
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Federal Trade Commission
    1,263 words
    The Dark Side of KFC The fast food industry has globally conquered the market of fast-paced people who want instant service the moment they need it, wherever they are. Food primed and ready for cooking the moment a customer orders it has become the sustenance of most of the worlds workforce. Fast food eating has spread from the United States to Europe and Australia up to the Africa including the predominantly home-cooked diners in Asia. With the vast increase and proliferation of this particular...
    Free research essays on topics related to: genetically engineered, federal trade commission, animal welfare, corporate social responsibility, amazon rainforest
  • Retrieved On Nov 8 2008 Nov 8 2008 Web Island
    689 words
    Environmental Science - P 1 -IP Easter Island is one of the most remote inhabited places on earth. Only some 150 square miles in area, it lies in the Pacific Ocean, 2, 000 miles off the west coast of South America and 1250 miles from the nearest inhabitable land of Pitcairn Island. At its peak the population was only about 7, 000. Yet despite its superficial insignificance, the history of Easter Island is a gloomy warning to the world. The history of Easter Island is not one of lost civilization...
    Free research essays on topics related to: amazon, easter, amazon rainforest, rainforest, deforestation
  • Vanishing Forests In Brazil Part 1
    2,180 words
    VANISHING FORESTS IN BRAZIL: SLASH, BURN AND GONE INTRODUCTION One of the major issues confronting the world today is the environmental impact of deforestation. For a very long time, people have depended on forests to supply their primary needs food and shelter, for instance and up until the present time, the forests are still considered as an important resource. The earliest deforestation may have been the burning of the forest to create openings for wildlife and later, chiefly as a result of c...
    Free research essays on topics related to: third world countries, amazon rainforest, square kilometers, tropical rainforests, arable land
  • Vanishing Forests In Brazil Part 2
    2,191 words
    ... There is a need to look into the utilization of the cleared areas when it comes to actual solutions. In the long run, this is important to lessen future forest loss. On the part of the government, there must be an increase sustainability of the farms, pastures and other plantations. In doing so, the land is put into good use, the developed lands are still improved and there is less and less need to clear additional rainforest. (Amazon Conservation: How to Save the Amazon Rainforest). How bes...
    Free research essays on topics related to: environmental impact, developing countries, global warming, amazon rainforest, tropical rainforests
  • Sustainable Development For The Environment
    1,719 words
    SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT The ancient Easter Island was a sub-tropical forest complete with the resources suitable for building homes and canoes which are necessary in the construction of such statues. With the vegetation of the island, the people there had fuel and the resources to create a society that was fully complete with centralized government and priests. The people were able to make a civilization that made use of their trees. However, the pollen analysis shows that pr...
    Free research essays on topics related to: tropical rainforests, amazon rainforest, environmental impact, surface of the earth, developing countries
  • Cattle Ranching Amazon Rainforest
    608 words
    During the past several decades, changes in the global climatic pattern has become evident and has attracted much attention from both the general public and the professional environmental organizations. Deforestation is one of the main reasons for these known changes. One of the reasons that cause the disappearing of the Amazon rainforest is industrial logging, which is the single largest problem. Other problems that also contribute to the disappearing of the Amazon forests include road construc...
    Free research essays on topics related to: 000 acres, cattle ranching, rainforest, amazon rainforest, amazon
  • Plants And Animals Amazon Rainforest
    2,314 words
    To: Michael Meacher Copies: The Deputy Prime Minister Director of EPS All Heads of Division RIO CONFERENCE ON DEFORESTATION IN THE AMAZON RAINFOREST Dear Mr. Meacher, I have prepared the following report for you to read before you attend the Rio Conference on Deforestation in the Amazon rainforest. I feel that the key issues for you to consider are global extent of deforestation and the condition of the Amazon rainforest e. g. effects of deforestation. I cannot express how urgent my recommendati...
    Free research essays on topics related to: amazon rainforest, plants and animals, shifting cultivation, tropical rainforest, carbon dioxide
  • Groups Of People Humans And Animals
    3,980 words
    Introduction The population of the world today is 6, 112, 911, 145 and progressively growing. Unfortunately, that figure is expected to double by the year 2050. Four-fifths of this population resides in developing countries of the South. Because of extreme levels of fertility, mortality, and new migration, these developing countries are accountable for most of the world population growth. There are many reasons that explain why the numbers are increasing, but the main reason is the way of life f...
    Free research essays on topics related to: groups of people, cubic meters, sulfur dioxide, humans and animals, tropical rainforests

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