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Example research essay topic: Business Plan For The European Style Cafe Venice - 1,516 words

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Business Plan for the European style cafe Venice. Snapshot: [put you name here] company will open a European style cafe Venice in an attempt to serve healthy European and American contemporary style food. The cafe will be located in in Hoboken, a park of a small city in NJ, 15 min from Manhattan, NY. Mission Statement The company's goal is to have versatile success in the cafe business. Our major responsibility is to the financial well-being of the cafe called Venice. We are heading towards this goal via considering 1) the positive effect of our products on the health and well being of our customers and working personnel, 2) minimum negative effects of our cafe on the environment, and 3) the high level of moral standards and business ethics.

Our Awareness of all these factors necessary for the cafe operation and will positively impact our society, create freedom of choice and benefit our cafe financially. Cafes Development & Status The cafe will be created by mid August, 2003 and will be incorporated as a partnership. The majority of sources will come from [put you name here], [put your partner 1 name here], [partner 2. ] etc. We also plant to take a bank loan totaling to USD 30, 000.

A suitable site for our cafe Venice was found in Hoboken, NJ, in February, 2003 in and appropriate lease negotiations with the authorities are in the final stages. The location will be on [put the street name] Street, 15 min drive from Manhattan, NY near the Hoboken central park, a cozy place that attracts a great number of mothers with children and presents a unique business opportunity in the place filled with restaurants and bars and does not have a single cozy cafe. After the singing lease documents, there will be 2 months of free rent for the cafe construction, and at that time the major funding for Venice has to be raised. On August 12 th, 2003, Venice cafe will open and begin its operations phase.

Future Plans If the cafe business is meeting its projections on month 6 after its initial operations in August, we will consider the opening a next cafe. Our 5 year goal is to open 3 cafes in the small towns outside major metropolitan's like New York, and Boston, that possess a great amount of yuppie, and mothers with children that would prefer a cozy European style cafe to noisy bars or bombastic restaurants. The projected annual income after 5 years of operations would be between $ 200, 000 and $ 400, 000 Cafe and Eatery Industry Analysis Although the cafe industry is thought to be very competitive, the area of our initial cafe placement does not possess any cafes except for Starbucks cafe that resembles in its operations style a fast food rather than a cafe. The modern American lifestyle hardly leaves families time to cook, while the fast food restaurants hardly give any healthy food. Trends in cafe and restaurant business are very important and Venice is well positioned for the current interest in lighter, healthier foods at affordable prices. The simple menus would be European styled homemade cakes, pastries, all kinds of chocolate, coffee, teas from all over the world.

The interior decorations also will aim at distinguishing Venice from its competitor Starbucks and will feature Italian and French styled pictures, flowers, and artificial mini fountain that will create the image of the city our cafe derives its name from. The pictures of gondolas, and traditional houses will complement traditional cups and plates especially designed for Venice to contribute to its uniqueness and exclusiveness. The US Cafe Industry Today The US food service business is the third largest industry in the country. It accounts for over $ 260 billion annually in sales (Perelman, 24). The independent cafes account for 15 % of that total.

The typical American spends 15 % of their personal income on meals away from home. People are willing to spend more money on food, while the food industry outperformed the US GDP growth over the past 5 years by 35 %. Venice and it competitive advantage: The Menu The Venice menu is moderate sized, and medium priced offering a collection of traditional foods from Europe (France and Italy). Coffee and cakes, pastries are served in old-fashioned cups and plates. The menu has its foods in different sizes that is an imperative thing for a cafe that hopes to benefit from the target market comprising mothers and their children. The menu would have items with low fat, cholesterol, etc natural ingredients that are supposed to draw a great number of health conscious mothers (who usually want to lose weight for several years after having a baby, yet cannot stop eating cakes and pastries) and other individuals.

The goal of Venice's menu is create an image of cafe that cares about their clients health and provides healthy and delicious food. The European style and ornament will create additional value in the eyes of our consumers. Production Food production and food assembly will take place in the Cafes kitchen. The cafe will have a great number of refrigerators to keep the food ingredients safe, with a great number of things like fresh juice squeeze to be made after the order is placed. The cafes chef will supervise the production of cafes foods and adhere to strict quality standards. The cafe will deploy modern cleaning tools and anti-bacterial detergents and sprays to assure top sanitary that is so crucial for young children, who together with their mothers are going to be the primary customers of Venice.

Service The Venice cafe is going to be just the opposite of Starbucks Cafe which is the only fast-food style cafe in Hoboken. I envision Venice having three ways to serve food for its clients. First, the clients may stand in line to get their food fast, eat and leave (which would apply to the Yuppie clients of Venice that do not have much time to enjoy the cafes interior but still enjoy its food). Second, The mothers who have children will be served on the restaurant basis, i. e.

they would assume the seats with their children and have an opportunity to observe pictures on the wall, classical design, and control their children, while the waiters would come and serve them food. This is especially important feature that would benefit the cafe (children will not run away from their mothers who stand in lines, or dont cry out of boredom), as well as the clients who would be able to enjoy the interior and decorations of this cozy and quite cafe. The third way of obtaining food can be to place an order while eating already, or to make a telephone call to the cafe from phone or neighboring park. In this case, the clients would be able to pick up some delicious food to take home, to have it delivered to home or other place. The delivery feature will be available on a limited basis until the profitability opportunity of it is explored. For mothers who want a cup of coffee with cake, but who have their kids playing in the park, it is impossible to leave, stand in line, pick up coffee and cake, and return to her kid.

Calling from the mobile phone, or payphone and specifying the location (the cafe is near the park where mothers and children relax) the cafe will deliver the desired items to their clients, thus keeping the mothers, their children happy and the Venice profitable. The Target Market The target market of Venice cafe is the Hoboken park visitors (mostly mothers with children) and the Yuppie group that works on the main street near which Venice is located. The target market is the group that dislikes Starbucks cafe, the sole cafe competitor of Venice, and enjoys quiet, comfortable atmosphere and interesting cafe interior that shows stylistic elements of France and Italy. People who visit our cafe will be given a chance to experience Italian and French culture that will be shown on the walls of the cafe, as well as enjoy the cakes or pastries in a clam atmosphere with traditional Italian music.

Marketing Plan & Sales Strategy of Venice Cafe. Market Penetration of Venice Entry into the cafe market should not be a problem mainly because the only cafe that is present in the area is Starbucks cafe. Restaurants and bars are not considered to pose a major threat because they are aimed at different clientele and cannot present a unique European style simplicity, food variety, service availability and hospitality. Marketing Strategy of Venice Venice will deploy various media to convey its presence, its image, and its message to the target market. Print media -- local newspapers, female magazines Broadcast media -- local programming and special young mother shows Hotel guides, concierge notes, tourist brochures, park leaflets.

Direct mail -- subscriber lists, offices for delivery Misc. Hoboken, New York, and NJ yellow pages, and charity events Bibliography: Perelman, Steven, The guide to Restaurant industry in New York, NY Random House, 2002

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Research essay sample on Business Plan For The European Style Cafe Venice

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