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Free research essays on topics related to: chinese family

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  • Chinese Immigrater - 1,752 words
    Interrogations of Chinese Immigrants at Angel Island Like Ellis Island in New York Harbor, Angel Island in San Francisco Bay was an entry point for immigrants in the early 20th century. The Angel Island immigration station processed small numbers of immigrants from Japan, Italy, and other parts of the world and was the key place of interrogation and detention for immigrants from China ("Angel Island Over View, CD-ROM). Angel Island in 1910 to enforce the Chinese Exclusion Act passed in 1882 and renewed in 1892 and 1902. Despite Chinese contributions to building the American West before 1880, the U.S. enacted laws prohibiting the migration of Chinese laborers after 1882 and accepting only mer ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: chinese, chinese americans, chinese exclusion, chinese exclusion act, chinese family, chinese immigrants, chinese immigration
  • Joy Luck Club - 1,963 words
    The Joy Luck Club, Amy Tan, 1989, Chinese A. Jing-Mei (June) Woo. June is rebellious in nature, always swimming against her mothers dreams for her, not because they were harmful dreams but because she felt she could never live up to them, and she didnt because she thought she couldnt. Her mothers death has brought her face to face with questions about herself, her mother, and both their identities. B. Suyuan Woo. Like any mother Suyuan wanted her daughter to be the best she could be. She pushed her, to make her proud of herself, to give that one child what the two that were swallowed by her past could not. A. An-Mei Hsu. She is a strong woman, whose strength came form her mothers sacrifice. ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: club, joy luck club, luck, luck club, the joy luck club
  • Two Kids - 552 words
    Response: After reading the story, Two kinds, by Amy Tan, what impresses me most is the way the mother educates her daughter. The mother wants the very best for her daughter without understanding what her daughter needs. I hate the mother's educational method, because it is impossible to bring out any genius in this way, rather it bottles up the innate talent of a child. In addition, I am also in sympathy with the daughter. Understanding: The story portrays a mother-daughter relationship confused with scattered conflict. The two women have some opposing ideas and beliefs. And their lack of communication is responsible for many of the problems they face in their relationship. The mother was c ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: on the road, chinese family, united states, pushing, fulfill
  • Joy Luck - 1,481 words
    E-AMERICAN WOMEN IN AMERICAN CULTURE In Amy Tan's novel, The Joy Luck Club, there is one episode, "Waiting Between the Trees," illustrating major concerns facing Chinese-American women. Living with their traditional culture in American society, Chinese-American women suffer the problems of culture conflicts. While their American spouses are active and assertive, they are passive and place their happiness entirely on the goodness of their husbands. At one time, this passiveness can be seen as a virtue; at other time, it is a vice or a weakness. In studying the lives of two personalities, Ying-Ying and Lena St. Clair, a Chinese mother and a half-Chinese daughter, one can see these conflicts mo ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: joy luck club, luck, luck club, the joy luck club, american girl
  • The Family - 546 words
    For the last two decades, Chinese families have gone through a lot of changes. Much of the old structure and many of the old values of the traditional family have been replaced with a modern twist. The stereotyped view of the Chinese family was that of a large family, with several generations and immediate families all living together, being self sufficient, providing child and elderly care. Some of this is no longer true for the modern Chinese family that mainly has a structure of a husband and a wife living with their children, and sometimes with their parents. Only a small number of Chinese families may have relatives living nearby. Because of that the Chinese family no longer performs th ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: chinese family, family business, family life, traditional family, decision making
  • Understanding A Book And Author - 629 words
    All of the Following information can be found at A book about Chinese culture and life, Wang Lung is the central figure in the Good Earth. He is a simple, hard-working Chinese farmer. " The portrayal of Wang Lungs character is starkly frank. His strengths and weaknesses are candidly examined and bared before the reader; and while, on the basis of a superficial reading, he might appear to be a one-dimensional figure, he runs the whole gamut of human emotions" (Doyle 35) " He can be gauche and timidstubborn and resoluteservile and pusillanimoustender and gentlea complete foolincredibly inconsiderate and unfeelingsnobbish and hard-heartedidle and ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: main theme, the narrator, chinese society, juxtaposition, dedicated
  • Confucius - 1,377 words
    It seems hard to believe that a philosophy that began 2500 years ago is still the dominant influence on a major modern power. Nevertheless, that is the role that Confucianism has played in China. Confucianism affects individual morality, the roles of family members, the roles of individual in society, as well as the manner in which government must act. In short, this ancient teaching dominates almost every aspect of daily Chinese life. Confucius was born in 551 BC, during the Zhou dynasty. His family could be traced to noble descendants but was poor because his father died, leaving only his mother to raise him. His state, Lu, was the cultural center of China. He grew up while Lu was in a per ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: confucius, right thing, chinese philosophy, human rights, customary
  • Trade With China - 604 words
    There are many factors to consider when opening the United States doors to trade with China. In the past, Unites States and Chinese relations have been separated by differences in culture and animosity between the two countries. However, now Chinas participation in the World Trade Organization raises even more questions, such as the benefits of trade, the compromising of human rights, and the question of security. Trading with China can provide both benefits and barriers for smaller and medium sized companies, and for the high-tech industries as well. For example, Boeing purchases their supplies from more than 28,000 suppliers in the United States and these suppliers employ almost 200,000 wo ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: china, trade organization, world trade, environmental issue, settle disputes
  • Women And Children In The Golden Ages - 1,322 words
    In ancient Chinese history, between the time periods of the Song Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty, family relationships have maintained a steadiness in the elements and characteristic of family life. The social structure and the family structure strove to follow hierarchy, and filial piety, the ideals of families of that time and times before. In the family, men were seen as the dominant figures of the household. It was expected that the men would work and handle all of the important things, for example the business matter and financial matter. Men wanted to feel empowered and have subordinates such as their female counterparts. Women, on the other hand, were supposed to tend to the needs of the ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: golden, young women, chinese civilization, common problems, buzz
  • The Jade Peony - 1,181 words
    A victim could be described as a person cheated, injured, or even fooled by circumstances. Yet it seems that the idea of victimization has become a symbol of Canada for Canadian authors. Margaret Atwood explains in, The Victim Theory, that in most instances of literature, the central theme is bare survival in the face of hostile elements(Atwood, The Victim Theory 77) Hence, for the French Canadians after the English took over, it became cultural survival, hanging on as people, retaining a religion and a language under an alien government(Atwood 77). Unlike the style of the Americans or the English, who hold out excitement and security, the Canadian literature can be seen on the opposite side ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: jade, french canadians, central theme, chinese family, canadian
  • Chinese Emigrants - 1,599 words
    Hsu Kin: A Chinese Immigrant's Story Hsu Kin grew up a poor boy in a small village in southern China. From as young as he could remember, Kin dreamed of journeying to America in search of wealth in the gold-laden streams of California. At age 14, Kin's dream became reality, and his father granted him permission to leave China in favor of a better life in America. At a cost of $30, Kin traveled to San Francisco by way of a large ship. His trip was not without hardships, but this only made his new life in America that much sweeter. Working odd jobs as a farmer, vegetable seller, and cook, Kin made enough money to repay his $30 debt and live comfortably in the Chinese section of San Francisco c ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: chinese, chinese american, chinese family, chinese immigrants, chinese society, emigrants
  • Filial Piety In China - 1,847 words
    Xiao, the Chinese word for filial piety is the defining feature in Chinese culture as filial piety was extolled as the highest virtue in China for centuries. I subscribe to the school of thought that filial piety is the root of Chinese ethics and "with it all enlightening studies come into existence." Chinese society was built upon the doctrine of filial piety and that it is the theme in Chinese culture, influencing all aspects of Chinese lives. In this essay, I will examine the significance of filial piety in Chinese culture. Albeit I have no wish of making the mistake of generalization, what I seek to define is the undercurrent theme in all Chinese families which I believe is filial piety. ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: china, modern china, piety, communist party, chinese culture
  • Filial Piety In China - 1,771 words
    ... l as your childrenwe must first be faithful first to our country" This indicated that the students placed the country before their parents, which is a violation of the Confucian concept of filial piety. It also indicated that the students were willing to sacrifice their lives for the sake of democracy rather than living on to repay their parents the debt of giving them life and having brought them up, which is another violation of the Confucian concept of filial piety. However, the students also wrote, "Dear Mother and Father, I am part of this student movement because I love my countryRest assured that your son will not bring shame upon you. I will not die in disgrace...Perhaps I will n ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: china, democracy in china, modern china, people's republic of china, piety
  • Asian Families - 1,663 words
    ... is the case, Asian Americans still occupy only a tiny portion of the welfare rolls. They make up just 2% of the 13.6 million who receive the governments Aid to Families with Dependent Children. However, they do somewhat live up to the idea because: immigrants from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Philippines, and South Korea make up 11% of all physicians and 7% of all scientists and engineers in the U.S., though they account for less than 3% of the population. They help raise the median family income for all Asian Americans to $35,000, the highest of any groupToday, there are 7.2 million Asian Americans enjoying widely differing amounts of success. By the year 2020, the number will be 20 ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: asian, asian american, asian families, chinese family, mental retardation
  • Attitudes Of Chinese Immigrants In The U.s. - 969 words
    Attitudes about personal interest and career choices are influenced by a persons culture and age. I want to be a pilot. I want to a lawyer. Younger generations always decide their interest and what they want to do as their career based on their own benefit. Observing from the past in the U.S., very limited opportunity is offered to the Chinese immigrants. They might consider if they can do it, in stead of if they want to do it or not. Regardless of what education level they possessed most of the Chinese immigrant work as a waiter, waitress or some low paid jobs. However, the Chinese immigrants position in U.S. community is changing these years. Chinese immigrants are being appreciable in the ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: chinese, chinese american, chinese family, chinese immigrants, traditional chinese
  • Differences - 1,797 words
    CHINK!!!! Yeah...that's rightlook at us with those chinky eyes! Go back to where you belong!" Those words will forever ring in my ears. I was standing in line for lunch while talking to a friend while a couple of boys, fourth and fifth graders, were making fun of the only Asian girl in the school, me, a lonely kindergartener. I will never forget that moment when I realized that I was different. Growing up in a predominantly white community, I had never thought of the issue of race as a child. My neighbor and I were best friends, and I never thought of myself as different. She had blonde hair; I had black. She had blue eyes; I had dark brown. We loved to play with the same things, thus we wer ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: blue eyes, united states government, chinese family, tolerance, mandarin
  • Mao's Cultural Revolution - 1,277 words
    ... Mao would initiate again during the Cultural Revolution; it was a symbol of Mao's belief in harmony and order. This campaign aimed at purging the party of Stalinist supporters. 35 Purging of dissident elements within the party created unity according to Mao. The Rectification Campaign was a turning point for the Communists. With a strong leader, unity within, and a specifically tailored Chinese political ideology, the Communists made steady gains against the Guomingdang in the Chinese Civil War (1945-1949). By 1949, the Communists controlled the Chinese mainland. Not surprisingly, on October 1st, Mao proclaimed the People's Republic of China. Equally in character, Mao's proclamation too ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: cultural revolution, revolution, political ideology, great wall, communes
  • Business Analysis Of Ford In China - 1,598 words
    ... ,000,000 in 2010 after China enter WTO. The demand of 1.2 litres exhausting private car will increase fastest among all the automobiles. 4.1 Consumers Psychology One of investigations made by China Consumers Association shows that approximately 20% of Chinese consumers will prefer to buy imported cars, even though the price of them are higher than domestic cars. There will be 80% of consumers choosing to buy imported cars on the condition that the price of imported cars is almost as same as that of domestic cars. According to this investigation, it seems that band is more important thing to be concerned by consumers besides price. 4.2 Car Purchasing Power In 2000, Chinas GDP per capita r ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: business analysis, business environment, business press, china, chinese business, doing business, environmental analysis

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