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  • Mp - 1,216 words
    Two years ago, MP3 was just another audio compression format. Today, it's a Net phenomenon that's at the center of an enormous controversy. That's because MP3 makes it possible for people with an Internet connection to bypass record stores (and cashiers) and download CD-quality music by their favorite artists--for free. MP3 is great for music lovers and cheapskates, who can download funky tunes to their hearts' content without spending a dime; however, it's a nightmare for musicians and record companies, who can only watch helplessly as their profits drop into a digital black hole. MP3 is short for MPEG-1 Layer 3 (Moving Pictures Expert Group), a format for storing digital audio. It uses an ...
    Related: hard disk, vice versa, motion picture, file
  • Japans Rise From The Ashes To The Pinnacle Of Economic Prestige - 1,283 words
    JAPAN'S RISE FROM THE ASHES TO THE PINNACLE OF ECONOMIC PRESTIGE Japan is one of the world's leading economic powers when concentrating on its Gross Domestic Product of four point two trillion United States dollars. Its economy is only second to the United States in terms of production. However, Japan has not always contained a relatively strong economy. The Japanese's economic strategies have boosted economy to new heights since its fall during the second world war because of their unorthodox manner of business etiquette, innovative strategy, and strong relations with stable economies such as Canada and the United States. The rise to the top did not occur without a large struggle as many pr ...
    Related: prestige, states government, united states government, side effects, unemployed
  • Asfd - 479 words
    596] * 6 May 2000 18:06* Rated: 2 Krugger Carbon Copy 32, Mp3 Multi Studio Pro, Adobe Acrobat 4, Norton Ghost, Adobe PDF, Avp Platinum, Jet Audio, Life Or Death 2, Partition Magic 5, Norton Antivirus Enterprise Solution 7, Winfax 10, Window ME 2499 RC 1 Beta 3 [1598] * 6 May 2000 18:12* Rated: 2 Krugger easy cd creator 4.02, airwars, fishermans paradise, sir command 2, lemmings revelution, partition magic 5.01, tachyon, Ut rocket arena 1.1, wild wild west divX, rally masters. [1623] * 6 May 2000 21:03* Rated: 3 FSuN^ / l:warez p:warez port:8998 3D Studio Max, Acdsee, Audio Cataylyst, Autocad, Black Ice Defender, Conseal Firewall, Homesite 4, Evolva, The Sims, Windows 200 ...
    Related: delta force, after effects, wild west, copy, midi
  • Pioneer Deh - 1,690 words
    In todays society many products are released into the market without first going through a proper evaluation phase. Designers must take into account the needs of the user by inviting prospective consumers to evaluate their products and to point out improvements in the interface or design. When designers fail to incorporate the users needs, the products economic success is in serious jeopardy. If the product is too hard to operate then the consumer may opt for a better version, often looking toward the competition to have their needs met. In order for a product to be successful in todays market, user-based evaluation must be incorporated in the design process. This paper will critique the int ...
    Related: pioneer, cd player, interface design, adjusting, device
  • Porsche Vs Ferrari - 853 words
    Many people might argue that the Ferrari 360 Modena is a better car then the Porsche 911 Turbo. Through the years the engineers from both Porsche and Ferrari have excelled a great deal. However, the engineers at Porsche have done a better job in many ways that Ferrari cant. If you look at the statistics they are about equal but when you look at the technology, the body, and the engine you will see that the Porsche will overcome the Ferrari. Look at those huge knockers! The way that they sleek back and form a nice hump and then go back down. Thats what could be said about the new Porsche. Through the years Porsche has designed a car that most people love. They have done many things to improve ...
    Related: ferrari, porsche, cd player, plastic surgery, shifting
  • Laptop - 857 words
    It was about three months ago when I had my graduation party. All of my relatives were there from my grandma to my cousins-in-law to congratulate my friends and I. When my father finally showed up, I was very happy to see him, but not as happy as I was once he gave me my present. It was the thing that about ninety percent of college students own and need, a new computer. It was not just any old computer however, it was a laptop. It also had just about every option that you could possibly think of included. I could do everything from e-mail my friends, to watch DVD movies. This laptop has been so essential to me because it saves me both money and time, two things a college student needs a lot ...
    Related: laptop, college students, cell phone, cd player, drove
  • Napster - 1,281 words
    For many years music has changed the lives of every generation and in fact helped them develop into their own individuals. As we are reading this right now there is a battle over the way the next generation will get their music and what they will be allowed to listen to. As far back as the early 1900s parents have been telling their children to turn down that awful noise, and as each generation turns to the next, the music always changes making the parent and child lose touch on each others style of music. From personal experience my father will be turning 50 in February and listens to music like The Who and The Beatles. I have been blessed with the ears that actually enjoy this type of musi ...
    Related: napster, recording industry, new york, personal experience, unfair
  • Type 4 Remnence - 1,131 words
    The night is long and restful. Beep, beep, beep, beep man that sure is annoying at 5:45 in the morning. Grab my shoes, bag, and finally can't forget my pillow. Dads waiting at the door waiting for me, so we can go. Thanks for the ride dad. I'll be back around 5:00. "my, Chuck don't we look cheerful in the morning" says Mr. Parkurst. There is the bus time to go. The whole world looks a little hazy, but it could just be my eyes. I finally find a prime seat and fall into it with a thud. Somehow I manage to get out my pillow, and cd player to listen to. As Dave Mathews Band plays Crash, they slowly get fainter and fainter. OUCH, what did you hit me for "we're here" Matt says. As I notice we are, ...
    Related: good luck, wonderful world, cd player, matt, deer
  • Report On Sony - 1,799 words
    The huge company called Sony was named after two words. The first word was sonus, which means sonic or sound and the second word was sonny, which means little son. The combinations of the two words mean a very small group of young people who have the energy and passion toward unlimited creation. Masura Ibuka came up with the idea in 1946 right after World War II. His main motive was to set up a company to create a steady work environment where engineers who truly appreciate technology and realize their common mission and work to their hearts content. He tried to figure out ways to motivate individuals so they will unite on a common plane and to use their technological powers without any rese ...
    Related: sony, sony corporation, sony music, young people, technological advances
  • Mp3s - 1,059 words
    In the music industry various artists work hard in order to make music that many people enjoy listening to. They then sell their music to record companies such as Arista, RCA, Warner Brothers, and Jive, just to name a few. These record companies make multi million-dollar deals with these artists with the intentions that once they distribute the artists music to the record stores they will be selling a favorable amount of albums. In todays ever advancing technology, music is basically being stolen off of the internet through mp3 databases such as Napster and Imesh. People are able to sign onto the internet, and are able to type in the name of the song, and then are able to download that parti ...
    Related: intellectual property, companies make, main point, distributing, transaction
  • Mp - 1,206 words
    Two years ago, MP3 was just another audio compression format. Today, it's a Net phenomenon that's at the center of an enormous controversy. That's because MP3 makes it possible for people with an Internet connection to bypass record stores (and cashiers) and download CD-quality music by their favorite artists--for free. MP3 is great for music lovers and cheapskates, who can download funky tunes to their hearts' content without spending a dime; however, it's a nightmare for musicians and record companies, who can only watch helplessly as their profits drop into a digital black hole. MP3 is short for MPEG-1 Layer 3 (Moving Pictures Expert Group), a format for storing digital audio. It uses an ...
    Related: black hole, sound effects, search engine, video
  • Sharing Space Can We Learn To Live With Others - 1,076 words
    A small, dark room, with lots of books, a radio in the corner and a big mess. In the middle of the room is a small bed. There is no TV, no computer, no play station, no modern technology, just only one small radio and a night lamp, which is on the desk. And of course, beer and liquor bottles arranged by the wall. But most importantly in this ugly dark small room is the small bed that is only mine and no other beds, which means that this room is only mine. This was three years ago. Right now I live in something that is rather too spacious, bright and has a lot of modern technology: TV with cable, a computer with very fast (LAN) Internet access, a CD player and two beds. This means that this i ...
    Related: sharing, modern technology, cd player, different kinds, desk
  • Wranglers - 524 words
    Specific Purpose: To inform my audience of a brief history of Jeep Wranglers and in in depth look at what a 2001 Jeep Wrangler has to offer today. Central Idea: The exceptional value of a Jeep Wrangler and all outstanding features it has to offer. Introduction 1.Youve arrived at the top. The vast expanse before you is more than your eyes can take in. At the canyons edge, life is at its purest, an exileration of the senses. The same can be said about driving legendary 4X4 that takes you here. 11. The king of off-road ability and almost magical abilities once you part from the pavement. 111. Its top down open air interior is your seat to outstanding off-road capability and surprisingly on-road ...
    Related: specific purpose, cd player, central idea, player, in-depth
  • I Hate It All - 1,451 words
    Subject: [3-2] How do I extract tracks from, or copy all of, an audio CD? Start with the CD-DA FAQ: Take a look at to see if your CD-ROM drive is up to the task. EAC, from, is often recommended for extracting ("ripping") audio tracks. To copy from CD to CD, the source drive needs to support digital audio extraction, which is rare among older drives but very common in current models. Ideally, the copy program will use disc-at-once recording to produce a duplicate that mimics the original as closely as possible (CDRWIN works well; see section (6-1-7)). Some programs will only copy the CD to the hard ...
    Related: hard drive, cd player, rare, brain
  • I Hate It All - 1,368 words
    ... age that is audible as a short (less than 1/75th second) click. The fix is to split the track on 2352-byte block boundaries. A program called "WAVECLIP" will remove .WAV headers and footers, and will either pad out the last block or remove silence from the end of a WAV file to make it an exact multiple of 2352 bytes. The program is available from Another choice is "StripWave", from If you must use track-at-once, make sure you're writing it all in one session. PC-based CD players may be able to see tracks in later sessions, but the CD player in your stereo system can't. A distantly related problem can arise ...
    Related: different ways, reading process, cd player, density, claiming
  • Music - 742 words
    Does the music that is produced today have a direct affect on what teenagers in America will do? This is a question that many people over the last couple of years have asked constantly. With the recent Columbine incident, as well as the increase in school shootings, many people feel there is something to blame for the violence. In situations like these, art forms are usually the easiest to blame. There is no way to blame one person for the crimes at hand, and no one would like to believe that they just poorly raised their own children. Suddenly someone steps in and sees the teen listened to some sort of music, which is not acceptable by parents standards, and you have a culprit. The problem ...
    Related: music, teen violence, medical news, school shootings, eccentric
  • Napster - 730 words
    In the controversy against Napster, many supporters fight to keep their freedom alive. This case is about whether the plaintiffs can use their control of music copyrights to achieve control over Napster's decentralized technology and prevent it from transforming the Internet in ways that might undermine their present chokehold on music promotion and distribution. This small state of affairs has caused a huge clash in the way the people of the United States feel about their freedom of free music. I believe that mp3s and Napster have been a gateway for introducing unknown bands and spreading overpopulated songs to the ones who cannot buy CDs or even get a CD player. Napster is a device that sh ...
    Related: napster, cd player, georgetown university, recording industry, slide
  • Hot Deals - 3,166 words
    ... 't afford it. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ Tuesday, November 7, 2000 - Election Day USA to close it's e-commerce site: According to the press release on the front page of their site, will stop taking orders on Nov 9 at 11am PST. - 128MB PC133 RAM for $79 Mushkin's budget RAM is 128MB PC133 CAS-3 SDRAM for $79 with free shipping. Sure, their RAM costs a few dollars more than the generic stuff you can buy elsewhere, but Mushkin is rated as the best online store for PC memory. For first time customers. Expires Dec 1. - $10 off $50, code: PRESENTS Use coupon code PRESENTS to get $10 off a purchase o ...
    Related: mike tyson, equal opportunity, forest fire, vomiting, disc
  • Asian Families - 1,663 words
    ... is the case, Asian Americans still occupy only a tiny portion of the welfare rolls. They make up just 2% of the 13.6 million who receive the governments Aid to Families with Dependent Children. However, they do somewhat live up to the idea because: immigrants from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Philippines, and South Korea make up 11% of all physicians and 7% of all scientists and engineers in the U.S., though they account for less than 3% of the population. They help raise the median family income for all Asian Americans to $35,000, the highest of any groupToday, there are 7.2 million Asian Americans enjoying widely differing amounts of success. By the year 2020, the number will be 20 ...
    Related: asian, asian american, asian families, chinese family, mental retardation
  • Hum - 598 words
    AUTHOR: Grace Hopper (Change Grace's name to yours) COURSE: CSC 102 Section 1 (Use the correct section number) DUE DATE: December 10th, 2010 (Use the correct due date) REFERENCE: "Computer Science - A structured Programming Approach using C++", Forouzan & Gilberg .................................................. .............. PURPOSE: Create a customer's bill for a company. The company sells only five different products: TV, VCR, Remote Controller, CD Player, and Tape Recorder. The Unit prices are $300.00, $120.00, $25.30, $250.00, and $15.00, respectively. The program must read from the keyboard the quantity of each piece of equipment purchased. It then calculates the cost of each item, th ...
    Related: sales tax, computer science, total cost, quantity
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