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  • Cave Art - 408 words
    At the foot of a cliff in the Ardche Gorges, in south-eastern France, amateur speleologists discovered the world's oldest painted prehistoric cave. Discovered on December 18, 1994, this cave features art that dates back thirty-one thousand years. Jean-Marie Chauvet, Eliette Brunel-Deschamps and Christian Hillaire, were the amateurs who discovered the cave that has come to be known simply as the Chauvet cave. The explorers were in Vallon-Pont-d'Arc, France some thirty feet below ground. While exploring a cave, they were intrigued by a draft of air. They followed the draft to the source and discovered a cavity. This cavity then led to a vast network of galleries and rooms. The explorers were a ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: cave, cave paintings, primitive art, homo sapiens, calc
  • Allegory Of The Cave - 486 words
    Allegories are small stories that deal with big ideas and hopefully help people reach the state of being enlightened. In Allegory of the Cave, a person was enlightened. Enlightened is when you have learned or found something new that amazes you or leaves you in horror. You may believe it to be true or not but you dont go on living the same as before. You may be forced to see the real world and be enlightened by everything there is. There are many people living in the cave. They are all chained up. They cannot move their heads. There is a fire burning behind them. It makes shadows on the wall in front of them. They can only see the light for the fire. There is a walk way between the fire and ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: allegory, allegory of the cave, cave, real world, burning
  • The Crystal Cave - 990 words
    If the name Merlin were spoken, many would immediately connect the name to the legendary magician that served King Arthur. Many variations of this legendary magician have been passed down through the ages, but only one makes the reader connect with Merlin as a man and not just a magician. In the book The Crystal Cave Mary Stewart makes the reader see that Merlin is not just a magician, he is first and foremost a man. Throughout the book the author sucks the reader in to the life of this man, and using imagery and characterization makes him feel that he is actually there watching the life of Merlin unravel. From the very first page of The Crystal Cave the reader is transported into the book w ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: cave, crystal, king arthur, sweat, dancer
  • Plato And The Cave - 610 words
    After reading Platos cave several times, I learned that every time I read it I gained a completely different interpretation. You can relate all of the different symbols to any aspect of life, and still have a clear understanding of what Plato is talking about. My first interpretation of the cave was, the world as the cave. The world is a cave to most of society. We are chained to the wall, because we only know what we have been taught. We havent had the urge or desire to venture out into the world, to find our own theories and conclusions. We are satisfied with the way things are, that we have no intentions of stepping outside your comfortable, secure world. The light might be the driving fo ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: cave, plato, make sense, after life, venture
  • Cinematic Aspects Of Cave Art - 423 words
    Kristine McCarthy October 1, 2000 I think Watchel formed a very good, accurate arguement in saying that cave paintings are cinematic. Much like movies, when cave paintings are seen in a certain way they show qualities that can be seen as cinematic. Once you look at cave paintings under a firelight things are seen much differently. They seem to move, disappear, reapper, and even change shape and color, just like a movie. When seen in this light these paintings no longer seem to be scribbled and disorderly, but rather very well thought out. Because of the irregular surfaces on the cave walls, light sources that flicker, and a moving eye, movie-like effects are created in the paintings. This ma ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: cave, cave paintings, cinematic, oral communication, confused
  • Allegory Of The Cave - 1,845 words
    Critics of The Republic, Plato's contribution to the history of political theory, have formed two distinct opinions on the reasoning behind the work. The first group believes that The Republic is truly a model for a political society, while the other strongly objects to that, stating it as being far too fantastic for any society to operate successfully by these suggested methods. In an exchange between Crito and Dionysius, this argument is first introduced, with Crito siding with those who agree that The Republic is a realistic political model, and Dionysius arguing on behalf of those who doubt it as being realistic, claiming it to be a criticism of politics in general. Both sides have legit ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: allegory, allegory of the cave, cave, human intelligence, political system
  • Plato Allegory Of The Cave - 919 words
    The majority of people in school today, and they dont want to be there. School is painful to them. They, the unenlightened, have not seen the light. In Platos Allegory of the Cave, the prisoners can resemble those who do not thirst for knowledge. They seem to be prisoners in their own world. The small bunch of people in schools today is passionate learners, and they yearn for and covet knowledge. These groups have a thirst to understand and seek truth and are able to comprehend the true value of learning. The fortunate individuals have seen the light, felicitate themselves on their advancement and pity those who do not comprehend. I think that he would rather suffer anything, in Platos work ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: allegory, allegory of the cave, cave, plato, platos allegory
  • Allegory Of A Cave - 418 words
    Is our perception of this world true or is it merely a reflection or shadow of the real world? Can knowledge be passed from teacher to student or must each student travel his own path to enlightenment? Are the enlightened responsible to the rest of society? Are they the only people qualified to run society as a whole? These are the questions that plagued Plato and resulted in his famous portion of The Republic entitled Allegory of the Cave. These questions are very important because they address the system of education, the system of government, and the concept of a better or alternative universe. These questions have plagued many for thousands of years. The answers affect our every day live ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: allegory, allegory of the cave, cave, platos allegory, real world
  • Oedipus, The King And Allegory Of The Cave - Comparative Analysis Essay - 733 words
    In Sophocles play, Oedipus, the King, there are various instances where Oedipus tries to escape his destinyenlightenmentonly to discover the truth that he cannot. Similarly, in Platos Allegory of the Cave the prisoner travails to understand and adjust to his newly visited environment. In both works, the men first had to realize their ignorance before they could begin to acquire knowledge and true understanding of the complexities of the human condition. Specifically, in Oedipus, the King, it was Oedipus illusion of himself as a man unequaled in leadership whereas in Allegory of the Cave it was the prisoners initial refutations of enlightenment being shown him until he realizes its intellectu ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: allegory, allegory of the cave, cave, comparative, comparative analysis, oedipus the king, platos allegory
  • Analysis Of Plato's "the Allegory Of The Cave" - 1,244 words
    The moist air of the cave hovers in a homeostatic manner around the mans conditioned skin. He sits, staring at the flat, cold surface of rock in front of him. Nothing that he sees surprises him. He just stares blankly at the recurrent shadows dancing in a dull glow. He is motionlessly caught in a state of a calm, content trance. The cold chains around his neck match the vacancy of life his face. The only expression seen is a small rising in the corners of the mans mouth, producing a strangely content smirk. Nothing is heard except a constant, repetitive drip of water forming a stalagmite deep within the cave. Suddenly a voice awakens the man out his trance. The voice whispers into the mans e ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: allegory, allegory of the cave, friedrich nietzsche, human existence, greek
  • Plato's Allegory Of The Cave Compared To The Human Condition - 1,007 words
    The Allegory Because of how we live, true reality is not obvious to most of us. However, we mistake what we see and hear for reality and truth. This is the basic premise for Platos Allegory of the Cave, in which prisoners sit in a cave, chained down, watching images cast on the wall in front of them. They accept these views as reality and they are unable to grasp their overall situation: the cave and images are a ruse, a mere shadow show orchestrated for them by unseen men. At some point, a prisoner is set free and is forced to see the situation inside the cave. Initially, one does not want to give up the security of his or her familiar reality; the person has to be dragged past the fire and ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: allegory, allegory of the cave, cave, human condition, platos allegory
  • Signifance Of Anthropology And Archaeology - 1,521 words
    Anthropologists and Archaeologists Anthropologists and archaeologists have influenced our lives in so many ways. They have taken us back to our most humble beginnings. They have given us an awareness of just how far we have come through the centuries. Archaeology is the investigating of life by unearthing and interpreting the objects left behind by earlier peoples and cultures, dating back to prehistoric times. Anthropology is the scientific study of hominids, their physical features, development, and behavior. Anthropology is broken into two parts: physical and sociocultural. Physical is concerned with human evolution and biology and the study of primates. Sociocultural anthropology investi ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: anthropology, archaeology, homo sapiens, cultural evolution, encarta
  • None Provided - 5,836 words
    When we discuss our brain, we usually focus on the brains ability to think. That task alone is extremely complex and involved, but the brain also has many other tasks. Most of the time the brain is on autopilot, meaning that most of the activities preformed are just automatic. Our five senses; sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell, are automatically preformed in our brains. We don't have to think about how something sounds, we just hear it and we then interpret that sound. The largest area of our brain is the area that is set aside for vision, it is located in the occipital lobe. Dr. Gerard Guarniero has been blind since birth, a defect in which he has never been able to fix. Recently, he ha ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: human life, temporal lobe, cerebral cortex, factory, execute
  • The Social Brain - 1,422 words
    ... tus were also unique, as he realized the environment could be controlled for personal improvement (Gazzaniga, 149). This was evident in the new nomadic behavior of hunters and gathers as populations behavior become more nomadic As a hominid continued to evolve the Neanderthal played an important role in the changes of brain activity and behavior. The Neanderthals dominant influence of the Wenickes and Broca areas of the brain allowed for the specialization of skill in tool making, shelter, and hunting ability. Neanderthals lived in larger groups thrived off competition and social relations evident in their self adornment with clothing and tools. Neanderthals lived in caves and buried the ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: brain, human brain, social behavior, social relations, social structures
  • Multiregionalism Vs Out Of Africa - 1,033 words
    Anthropologists today are debating two sides to the story of the evolution of the modern human Homosapian sapian. The sides agree on two different theories called the Out of Africa theory and the Multiregional (or Candelabra) theory. The debate, which some may call a slanderous argument, is far from being resolved on either side. Both evolutionist sides have strong evidence, however, this evidence does have its flaws and is not accurate enough to prove one side over another. However, the arguments for the Out of Africa theory seem to be flawed far more than those of the Multiregional theory. The Multiregional theory states that the hominid H. erectus. Migrated out of Africa through the north ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: africa, mitochondrial dna, near east, modern europe, nucleotides
  • Documentary Review - 618 words
    The documentary I watched is about Thaipusam festival. I watched it on National Geographic Channel and was amazed to discover the meaning, the process and the traditions and practices of Thaipusam. It was interesting to watch the procession yet at the same time learn more about it in detail. Every January/February, depending upon the lunar month - on a full-moon day in the Tamil month of Thai, the Hindus will celebrate Thaipusam in honour of their Hindu God, Lord Subramaniam (sometimes referred to as Lord Murugan) who is a son of the Hindu God Shiva. He is believed to represent virtue, youth and power. As mentioned in the documentary, Thaipusam is celebrated in Singapore and also in Malaysia ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: documentary, kuala lumpur, good and evil, national geographic, spot
  • A Characterisc Of A Hero - 530 words
    The American Heritage High-school dictionary defines a hero as a man, often of divine ancestry, who is endowed with great courage and strength. Is that what a hero truly is? Does he need only strength and courage? Does a hero not need a mind? Any man can be strong and brave, but dose that mean he is a hero? Nay, a hero must have more. He must be quick-witted and always think with his head and never his fear. A man must be clever (mentally bright, superficially skillful or witty) to be considered a hero. A hero has many characteristics but one of the most important is to be able to think his way out of trouble. Not that a hero shouldnt be physically strong, thats always good, but sometimes yo ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: trojan war, the odyssey, american heritage, dose, odyssey
  • Desperation - 1,894 words
    Mary and Peter Jackson were driving down highway 50 in the middle of Nevada when Collie Entragian, the Desperation police officer, pulled them over for having a missing rear license plate. He told Peter that he could take the front license plate off and put it on the back and they should be ok. Peter went to the trunk of the car to get a tool kit under the spare tire. When he lifted up the tire to get the tools, Entragian and Peter found a bag of marijuana. Entragian started to get violent and he beat up Peter. It wasn't too bad, though. He arrested Peter and Mary and took them to the jail in Desperation. When the got the municipal building, Entragian shot Peter and killed him. He put Mary i ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: state police, mary ellen, american west, plate, chest
  • Tom Sawyer - 1,511 words
    Tom Sawyer is full of adventures. In this book there is an adventure around every corner. Some of his adventures have leaded him into some bad situations but with his good heart and bright mind he has gotten out of them. Tom lives with his Aunt Polly, his cousin Mary and brother Sid. One of the first things to happen in the book is the painting of the fence. Polly made Tom whitewash the fence on a Saturday as punishment. Instead of him paying people to work for him, he made people pay him to paint. Tom did this by telling people that it isnt every day that you get a chance to paint a fence and he thought it was fun. He had people begging him to paint by the time that he was finished his stor ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: sawyer, tom sawyer, widow douglas, haunted house, bars
  • History Of Technology And The Market - 1,145 words
    Throughout civilization man has changed or evolved in various ways, which has allowed him to progress to new steps in advancement. By all means in the past man was barbaric like the animals and yet somehow he overcame nature and become one with his own collective thought and became immersed in his own curiosity that eventually self composed changes came in effect. What is this perpetual inclination within man, which causes him to question all things that are until they have become explained? Perhaps something within the brain from the beginning was given to facilitate man to these progressions. It is said, "I think therefore I am." And thus this is the cornerstone that became the capstone of ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: changing technology, human history, stock market, technology industry, roman empire

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