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  • Texas V. Andrea Yates - 1,011 words
    Texas v. Andrea Yates A 37 year-old women stunned the nation when she drowned all five of her children on June 20, 2001. Her name is Andrea Yates and she went on trial for their murders in the case known as Texas v. Andrea Yates. Her trail lasted for four weeks and much controversy surrounded it. Andrea admitted to police that she drowned her five children: Noah, 7, John, 5, Paul, 3, Luke, 2, and Mary 6 months. This whole situation turned into a controversy because prosecutors in the case tried to convince the jury that Yates was sane during the murders while her defense insisted that she was suffering from postpartum depression. Andrea Yates admitted that she decided to kill her children th ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: andrea, andrea yates, texas, texas state, yates
  • Texas V. Andrea Yates - 990 words
    ... rowning Her Five Children Found Sane To Stand Trial). Charges may ultimately be filed in the deaths of Paul, 3, and Luke, 2. Russell Yates and his mother, Dora Yates, testified for the defense stating that Andrea was mentally ill during the murders. Both stated that Andrea was a loving mother who became ill. The defense called an expert on postpartum depression in an effort to show that Yates poses no threat to society. Her symptoms were triggered by the birth of her children. If she has no more children and stays on her medication, her symptoms will remain under control, states Dr. Lucy Purycar, a forensic psychiatrist ( Yates Sentenced To Life In Prison). Prosecutors displayed ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: andrea, andrea yates, texas, yates, nervous breakdown
  • Andrea Yates - 872 words
    Charged with five horrific murders, Andrea Yates faced the death penalty. Believed Satan controlled her, Mrs. Yates was convinced her children were not developing correctly and they needed to die to be saved. Andrea Yates admitted to drowning her children one by one after two years of contemplating this psychotic act. People cannot imagine the horror of what Yates did to her children, drowning them in the bathtub, one by one. Even chasing down the oldest one in order to do it. I believe that the enormity of her crime caused a cynical nation to shudder. These articles lend themselves to children who are murdered by their mothers, in light of the trial of Andrea Yates. Andrea Yates admits to t ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: andrea, andrea yates, yates, mental illness, postpartum depression
  • Case Analysis Of Andrea Yates - 1,097 words
    Day by day, people around the world do many bad things and we do not have other choices but face them. One June 20, 2001, 36-year-old Andrea Yates, a Texas mother of five kids ranging in age This world is full of many things we will never understand. Nobody said life is from 6 months to 7 years, drowned all of her children and then phoned the police. The controversial question pops up: Is this woman guilty of capital murder? The truth is that she should not be punished for what she did considering that she did not know right from wrong. Prison is not the right punishment for her. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services revels that Postpartum depression is a common, frequently unrecogniz ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: andrea, andrea yates, case analysis, yates, mental illness
  • Johns Interesting Career - 974 words
    John Perreault is a musician who lives in Upstate, NY. He started appreciating music at an early age. Banging on pots-and-pans, singing. His grandfather, who was a professional musician, and my supportive parents, drove his interest in music. He was always in chorus. Then when the time came, he took up the bass in fourth grade. He quit the bass playing after three years and didn't do anything musical. He took a few music classes, but played nothing on the side. Then his grandfather passed away in '94. After his funeral, he felt like he had let him down. This event was the turning point in his life. He took up guitar later that year and wasn't too sure of the future. It's every young musician ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: cancer research, turning point, new york, yates, musical
  • Conflict In The Middle East - 1,498 words
    ... peace throughout the Middle East. Both of these images of negotiation are incomplete and inadequate. Value creating and value claiming are linked parts of negotiation. Both processes are present. No matter how much creative problem solving enlarges the pie, it must still be divided; value that has been created must be claimed. And if the pie is not enlarged, there will be less to divide; there's more value to be claimed if one has helped create it first.(Sebenius, p. 33) An essential tension in negotiation exists between cooperative moves to create value and competitive moves to claim it. (Sebenius, p.35) In my opinion, there exists an onus amongst all parties involved to bring with them ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: conflict management, conflict resolution, middle east, lexington books, general theory
  • Alexander Hamilton And The Constitution - 1,063 words
    What role Alexander Hamilton played in the Consitutional Convention? The economy of the young nation in the years following the Revolution was in bad shape. The United States had accrued millions of dollars in war debt; competitive tariffs between states hampered economic growth while sowing political discord; American shipping struggled to recover from the war; and the Continental Congress was unable to impose taxes in order to drive the country forward out of its financial doldrums. Against this background, the legislature of Virginia in 1786 called for a meeting of the states in Annapolis, Maryland, to deliberate adjustments to the nation's commercial regulations -- a relatively modest am ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: alexander, alexander hamilton, hamilton, civil war, state power
  • Affirmative Action - 4,191 words
    I. The History of Diversity in America Known as the Melting Pot, America is a country with a more diverse population than any other. But America also has a long, painful past of discrimination that has been based on sex, race, color, disability, religion, sexual orientation and various other characteristics that stray from the average white American citizen. Through the years, government has played a major role in trying to correct the past wrongs due to discrimination by enacting legislation and adding amendments to the Constitution. The primary purpose of these measures is to enforce non-discriminating employment practices and to encourage, and sometimes force, companies to increase their ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: action program, affirmative, affirmative action, public service, economic conditions
  • Affirmative Action - 3,850 words
    ... th the integration of each individual culture that exists in various groups. Three methods can facilitate this. The assimilation process is the act of adopting a set of values that is most prominent in the organization. In this process, one takes on the values and norms of another culture, and leaves their own behind. The pluralism process consists of adopting values and norms from each other. The third process, cultural separatism, exists with very little adaptation by either side (Cox, Jr. 353-366).  Structural Integration: When an organization takes a look into the cultural mix, levels, and various workgroups, and tries to create an environment where all can co-exist. This wou ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: affirmative, affirmative action, business school, rights amendment, lewin
  • The Death Penalty - 1,094 words
    A number of people believe that the Death Penalty isnt necessary to deliver justice to the victims and their families, but on the other hand there are some who believe capitol punishment is primary to our justice system. In the United States capitol punishment is a controversy in of itself. On both sides there are people who pursue to validify there points like boxers proving their strength over their opponent; They all have a point to be heard. The issues at hand are the cost of the Death Penalty process, moral qualms, and the true deterrent factor of the Death Penalty. The Death Penalty is a subject that has been confronted intensely for the past twenty years, and the fact is that both sid ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: death penalty, death sentence, penalty, washington state, capitol punishment
  • Conduct Disorders - 1,602 words
    Conduct disorders are a complicated set of behavioral and emotional problems that afflict between nine percent of male boys and two percent of female girls. Persistent aggression, theft, lying, destruction, and vandalism characterize the disorder. Most of all the child or adolescent violates societal norms and the basic rights of others (Appendix). The etiology of the disorder is still in debate. Some theories relate the disorder to inconsistent home lives, a predisposition to the disorder, modeling and operant conditioning theory, and environmental factors. Treatment is centered on helping the child control their anger, parent interaction training, cognitive problem solving skills, and medi ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: anti-social personality disorder, antisocial personality disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, borderline personality disorder, conduct disorder, disorders, hyperactivity disorder
  • Love Story Set In Wwi - 2,487 words
    A shell struck near the trench, forcing debris towards Robert. He awoke with start. His friend laughed at Robert's startled expression. "Are you still not used to that?" Dougie said wryly, knowing that no-one could ever overcome the shock of the trenches. "Here, I saved you these." He handed over some biscuits. Robert thanked him. He tried to break the biscuit to see how hard it was. He found it very difficult to snap so he wet it and smashed it to small pieces with a brick. He had learnt the hard way that biting biscuits could very easily break teeth. "Young Tom died" Dougie said nonchalantly, whilst picking lice from his head. Robert watched as he threw them into the flame of a candle. Dou ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: love story, keep quiet, children play, simple life, guns
  • Love Story Set In Wwi - 2,483 words
    ... duties and was exhausted. He shivered under his layers of blankets. "Come on Rob," he whispered to himself, "get to sleep. If you're not alert tomorrow, you know what will happen to you." And he did know. He knew all too well for a man who was barely twenty. He had seen what happened to those who lost their vigilance and he just could not allow himself to be one of them, for Imogen's sake. He carefully placed his photograph of his wife in a small, metal box that he kept in his bag. He tried to block out the ear-piercing noise from the shells and stopped his mind from racing by imagining he was at home with Imogen. Feeling slightly calmer, Robert eventually fell into an unsettled sleep. ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: love story, children play, simple life, keep quiet, desperate
  • Why Did Jews Play Such A Disproportionate Part In The Cultural Life Of Fin De Siecle Vienna ? - 2,298 words
    ter> "Mythenbildung ist wie kristallisation in der gesattigten salzlosung: es wird dann im entscheidenden augenblick alles mythisch" Arthur Schnitzler (Buch der Freunde) (1) Viennese Jews proportionally did have more representatives in the cultural sphere. This can be because they had the means, ways and opportunity to exploit their situation to pursue the arts. Steven Beller states quite unequivocally "Whether it be Freud, Schoenberg, Schnitzler or Wittgenstein, the number of individuals at the top level of Viennese culture - or rather that type of culture for which Vienna is today so famous - who are of at least partly Jewish descent is so large that it cannot be ignored." (2) And indeed ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: cultural influences, cultural life, disproportionate, jews, vienna
  • Why Did Jews Play Such A Disproportionate Part In The Cultural Life Of Fin De Siecle Vienna ? - 2,127 words
    ... ies in fin de siecle Vienna is one such "invented tradition" The myth "that the cultural flowering in Vienna was an essentially Jewish phenomenon."{2}: {1} Hobsbawm, Eric. Introduction: Inventing Traditions in Hosbawm, Eric and Ranger, Terence The Invention of Tradition p13 {2}Beller, Steven. Vienna and the Jews 1867-1938 (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge,1990) (4) Typical of these is Berkley who espouses this golden age and argues that without the Jews Vienna was nothing. Berkley, Georg E. Vienna and its Jews: The Tragedy of its Success (Abt and Madison Books, 1988) There is also Zweig who believed the fin-de-siecle to be a golden age for jews {Wistrich, Robert S. The Jews of Vienn ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: cultural life, disproportionate, european jews, jews, vienna
  • In Support Of Legalizing Marijuana - 1,470 words
    For many years the use of marijuana for medical purposes has been an issue of controversial discussion. Many claim that marijuana is a drug that has proven itself to be of no medical value in the treatment of terminal illnesses. Those who feel this way, usually ignore the long history of marijuanas medical uses; a history that goes back thousands of years ago. The drug has aided many people with the coping of terminal diseases. The use of marijuana as a medicinal herb has allowed many with no hope, to enjoy life more fully and lead rather decent life-styles. Marijuana has been erroneously classified as an addictive drug that causes unfixable psychological side effects. This may be true if ma ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: legalizing, legalizing marijuana, marijuana, medical use of marijuana, new mexico
  • Comparing The Federalists And Anti-federalists - 1,279 words
    ... e Federalist papers were signed with the name "Publius", so know one would know the identity of the writer's. In the Federalist papers Madison, Jay, and Hamilton lay it right out on the table. In the first document written by Hamilton, the first line is "After an unequivocal experience of the inefficiency of the subsisting federal government, you are called upon to deliberate on a new Constitution for the United States of America" ( In saying this Hamilton means that the people of the United States have to decide on the Constitution, based on what was Hamilton's influence in the Federalist papers. Throughout the papers Hamilton keeps trying to reite ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: anti-federalists, comparing, federalist papers, rhode island, thomas jefferson
  • Drama - 971 words
    The legacy of classical drama to our world can be difficult to distinguish from the very idea of drama itself. Borges builds a famous fable around the bafflement of Averros before Aristotle Poetics (' Averroes' Search', in Labyrinths, ed. Donald A. Yates and James E. Irby ( New York, 1964)); the conclusion that a 'tragedy' is a panegyric and a 'comedy' a satire or an anathema is the best that an educated and subtle mind is going to make of that text in medieval Islam, without the nurture of an ongoing theatrical tradition to let it know just what kind of thing a play is. The numbest modern television addict would on this score be a better reader of Aristotle than the great Arab philosopher w ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: drama, international language, church fathers, modern period, rhetorical
  • Insanity Defense - 735 words
    The insanity defense is primarily based on the concept of insanity, which shows the extent to which a person accused of a crime can avoid criminal responsibility due to mental disease. The terms for this type of defense can be found in special instructions given by the trial judge to the jury at the close of a certain case. These particular instructions can be potentially drawn from different rules and used in the determination of a degree of mental illness, which also influences whether the person will be sentenced to jail or not. Psychologists determine mental ability of a person in order to find is the person really sick or just claim to have mental disorders. However, the insanity defens ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: insanity, insanity defense, andrea yates, mental illness, disability

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