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  • Salem Witch Trials - 1,393 words
    Many of the American colonists brought with them from Europe a belief in witches and the devil. During the seventeenth century, people were executed for being witches and follower of Satan. Most of these executions were performed in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692. Mostly all of the accused were women, which makes some modern historians believe that the charges of witchcraft were a way of controlling the women who threatened the power of the men. During the witchcraft trials, hundreds of arrests were made, and some were even put to death on Gallows Hill (Karlsen 145). In 1698, the villagers of Salem won the right to establish their own Church. They chose the Reverend Samuel Parris as their mini ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: salem, salem massachusetts, salem village, salem witch, salem witch trials, witch, witch hunts
  • The Cruciblesalem Witch Trials Vs The Mccarthy Hearings - 349 words
    In the play, The Crucible, many parallels can be found in reference to the 1950 Communist trials led by Joe McCarthy. In this work by Arthur Miller, the events of the 1692 Salem witch trials parallel those of the McCarthy trials, in that, both events were not only based on insubstantial evidence but caused mass hysteria that destroyed the lives and reputations of those involved. In the Salem witch trials, insubstantial evidence was present in each of the events. People trying to save themselves from being prosecuted created the evidence from the witch trials. The parallel of the McCarthy trials was that people would falsely accuse other people of being a member of the Communist party. One of ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: salem witch, salem witch trials, witch, witch trials, the crucible
  • The Salem Witch Trails - 1,544 words
    The Salem witch trials began with the accusation of people in Salem of being witches. But the concept of witchcraft started far before these trials and false accusations occurred. In the early Christian centuries, the church was relatively tolerant of magical practices. Those who were proved to have engaged in witchcraft were required only to do penance. But in the late Middle Ages (13th century to 14th century) opposition to alleged witchcraft hardened as a result of the growing belief that all magic and miracles that did not come unambiguously from God came from the Devil and were therefore manifestations of evil. Those who practiced simple sorcery, such as village wise women, were increas ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: salem, salem trials, salem witch, salem witch trials, witch, witch trials
  • Salem Witch Trials - 1,668 words
    Historical Overview and Brief Analysis Amidst millenniums of debate, argument, and conflict concerning racial prejudges and those issues which surround their implementation, there has consistently existed a certain historical prejudice regarding various stereotypical ideas for those things which people can not understand or explain logically. While more contemporary examples of such circumstances include concepts such as McCarthyism, it is generally accepted that the most classic example of all such social tragedies based on fear and ignorance is that of the colonial era's Salem Witch Trials. While Mc Carthyism was illustrated as a widespread fear of communism that led the United States to p ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: salem, salem massachusetts, salem village, salem witch, salem witch trials, salem witchcraft, witch
  • The Place Of Witch Doctors In Zande Society - 966 words
    The Place of Witch-Doctors in Zande Society As much of Zande society, the character of witch doctors is overseen by political authorities, such as the nobles and princes. Although the profession of a witch-doctor is exclusively only a commoner profession, the nobles do have some interest with the activities of the witch-doctor. Nobles seem to have a broader range of concerns, since many of the political interests are added to their everyday responsibilities. A prince that owns a large number or wives, is more vulnerable than a commoner to have strikes by women witches, since he has extra contacts with women. Nonetheless, wisdom of medicines brings the Zande witch-doctor no political power or ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: witch, political power, social behavior, knowledge base, commoners
  • Mccarthyism Vs Salem Witch Trials - 1,318 words
    Over three hundred years ago in the town of Salem Massachusetts a problem was laid into our hands. A problem that will haunt our nation for years and years to come. When our nation was faced with a simillar problemit was almost taken the same as it was with the Salem Witch Trials. This problem was called McCarthyism. Many people feel that the Salem Witch Trials and McCarthyism was just about the same conspiracy, but more than two hundred and fifty years later. One day two girls and an Indian slave were caught dancing in a field, the two girls knew that they would get into trouble because the puritans didnt believe much in having fun. They knew that if they acted "bewitched" then it would sav ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: mccarthyism, salem, salem massachusetts, salem witch, salem witch trials, witch, witch trials
  • Witch Of Blackbird Pond - 618 words
    Elizabeth George Speare's The Witch of Blackbird Pond shows the maturation process of a young girl from Barbados. Kit's life in Barbados is shattered when her grandfather dies. As a result of his death, Kit is forced to leave the island and her carefree lifestyle. She travels to Connecticut to find her only living relatives. Once she reaches Connecticut her persona evolves from an island girl, to hard worker, and finally to wife. Kit is a young island girl who is running away from her problems. She is escaping from the only home she has ever known and leaving behind her soon to be lover, Nat in order to get away from a man she does not wish to marry. Kit tells Mercy that she does not want to ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: blackbird, pond, witch, brave new world, culture shock
  • Salem/european Witch Trials Compared To The Mccarthy Hearings - 1,668 words
    The evidence of witchcraft and related works has been around for many centuries. Gradually, though, a mixture a religious, economical, and political reasons instigated different periods of fear and uncertainty among society. Witchcraft was thought of as a connection to the devil that made the victim do evil and strange deeds. (Sutter par. 1) In the sixteenth, seventeenth, and twentieth century, the hysteria over certain causes resulted in prosecution in the Salem Witch Trials, European Witchcraft Craze, and the McCarthy hearings. These three events all used uncertain and unjustly accusations to attack the accused. The Salem witch trials in Massachusetts Colony lasted from 1692 to early 1693. ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: joseph mccarthy, salem witch, salem witch trials, salem witchcraft trials, witch, witch hunts, witch trials
  • The Witch Trials Of 1692 - 1,128 words
    During the winter of 1692, in the small village of Salem, Massachusetts, something terrible happened. Salem Massachusetts became the center of a horrible tragedy, which changed the life of many people. It was a time of fear, because of bad crops, Indian raids, and diseases. The people of Salem Village had to blame something, or someone. The people of Salem Village accused people, and called them witches. They were accused of all those terrible things and more. Salem Village was a small, farming community with a population of 550. It was smaller than Salem Town, and about eight miles away. Salem Town was a large port, and was a prosperous fishing community The two towns had the same minister, ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: salem witch, salem witch trials, witch, witch trials, historical society
  • The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe - 369 words
    The main characters in this story are Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy. During a war in London they were sent to a professor's house outside London. Lucy, while exploring with her brothers and sister, found a secret passage through the wardrobe to Naria,a secret world. In Naria there are other characters. One of them is the White Witch,also known as the Queen of Naria, who was like a tyrant. If anyone disobeyed her she turned them to stone. Another character Aslan, a lion, saved Naria from the rule of the White Witch. Most of this story takes place in Naria. The main conflict is how Naria can live under the rule of the White Witch. The Beavers set out to take Peter, Susan, and Lucy (not Edmund ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: lion the witch and the wardrobe, wardrobe, white witch, father christmas, assignment
  • Witchcraft - I Tituba, Black Witch Of Salem - 770 words
    Witchcraft-the power or practices of witches" Webster's New World Dictionary. Witchcraft is a term which sprouts many different meanings. As stated above, it is attributed to witches. But what is a witch? Probably an evil haggish-like women who has signed a pact with the devil if we think of it in the English sense. So witchcraft must be evil doings; putting curses on people to make their life miserable, using wicked spells to transform humans to frogs etc. But does this hold true to everyone's idea of what witchcraft is. People's believes on the subject of witchcraft might differ between different cultures. Such is the case in the tragic story "I, Tituba, Black Witch of Salem" by Maryse Con ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: black cat, salem, witch, witchcraft, main character
  • The Salem Witch Trials - A Research Paper - 1,861 words
    Why do you hurt these children? I do not hurt them. I scorn it. Have you made no contract with the devil? No! Mr. John Hathorn, a Judge involved in the witchcraft case of Sarah Good, then asked all of the afflicted children to look upon her and see if this was the person that had hurt them so. They all gazed at Goody Good and said that this was the person that tormented thempresently they were all tormented. Puritanical beliefs had all of Salem truly believing that witches rode on broomsticks across the sky every night alongside the devil himself. They believed that these mere humans could send their specter out and haunt the children of their town. Proof of their belief follows, in an excer ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: research paper, salem, salem village, salem witch, salem witch trials, salem witchcraft, salem witchcraft trials
  • Causes Of The Salem Witch Craft Trials - 1,121 words
    ter> Witchcraft, Insanity, and the Ten Signs of Decay Since there never was a spurned lover stirring things up in Salem Village, and there is no evidence from the time that Tituba practiced Caribbean black magic, yet these trials and executions actually still took place, how can you explain why they occurred? The Salem Witchcraft Trials began not as an act of revenge against an ex-lover, as they did in The Crucible, but as series of seemingly unlinked, complex events, which a paranoid and scared group of people incorrectly linked. And while there were countless other witchcraft trials, Salems trials remain the best-known. In Salem, fears of witchcraft perpetuated by popular writings were pe ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: cause and effect, craft, salem, salem village, salem witch, salem witchcraft, salem witchcraft trials
  • Causes Of The Salem Witch Craft Trials - 1,113 words
    ... Hanson was certain that the girls were not possessed, but clinically insane (x). And that, he explained, may have been the result of witchcraft which, contrary to popular belief, is psychogenic, rather than occult. That means that the girls may have experienced their hysterical symptoms as a result of their fear. Regardless, the girls were insane, Hanson contended, long before any clergyman got to them. Another possible explanation for the girls insanity was ergot poisoning, a common problem during the time period. Ergot is extremely toxic to humans and animals. For cattle, 0.5% by weight of ergot in the diet causes [significantly] reduced feed consumption and weight loss (Evans 5). Erg ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: craft, salem, salem village, salem witch, salem witch trials, salem witchcraft, salem witchcraft trials
  • Modern-day Witch Hunts - 1,292 words
    Is the accuser always holy now? Were they born this morning as clean as God's fingers? I'll tell you what's walking Salem-vengeance is walking Salem. We are what we always were in Salem, but now the little crazy children are jangling the keys of the kingdom, and common vengeance writes the law! (p73, The Crucible) Arthur Miller's classic play, The Crucible, is about the witch-hunts and trials in seventeenth century Salem, Massachusetts. What starts with several girls practicing European white magic in the woods escalates to a massive hysteria, with the "afflicted" girls falsely accusing even the respected women in the community of being witches. Eager to "utterly crush the servants of the de ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: salem witch, salem witch trials, witch, witch hunts, witch trials
  • Analysis Of An American Trial: The Salem Witch Trials - 1,333 words
    The Salem Witch Trials all began on January 20, 1692, with nine-year-old Elizabeth Betty Parris and eleven-year-old Abigail Williams, daughter and niece of the village reverend Samuel Parris, beginning to exhibit strange behavior, such as blasphemous screaming, convulsive seizures, trance-like states and mysterious spells. Within a short period of time, several other Salem girls began to illustrate similar behavior; physicians resolved that the girls were under the control of Satan. Reverend Parris conducted prayer services and public fasting in hopes of relieving the evil forces that tormented them. In an effort to expose the enchantress, one man baked a witch cake made with rye bran and th ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: american, salem, salem village, salem witch, salem witch trials, witch, witch trials
  • Witch Burning - 1,333 words
    Mike Gusties Superlative, Proactively Executed, Homogenous, and Good Essay as Pertaining to the Failing Youth of America and The Apology The youth of America are a morass of filth, apathy and corruption, and they are nearly blind to the impending doom their immorality brings upon them. Compared to the youth of the 1700s, the teenagers these days deserve the title disposable teens or throwaway kids. For evidence, I would like to draw your attention to several factors as examples of their amorality and vice. The primary being the nearly nonexistent discipline imposed upon modern youth, followed by a complete lack of patriotism- with the icing on the cake being a sharp decline in witch burnings ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: burning, witch, ten commandments, video games, accusations
  • The Causes Of Witch Hunting Hysteria - 1,489 words
    From the late fifteenth century until the seventeenth century, Europe experienced a hysterical religious movement, centered on the persecution of individuals as witches. The movement was born during a period of considerable economic, religious, and social upheaval. The Protestant Reformation challenged the old structures of the Catholic Church; as a result, many parts of Europe had broken away from papal authority. Yet, the Catholic Church was far from defeated, it still held the attention of avid followers especially those in Spain and Italy. Certainly the Inquisition was in part responsible for instigating the witch craze and also for creating social tensions, which contributed to its prop ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: hunting, hysteria, main causes, underlying causes, witch, witch trials
  • The Soul Of The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe - 1,319 words
    How many of us at one point have tried to convince somebody of something way out there? Whether it be the boogieman, that monster in your closet, Easter bunny, Santa Claus, or even God, it boils down to I swear I saw it! I swear! Thats how Lucy from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe felt as she stepped out of the wardrobe and tried to explain to her siblings what had just happened. We have all found ourselves in this predicament, special recognition to theists. Somebody who believes in God often finds themselves in this situation, trying to explain spirituality to somebody who has never experienced it is like explaining color to a blind person, its impossible. The modernists, heirs to th ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: lion the witch and the wardrobe, wardrobe, santa claus, real world, newly
  • The Soul Of The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe - 1,351 words
    ... speak to Edmund about the past, showing forgiveness and compassion. Soon after the witch calls a meeting with Aslan about the execution of Edmund for betrayal. This is where we are introduced to the great magic, the laws of Narnia, it is stated that the punishment for betrayal is death, and just as Edmund has done, he is to be punished. The witch and Aslan go into Aslans tent for a private discussion. They both come out, Aslan saying that she has renounced her claim on Edmunds blood. However Aslan has a look of trouble and sorrow upon his face. That night Lucy and Susan are awakened by Aslan walking by the tent. He catches the sleuthing around following him, and they ask if they can join ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: lion the witch and the wardrobe, wardrobe, holy spirit, spiritual life, mild

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