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  • Puritanism In The Scarlet Letter - 965 words
    The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne expresses the aspects of relationships, religion, community, discipline and punishment in the puritan community of 17th century Relationships between men and women were very constrained and that is what made adultery such a bad sin in the eyes of everyone in the community. Religion seemed to govern over all, people would look up to reverends and the community believed that fate was their destiny. Public discipline and punishment were used to discourage everyone else from committing the same crime or sin as the offending "criminal" did. The community was to follow the beliefs of god and to do their duties the best they could, yet were there to critici ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: puritanism, scarlet, scarlet letter, the scarlet letter, nathaniel hawthorne
  • Symbolism In The Scarlet Letter - 929 words
    By definition, a symbol is something concrete that represents or suggests another thing that cannot in itself be pictured. Nathaniel Hawthorne uses many people as symbols throughout The Scarlet Letter. The characters of Hester Prynne, Arthur Dimmesdale, Pearl, and Roger Chillingworth all represent sin. However, these four symbolize different aspects of sin. Through the character of Hester Prynne, Hawthorne shows how sin can make a person stronger. When Hester commits adultery, the Puritan punishment forces her to wear a scarlet letter so the whole community knows of her wrongdoing. Hester has enough courage to wear the letter in public, even though she has to live with harassing comments and ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: scarlet, scarlet letter, symbolism, the scarlet letter, arthur dimmesdale
  • Scarlet Letter - 1,313 words
    Throughout the novel, The Scarlet Letter, by Nathaniel Hawthorne, Hesters experiences in and out of the Puritan society and the weight of the scarlet letter change her in many ways, including her level of confidence, her appearance and her outlook on the Puritan people, and the way she feels about the letter A. Due to the sin committed by Hester she became the outcast of the Puritan community. She was forced to begin a new life on her own with no support from anyone. The sudden vicissitudes in her life cause a great transformation in Hester. In the beginning of the novel Hester shows a tremendous amount of confidence, which she is not afraid to show, but eventually she hides this boldness an ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: scarlet, scarlet letter, the scarlet letter, free will, young woman
  • The Scarlet Letter - 1,037 words
    When one ponders the thought of innocence, one thinks of a young child who has not been privy to the outside world. Innocence denotes one who were to argue fault, or to be even more specific, one who does not sin. Yet if one were to argue that everyone sins, than that must mean that the term innocent is just an illusion of reality. It is ones perception of these terms, which in it defines whether one is innocent, or one who sins. In The Scarlet Letter, the term sin is clearly defined, but it is defined by those who hold power in the community, and not the community itself. Yet one could argue that it is the community as a whole which ascribes to this theory, but their elders have ultimately ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: scarlet, scarlet letter, the scarlet letter, young child, society full
  • The Scarlet Letter Pearl - 832 words
    In The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne, many of the characters suffer from the tolls of sin, but none as horribly as Hester's daughter Pearl. She alone suffers from sin that is not her own, but rather that of her mother. From the day she is conceived, Pearl is portrayed as an offspring of evil. She is brought introduced to the pitiless domain of the Puritan religion from inside a jail, a place where no light can touch the depths of her mother's sin. The austere Puritan ways punish Hester through banishment from the community and the church, simultaneously punishing Pearl in the process. This isolation leads to an unspoken detachment and hatred between her and the other Puritan children ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: pearl, scarlet, scarlet letter, the scarlet letter, young woman
  • Scarlet Letter Logs - 1,487 words
    There are two main themes that Hawthorne he uses in the novel both are related. Through his diction Hawthorne seems to emphasize the severity of Puritan law as a theme, the other is the strictness of Puritan society. In the opening chapter he carefully describes the prison as an ugly edificeand gloomy even though the prison is old, it still has the power to enforce the severe Puritan laws whatever they may be. He describes the door of the prison as being . Heavily timbered with oak and studded with iron spikes. The second theme deals with the strictness of Puritan society. In the start of second chapter the women in the town are speaking with great malice about Hester Prynne they speak of h ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: logs, scarlet, scarlet letter, the scarlet letter, hester prynne
  • Scarlet Letter - 880 words
    Revenge is the act of retaliating in order to get even with someone for the wrongs they have done. In the novel The Scarlet Letter, the author, Nathaniel Hawthorne, uses Roger Chillingworth to reap revenge on Arthur Dimmesdale for his affair with his wife, Hester Prynne. Chillingworth becomes so devoted to revenge that is all his life revolves around. Chillingworth then devotes the rest of his life to taking revenge on Dimmesdale. As the novel progressed, Chillingworth fits the profile of vengeance destroys the avenger. When Roger Chillingworth is first introduced to the reader, we see a kind old man, who just has planted the seeds for revenge. Although he did speak of getting his revenge, w ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: scarlet, scarlet letter, the scarlet letter, arthur dimmesdale, everyday life
  • Scarlet Letter Hester - 1,252 words
    The character of Hester Prynne changed significantly throughout the novel The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Hester Prynne, through the eyes of the Puritans, is an extreme sinner; she has gone against the Puritan ways, committing adultery. For this irrevocably harsh sin, she must wear a symbol of shame for the rest of her life. However, the Romantic philosophies of Hawthorne put down the Puritanic beliefs. She is a beautiful, young woman who has sinned, but is forgiven. Hawthorne portrays Hester as "divine maternity" and she can do no wrong. Not only Hester, but the physical scarlet letter, a Puritanical sign of disownment, is shown through the author's tone and diction as a beautifu ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: hester, hester prynne, scarlet, scarlet letter, the scarlet letter
  • Scarlet Letter Paper - 943 words
    In the novel, The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne, what appears to be Hester Prynnes tragedy becomes the Reverend Arthur Dimmesdales suffering and depression, despite the letter "A" boldly present on her chest. Revered Dimmesdales affair with Hester Prynne continuously troubles his conscience; seeing that no other person feels as guilty, the minister is the most tragic character in the novel. At the time when this novel takes place, not only ministers, but ordinary people of the town took religion very serious. With great displeasure, Hester Prynne takes her punishment of being shunned from the people of her society, and by covering it up and secreting her sin, Pearls significant contr ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: scarlet, scarlet letter, the scarlet letter, arthur dimmesdale, reverend dimmesdale
  • The Scarlet Letter - 765 words
    The Beast in the Jungle is a vivid tale of two friends lives intertwined and lost through their own beliefs composed by Henry James. The story is through the perspective of the main character, John Marcher, who believes his life is destined towards an unknown disaster. Through curiosity that turned to love, May Batram, stays by her friend, John Marchers side through the duration of his wasted life as they both watched and waited for the imaginary disaster to occur. The disaster was the reason for not living his life and letting it slip through his fingers unknown. Life must be lived. May Batram was curious and inquisitive of Marchers thought, a curiosity that turned into loyal love for March ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: scarlet, scarlet letter, the scarlet letter, main character, the jungle
  • Scarlet Letter Symbolism - 1,911 words
    ... om the beginning of the novel that Hawthorne intends to present Hester Prynne as an individual. Her physical beauty sets her apart from the rest of the townsmen. She has rich dark glossy hair, voluptuous figure, beautiful eyes, and a rich complexion. But her most engaging distinction is her moral independence and originality. Hester is modest in all actions that she does. Hester herself wears only poor clothing while she embroiders marvelous works for the rest of Boston. She does the job willingly and rarely ever looks back to the horrid past behind. She is a woman of immense pride who endures the humiliation of the scaffold bravely. She is also a woman of deep conviction who sustains he ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: scarlet, scarlet letter, symbolism, the scarlet letter, seventeenth century
  • The Scarlet Letter - 393 words
    Some stories contain one main theme and/or symbol, whereas others may contain many themes and/or symbols. There were many themes and symbols found throughout The Scarlet Letter. The main symbol in the story was the letter "A" which identified Hester as an adulterer. This symbol directly correlates with one of the themes in the story. The theme was: Be true to yourself and deny not the chance to bear the burden and Hester Prynne was a Puritan woman who committed adultery. Because she admitted her guilt, she was made to stand upon a scaffold daily and be ridiculed by the townspeople. Also, she was made to wear a scarlet A which she had sewn for herself. Wearing the A, there was no escaping or ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: scarlet, scarlet letter, the scarlet letter, hester prynne, main theme
  • The Scarlet Letter Scaffold - 1,286 words
    Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter, centers its plot, setting, and characters around the unifying scaffold. With each encounter at the scaffold, the four main characters, Hester, Pearl, Rev. Dimmesdale, and Mr. Chillingworth, become more emotionally connected to one another. Each of the three meetings symbolizes a major turning point in the novel where a sin is confessed and/or developed. All four main characters interact together only at the scaffold. During the first scaffold scene, Hester climbs the scaffold to display her scarlet letter A to the public. The townspeople become aware of her sin of adultery, and view her differently after this event. In the second scene, Reverend Dimm ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: scaffold, scarlet, scarlet letter, the scarlet letter, nathaniel hawthorne
  • Summary And Analysis Of Introduction To The Scarlet Letter - 474 words
    Semi-fictional, this chapter explains how the romance of The Scarlet Letter came to presented as a story to the audience. Having always wanted to be a "literary man," the writer talks about his three-year stint as a Surveyor in the Salem Custom House. Mostly filled with older gentlemen, the workplace was a very political (Whig) environment and charged with Puritan history. After brief character sketches of the personalities in the Custom House, the writer then explains how he came upon a special package among the piles of papers. It contained a red cloth with "A" embroidered in gold thread and a manuscript by Jonathan Pue (the man who once held the writer's job). Finding the story extremely ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: scarlet, scarlet letter, summary, the scarlet letter, nathaniel hawthorne
  • The Scarlet Letter And The Bean Trees - 999 words
    The Scarlet Letter and The Bean Trees In The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne and The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver, both authors cast their protagonist as a single, unwed mother. Though the time and setting that they are put into are very different and greatly effects the way the character is portrayed, there are many similarities between the two main characters. In The Scarlet Letter, Hester Prynne, the main character, is scorned and ridiculed because of her secret and unjustified affair with Arthur Dimmesdale, the minister of the Puritan community. The result of Hesters sin is her daughter, Pearl. Not until the end of the novel does Hester reveal her childs father. When the magist ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: bean, bean trees, scarlet, scarlet letter, the bean trees, the scarlet letter, trees
  • Scarlet Letter - 1,723 words
    Hester Prynne is a very strongly portrayed character in The Scarlet Letter, by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Hester comes into conflict with the rigid beliefs of traditional Puritan Society in which she lives. She poses a threat to the society through her radical thinking, her loyalty to the ones that she loves, and lastly her unwillingness to conform inwardly to the Puritan lifestyle, although she does conform on the outside for the sake of her only daughter, Pearl. Hester poses a threat to Puritan society in the way that she thinks radically in comparison to the Puritans' traditional severely conservative style of thinking. She does not think "radically" in the sense of what one may first consider ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: scarlet, scarlet letter, the scarlet letter, reverend dimmesdale, free will
  • The Scarlet Letter - 1,772 words
    ... ibe. There was one thing that might aided him in renewing and re-creating the stalwart soldier of the Niagara frontier the man of the true and simple energy. It contributes greatly towards a mans moral and intellectual health to be brought into habits of companionship, with individuals unlike him. Pages 25-35 No longer seeking nor caring that his name should be blazoned aboard on title pages, I smiled to think that it had now another kind of vogue. The Custom House marker imprinted it with a stencil and black paint, on pepper bags, and baskets of anatto, cigar boxes, and bales of all kinds of dutiable merchandise, in testimony that these commodities had paid the impost, and gone regularl ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: scarlet, scarlet letter, the scarlet letter, human nature, changing attitudes
  • Religious Symbolism In The Scarlet Letter And Billy Budd - 752 words
    Herman Melville and Nathaniel Hawthorne were contemporaries of each other. They lived very different lives, one living as a sailor for four years and the other attending an Ivy League school, yet their writing reflects a similar style, as shown in Melvilles Billy Bud and Hawthornes The Scarlet Letter. Religious symbolism is found in abundance in each of the works. In Nathaniel Hawthornes The Scarlet Letter, life is centered around a rigid, Puritanistic structured society in which one is unable to express her innermost thoughts. When Hester Prynne was in prison for her crime, just outside the door was a rose bush that corresponded with Hesters situation. The bloom itself represented Hesters b ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: billy, billy budd, budd, religious symbolism, scarlet, scarlet letter, symbolism
  • Scarlet Letter And Moby Dick - 975 words
    Vengeance Can Only Occur Through Providence Man cannot get away with vengeance because vengeance is Gods job (Great Books, MD). Through this quote, one can conclude that man is not one to judge others and exact revenge. Moby-Dick by Herman Melville and The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne are two anecdotes that teach a lesson in regard to revenge. The Scarlet Letter, telling a tale about the commitment of adultery, reveals that revenge is unable to be done by man. Obsessed with finding his wifes partner of adultery, Roger Chillingworth also becomes obsessed with vengeance. He becomes obsessed enough that he, himself begins to deteriorate and eventually destroys himself. Moby-Dick is a t ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: dick, moby, moby dick, scarlet, scarlet letter, the scarlet letter
  • Scarlet Letter - 1,312 words
    According to the American Heritage Dictionary, symbolism is the practice of representing things by means of symbols or of attributing symbolic meanings or significance to objects, events, or relationships. Nathaniel Hawthorne, the author of The Scarlet Letter, uses much symbolism throughout the course of his complex novel. Through the use of symbolism Hawthorne gives the book a much deeper meaning. There are many symbols which can be found in The Scarlet Letter. Some may be hidden and others are very obvious. Throughout the novel the three main symbols which develop are the scarlet letter itself, A, Hester Pyrnnes daughter Pearl, and the sinister Roger Chillingworth. The letter A which Heste ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: scarlet, scarlet letter, the scarlet letter, arthur dimmesdale, hester prynne

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