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Free research essays on topics related to: romantic love

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  • Marriage And Romantic Love In "the Princess Of Cleves" - 560 words
    There is a popular song that goes something like love and marriage, love and marriage, goes together like a horse and carriage,...but not in this time period or in this play. In this play, marriages were arranged to protect family titles and wealth, to provide heirs and to forge unions between powerful families. To maintain the proper levels of class, both men and women usually always married amongst their peers, or at least, that is the way it was suppose to be. Mademoiselle de Chartres was no exception within her marriage choices. Or I should say her mothers choices for a husband to her. The Prince of Cleves was chosen for the Princess by Madame de Chartres on the basis of social standing ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: princess, romantic, romantic love, true love, the prince
  • The Idea Of Romantic Love - 1,135 words
    "I don't care what you think, when he comes I'll leave and won't even turn back and look at you, he'll love me, he won't be like you..." Words spoken by me when I was barely 10 years of age. I was addressing my mother after we'd had an argument and referring to the arrival of my prince charming who would understand all my dilemmas and make life 'heaven' for me. Such is the perception of romantic love that I formed ever since I began to realize the dynamics of the relationship between a man and woman. It is what is fed to us through nursery rhymes, and fairytales and it is a world that we do not wish to leave for fear of abandonment and loneliness. As we progress through life we are constantl ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: good idea, romantic, romantic love, true love, prince charming
  • None Provided - 1,398 words
    ... lled a master of the history of brain science since the 1800s. A little after his time, a Vietnamese physician named Fransod believed he could localize distinctions of character in areas in the brain, if fact in very small and accurate areas in the brain. He believed that if there was a certain trait that you were good at, you would get a lump of some sort that had enlarged that part of your brain. Many people believed that, and soon there were cartoons drawn of people with huge lumps in certain areas of the brain. As many followers as he may have had, he also had critics. One of those, a certain Pier Florence, didn't at all believe that any higher function could be localized on the cort ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: huntington's disease, romantic love, recent studies, gene, posterior
  • A Kiss That Embodies Love - 468 words
    "A Kiss That Embodies Love" Gustav Klimt's "The Kiss" has been close to my heart for the past seven years. To me this artwork represents an embodiment of true love because the image represents what I consider to be traditional romantic love. The male figure appears protective of the woman, yet he also seems nurturing. The female figure has the soft femininity of a traditional woman, yet she appears to be an equal contributor to the relationship as well as to the painting; neither the man nor the woman predominates. "The Kiss" conveys this to me through the color and shape detail, the embrace of the lovers, and it's romantic theme. The colors used in the image are not the traditional colors o ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: embodies, kiss, romantic love, true love, personal view
  • Awakening Eyes - 1,821 words
    ... first confrontation with Joe, she declares that Ah knows uh few things, and womenfolks thinks sometimes too! (Hurston 67). No longer will she tolerate being looked down upon by a man; she strives to be seen as an equal. Her vision of Joe bringing change to her life has been dashed as her image of Jody down and shattered (Hurston 68). Dominance will not conquer her now because she has been confronted by her desires. She comes to terms that she had an inside and an outside now and suddenly she knew how not to mix them (Hurston 68). She has found her own identity. After Joes death, independent for the first time in her life, she exults in the freedom feeling (Wall 387). Janie feels ready t ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: awakening, the awakening, their eyes were watching god, south florida, final phase
  • Inventing Love In The Faerie Queen - 622 words
    As we have discussed in class, there are several different types of love. And in identifying the perils of inventing love in The Faerie Queen, many of these kinds of love can be related. In addition to the romantic love that Spencer and the Redcrosse Knight invent, one also must consider the love for faith and God. Throughout the book, most of the problems that Spencer and the Redcrosse night with inventing love stem from the fact that they are doing it in a physical sense. The Knights service to a lady can be looked at as nothing more than submission to her desires. There is always a hidden anxiety inside in proving oneself to be a worthy knight, driven by male ego. His lady sad to see his ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: faerie, faerie queen, inventing, queen, romantic love
  • Araby Light Vision And Beauty - 1,470 words
    Light, vision and beauty by NWOSDM The setting in "Araby" reinforces the theme and the characters by using imagery of light, darkness and beauty. The experiences of the boy in James Joyce's "Araby" illustrate how people often expect more than ordinary reality can provide thus causing disillusionment as well as disappointment. The author uses dark and obscure references to make the boy's reality of living in the gloomy town of Araby more vivid. He uses dark and gloomy references to create the mood or atmosphere, and then changes to bright light references when discussing Mangan's sister (considered an example of beauty according to the young boy). The story expresses its theme through the set ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: araby, young child, james joyce, real life, visiting
  • None Provided - 1,231 words
    Behind the Scenes at the Museum by Kate Atkinson E. M. Forster says that the first thing all novels have in common is that they tell a story. In your experience, what else do novels do? Discuss examples from the novel you have studied. In addition to telling a story, novels also communicate a vivid sense of experiences and attitudes to the reader. They do this by allowing the reader an insight into another person's, or group of people's lives. Experiences and attitudes are clearly communicated to the reader through the style that the story is told in, the language used and the ideas that the novel introduces to the reader. This helps the reader to feel a part of the novel as they share exper ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: second wife, the narrator, e. m. forster, continuing, narrator
  • Anna Karenina - 1,544 words
    ... ts, whether occasioned by chalk marks on a leather table cover or by the subtlest nuance in someone's eyes, in contrast to the falsehoods of social language that obscure and separate people, create a few brief and sometime ecstatic moments of "penetration" between usually separate conciousnesses, a transcending of interpersonal space. And yet words are still the tools by which, literally, men live or die. Levin's search for structure, as mentioned above, may be considered a struggle to find a language of truth. Nowhere is this more evident than in Levin's observation of the sky that occurs first at the end of the mowing scene and then much later in Part VIII, an example both of Levin's d ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: anna, anna karenina, karenina, the bible, cause and effect
  • The Loss - 685 words
    Emily Dickinsons poem entitled I felt a Funeral, in my Brain is directed towards a death in the speakers life. This death could have been a romantic love that had left him or her behind. It seems that they go through a type of struggle that is sort of bound to them. The first line of the poem is I felt a Funeral, in my Brain. This is the title of the piece because Dickinson did not title her work, so when it was published, the first line of each piece was used as the title. This line describes a complete mess in the speakers mind. This so-called funeral is just tearing them apart. This funeral seems to be racing over and over in their mind. As the piece continues, there is talk about mourner ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: emily dickinson, romantic love, distant, drum
  • The Meaning Behind Marriage - 1,986 words
    Welcome to "Hell." Welcome to the "trap." Welcome to "the rest or your life." These words are commonly heard everyday by couples who are engaged to be married. Encouraging words are passed around also, but we all know that few marriages last forever. Marriages should be based on total trust and "togetherness," and without this, marriage cannot last. Marriage is about knowing the good as well as the bad, the thrills and joys versus the pain and sadness. A formal definition gives us the scientific meaning behind a word. Dictionaries are the chief providers of these definitions of what people would like to know. According to Webster's Third New International Dictionary 1986, marriage is defined ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: marriage divorce, people believe, physiological processes, sexual desire, wouldn
  • This Side Of Paradise - 1,097 words
    ... difficult to maintain a happy marriage than to marry one's Golden Girl; it is more difficult to offer creative leadership than to acquired a status of political importance; it is more difficult to become a poet than to have a Poetic Soul; it is more difficult to live with the healthy woman one has created from a beautiful neurotic, than to make the "cure" itself. There is, in short, a certain fascination with what might be called the comforts of failure (or inability to cope with success) common to books like Tender is the Night, The Great Gatsby, and This Side of Paradise; in each case, Fitzgerald gives us a protagonist for whom consummation itself becomes destructive - an individual wh ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: paradise, this side of paradise, last year, the great gatsby, remarks
  • The Representation Of The Love Triangle In Chaucer - 1,855 words
    The Representation of the Love Triangle in The Book of Duchess, The House of Fame and The Parliament of Fowls. The Book of the Duchess, The House of Fame and The Parliament of Fowls are the first three major works of the poet, Chaucer. Each of these poems is seemingly related to love. One view that reveals itself throughout the three poems is the human ability or inability to balance love on three levels, configured in a triangle as the love of God, man or woman, and country. Romantic or courtly love seems to be a downfall of the triangle for many of Chaucers characters, for example, the man in black in The Book of Duchess and the aristocratic birds in the Parliament of Fowls. Chaucer seems ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: chaucer, courtly love, love poem, love triangle, representation, romantic love, triangle
  • Arranged Marriages - 1,807 words
    An Arranged Marriage refers to a situation in which marriage partners are chosen primarily by someone other than the partners themselves. These other persons are usually parents, but they may also be other kin, a matchmaker, or an agency. Because the marriage partners may or may not be consulted, this situation implies a strong sense of family loyalty. (Patricia Uberoi, p.15) An arranged marriage is a type of mate selection in which the individual getting married has little or no choice in selecting a spouse because family membersusually parents are more influential in the process. In sociology, arranged marriages are viewed and studied as a particular form of mate selection. Arranged Marria ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: arranged, arranged marriages, power over, publishing company, transmission
  • Me - 585 words
    When is it not a baby? In my opinion, partial birth abortion is not ethical, it is wrong. Lets first look at the process of aborting a child while in the mother. Depending on the phase or the trimester the baby is in, will determine how the child is to be killed. If it is more than five months the Childs brain will be sucked out and the mom will have to have a C-section; if the mother is less than four months there are many ways to abort a child. One for example would be just sucking the baby out of the vagina or murder the child inside and allowing the mother to have a menstrual period cycle to pass the child out so the doctor can dispose of the remains. Now, look at partial birth abortion ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: romantic love, partial-birth abortion, different stages, c-section
  • Sonnet 116 - 902 words
    What is love? Love has many definitions, which varies from one person to another. One may never know what true love is until it has been experienced. Love is the most amazing, affectionate feeling that can be experienced. According to the Encarta Encyclopedia, love is an emotion that is explored in philosophy, religion, and literature, often as either romantic love, the fraternal love of others, or the love of God. The actual definition of romantic love has been knowingly altered in the minds of men as time progressed. The original definition of love is, a fiction; a falsehood, a love affair. A comparison of arranged marriages and marriages that are result of romance if one love another, usu ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: sonnet, love affair, sunday morning, human race, biblical
  • Emily Dickinson Love Themes - 637 words
    Love Theme's in Emily Dickinson's Poetry In evaluating Emily Dickinson's biography and poems, I surmised that excluding the love of father, brother, and her deceased nephew, Emily's knowledge of romantic love, by first-hand experience, is questionable. The pure-of-mind reader may believe that what familiarity she had about love matters might have been based mainly on her extensive reading of literature. Emily was an avid reader and was particularly fond of, among others, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Charles Dickens. She especially doted on the Bronte sisters, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, George Eliot (182-183). According to "The Norton Anthology's" biographical sketch on Emily, she had never marri ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: dickinson, emily, emily dickinson, love poem, romantic love
  • Marriage And Divorce - 659 words
    Marriage is a bond of love between a man and a woman. Traditional marriage today is not the same as 100 years ago due to the fact that life spans have changed and women are not economically dependent on their husbands. However, traditional marriage in today's society is incapable of binding a couple in a lifetime of love and equality. This will be proved by the change in the economic value, divorce, and love. The economic value between men and women has changed drastically. Over the years females are proving they are smarter and more capable than males of doing anything they want and better. "50 years ago the majority of women were dependent on their husbands to work and support them." Women ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: divorce, traditional marriage, main point, romantic love, rarely
  • Jane Eyreby Charlotte Bronte - 1,947 words
    Critics such as Adrienne Rich argue that Jane Eyre has to choose between the "temptation" of following the rule of passion by marrying Rochester, which would have made her dependent on him and not his equal, or of living a life of complete renunciation of all passions, by marrying St John Rivers. Fire and water imagery symbolises the two forces competing for dominance in Jane Eyre, both on a personal and metaphorical level. Throughout the novel, such imagery is used by Bront, in keeping with her use of much poetic symbolism, to develop character, strengthen thematic detail and establish mood. The general use of imagery requires mention. In most novels, imagery is commonly used to symbolise a ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: bronte, charlotte, charlotte bronte, jane, jane eyre
  • Com And Cont Between Julia And To My English Husband John Rolfe - 1,381 words
    The feeling and power of love affect every human being on the face on this planet, but it is how each individual handles the various dimensions of this complex emotion that creates a unique situation. The theme of love can be found in the chapter in the New Worlds of Literature text titled "Crossings." This chapter provides an insight on what happens when two different worlds become intertwined in romance and relationships, specifically the poems "Julia" and "Pocahontas to her English Husband, John Rolfe". Both Paula Gunn Allen, the author of "Pocahontas To Her English Husband, John Rolfe" and Wendy Rose, the author of "Julia", reinforce the idea of how love can be misinterpreted and perhaps ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: cont, john rolfe, julia, rolfe, romantic love

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