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Free research essays on topics related to: homeland security

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  • Homeland Security - 1,339 words
    The potential effects of continued mirror-imaging on future US strategy and policy in Homeland Security Homeland Security is the national program intended to ensure appropriate defense of the country. In fact, this term started to be in use after Sep.11, when President Bush decided to make stronger emphasis on USA security creating separate Department called Homeland Security Department or DHS. It encompasses not only simple defense procedures, but also every mean to prevent any harassment attacks from the outside as well as inside. The evaluation of Homeland Security shows that much has been really accomplished over the years. However, in order to achieve the desired effects there is still ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: homeland, homeland security, security administration, security policy, federal emergency management agency
  • Homeland Security - 1,409 words
    ... s or be allocated irrationally. However, I have to notice that I do not mean by any chance to say that the creation of any additional agency is necessarily evil. Yet, Homeland Security will require from now on more attention on behalf of Bush and his Administration to the proper functioning of any additional institutions. Otherwise, the efficiency of such security policy will be extremely low. As for implementation of new technological advances in detecting any kind of criminal procedures, this is the right direction to follow. They will help a lot Intelligence Department in gathering the adequate information to prepare any sort of unexpected events. They also require substantial financi ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: homeland, homeland security, national security, security issues, security policy
  • Terrorism And Other Homeland Security Threats - 1,596 words
    Its a little after 9 A.M., at Ronald Reagan National Airport, and a middle aged man of indeterminate nationality has his hand in my pants. Hes not very far down into them, barely over the belt line, but a little of this sort of thing goes a long way (Goldberg 29). This sort of thing, airline security, has reached a new level resulting from the 9/11 tragedy. The quiet solitude stemming from an early morning layover in LaGuardia International Airport is all but interrupted by the feeling of Big Brother watching, glaring at ones every flinch. One does not make any sudden motions to his bag or allow anyone to see him pull his letter opener out to open yesterdays mail because these actions might ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: airport security, homeland, homeland security, security threats, terrorism
  • The Effects Terrorism Has Had On Homeland Security - 548 words
    Due to the aftermath of the September 11th attacks on the U.S., efforts to fortify homeland economic security is being discussed. The terrorist attacks have affected cities everywhere, including their budgets, economies, and security. U.S. mayors from all over the U.S. are coming together now calling for financial aid for the increasing budget for public safety. The nation's Mayors and Governors are faced with unprecedented, permanent responsibilities and challenges in providing more homeland security for all Americans. The magnitude and urgent nature of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, anthrax crisis, and national alerts have caused mayors nationwide to initiate their own efforts ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: homeland, homeland security, terrorism, united states, emergency preparedness
  • When Is Government Use Of Spyware Justified And What Are The Social And Ethical Issues? - 1,172 words
    Presentation of the Issue Governments employ spyware to track potential criminals and suspected terrorists, specifically Osama bin Laden and AlQaida after the event of September 11, 2001 at New York and the Pentagon. It can happen however that these suspected criminals turn out to be innocent civilians. If this turns out to be the case, the government will have been invading certain individuals privacy for a little or no reason. Government officials monitor civilians at work and at home without them knowing . It was recently estimated in Great Britain that the average inhabitant of London would be filmed on Close Circuit Television cameras (CCTV) as often as 300 times a day . Telephone calls ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: british government, ethical, government officials, justified, human rights
  • State Of The Union Address - The Promise - 5,040 words
    In order to steward and ensure a more perfect union for the people of the United States, and in its representation to its neighbors, I hereby pledge the following commitments while in Office as the President of this great country and as the management of the Executive Branch of its Government. The Health, Safety, and Welfare of the People of the United States The health, safety and welfare of the people represents the state in the soundness of this nation. It is in the combination of these factors where uniquely distinguishable, but are inseparable, that provides purpose of the Government and nothing further, nor less. It is in the standards of measure for this soundness, that the state of i ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: church and state, more perfect union, promise, separation of church and state, state of the union address, union address
  • Congressman Jeff Fortenberry - 1,271 words
    Fortenberry. Just sounds like an American name, doesnt it? Jeff Fortenberry- the kind of name that conjures up your old hometown best friend, the one who was always successful, fulfilling his dreams, and is living a happy life. Hes living the dream. But who is Jeff Fortenberry? He is none other than the United States congressman representing Nebraskas first congressional district. Recently elected in November of 2004, Fortenberry is a newcomer or freshman member of Congress. He is a strong Republican with big ideas and plans for the state he so obviously cares for. Jeff Fortenberry- though not by name alone- is an exemplary American and a strong leader. Nebraska, as a state, tends not to var ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: congressman, jeff, total population, public policy, median
  • Violence The Need For Better Security In Schools - 1,594 words
    Security in schools is it enough? Perhaps the security in some schools can be better. Look at all the violence that we have had in the schools of the United States. Not to mention the shooting, stabbings, and arguments the students have with their peers and teachers now a days. It seems to me that the student teacher relationship has died out. The student should have a very trustful relationship with the teacher so that he/she can come to the teacher and talk or explain anything to the teacher about school or home. Now the National School Safety and Security Services has a philosophy and it states OUR PHILOSOPHY: Youth violence is community issue. Schools however do not create violence, nor ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: homeland security, middle school, national school, parochial school, school environment, school safety, school system
  • Analysis Of President Bush's State Of The Union Address - 590 words
    As we gather tonight, our nation is at war, our economy is in recession, and our world faces unprecedented dangersyet the state of our union has never been stronger. In the State of the Union Speech that President Bush addressed Tuesday evening was a strong, confident, powerful speech. From the beginning he made it clear and direct that the nation is still under attack. That it may have won the first battle but the war, and the threatis far from over. And he emphasized that homeland security must be strengthened because thousands of terrorists remain at large. What moved me from his speech was the fact that he acted like a President. He put all the politic competition and rivalries between p ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: president bush, state of the union address, union address, military training, first battle
  • Analysis Of The 2004 Democratic Primaries - 1,249 words
    The primaries are a set of elections in our country that determine the two candidates for the presidential election. Each state holds its own elections for the registered voters, and the candidates from each party are selected. Some states have different primary elections whether they are open or closed. These two terms apply to what kind of voter participation is allowed. Closed primaries allow registered party voters to participate in that partys election whereas the open ones allow any registered voter to participate in one of the elections. This election year the democratic candidates are battling for the primaries with the hope of running against incumbent George W. Bush for the preside ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: democratic, civil rights, george bush, minimum wage, opposing
  • Anthrax (bacillus Anthracis) - 1,251 words
    ... of-the-art equipment that could have been used for agent production. No evidence, to date, has been established for munitions development and/or agent weapons. The experience of the U.N. team emphasizes the difficulty of locating a Smoking Gun relative to BW programs. This type of program is much easier to hide from inspection than either chemical or nuclear programs. USAMARIID (2001) U.S. Offensive Program The United States initiated a review of the potential of BW in 1941-1942, implemented a program in 1943 and had established its feasibility by 1969. In 1969, President Nixon disestablished offensive studies including the destruction of all stock piles of agents and munitions. As impor ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: anthrax, department of justice, united states government, warfare agents, fearful
  • Terrorism - 557 words
    The terrorism is developing its weapons permanently. The development of the science and the technology provides opportunities for the terrorists groups to update the new forms and the weapons of the terror. After the collapse of the USSR and the formation of a number of independent states a certain danger of spreading the nuclear materials appeared. The Russia Chechnya conflict and the close relations of Chechnya rebels with the international terrorists made it possible to spread the nuclear materials beyond Russia. If we study the terrorism we see some principles any terrorist activity is based on. First of all it is the financial support. Terrorism needs the permanent modernization of the ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: counter terrorism, terrorism, federal government, national strategy, russia
  • Short Term Of Us Economic Outlook - 1,027 words
    It is very difficult to predict what American economy will be even in the nearest future. Almost no one is certain about future state of U.S. economy now. U.S. investors are worried about everything from possible war with Iraq to global growth prospective. Many economists are concerned that a war in the Middle East would severely disrupt America's economy. This is because America's modest and uneven growth leaves the economy vulnerable to shock. America is in stage of recovery now. This recovery isn't as strong as many executives, job seekers, and investors have hoped for. The recovery is not rapid mainly because the mini-recession last year was the mildest in nearly 60 years. America is not ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: economic outlook, economic performance, outlook, short term, unemployment rate
  • Terrorism - 1,630 words
    Why should terrorism command our exceptional attention? That the 9/11 terrorists maliciously attacked the symbolic and actual seats of our economic and military power (WTC/Wall Street and the Pentagon) should concern us if we truly think that future attacks might destroy our society. But who believes that? Government responses seem directed mostly at stopping future similar attacks ... which returns us full circle to the question: why should that have become our primary national goal, at the sacrifice of tens of billions of dollars, of some of our civil liberties, of our travelling convenience, and of many of our pre-9/ 11 priorities? Instead of rationally apportioning funds to the worst or ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: terrorism, natural disasters, modern america, first century, twentieth
  • Deficits In The United States - 1,356 words
    Perhaps no aspect of American trade is discussed more and, at the same time, understood less than the trade deficit. The U.S. trade deficit appears in the result of a net inflow of capital to the United States from abroad. Because of the stable and free domestic market, the USA remain the most attractive for foreign investments. Basically, the U.S. became a net importer of capital. It happens in the result of the fact that Americans do not save enough money to finance all the investment opportunities in American economy. The inflow of capital from abroad allows to pay for imports over what is exported. The trade deficit represents a mirror reflection of the macroeconomic situation that inves ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: budget deficit, member states, trade deficit, united states, american people

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