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  • General Macarthur Free World
    590 words
    Throughout Truman's narration of his actions and decisions in regarding the Korean conflict, he strongly emphasizes that his first priority is to prevent a third world war. He addresses that the public has questioned his actions as to why he doesnt bomb the aggressors (line 5), but he assures that that would only instigate a major war, not help prevent one. Another major complication that would go hand in hand with bombing the aggressors would be that it would entangle America in Asian politics,...
    Free research essays on topics related to: communists, macarthur, general macarthur, truman, free world
  • Cold War Space Race
    1,370 words
    War is an event that represents the situation of a state and how it is revolutionized. It introduces new factors that sometimes force nations others to join in the enhancing of ideas. In particular, the new face of the ideological or new age concept was brought up. The United States of America and the former Union of Soviet Socialists Republic engaged in an ideological conflict known as the Cold War from 1945 to 1989. It was a time of differences between democracy and communism. The other main c...
    Free research essays on topics related to: world war ii, space race, ballistic missiles, soviet union, cold war
  • George W Bush Saddam Hussein
    1,682 words
    This essay is in defense of the current Iraqi War. President Bush's vocal critics state that over 1, 400 American troops have been sacrificed in the Iraq War. First of all, the word sacrifice means that a person voluntarily does or gives up something at his or her own free will (like a bunt to advance a runner in baseball or Catholics sacrificing and giving up chocolate for Lent). I dont believe that any of those soldiers that have been killed in the war deliberately intended to die or were sacr...
    Free research essays on topics related to: president bush, adolph hitler, saddam hussein, saudi arabia, george w bush
  • Soviet Union Spy Planes
    1,115 words
    A war that has created controversy amongst two of the greatest world leaders, United States of America and The Soviet Union, is known as The Cold War. A dispute between once allied countries arose in the Post- WWII era. The United States and the Allied Powers faced many challenges at the end of WWII. Americas policy was one that contained the spread of communism in Eastern Europe. Russia, under Lenin's rule called for a world revolution and brought the United States into it. It was not until aft...
    Free research essays on topics related to: war effort, cold war, soviet union, spy planes, britain france
  • Freedom Of Speech Code Of Ethics
    1,312 words
    The United States of America is a special nation, with a manifest destiny to become the protectors of the free world. And so the ironic battle begins here as we began to realize that the free world is in a paradox of itself. As protectors, this ideological thinking has grown into a foreign policy, and freedom is no longer just a gift but instead every humans right and a moral of society. Since 1776, when America had declared freedom its almost as if freedom became a never-ending battle to fight ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: freedom of speech, american society, american public, code of ethics, individual freedom
  • Soap Operas King James
    1,649 words
    For me Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury is a prophet for the future. Unfortunately it is a real one. The book describes a lurid picture of our world a world where books are burned. Heinrich Heine once said that Where they have burned books, they will end in burning human beings. It is also necessary to consider that the book was written after Hitlers deeds became familiar to the world (Nuremberg trails). In our book we have a similar example a woman burned with her books. Bradbury compares the Naz...
    Free research essays on topics related to: soap operas, young people, free world, king james, rising action
  • Freedom Of Choice Cigarette Advertising
    1,517 words
    Cigarette advertising restrictions do not have and intended effect, and despite that in many societies there is an increase in cigarette consumption. Only who is affected with those restrictions are the cigarette companies which are in danger of becoming a form of commercial censorship. However, I do not want to claim against consumer protection laws against false or misleading advertising claims. The end result of cigarette advertising restrictions and any other legal products leads to a limite...
    Free research essays on topics related to: cigarette advertising, freedom of choice, start smoking, quit smoking, eastern bloc
  • Cigarette Advertising Eastern Europe
    1,488 words
    ... is clearly shown by the evidence quoted in the first section of this paper, that advertising has no significant effect on total consumption. It is obvious therefore, that people are determined to exercise their right to choose to smoke, despite advertising bans and their supposed implication of government disapproval. Indeed the very fact that "authority" disapproves of something is for some people a reason to try it. Faced with this situation opponents of smoking fall back at times on the a...
    Free research essays on topics related to: american business, product innovation, cigarette advertising, eastern europe, market share
  • Spy Planes Soviet Union
    1,076 words
    The United States and the Allied Powers faced many challenges at the end of WWII. America's policy was one that contained the spread of communism in Eastern Europe. Russia, under Lenin's rule called for a world revolution and brought the United States into it. It was not until after WWII, that the cold war really began, when the political power of the world shifted from the center of Europe to Moscow and Washington. The Cold War began after the collapse of Germany in May 1945 (web). The creation...
    Free research essays on topics related to: peace process, britain france, spy planes, soviet union, cold war
  • National Security Council World War Ii
    3,258 words
    Less than a year after the end of World War II, the great wartime leader of Britain, Winston Churchill gave a speech at Westminster College, in Fulton, Missouri. After receiving an honorary degree and being introduced by President Harry Truman, he delivered a historic speech. Churchill said, ? It is my duty to place before you certain facts about the present position in Europe. From Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic an Iron Curtain has descended across the Continent. Behind that l...
    Free research essays on topics related to: world war ii, national security council, soviet union, secretary of defense, rest of the world
  • Cold War Tensions National Security Council
    2,444 words
    I do Eisenhower Eisenhower I do not want to be president of the United States, and I want no political office or political connection of any kind, said General Dwight David Eisenhower to a stream of prominent visitors to Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers, Europe, near Paris during the last half of 1951. Despite Eisenhower's often-repeated declaration against holding political office, American business leaders and politicians continued to urge him to run for the White House. They told him that t...
    Free research essays on topics related to: blacks and whites, state of the union, defense spending, national security council, cold war tensions
  • 21 St Century Fear Of Losing
    1,111 words
    The Puppet Masters by Robert A. Heinlein A Comparison to the Future Seen through the eyes of 1950 Author By Rebecca Irwin The Puppet Master is a futurist fiction novel written by Robert Heinlein in the 1950 s. There are many similarities to Heinlein's 21 st century future to that of the real future. There are also many instances when he missed the mark of foretelling the future with his fiction. Robert is confined to foretelling the future in The Puppet Masters to those situations and experience...
    Free research essays on topics related to: technological advances, 21 st century, cold war, soviet union, fear of losing

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