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  • Recreation Of The Eiffel Tower In California - 1,179 words
    Some may ask, Why should the Eiffel Tower be recreated in California? A good answer for this is why not? The Eiffel Tower is the one monument that can easily be identified internationally without the usage of words, only a picture of itself. Its beauty attracts around six million visitors each year; however, many Americans are unable to visit due to the fact that it is so far away. If it were recreated in California many more Americans would be able to visit and have the experience of visiting and learning about the towers, its creator, Gustave Eiffel, and Frances history, but would also aid in helping scientists to continue to learn more about aerodynamics, meteorology, and radiotelegraphy ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: eiffel, eiffel tower, recreation, tower, york city
  • Recreation Of The Eiffel Tower In California - 1,088 words
    ... iles supporting the bridge had to be sunk in eighty feet of rushing water. Working sixteen hours a day trying to sink the piles with excavation, Eiffel realized that a new method had to be designed. He carefully plotted each detail and devised a way to sink the piles without excavation which saved weeks of precious labor. The bridge was completed ahead of time due to Eiffels pure genius. Gustave Eiffel had plans other than to just design the tower for the entry to the Paris Exposition of 1889. Angered at Bismarcks cruelty to Paris in the spring of 1871 by cutting its people off from the world, Eiffel vowed that this type of incident would never reoccur. Eiffel claimed that if France shou ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: eiffel, eiffel tower, recreation, tower, statue of liberty
  • Skyscrapers - 1,403 words
    The architectural design of the 20th century skyscrapers has been redefined due to the advancement of our modern technology. Humanity 450 Dr. Maureen Schmid 17 May 1999 The architectural design of the 20th century skyscrapers has been redefined due to the advancement of our modern technology. In our modern society, the architectural design of skyscrapers is changing the downtown landscape of metropolitan areas. Due to the change of technologies, it has changed the architectural design of skyscraper dramatically in terms of the its function, design structures, heating and cooling systems and it social status in society. The basic function of the architecture is to provide a roof over peoples ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: new york, eiffel tower, general public, concrete, insurance
  • Disneys Influence On American Culture - 1,562 words
    Disneys Influence on American Culture How does one begin to describe a king? As generations change, society calls for new leaders and kings, that will continue to push the boundaries. Steven Watts describes it as: Hollywoods leading fantasy factory (187) Disney is much more prominent in society, its impact now lives in every household, as well as a place in everyones soul. Behind it all is a thriving business that will out live most humans now and in the future. Steven Watts breaks it down quite simply: Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck embodied a collective desire to escape the pressures of modern life and return to childhood. (127) The escape from reality, which Disney has provided over the yea ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: american, american culture, disney world, walt disney, university press
  • Paris The Virulent Trip - 1,636 words
    It was a cold clammy morning, and as I awoke I could not help but wonder what the day had in store for me. It was not just any ole day, but it was my first New Years Eve in Germany. I had just got back from a six-month peace keeping mission in Bosnia, as did the rest of my unit and had a lot of money to travel with. I had plans to go to Amsterdam earlier in the week, but decided not to since the unit next to mine was just raided for drugs. Although, I have never done drugs I knew this would put a spotlight on me, and so I decided it would not be a good idea. Suddenly I heard a loud knock at my door. I jumped out of bed as if I were on fire, and ran to the door. Who could it be I wondered, is ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: paris, notre dame, eiffel tower, french language, patch
  • Europe - 4,478 words
    I spent my second night in a youth hostel in Paris last night. I arrived in Paris around 6:00am local time two days ago. The flight from LAX to Orly airport was ten about hours long. It wasn't so bad, though. There was nobody sitting next to me and a nice, elderly French lady two seats away. The charter flight that I flew on was run by a French airline, and it seemed that the majority of the passengers were French-speaking. When we were taking off from LA, all of the announcements were in both French and English, but the frequency of the English announcements seemed to decline as we got farther and farther away from the United States. Customs was amazingly simple. I breezed right though, and ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: ice cream, north america, notre dame, proportional, saskatchewan
  • Constructing A Revolution - 1,922 words
    A BRIEF EXAMINATION OF THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE RUSSIAN AVANT-GARDE AND THE OCTOBER REVOLUTION The Russian Avant Garde began in Russia in about 1915 It was the year that Malevich revealed his Suprematist compositions that reduced painting to total abstraction. and rid the pictures of any reference whatsoever to the visual world. He is credited with being the first artist to do this; that is, forsake the visual world for a world of pure feeling and sensation. This was the first movement originated by Russians and the birth of several other Avant Garde movements. Probably the most popular piece at his 1915 exhibition was "BLACK SQUARE" (real name "suprematist composition". It's basically a ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: bolshevik revolution, constructing, revolution, communication system, eiffel tower
  • Poems For The Eye - 1,801 words
    Poems for the Eye Are Not Merely for the Sake of Eye What is poetry? Pressed for an answer, Robert Frost made a classic reply: "Poetry is the kind of thing poets write." In all likelihood, Frost was not trying merely to evade the question but to chide his questioner into thinking for himself. A trouble with definitions is that they may stop thought. The nature of poetry eludes simple definitions. Definitions will be of little help at first, if we are to know poetry and respond to it. We have to go to it willing to see and hear. To a particular poem, thousands of readers will have thousands of understandings. A poem can please us in many aspects. We usually concentrate our attention on its so ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: poems, important role, free verse, william blake, sing
  • Conquering Of Fear - 1,138 words
    For as long as I could remember I have had a chronic fear of crashes at high speeds and that my best friend Joseph has never feared anything. He would jump off the Eiffel Tower if he got the chance. On the day that I would finally conquer my fear I was in the back seat of Josephs uncles Ford Expedition with the whole seat to myself. If I were to turn my head around I would see the large speeder boat the car was pulling behind it. We were on our way to the Delta Marina. Our plan was to go tubing in the water. The only way we would end our turn on the tube was by flipping over and crashing into the water. The road began to get rocky and the smell of wet wood was in the air. We finally reached ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: conquering, empire state building, saving private, carried away, cars
  • A World Unknown (my Trip To Europe) - 529 words
    Ever since I was a little girl I dreamed about traveling overseas. Strange lands, exciting places, and new cultures have always fascinated me. I've always wondered what it would be like to speak another language, to grow up learning different customs, or to live in a completely different way than I do now. This past summer my dream finally came true. I got to travel to England, France, Switzerland, and Germany with Mme. Kelly and five other girls, and suddenly the world was at my fingertips. England's green hills and city life is unforgettable. Kensington, Westminster Abby, and Piccadelli Circus are just a few parts of London full of historic cathedrals, quaint little cafes, and amazing shop ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: royal family, eiffel tower, french language, amazing, broadway
  • Disney's Attempt At Foreign Corporate Expansion - 1,550 words
    ... ney Company had to abide by the laws of France. An issue which the French were against was the installation of sprinklers in the hotels (McIntyre, 1990b). Such an installation is not mandated by French law. The French believe the sprinklers are not necessary since "...their hotels are built with superior construction, building materials and compartmentalization, and are equipped with smoke alarms that would quickly summon firefighters" (McIntyre, 1990b, p. 143). 2 Thus, since Euro Disneyland was a French Company, the French did not believe they needed to install sprinklers. The Walt Disney Company believed in such sprinkler installation and embarked on an education program to explain why ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: corporate, expansion, disney company, first year, meetings
  • Tomb Raider The Ride At Paramount's Kings Island In 2002 - 859 words
    New attraction will change the face of thrill ride history and become one of the worlds greatest adventure rides, inspired by Paramount Pictures blockbuster film event, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider starring Academy Award winner Angelina Jolie Kings Island, Ohio Youve played the games. Youve seen the movie. Soon, you can take the ride. Paramount Parks, a unit of the Viacom Entertainment Group, announced today plans to transform this summers epic adventure, Paramount Pictures Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, into a unique, multi-sensory adventure ride. Tomb Raider: The Ride will open in 2002 at Paramounts Kings Island in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Paramount Pictures feature film is based on the wildly popular ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: raider, ride, tomb, tomb raider, total sales
  • Radio: The Past And The Present - 878 words
    In the early days, about a century ago, there was few ways of mass communication. The only real source of mass communication was print. Every town or city had a local newspaper where all the information was released to everyone. But then there was a new invention, radio. Radio was an extremely influential part of everyday life, and still is in the 21st century. Most people credit the invention of radio to a man named Guglielmo Marconi. Although there were many people that contributed to the invention, he was the first man to actually find out how to broadcast sound waves and succeed. In 1902, Marconi held a lecture for the Society of Arts, which is where he discussed his technique that he ca ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: everyday life, michael faraday, mass communication, publish, lecture
  • Historical Significance Of Grand Central Station - 1,469 words
    When the words railroad station, are mentioned, the first thing that appears in most peoples minds is Grand Central Terminal in New York City. It has become known as the crossroads of the world. In the 1830s it was becoming apparent that there was the need for an alternative to water travel because of the geographical expansion of the country. This lead to railroads, which could be extended easily, unlike canals that had to be dredged. From 1850 to the end of the nineteenth century, American railroads grew from 9,000 miles to 193,000 miles of track. In 1853, all of the smaller New York railroads merged into the New York Central Railroad. Cornelius Vanderbilt acquired a large amount of stock ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: central station, grand, grand central, historical significance, station

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