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  • Marijuana - 5,374 words
    ... deteriorate again. The marijuana really was beneficial. When he smoked, he could walk unaided, and see clearly. To prove the skeptics, he stopped smoking again for six months. He became blind, and lost control of his arms, legs, hands, and feet. He was now addicted to Valium and became depressed. He started smoking again. Within three weeks, he started to improve. After six months, he could read, write, walk, and could teach his children how to play soccer. He could kick the ball. He was reborn. On a scale of 100, his doctor rates his present health at ninety-five. The medical benefits of marijuana have also been witnessed in-patients suffering from paraplegia and quadriplegia. Parapleg ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: legalize marijuana, marijuana, drug trafficking, drug problem, today's
  • School Uniforms - 1,102 words
    Violence has been around since this world began, whether being in biblical times or in the modern times. Although violence has been around a number of years, there is on place where parents trust they can send they children with worries, school. Everyday a mother wakes up, kisses her children goodbye, and sends them to school. Unfortunately, in these times that we live in parents may have a legitimate cause to worry about their childs well being. Parents often wonder if their children are getting the right education at the right school, but if uniforms are introduced to schools many parents will find their money will be helping to keep their children safe and well-educated. Whether being to ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: chicago school, elementary school, mandatory school uniforms, middle school, national school, school district, school students
  • Childhood Memories - 1,035 words
    Finally, 5:00 out of work! I start towards my car and I think about finally getting home. I cant wait to get in the cool air conditioning and away from all my annoying co-workers. I open my car door, jump in, turn on my music full blast, and start driving away. I decided take a different way then usual because it was rush hour. My favorite song comes on the radio and I begin to sing. All of a sudden I stop, a car keeps whizzing in and out of all the cars in front of me. Out loud to myself, I say, What an idiot. Then the car streams across two lanes of oncoming traffic, hits the curb, and flips. Wow!!! I didnt even think to stop. Shaking, I just kept driving. Then my childhood memories just f ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: air conditioning, calm, perceive, conditioning
  • Meow - 2,149 words
    "Ouch, je je I'm telling mamma!" I yelled in agony, rubbing the imprint her book left on my head. "No you're not, she won't believe you; I'm older," snickered my sister, and with that she ran up the crowded walkway; which in the morning hour, looked much like a stampede of bulls. As I walked toward school, I listened to the distinctive chatter of my fellow civilians, smelled the exhaust fume filled air and listened to the bells and whistles of another pristine day. This was Beijing, China on another busy workday, no time to talk, money is to be made, there is always somewhere to go and some place to be. It seems that this is the ideology of all Chinese; as I looked ahead, all I can see is a ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: western world, heart attack, educational system, chest, criticism
  • My First Time - 1,192 words
    It was the summer of 98, and my friends had just graduated high school, and we all decided to take a trip. Where to go we all thought? We were thinking where could we all have fun and not have any age requirements? So Cancun was the place to be, first thing I did when I got off the plane was transfer some money to some pesos. When I tried to get pesos the cashier tried to rip me off, but there was nothing I could do. So I got my pesos and picked up a cervesa. All I knew was how to say was Cervas por favor and apparently thats all I needed to have a good time. The first night we were there, we went to this place called Bolero, and it was a dark, very lively place. There we meet this girl name ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: good time, last time, burger king, shopping centers, cancun
  • A Heightened Drinking Age - 818 words
    I believe a heightened drinking age would definately not stop underage drinking. Mainly due to the fact that it is considered acceptable in our society already. Drinking, unlike drugs, is considered acceptable in todays society. It is even considered a right of passage when a person first begins drinking. I have witnessed this myself. It is considered humorous, when a person is drunk, rather than disturbing. This action can often lead to alcoholism when the person is finally legal to drink. Since alcohol was first discovered it has been a key part in every society. Just about every country even has their own national alcoholic beverage. I do not think any law can have any influence on a soci ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: drinking age, underage drinking, alcoholic beverage, alcohol abuse, pushing
  • Recidivism Of Sex Offenders - 1,255 words
    Sex offenders have been a serious problem for our legal system at all levels, not to mention those who have been their victims. There are 43,000 inmates in prison for sexual offenses while each year in this country over 510,000 children are sexually assaulted(Oakes 99). The latter statistic, in its context, does not convey the severity of the situation. Each year 510,000 children have their childhoods destroyed, possibly on more than one occasion, and are faced with dealing with the assault for the rest of their lives. Sadly, many of those assaults are perpetrated by people who have already been through the correctional system only to victimize again. Sex offenders, as a class of criminals, ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: recidivism, recidivism rates, sex offenders, correctional system, criminal behavior
  • Organized Crime And Its Stranglehold On The World - 1,367 words
    ... 3, 28,29). These newer criminal organizations spell trouble for the United States. The United States is one of the more criminally diverse countries on earth. America seems to be the worlds cesspool of organized crime and corruption. The major players here are Russian, Sicilian, and Latin American. The Russian groups are currently running major businesses in California. Fuel fraud is one of the most profitable, costing America around two billion dollars per year in taxes (Waller 12). Russian groups have not displayed the command of the American government that has been achieved in Russia, but the number of Russian mobsters in America is rising, and the potential for corruption at higher ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: organized crime, global community, simon schuster, routledge kegan paul, internationally
  • Common Sense - 2,272 words
    "PERHAPS the sentiments contained in the following pages are not yet sufficiently fashionable to procure them general favor; a long habit of not thinking a thing wrong gives it a superficial appearance of being right, and raises at first a formidable outcry in defense of custom. But tumult soon subsides. Time makes more converts than reason." -- Thomas Paine, Common Sense ...... AN ABUSE or misuse of power generally calls into question the right of anyone to hold power. The allegation alone provides just cause for an open inquiry. if we find the allegations are valid, we can reject private efforts to usurp rights naturally vested in the public domain. We can take power away from the power ab ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: common problems, common sense, cultural impact, alvin toffler, inquire
  • Pain In The World - 1,825 words
    ... will also deliver across-the-board tax relief of up to $1,100 (federal/provincial) to the average taxpayer. Increase the married and equivalent spouse amount to $12,000 by 2005. When this change is fully implemented, a single earner family would not pay income tax until their income reached $24,000 per year. Introduce a child tax amount of $1,176 to assist Canadian families. This will create a tax cut for families with children of $200 per child. Eliminate the personal capital gains tax immediately. This will free venture capital, reward personal initiative and help reverse the brain drain by encouraging entrepreneurs to build their future in Canada. Cut excise taxes on gasoline, di ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: world bank, world leader, quality of life, hate crimes, gasoline
  • Protestant Reformation - 1,046 words
    ... ganda Campaign of Godly Proportion A key to any revolution, in any time period, is spreading the keypoints within the ideology of the revolution in an efficient and effective manner. The Protestant Reformation, which is accredited chiefly to the efforts of the German monk Martin Luther, involved a very large group of people splitting from the Catholic church, an institution present for 1500 years before the reformation. A task as large as this split cries out for a method of spreading ideals rapidly, also present was the need to grab the emotions of the intended targets of the message. In the following the ideals the leaders of the Protestant used to attract converts, the use of the inno ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: protestant, protestant reformation, reformation, early middle ages, catholic church
  • Pulp And Paper Industry - 1,420 words
    ... tat requirements of birds, reptiles, and amphibians in 30,000 acres of industrial forests managed by International Paper Company in South Carolina. As part of the study, the Savannah River Ecology Laboratory and Clemson University are focusing on how the forest-management practices affect the habitat and diversity of amphibians and reptiles. Other participants include the National Council of the Paper Industry for Air and Stream Improvement, the U.S. Forest Service Center for Forested Wetlands, and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. "The U.S. Forest Service is developing a global-information-system-based tool that combines research from this and other studies into one database to ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: pulp, material cost, south carolina, forest management, forest
  • Sex Education - 1,354 words
    Teenagers have sex on the brain; it's an inevitable fact. However, what teenagers generally have a problem grasping is that along with sex comes a certain amount of responsibility. With the amount of information there is, there is no excuse for the lack of knowledge teens possess when it comes to risky behavior. This is mainly in part because by the time a child reaches the age of 15 they are tired of listening to an adult tell them about what they are feeling and how they should be acting. By sitting in a normal classroom setting a child does not fully learn the consequences of having sex at an early age. In today's' world, by the time most teenagers are getting to health class many of them ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: sex education, sexual education, classroom setting, information available, newly
  • To Kill A Mockingbird - 5,888 words
    Chapter Summarys of To Kill A Mockingbird Chapter 1: Scout's father, Atticus Finch, studied law in Montgomery while supporting his brother, John "Jack" Hale Finch, who was in medical school in Boston. His sister Alexandra is living at the Landing. Atticus began his law practice in Maycomb, the county seat of Maycomb County, where his office in the courthouse contained little more than a hat rack, a spittoon, and a checkerboard. His first case entailed his defense of two men who refused to plead guilty for second-degree murder. They instead pleaded not guilty for first-degree murder, and were hung, marking probably the beginning of my father's profound distaste for criminal law. Her father is ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: mockingbird, to kill a mockingbird, black church, sunday school, compromise
  • Market For Personal Computers In Germany - 2,420 words
    The goal of this report is to inform US investors about the German market for personal computers. This document outlines many different areas of the German political, economic, and social structures and how they concern the personal computer industry. It provides a clear insight to the German approach to personal computers and the age of information we are now in. This report was compiled from a variety of resources consisting primarily of government documents, but also of on the research of various market analysts through their publications on the subject. These sources are extremely reliable and provided information vital to the success of a foreign firm in the German market. The document ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: computer industry, computers, east germany, germany, market economy, personal computer, west germany
  • Market For Personal Computers In Germany - 2,403 words
    ... percent in 1997. While Germany will always be a leader in industry the country is making a move in a different direction now. Again with the year 2000 in mind the German is calling for an initiative named "Germany 21." The focus of this push is for Germany to "catch-up" in the areas of communications, and information and technology (IT). They will be taking measures to coordinate the framework for the information society, widely increase accessibility to the Internet, and create programs to educate people about the information age. This goal of bringing Germany into the information age has already had effects on sectors relating to communications and technologies as they continue to grow ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: computer company, computer hardware, computers, dell computer, east germany, eastern germany, free market
  • Young Offenders Act - 1,503 words
    that has generated many hours of thought and meditation for concerned members. It is felt by many that the change needed in the area of delinquency within the First Nations culture is to overcome the effects of colonization and this must begin with the youth. It is with the youth that the future of the culture lies. There has been extensive research done in this area and although much of the material is not directed at one specific culture in society, the facts remain that it is a problem The subject of young offenders in our troubled society has been one epidemic proportions. Many of the programs that exist in society today do not address the problems associated with young offenders of spec ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: juvenile offenders, young people, first nations people, legal education, cooke
  • Skateboarding Is Not A Crime - 332 words
    Skateboarding Is Not A Crime In this country there are a numerous amount of sports . One of the sports most looked down upon , I believe is skateboarding . It was started mainly on the West Coast , but now survives everywhere , and everywhere it is its looked down upon . Skateboarding has been around for decades . This sport should be respected . One of the reasons people dont like this sport is because of fear . Fear that they have because of stereotypes about skaters themselves . People automatically think you do drugs , and steal everything , and are just plane mean . Although there are those who think otherwise . Those people are the ones that are more open-minded . Everyone Skateboardin ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: skateboarding, west coast, plane, steal
  • Argument - 615 words
    Feeling alienated by fellow classmates, two students at Columbine High School in Littleton, CO who referred to themselves as the Trench Coat Mafia went on a rampant killing spree which took the lives of themselves, twelve other students and one teacher (Obmascik 1). This incident caused an immediate plea for more socially responsible communities, assuming that greater moral values would curb the likelihood of these argument-related homicides. This relies on the notion that greater social organization will lead to a decrease in the rate of crime. Dov Cohen, in her article "Culture, Social Organization, and Patterns of Violence" shows that in the West (which includes Colorado) and South, where ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: columbine high school, denver post, social psychology, westerners, regional
  • The Impact Of A Car - 1,192 words
    ... ectric car came out a couple of years ago, which people thought would be a great idea. Electric pumps at every gas station, a charger at your house, good idea, right? No, wrong. Two main sources of pollution during the ownership of the electric car (not including its manufacture) are the source of electricity itself, and the production and disposal of the lead and sulphuric acid of the batteries. Two other bad points about the electric vehicle include the fact of how unattractive they are and how hard it is to change them up all the time, and the power doesnt last very long. In my opinion, the best alternative is the Nissan Sentra Clean-Air Model which is compared to the Sentra GXE. The ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: public transportation, research paper, carbon monoxide, channel, nissan

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