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  • Vietnam Poetry - 779 words
    My essay is a comparison of a song and a poem about the Vietnam war. The song is "Goodnight Saigon" written by Billy Joel and the poem is "No Word Spoken" by Edward J. Domaleski. These two are very different but revolve around one main point; the American soldiers experience in the Vietnam war. Joel writes about the whole war experience while Domaleski writes just about one solitary battle. Domaleski is also more detailed than Joel in his writing. Domaleskis lines of poetry discreetly describe the scenes of a battle, while Joels generally describe the hardships of the American soldiers during the war. "No Word Spoken" stars off by describes some soldiers marching through a forest. They hear ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: poetry, vietnam, vietnam war, playboy magazine, main point
  • Erectile Dysfunctions - 1,886 words
    ERECTILE DYSFUNCTIONS Erection problems are estimated to effect more than ten million American men. At some point in a males life, they are likely to have this problem, ranging from maybe one or two times, or as severe as impotence. Studies have shown that men 18-24 have a low percentage of erectional difficulties, but there is a high percentage of men 51-60 that have this problem. Yet age is not the only factor for this problem. Many factors contribute to erectile dysfunctions. These include things going on inside the body, hormonal imbalances, circulation problems, medications, severe stress or fatigue, or diseases, disorders, or damage to the spinal or pelvis area. Also, are many physiolo ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: erectile, erectile dysfunction, diabetes mellitus, spinal cord, hydraulic
  • Fortogragy - 1,210 words
    In the September issue of The Forerunner (Vol. X, No. VI ), we examined the relationship between pornography and violent crime in an article entitled "Mass Murder and Pornography - Are They Related?" Since the publication of the September issue, we have received a number of responses challenging the claim that pornography and violent crime are related. These responses implored us to use real, honest and acceptable facts in defending this position. As a follow up to the many questions generated by this article, we have decided to give a more complete overview of the research that has been done in this area. Defenders of pornography argue that it is not harmful, and thus should not be regulate ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: transmitted diseases, social psychology, new hampshire, jesus, playboy
  • Ageism In Playboy - 1,042 words
    1) Content analysis is the process of picking apart and closely observing a subject matter. 2) Ageism is the discrimination of people based on their age. Hypothesis: That I will find no women over the age 30 pictured in an issue of Playboy Magazine. In this paper I plan to prove that the hypothesis stated above is true because in society youth is considered a both beautiful and desirable quality to posses. Because Playboy Magazine is a popular magazine aimed at male readers, and because this magazine uses both youth and beauty to sell itself, it could be concluded that men desire female images that manifest beauty in youth. I chose to look at Playboy because Playboys interest is to sell maga ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: ageism, playboy, playboy magazine, subject matter, content analysis
  • Current Copyright And Patent Laws: Weak And Ineffective - 1,057 words
    ... the patenting of software is not a widely loved policy, and is mostly embraced only by large corporations like Lotus and Microsoft (NacCracken 21) because it enables these big companies to make more money. As shown above, there are many problems could be caused by the shortages of current copyright and patent laws. Currently, software copying is generally considered a copy of the original code such as when a backup of software is created as well as when people load a program into their computerXa copy of that program will go into their computer's memory. While the copy does not stay indefinitely, it does stay long enough to perform a certain task, and can be looked upon as a form of soft ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: copyright, copyright laws, ineffective, patent, patent laws
  • Biography Of Marilyn Monroe: A Hollywood Beauty - 1,265 words
    Marilyn Monroe made a definite impact on todays society. For some it was good, for others, bad. She set high standards for herself and was an inspiration to many young people. Many are expected to be like her, some are forced unwillingly and others force themselves. Marilyn Monroe changed Hollywoods outlook on women forever. Her image, body, smile, and personality are what is looked for in a young actress or any new models today. Now, because of Marilyns high standards, it is much more complicated for women to make it big as an actress or model. She was more than just a superstar or glamour queen, Marilyn Monroe was a global sensation in her lifetime. On June 1st, 1926 a star was born. Norma ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: biography, hollywood, marilyn, marilyn monroe, world biography
  • Henry Ford - 1,325 words
    Now a days, people are more concerned because of how they look, their image; especially women. This is due to the major influences that the media has over their visions. It is not only the media that is having this type of influence over women; also fashion dolls are having much of an influence, mainly Barbie dolls. The Barbie doll is a doll that is originally designed for girls, but women today see her as an ideal figure, and as a result they believe that that is the way they should look like. It was not until the 1950s that Americans began to feel the positive growth of the post-war economy. People these days watched a lot of television shows, teenagers were trying to set a new music trend ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: ford, henry ford, los angeles, barbie doll, bulimia
  • Advertisements - 664 words
    A vivid example of successful TV advertising campaign using a sex appeal can serve the advertisement of Pepsi with Britney Spears. This advertisement is used to appeal to males, who are attracted by Britney. Besides just a sexual drive, there is also a motive of having fun, because Britney is working in music industry. Her songs are aimed on bringing fun to people. Therefore, her star image is used quite successfully. David Beckham is another celebrity, and almost Englands national hero. People simply love and adore him. His image of attractive male is successfully used in appealing to women, while his image as of a skillful and famous football player is be used to appeal to football fans. B ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: social factors, music industry, more effective, karen, britney

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