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  • Machu Picchu - 1,761 words
    ... aymi was Cristobal de Molina. Molina, a young priest, chronicled a sun festival (celebrated during the months of June and December) during the first few months after the Spanish occupation of Cuzco. . . . the Inca opened the sacrifices and they lasted for eight days. Thanks were given to the sun for the past harvest and prayers were made for the crops to come. . . . they brought all the effigies of the shrines of Cuzco onto a plain at the edge of the city in the direction of the suns rise at daybreak. [The effigies were housed under magnificent featherwork awnings, arranged in an avenue, and attended by the lords of Cuzco], all magnificently robed [in] rich silver cloaks and tunics, with ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: machu, picchu, tourist attractions, plant species, annually
  • Environmental Policy Versus The Economy - 1,237 words
    Environmental policy versus the economy It is in the ring set up by greedy corporations and enviro tree huggers where the top card is the economy versus the environment. To help gain support, the economy yells, The Green groups may decry economic growth, but it is growth itself that makes environmental protection possible and popularpollution is as old as human activity, but only recently have we been rich enough to worry about it.10 On the other side, we have Putting pollution controls in place-or even preventing pollution in the first place-sometimes saves businesses money.1 Its not a question of jobs versus the environment. There will be no jobs left on a dead, scorched Earth.2 While the ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: economy, environmental, environmental concerns, environmental issues, environmental policy, environmental protection, environmental protection agency
  • Boobies Are Good - 1,102 words
    Biodiversity is the measure of variety of the Earth's animal, plant and microbial species; of genetic differences within species and of the ecosystems that support those species. The term first came to public attention in 1992 at the Rio Earth Summit at which a convention for the preservation for the maintenance of biodiversity was signed by over 100 world leaders [excluding the USA as they feared it would undermine the patents and licences of US biotechnology companies] The maintenance of biodiversity is important for ecological stability and maintaining the gene pool, and as a resource for research into, for example, new drugs and crops What is causing a reduction in biodiversity in both t ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: large numbers, global scale, world leaders, resource, pacific
  • Life Science And The Law - 1,637 words
    One issue that has been a controversy is the preservation of endangered species. Ever since the 1960's, scientists have been fighting for laws and acts to protect animals and plants in keeping them in good health and their populations high in numbers. The problem is animals and plants are having trouble surviving in today's world which leads them to be classified as endangered or threatened. Endangered, meaning animals or plants with little population that the species could soon become extinct and threatened is less severe and basically just means that they are close to becoming endangered. By species becoming endangered, this affects our habitat's biodiversity. Today, however, human beings ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: environmental science, life experience, life science, life sciences, united states
  • Temperate Deciduous Forests - 314 words
    A Deciduous forest is one in which plants shed their leafs in the fall. The trees change colors as the seasons cycle; the green leaves of summer give way to the bare branches of winter. Temperate Deciduous forests are found in Eastern North America, Europe and China. These areas each have a growing season between 140- 300 days with 75-150 cm of rain per year. Due to the extensive amount of leaf litter, the soils are fertile enough to allow a large diversity of plant species within this biome. Dominating the diversities are broad-leafed deciduous hardwood trees such as oak, hickory, maple, ash, beech and others depending upon each forests location. Human activity is common among temperate dec ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: human activity, plant species, important role, bears, bare
  • Zinc Hyperaccumulation - 1,010 words
    Zinc hyperaccumulation in Thlaspi caerulescens as a chemical defence against herbivory ABSTRACT Thlaspi caerulescens is one of several plant species known to accumulate heavy metals in excess of 2% of their above ground plant biomass. The reasons for hyperaccumulation are unknown, but several studies conclude that it may be a plant chemical defence. This has been of interest to biologists because these metals are usually toxic. The accumulation of these metals may serve as a model for coevolution. We examined the effects of zinc hyperaccumulation in Thlaspi on Xanthomonas campestris and found that the plants containing zinc thrived when inoculated with this bacteria, while plants not contain ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: zinc, british isles, plant species, weight gain, pollard
  • Protection Of Endangered Species - 1,043 words
    Out of all the species that have ever existed since the beginning of time, 98% of them are extinct (Facts). There are an estimated 5-10 million species that exist currently and only 1.5 million have been identified (Sherry, 2). Scientists classify species into six different groups: plants, animals, insects, algae, fungi, and microorganisms (Todays Situation). In the tropical rainforest alone, most species are disappearing at the rate of 1% a year (Sherry, 6). If the current trend continues, at least 50% of all currently existing species will be either extinct or endangered by the year 2050 (Todays Situation). For this reason endangered species deserve more protection than the current regulat ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: endangered species, introduced species, native species, plant species, species
  • Transitions To Agriculture - 1,473 words
    Transitions to Agriculture The transition in the common mode of subsistence, from hunter-gatherer to agriculture, marks an important stage in the development of mankind. During the time of this transition, humans experienced an increase in their social, political, and technological complexity. A number of varying hypotheses have been put forward to explain the causes of agricultures origin, as well as its effect upon the human population. However, due to the lack of definitive data in much of the archaeological record, it is often difficult to discern the validity of theories suggested to explain either events leading up to, or the consequences of the Agricultural Revolution. Agriculture is ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: agriculture, near east, carrying capacity, fertile crescent, carrying
  • What Is The Ozone? - 1,502 words
    ... is so lethal that without the stratosphere ozone layer, the existence of life on earth would be nearly impossible. All living organisms would suffer from too much mutation in the organism that all of its major organs would just stop working; and the organism would die. Until the 1970s and 1980s, most people, including scientists, took the ozone layer more or less for granted. They assumed it was one of the earths natural features and that it would always remain the same, This attitude changed in 1984 when scientist found a huge hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica, the continent covering the planets south pole. Since then, researchers have discovered that the stratosphere ozone shield ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: ozone layer, united states, ozone hole, destroying, passenger
  • Deforestation Issues In Brazil - 1,299 words
    In recent years one of the biggest threats the world as a whole faces is the destruction of our environment. The destruction of the Brazilian rainforest is probably the most important issue that should be taken into consideration because it is the cause of other major ecological problems we are facing such as: global warming, the depletion of our ozone layer, and noticeable climate changes around the world. Brazil's deforestation problem has turned into earths deforestation problem. Experts say that not too long ago 14 % of the earth was covered with rainforests. Today only 6% remains and everybody focuses their attention on Brazil because 30% of the remaining rainforests are found in that c ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: brazil, deforestation, noise pollution, wild animals, insect
  • Regional Analysis Of The Arctic - 1,147 words
    ... Lamut, and Koryak of Siberia. The art and culture of these peoples is remarkable and is characterized by resourcefulness, adaptability, and innovation. The chief groups are now the Lapps of Europe; the Samoyedes (Nentsy) of W. Russia; the Yakuts, Tungus, Yukaghirs, and Chukchis of E. Russia; and the Eskimo of North America. There is a sizable Caucasian population in Siberia, and the people of Iceland are nearly all Caucasian. In Greenland, there is a mixture of Eskimos and northern Europeans, predominate. The indigenous peoples of the Arctic have their own distinctive cultures, economies and forms of social organizations, but they have a special relationship to the Arctic environment and ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: arctic, regional, world affairs, northwest territories, maintaining
  • Ecology: The Study Of Plans, Animals, And The Environment - 1,118 words
    Ecology is the scientific study of the interrelationships of plants, animals, and the environment. In recent years, the word has sometimes been misused as a synonym for environment. The principles of ecology are useful in many aspects of the related fields of conservation, wildlife management, forestry, agriculture, and pollution control. The word ecology (Greek, oikos, "house," and logos, "study of") is generally believed to have been coined by Ernst HAECKEL, who used and defined it in 1869. The historical roots of ecology lie not only in natural history, but in physiology, oceanography, and evolution as well. It has occasionally been called scientific natural history (a phrase originated b ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: scientific study, environmental factors, historical roots, species diversity, sugar
  • Societal Debate On Cloning - 1,003 words
    1. Introduction When the birth of the cloned sheep Dolly became headline news in February 1997, cloning instantly turned into a heated topic for debate all over the world. Almost three years on, it seemed the right moment to collect and share the experiences gained within various countries with this debate on cloning. For this aim the Rathenau Institute, the Dutch parliamentary technology assessment organization, set up a one-day international symposium on November 19, 1999 in Amsterdam, with speakers from three continents and seven different countries: Denmark, Great Britain, Italy, Switzerland, The Netherlands, United States, and South Korea. All speakers were actively involved in organizi ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: cloning, reproductive cloning, societal, policy makers, early warning system
  • Malibu Fires - 1,279 words
    ... ions that took place throughout the fire ravaged area. Along the eastern ridge of the fire, many high voltage power lines were burnt which eliminated power to homes in the surrounding communities and also presented complications with the fire department's electrically run hydrant system pumps. The fire companies resorted to using water from local swimming pools to put out some of the encroaching flames instead of using the pumped water from the hydrants. Fatigue, injury, and a feeling of vulnerability faced many of the firefighters as they were faced with a major fire that continually jumped from one structure to another. Some fire personnel worked 24 to 36 hours straight in order to pre ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: fire department, forest fire, human error, plant species, annual

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