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Example research essay topic: Story Takes Place Dex And Joanna Pete - 794 words

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This story takes place in various places. The main part of the story takes place in Joanna's house. Joanna's house in situated in a fancy community called Middle wood. The houses there were not very close together. Her house is a big white house with a big garden.

The house is two stories tall. The story also takes place in a cliff called "The Promontory." This place is a high cliff at the edge of town. You could see the whole city there. It was best known as a make-out spot. This story takes place during a warm October. This story occurs approximately during the year 2000.

During this story about 3 months pass by. The Main Character of this story is Joanna Collier. She is about 17 years old. She has high cheekbones, perfect straight nose; clear blue eyes open wide, high forehead and sunlight-blond hair. Joanna is a very cruel person.

She is also cold and very snobbish. She has some good qualities too. She is smart, funny and pretty. Joanna likes to play tennis in the club, drive her 40, 000 dollars BMW and hang around with his boyfriend and friends. Dex is Joanna's boyfriend. He is handsome, short and has dark eyebrows.

He always has a soapy flowery smell. Dex is very melodramatic, moody and crazy. Dex belongs to the low class. He wants to be an actor. Mary is Joanna's best friend. She is a very simple and nice person.

She has brown curly hair and she is not as pretty as Joanna. Shep is Joanna's crush. He is very good looking. He has blond wavy hair, round cheeks always blushed and an extremely good sense of humor.

Pete is Dex best friend. He has bad skin, long legs and short spiky hair. He always has a diamond on his ear and listens to heavy music. The basic situation in this story is that Dex and Joanna are dating. Joanna who doesn't care a lot about Dex what's to break up with him. The conflict of this story begins when Joanna doesn't go to a date with Dex.

Instead she watches him from a distance. Joanna returns to her house without showing up at the date. At night Dex climbs through the window of her room and wakes her up. He tells her to get dressed that they are going to drive to the Promontory. Pete, Dex and Joanna get into the car and get to the promontory. Dew starts joking at the edge of the cliff.

The second time he dose that he felt. Pete tells Joanna to help put instead she runs away. In her way she crashes with a truck and wakes up the next day in the hospital. Pete comes to visit her and tells her Dex is dead. Joanna doesn't act as she care. She was happy because now she didn't have to break up with him.

One month passes by and Joanna gets out of the hospital. Joanna stars dating Shep. Some days after Joanna saw Dex. Joanna told Dex what Pete said. Dex told her that he was alive. Joanna notices that Dex is very different.

He deduces is because of the accident. He has a very wired smell. One day Joanna called Mary to ask her to come by her house. Pete calls Joanna and tells her that he believes her Dex is alive and is going to your house to kill him. Shep was also at home. Dex arrives and tries to stab Joanna instead Joanna takes the knife and stabbed him in the chest.

Pete stats screaming, "You killed him." Joanna is very confused and tells him how can she kill a dead person. Pete tells her that everything was a joke. Pete and Mary hide the body. No one discovers what really happened.

The next day Joanna went to visit Mary. For Joanna's surprise Dex was they " re standing in her back. Joanna is shocked he tries to run and he is about to stab DeX when Mary comes and prohibits her that. Mary tells her that she made up all this Dex never died. She did that because Joanna didn't appreciate what she had and she got tired of how she treated people. Joanna left leaving Dex to Mary.

When she arrives home she id very sad because now she doesn't have friends or boyfriend. I loved this book. It was wonderful. It kept me reading to know what happened with Dex and Joanna. I learned a lot from this book.

I learned that you can't play with peoples feeling and by doing that you can stay alone in the world. I think this book should be read by anyone that likes very exciting mystery books.

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Research essay sample on Story Takes Place Dex And Joanna Pete

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