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Example research essay topic: Piggy Is Murdered Conch Is Broken Jack - 1,165 words

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... tisbury) calling for fiction which was not domestic and usual but exciting and thrilling. He would have read Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution because Hyde looks so much like an ape, almost as if he had regressed back to a beast. There was also much interest at the time into the human brain and its functional properties. Both authors use a very different story to illustrate their philosophy. Lord of the Flies is set on a tropical island paradise.

A plane evacuating boys during wartime crashes, leaving them on the island with no adult supervision. Two survivors, Ralph and a fat, asthmatic boy later nicknamed Piggy find a conch shell and decide to blow it to attract any other survivors. Among the little children who arrive on the beach are the choir led by Jack. A meeting of all the boys elects Ralph as leader, much to Jacks dismay, although he is allowed to be head of the hunters. There are early signs of rivalry between the two. Rules are made concerning domestic arrangements and a fire for attracting possible help if a ship passes.

The conch is now the symbol and heart of the boys democracy. It is used to control meetings and is obeyed at the start by all of the group. The small children are afraid and talk of a beastie on the island, although the older boys try to dispel their fears. Meanwhile a dead pilot does parachute onto the island and the discovery of his decomposing body spreads fear amongst the boys that the beast really does exist. The beast is signified by the pigs head, the dead parachutist, and the snake like tendrils on the trees. As rescue is on their mind, Jack volunteers to keep the fire going, but when a ship passes, the fire has gone out, due to Jacks love of hunting pigs, and they are not rescued.

There is a confrontation between Ralph and his followers and Jack and his choir over this matter which ends in violence with Jack as the aggressor. The tension between Ralph and Jack rises. Several violent acts then occur which symbolizes the deterioration of the boys from civilized - to hunters - to savages - and to murderers. First Simon is killed by the savage, chanting boys, excited by the crowd mentality. Then Piggy is murdered by Roger, the conch is broken, and Ralph becomes the object of the hunt. He is rescued in the nick of time by a passing ship.

In contrast The strange tale of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is set in Victorian London. The stories unfolds with Mr. Utterson, a lawyer and member of middle class society. He regularly goes on walks with a Mr.

Richard Enfield, another respectable gentleman, and they engage in a conversation concerning a case where a young girl is trampled upon by a mysterious gentleman. The gentleman in question is forced to pay compensation to the girls family, and the matter is settled by a check drawn in the name of Dr. Jekyll. Mr. Utterson, knowing Dr.

Jekyll, does not recognize the man who has committed this terrible deed, and therefore becomes suspicious, asking his name, which is found to be Mr. Hyde. Utterson believes Hyde is blackmailing Jekyll, and seeks his friend to establish that he is painfully situated, although the cause is not known. The violent murder of a respectable gentleman of both Utterson and Jekyll's acquaintance, Sir Danvers Carew, shocks London. Utterson and a policeman go to Hyde's lodgings to find that he has fled, the place ransacked and documents burned in the fireplace. He is therefore strongly implicated in the murder of this eminent gentleman.

Utterson then pays another visit to Jekyll and Hyde is renounced by the good doctor. For a while Jekyll seems more like his old cheerful self but becomes more and more withdrawn and refuses to see any of his friends. The worried Utterson is finally summoned by Jekyll's butler, Poole who suggest that there are strange goings on in his masters room. On breaking down the door Utterson finds the body of Hyde. Jekyll is feared murdered until his confession is read and the double life of Dr. Jekyll is revealed.

The philosophy behind both authors work is strongly portrayed through the characters in both texts. The character of Jack in Lord of the Flies is that of leader of the school choir. The fact that he is essentially violent, and easily turns into a savage, is Golding's message to the reader, that a strict regime at school, the many beatings, and constant use of aggression nurtures the innate evilness that may be within us all. On the island Jack is without the social boundaries which keeps him suppressed. Here he cannot be punished for his actions, and using his aggression forcibly becomes leader of the savage tribe. He ignores symbols of democracy and civilization, such as the conch: We dont need the conch anymore Jack shows that he is actually enjoying life on the island (away from civilization) which contrasts with Ralph's despair at missing a passing boat, and thus being rescued.

His pleasure at hunting pigs and killing them is enjoyable to him and is something he would not be able to do back home. This pleasure continues when Piggy is murdered, and the conch is broken: See? See? Thats what youll get! I meant that! There isnt a tribe for you any more!

The conch is gone - He then attempts to murder Ralph. Golding has intended the reader to dislike Jack by making him stand for everything that is wrong with human nature. Like many people he assumes leadership on his choir position, not necessarily on his leadership skills. He argues on the importance of hunting although meat is not essential to the boys survival, there are plentiful supplies of fruit and fish.

His character represents the basic instinct in man to hunt, a primordial instinct to kill anything in the path of survival. This basic instinct is not necessarily the right one as Jack kills the sow which may have provided more pigs, and in his hunt for Ralph he destroys the fruit trees. Eventually, the boys may have starved under his command. Ralph is the absolute contrast to Jack. He is essentially good, and unlike Jack he wants to be rescued as quickly as possible from the island. Perhaps he is Golding's ray of hope, that some people in the world even when confronted by temptation will do the good thing.

He represents ordinary man, whose life is a constant battle between good and bad influences. After the initial excitement of being marooned he craves civilization and social order. Even his own savage appearance begins to disgust him, and he experiences a little fall of the heart: He would like to have a pair of scissors and cut this hair - he flung the mass back - cut this filthy hair right back...

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Research essay sample on Piggy Is Murdered Conch Is Broken Jack

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