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... ng that the temple was built thousands of years before the estimated time. His calculations proved that the temple was properly aligned when the earth axis was on a tilt of 23 degrees, 8 minutes, 48 seconds whereas it is currently tilted 23 degrees and 27 minutes (Posnansky, 1945). This difference indicated that the temple was built in approximately 15 000 bce, which would also explain the change in sea levels that occurred during the Pleistocene Extinction around 12 000 years ago. These massive stone structures with blocks weighing 100 tons were built some 5000 years ago before the supposed beginning of civilization. (Leonard, 2001). The legend of Tiahuanacu goes like this: a golden space ship came from the stars, in it was a woman with four fingers, which were webbed; she gave birth to seventy earth children then returned to the stars (von Daniken, 1969).

This legend seems consistent with a visit from aliens, human breeding, mysterious artifacts and flying ships. All are present at Tiahuanacu. The famous myth of Atlantis is full of evidence of extraterrestrials. Hundreds of theories have stemmed from two dialogues that Plato wrote; Timaeus and Critias. Atlantis is just briefly mentioned in Timaeus but it is more extensively described in Critias. Even the dimensions of the island are recorded.

In the dialogue Critias makes it very clear that he is in fact telling the truth, although it might be hard to believe, Wherefore if at the moment of speaking I cannot suitably express my meaning... , of which there may still be observed sacred memorials in places where fountains once existed; and this proves the truth of what I am saying. (Plato, 360 bce). This reassurance of truth is also prevalent in the writings of Enoch, which will be discussed in more detail. Critias received the information about Atlantis from his great-grandfather who received it from Solon, a priest of Egypt. Nine thousand was the sum of years which has elapsed... (Plato, 360 bce). The gods had divided the whole earth in to sections, which they each governed independently. These gods, after colonizing their island, recruited humans to live with them in their cities, when they [gods] had peopled them [districts] they tended us [people], (Plato, 360 bce).

Humans and gods lived in harmony for some time, shaping the land and even cutting massive canals into the landscape, The depth, and width, and length of this ditch were incredible... could never have been artificial. Nevertheless I must say what I was told. (Plato, 360 bce). The humans learned writing, culture, seafaring and leisure from the gods and even had children with them, but at some point the highest god became displeased with people, perceiving that an honourable race was in a woeful plight, (Plato, 360 bce) and did something about it.

What exactly the highest god did remains a mystery because the dialogue of Critias ends just before the decision of what to do is announced. Critias mentions a war, between those who dwelt outside the Pillars of Heracles and all those who dwelt within them, (Plato, 360 bce) that ended with an earthquake that sunk Atlantis and made the sea impassible. Is this evidence of an extraterrestrial weapon, or an unavoidable disaster that not even the aliens could prevent? It seems clear that extraterrestrials were somehow involved with Atlantis. They do the same things as all the other alien gods; breed with humans and erect massive structures, made for themselves temples (Plato, 360 bce). And the angels, the children of the heaven, saw and lusted after them [mortal women] and said to one another: Come, let us choose wives from among the children of men and beget us children This an exert from the Book of Enoch (100 bce, VI, ii-iii) perhaps the most conclusive evidence that is available that gods bred with humans.

Enoch was a friend of the angels of ancient mythology, although angels by the same or similar names have been described as gods or demi-gods, or extraterrestrials of current mythology. He was one of the especially wise humans that the extraterrestrials chose to see their magnificent spaceships. On several occasions Enoch even traveled amongst the stars with the aliens, And I saw the places of the luminaries and the treasuries of the stars... (Enoch, 100 bce, XVII, ii). The gods that visited Enoch and his companions often came to earth in flaming chariots and other such incredible machines (von Daniken, 1969). Perhaps like Critias, Enoch had difficulty expressing what he saw and used symbolism to help people understand.

Throughout his books, Enoch reassuringly states that his tale is in fact true, and should not be changed while copying the books. He entrusts his works to his son Methuselah, so preserve, my son Methuselah, the books from thy fathers hand, and that thou deliver them to the generations of the world. (Enoch, 100 bce, LXXXII, i), and leaves for the stars. Enoch eventually returned and died at the ripe old age of 969 (von Daniken, 1969)! Travel at speeds near light would let Enoch live to such a biblical age, for Enoch time would be passing normally but for people on earth, time would be passing much quicker as they are not affected by time dilation at the speeds they are traveling. When Enoch returned from his journey, although he would have aged normally it would seem that a vast amount of time had passed, hence his biblical age. The Book of Enoch is evidence of an extraterrestrial visit; gods breeding with humans and mysterious flying machines are both observed by Enoch.

CONCLUSION Perhaps eighteen thousand years ago visitors from another world or dimension came to earth for an unknown purpose. Their space ship crashed and they were forced to colonize. They hit a snag, there was already a semi-intelligent species living here. What better to do than recruit these apes for labour, but they were not smart enough to perform more complex tasks? The aliens then bred these humans for intelligence and provided them with material needs.

For a while the aliens and humans lived in harmony, but human nature eventually took over and there was a war or natural disaster that led to a war that eliminated a large number of these extraterrestrials and their human companions, leaving their large monuments and cities to fade away. There had been subsequent visits from aliens but no large building project, simply prophets and various breeding efforts. The large structures strewn about earth are evidence of extraterrestrial construction projects, some structures using techniques that were only invented a few decades ago. The large number of references to flying machines in both eastern and western religious texts denote some intelligence beyond humans who did not learn to fly until the early twentieth century. Consistency in reports of breeding with gods, or extraterrestrials point to a kind of alien breeding.

What purpose the gods had in mind will remain unknown until humans meet their friends from the stars. And I looked, and, behold a whirlwind came out of the north, a great cloud, and a fire infolding itself, and a brightness was about it, and out of the midst thereof as the colour of amber, out of the midst of the fire. -Ezekiel, I, iv BIBLIOGRAPHY Charles, R. H. (2001). The Book of Enoch. Oxford: The Clarendon Press. China, Christopher A. (1997).

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