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Example research essay topic: Possessing Agreeable Moral Qualities Attractive Disposition Lovable One - 1,408 words

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Pride being proud, inordinate self-esteem; and unreasonable conceit of ones own superiority over others. Insufficient not sufficient, inadequate to any need, use or purpose. Consequence that which follows from any act, cause, principles or series of actions. Pliancy quality of being pliant; easiness to be vent; readiness to be influenced.

Ductility a yielding disposition of mind; ready compliance. Commendation praise, favorable representation of words, declaration of esteem; respects; greeting; message of love. Synonymously to express by words of the same meaning (words that have the same meaning (synonym) Endeavor to try to do; an effort; an essay; an attempt. Defy to provoke to combat or strife, to challenge; to dare, to despise. Engross to enlarge; to take up the whole of (engross ones time). Accost to speak first to; to address before oneself is addressed.

Tete a tete (tete-a-tete) a private interview with no one but the parties concerned. Complexion The temperament, habitude or natural disposition of the body or mind, the color or hue of the skin particularly of the face. Symptoms Any sign or token; what serves as evidence not seen. Abominable detestable, loathsome; odious in the utmost degree.

Eminent Standing out above other things, lofty, exalted in rank. Countenance demeanor, way of acting or holding ones self; appearance or expression of the face. Odious offensive, hateful, horrible. Discretion quality of being discreet, caution, prudence, sound judgement.

Reprehensible deserve to be reprehended; blameworthy; censurable; deserving reproof. Prosperity good progress in any business or enterprise; success, good fortune. Amiable possessing agreeable moral qualities, having an excellent or attractive disposition; lovable. Bestow possessing agreeable moral qualities, having an excellent or attractive disposition; lovable. Extinguish to put out; to quench; to stifle; to put and end to; to suppress, to destroy; the crush to eclipse. Elopement the running away of a woman, married or unmarried, with a lover.

Perusal Peruse is to read through, to observe, to examine with careful survey, the act of perusing or reading. Preference the preferring of one thing or another; the object of choice; higher place in esteem. Forbearance long suffering; indulgence towards those who injure us (patience). Insolent naughty, rude, defiant, overbearing, saucy. Hypocrite the act of simulating or feigning to be what one is not; especially a false appearance of piety and virtue, insincerity. Cordial sincere, warm, affectionate.

Unassailed not to be moved or shaken from a purpose. Haughty proud and disdainful; having a high opinion of ones self, with some content for others; lofty arrogant; disdainful; supercilious. Disposed to put away or get rid of. It has been thrown away. Superciliousness having a haughty error or manor; acting as if others were inferiors; arrogant. Tolerable capable of being borne or endured; moderately good or agreeable.

Gallant to wait on or be very attentive to a lady. Composure a settled state of mind, calmness; tranquillity. Sentiment a thought prompted by feeling; tendency to be swayed by feeling; emotion. Chaise a two-wheeled carriage drawn by one or more horses, and generally furnished with a hood of top that me be let down.

Impertinence irrelevantly; in a rude, saucy, manor. Indulge to give free course to gratify by compliance. Solace to console; to comfort; what relieves in distress. Witticism wit is a quality or faculty akin to humor.

Witticism is a witty sentence phrase, or remark; and observation characterized by wit. Rapture a transport of delight; ecstasy; extreme joy or pleasure; enthusiasm. Precipitance rash haste; rushing headlong. Subsisting. existing, to be maintained with food and clothing.

Premeditated to contrive (scheme) and design previously. Exertion a putting forth of power; and effort. Scrutiny close investigation or examination. Inducement that which induces or leads one to act; a motive; a consideration that leads to action.

Pecuniary relating to or connected with money; consisting of money. Incumbent lying or resting upon; a person in possession of an ecclesiastical benefice or other office. Duplicity doubleness; different or contrary conduct; deceit. Esteem to set a high value on; respect; great regard. Diminution the state of becoming or appearing less; making smaller; discredit; loss of dignity; degradation. Render to give in return; to give or pay back.

Equipage materials with which a person or thing is equipped. Conscience private or inward thoughts or real sentiments; the faculty, power, or principle within us, which decides on the rightness or wrongness of our own actions and affections. Michaelmas the feast of saint Michael, the archangel, which falls on the 29 th of September. Disposition state of being disposed; temper or natural constitution of the mind. Conceit an ill grounded opinion of ones own importance. Reliance dependence; confidence; trust.

Impertinent Unbecoming in speech or actions; petulant and rude. Converse mutual communication of thoughts and opinions; to chat. Pedantic a person who makes a vain display of his learning, or who prides himself on his book learning that is devoid of taste; one devoted to a system of rules. Complacent gratified; satisfied; a sense of quite enjoyment. Ample of great size; bulk; wide; abundant; plentiful. Coincide to happen at the same point of time.

Motive that which incites to action. Solicitude an uneasiness of mind occasioned by fear of evil or desire for good; concern; anxiety. Vulgar pertaining to the lower or less refined class of people; hints, somewhat coarse; rude; boorish; low. Profuse extravagant; lavish; liberal to excess. Perpetual continuing forever; uninterrupted.

Compliment to flatter; expression of commendation or admiration or praise. Gratify to please; to give pleasure to; to indulge, delight, humor, satisfy. Comparative comparison of different things belonging to same science or study. Affront to confront; to offend by an open manifestation of disrespect; to insult. Impartial not favoring one party more than another; unprejudiced; equitable; just. Remonstrance a strong statement of reasons against something.

Comply to consent; to agree; to yield. Assertion an affirmation (positively), to join, connect, bind, support. Predominance superiority empower, influence, or authority. Incomprehensible incapable of being comprehended or understood.

Rally a mass meeting to arouse group enthusiasm. To reunite. Presume to suppose or believe without examination. Conjecture to throw together; a guess; a presumption. Scandalous causing scandal or offense; shameful, libelous; slanderous. Scrupulous full of scruples; careful; precise; exact in regarding facts.

Vex to irritate; fret, pelage, annoy; to make sorrowful; to grieve. Tenant one who occupies lands or houses for which he pays rent. Fastidious hard or difficult to please (as in Mr. Two Ha), difficult to suit. Intimate to hint, indicate, or suggest; to announce. (OR) close in friendship; on very familiar terms. Provoke to challenge; to excite or arouse; to instigate; to excite to anger or passion; to irritate; to enrage.

Indignation a feeling of displeasure at what is unworthy or base; anger, mingled with content, disguised or abhorrence. Mediate to interpose between parties as the equal friends of each; to negotiate between persons at variance with a view to reconciliation. Contrive to invent; to devise; to plan. To form schemes or designs. Regiment to assign soldiers to battalions, squadrons, or batteries, in branches of the army. Benevolence the disposition to do good; the love of mankind; kindness; and charitable.

Draughts the act of drawing; or being drawn by a cart or plow or the drawing of liquor into the mouth and throat; a sweeping of the water for fish with a net; a currant of air moving through a enclosed or confined space, as through a room or up a chimney. Nonsensical having no sense; unmeaning; absurd. Exquisite of great excellence or fineness; perfect; refined; delicate, pleasurable or painful in the highest degree. Civility good greeting; politeness; courtesy. Commendations declarations of esteem. Reproof blame expressed to the face; rebuke; and reprimand.

Obstinacy the state or quality of being obstinate (stubborn) or not easily subdued or removed. Deference respect; courteous consideration obedience; a yielding of opinion. Picturesque vivid and striking imagery; a pleasing picture. Wantonly unrestrained, reckless, to sport in lewdness.

Repugnance feeling of dislike for some action. Censure finding fault, blaming, condemning as wrong. Condescend to lower ones self to the level of and inferior. Imprudence indiscreet; injudicious; rash; heedless. Perturb (Pissed-off as in your dad) to disturb; to agitate; to disorder; to confuse. Mediocre of moderate degree or quality; of middle rate; middling.

Negligent careless; heedless; neglectful. Eccentric given to act in a way peculiar to ones self and different from other people; odd. Hermitage a person who retires from society and lives in solitude; a recluse or a kind-of French wine. Disdain to deem or regard as worthless.

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Research essay sample on Possessing Agreeable Moral Qualities Attractive Disposition Lovable One

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