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Example research essay topic: Talk To Guards Set Of Guards East - 475 words

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EAST-talk to old lady, choose book of learning for Ember's Strike (4 x 300 %). (if you choose to tell her to keep talking, she will give u the combination of Levers to pull, which i already gave u, so there's no need for that) SOUTH-Do NOT talk to the naked woman u perv! ! ; P wait until it's between 2330 to 0000 EAST-kill monster. Wait until it's JUST past 0000 midnight NORTH-talk to guards, ask to know what to do next and OFFER 10000 coins. do NOT offer to fight or make trouble. You will regret it. (read the room description.

Trust me... i tried... ) WEST-talk to prisoner, choose SIR, Yes Mr Dragon SIR (if there is no prisoner it's ok. just continue. According to someone the 3 rd option works too and u even get money for it, but i didn't try and wouldn't want to risk it. ) Get the key WEST-kill monsters (ok here's the challenge...

it's VERY difficult to pass these damn monsters. if u die u have to start Level 2 all over again. Just pray hard that their spells fail. Real hard. ) WEST-Flip Lever On.

Ignore the warning sign. EAST-use keyhole (if u have not seen the prisoner i talked about in front, u wont get the keyhole. But it's ok. Doesn't affect anything that i can see) NORTH (back to the 4 Levers.

Do not touch them) EAST- (back to the guards) Talk to guards. Choose the 2 nd option to make them fight you. Kill them and East Exit will open. Get the rod. EAST-read book of learning for backstay (the damn book won't work! i read it and i STILL do NOT have backstay! : () SOUTH-talk to guards.

Guards will jump out ready for combat. kill them all. WEST-talk to guards, choose "what would you do?" , then choose the first option and they will go away after this the rest is easy but tedious. follow the route after south and u will reach a lever. Flip it to On. Go back ALL THE WAY until where u see the ROUND HOLE.

Go NORTH where the heat saps you. GO EAST EAST EAST and u will see the shadowlands and mouthpiece. TALK TO MOUTHPIECE. Get the guards to return to their stations. GO ALL THE WAY BACK AGAIN towards the Lever you have just pulled.

Ignore the first set of guards. At the 2 nd set of guards (the chubby ones) talk to them and choose "reach over the press the button" Go SOUTH and back to the place where u hit the Lever. A new EXIT will appear and u may go DOWN, where u will see a plaque and notice about the incompletion of the level. That's the end of DoD at the moment! ! : ) Bibliography: none

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Research essay sample on Talk To Guards Set Of Guards East

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