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  • Critical Analysis Of Night Clouds By Amy Lowell
    637 words
    With all the time spent looking out into the big ocean of a coming night sky, what is there to see? A big white fluff of clouds or a sparkle splattered universe. The night heavens are full of surprise and everlasting splendor. A good poem is one that brings out deep thought or intense feeling. Most every poem written has its own style and significance giving a reader a deep interpretation. In Night Clouds by Amy Lowell, a beautiful, vivid picture of the night sky is portrayed through strong uses...
    Free research essays on topics related to: lyric, sky, night sky, brings, flow
  • Robert Lowell On Skunk Hour The Stinky Criticism
    644 words
    Steven Gould Axelrod and James E. B. Breslin's criticisms of Robert Lowells Skunk Hour agree about the significance and meaning of the first four stanzas. However they start to veer away from each other in their analysis of stanza five where there is an obvious shift in tone and direction. Both give a completely different analysis of the second half of the poem from the other with one skipping the end altogether. A slight deviation from commonality is apparent in Axelrod and Breslin's interpreta...
    Free research essays on topics related to: skunk, james e, lowell, stanza, e b
  • Comparing Poetry Of Elizabeth Bishop And Robert Lowell
    1,087 words
    Elizabeth Bishop and Robert Lowell, both modern poets, have many similarities, not only in their writing, but emotionally as well. Bishop dedicates her poem, The Armadillo, to Lowell. Remarkably, Lowells poem, Skunk Hour, is dedicated to Bishop in the same manner. That is not the only similarity. Both Bishop and Lowell use symbols to convey the relationships between humans and nature. Personification is a most useful method to describe the animals as the animals in their poems are said to repres...
    Free research essays on topics related to: lowell, works of literature, elizabeth bishop, bishop, robert lowell
  • Comparing Poetry Of Elizabeth Bishop And Robert Lowell
    1,068 words
    ... r millionaire? He is a person who retires to the town during the summer only portraying to be a millionaire rather than being one. He displays the town people as being lethargic. The proof of this statement can be seen in his description of the interior decorator because there is no money in his work, / hed rather marry (23 - 24). To justify the meaning of the skunks, Lowell states that the skunks are both quixotic and barbarously absurd, hence the tone of amusement and defiance (210). Bisho...
    Free research essays on topics related to: robert lowell, detroit gale, mar 2002, academic search, elizabeth bishop
  • Industrial Revolutions Francis Cabot Lowell
    1,448 words
    Industrial Revolutions (Francis Cabot Lowell) Among many factors that contributed towards making America great, the early industrialization of this country was probably the most important one. By introducing innovative industrial technologies early in 19 th century, the American commercial elite of the time was able to turn United States into fully industrialized nation by the year 1860. It is practically impossible for any researcher of this period in the history of United States, to skip menti...
    Free research essays on topics related to: industrial revolution, matter of fact, sense of this word, socio political, 19 th century
  • Amy Lowell Quot Lowell
    3,173 words
    " Reading Amy Lowells Body (s) " An Essay By Melissa" Reading Amy Lowells Body (s) " An Essay By Melissa Bradshaw Melissa Bradshaw You said, I think, 300 pounds and a charmer... Poor Amy, poor Amy. It is all very distressing and my Arm Chair has never been the same since she bounced with glee over some witticism. No upholsterer can do anything with it, the springs still do such funny things. Ezra Pound, writing to Alice Corbin Henderson In letters and critical memoirs of key ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: ezra pound, body quot, amy lowell, quot lowell, nineteenth century
  • Quot Lowell Father
    524 words
    Stephen Yenser Ieee is no denying that Lowells " study" of his father is not wholly complimentary. A Navy man whose interest in ships is basically academic, whose main connection with Pearl Harbor is that he once bought " white ducks" at the commissary there, and whose way of celebrating giving up naval life for a position with Lever Brothers Soap is to sing " Anchors aweigh" in the bathtub, he is bound to appear somewhat ridiculous. The only time he displays a &quo...
    Free research essays on topics related to: comment, circle, commander, lowells, lowell
  • Quot Lowell Fixed Stars
    2,070 words
    Thomas R. Edwards Imagistically the poem is built upon " enclosure" burial by snow, the subways vaults, the truss of the El, the interred Union dead, the sword in the groove foreshadowing the " mausoleum" of the last line. But these images suggest not only constraint and death but ceremony, formal rituals like burial, inauguration, or for that matter battle itself. The city observes the occasion: the subways drum, the girders " charge" as the poet passes them, the s...
    Free research essays on topics related to: quot lowell, fixed stars, cold war, war hero, quot god
  • Edgar Lee Masters Quot Quot
    4,784 words
    On Imagism from Amy Lowell, Tendencies in Modern American Poetry (New York: Macmillan Company, 1917). We are now to deal with the work of the small group of poets known as Imagist's. Later, I shall explain just what are the tenets of the Imagist School, but before beginning on the work of the two poets whose names stand at the head of this chapter, it is proper to state that they only represent a fraction of the Imagist group. Of course, any one who writes poetry from the same point of view migh...
    Free research essays on topics related to: brush strokes, amy lowell, quot quot, edgar lee masters, poetry quot
  • Quot Quot Barrett Browning
    6,421 words
    In On " Sisters" Annette Kolodny In many ways, Amy Lowell anticipated the recent feminist critique of Bloomian poetics when, in 1925, she applied his question " For why do men write poems? " to " we women who write poetry" : Taking us by and large, were a queer lot We women who write poetry. And when you think How few of us there been, its queerer still. I wonder what it is that makes us do it. She explains why there have been so few women poets by noting that women...
    Free research essays on topics related to: quot quot, amy lowell, barrett browning, quot lowell, emily dickinson
  • York Houghton Mifflin Houghton Mifflin Company
    3,080 words
    Preface from Lowells Men, Women, and Ghosts (New York: Macmillan Company, 1917) vii-xii. This is a book of stories. For that reason I have excluded all purely lyrical poems. But the word " stories" has been stretched to its fullest application. It includes both narrative poems, properly so called tales divided into scenes; and a few pieces of less obvious story telling import in which one might say that the dramatis personae are air, clouds, trees, houses, streets, and such like things...
    Free research essays on topics related to: york houghton mifflin, houghton mifflin company, word quot, read aloud, prose

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