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Free research essays on topics related to: copyright infringement

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  • Copyright Infringement Music Lovers
    579 words
    Napster. com is a music search engine founded by Shawn Fanning about a year ago. It is a software program that allows individuals to search for their favorite music selection by connecting to millions of other users around the world. Napster is basically the simplest way to find MP 3 s that you want anytime and the same time be able to share the selections with the worlds largest community of music lovers. MP 3 is an audio format that allows users to compress and send music files easily over the...
    Free research essays on topics related to: october 5, mp 3, copyright infringement, music lovers, search engine
  • Communications Decency Act Elmer Dewitt
    2,054 words
    Thesis: Though governments cannot physically regulate the Internet, cyberspace needs regulations to prevent illegal activity, the destruction of morals, and child II. Illegal activity online costs America millions and hurts A. It is impossible for our government to physically 1. One government cannot regulate the Internet by 2. The basic design of the Internet prohibits B. It is possible for America to censor the Internet. 1. All sites in America receive their address from 2. The government coul...
    Free research essays on topics related to: adult material, pornographic material, communications decency act, elmer dewitt, illegal activity
  • Mp 3 Files Dave Matthews
    1,684 words
    In 1998, a computer science major at Northeastern University, sat in front of his computer and started to create a program that would help the common man, spark controversy, and change and revolutionize the music industry. His name is Shawn Fanning, and his creation is Napster. Napster would forever change the way people would listen, share and acquire music, and the music industry would never again be the same. Napster, launched early in 1999, allows Internet users to share and download MP 3 fi...
    Free research essays on topics related to: record companies, copyrighted material, record labels, mp 3 files, dave matthews
  • Intellectual Property Rights Peer To Peer
    2,284 words
    ... EU copyright directive forbids peer to-peer, claiming it is an infringement of the directive. But not all the European member states have put into practice the directive in national legislation. Though the member state France initially passed two amendments authorizing the exchange of copies on the internet on December, 22, 2005. Later the French government withdrew its amendments and declared it as illegal any P 2 P client evidently aimed at sharing copyrighted material. European law was co...
    Free research essays on topics related to: billion dollars, european union, berne convention, intellectual property rights, peer to peer
  • Rolling Stone Music Industry
    993 words
    Napster Outline Introduction. 2 The nature of Napster a. Creation of the website. 2 b. Scope of activity... 3 Conclusion a. Napster's contribution to the music industry... 3 b. Historical arguments... 4 References... 5 Introduction The topic of the paper is Napster with all its pros and antis. To consider the topic properly we " re trying first of all: to decide what kind of phenomenon Napster represents i. e. what its nature is; then to analyze if noncommercial and personal purposes can be cons...
    Free research essays on topics related to: copyright infringement, rolling stone, cd sales, record companies, music industry
  • U S Supreme Court File Sharing
    1,482 words
    This essay discusses the future of the music industry from a technical point of view, probing into details such as Napster case verdict, iPods, iTunes and next generation audio delivery formats. The Music Industry A Futuristic Look Although only a miniscule percentage of music presently sold is also distributed digitally, downloads, subscription services, ringtones and ringback's are expected to grow exponentially in the coming years. According to Jupiter Research, ringtone revenues, which were ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: u s supreme court, daily telegraph, appeals court, file sharing, circuit court
  • Intellectual Property Rights District Court
    2,882 words
    Digital Bootlegging and Its effects on the Music Industry Before the advent of MP 3 files it would require 1. 400 megabytes to represent just one second of stereo music in CD quality. MP 3 is short for Moving Picture Experts Group, Audio Layer III. Standard MP 3 compression is at a 10: 1 ratio, and yields a file that is about 4 MB for a three-minute track. In 1987, Prof. Dieter Seitzer of the University of Erlangen created the MP 3 format to replace pre-existing MPEG audio coding. The reason MP ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: intellectual property rights, world wide, sound recording, district court, copyrighted material
  • Shawn Fanning Limp Bizkit
    3,009 words
    Is trading digital music using Napster Online legal or copyright infringement? First, we must find out what Napster is and who created it. Napster is a combination of? the features of existing programs: the instant-messaging system of Internet Relay Chat, the file-sharing functions of Microsoft Windows and the advanced searching and filtering capabilities of various search engines? (Greenfield). Basically all it is, is a really cool little program that a person can download off of the internet f...
    Free research essays on topics related to: recording artists, twenty eight, limp bizkit, shawn fanning, record labels
  • Copyright Infringement Intellectual Property
    2,439 words
    A copyright is the right to produce, reproduce, and transform any original work. Copyrights are only given to original works that fall under the following seven categories: Literary works, Musical works including accompanying any works, Dramatic works including accompanying music, Choreographic works, Graphical and sculptural works, Motion pictures and other audiovisual works, Sound recordings, and Architectural works 1. Under the Canadian copyright act any published or unpublished original work...
    Free research essays on topics related to: copyright act, literary works, copyright infringement, copyright laws, intellectual property
  • First Amendment Rights Hundred Thousand People
    1,939 words
    Napster: To Be or Not To Be Napster (web) is a company that operates exclusively online as a virtual music forum. Napster not only allows its visitors the ability to participate in ongoing discussions through its message board forums and online virtual chat rooms, but it also allows its visitors the capability to exchange music files (MP 3 s) with other Internet users. Because Napster is a virtual online public forum, Napster should be protected under the First Amendment. Under the First Amendme...
    Free research essays on topics related to: eight hundred, first amendment rights, chat rooms, napster users, hundred thousand people
  • Mp 3 Files Beastie Boys
    1,373 words
    Imagine a world where you did not go to the music store and buy a CD. You would have $ 15 extra in your pocket every time. Now you ask why would I not go out and buy CDs? I like to hear groups I like. The answer is simple. There is something new out there in the world that makes it possible for you to never buy a CD again. There is only one catch: its illegal. Illegal in the sense that you are committing copyright infringement every time you participate in this new format. Mp 3 is this file form...
    Free research essays on topics related to: recording industry, record industry, beastie boys, record labels, mp 3 files
  • Recording Industry Association Recording Companies
    3,028 words
    MP 3 s: Friend or Foe? MP 3 s, a breakthrough in technology or are they just another bomb waiting to explode on us? Some say they are good while others argue that they are not just bad, but horrific to musicians that want to make it to the top. MP 3 s are used widely by teenagers on their home computer, usually illegally and are constantly being threatened by the producer of the music. Billions of dollars are being lost due to the Internet craze of the MP 3 technology mainly because no one is bu...
    Free research essays on topics related to: hard drives, recording artist, recording companies, recording industry association, file format
  • Cd Sales Copyright Infringement
    977 words
    Napster: Company Meltdown? A nineteen-year-old entrepreneur, named Shawn Fanning, created Napster in 1999 as an elaborate plan to download music better from the Internet. Since its creation, Napster has caught on in the cyber world like wildfire. Ask any college student if he or she has heard of this company and you will hear a resounding YES! . Napster is a music file (MP 3) downloader for the Internet that allows users to find other users MP 3 s and downloads them directly from the other user ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: copyright infringement, cd sales, music industry, napster users, losing money
  • Record Labels Recording Industry
    1,489 words
    From the writings of Burke I get the understanding that he believes that representation is done through the idea of symbols; symbol making, symbol using and symbol misusing. He believes that we use language, that we use it best in a nonverbal way in which we all can understand. And that language verbal or not is the essential key to all representations through any lens or idea. He also believed that we invented the idea of anything to be negative and that we are what makes things negative. Simpl...
    Free research essays on topics related to: copyright infringement, music industry, recording industry, record companies, record labels
  • Millions Of Dollars Limp Bizkit
    2,080 words
    Napster: The affect on album sales Napster is a computer program written in 1998, by Shawn Fanning, while he was a student at Northeastern University. It allows us to download songs for free from other people that have the program. There has been a lot of debate on whether Napster helps or harms album sales. Several studies give us mixed signals on the impact of this music-sharing software. Music Executives, and artists like Dr. Dre and Metallica, believe that Napster is hurting the music indust...
    Free research essays on topics related to: napster users, record labels, limp bizkit, millions of dollars, studies suggest
  • Intellectual Property Rights Mp 3 Files
    2,056 words
    Napster Napster Napster s Battle Napster has become a part of all most every individuals vocabulary. It can be argued that Napster is the same blank tapes, meaning that both can record music from the original format and be used to play later. Also, people who think that Napster should be shut down say that it is taking money away from the artist and their royalties. It is subject debated; whether or not Napster has violated the copyright laws set forth by the record companies. This is to be dete...
    Free research essays on topics related to: napster users, recording industry, copyright laws, mp 3 files, intellectual property rights
  • Recording Industry Association U S Supreme Court
    1,808 words
    Back in the Napster Napster Back in the late 1970 s, out of nowhere, a college dropout created a computer operating system that changed the world and created the Microsoft empire. Today, a Boston-area college dropout s idea is transforming the way people think about technology and the Internet. All it took was a laptop, some solitude, and about 60 hours without sleep for 21 year old Shawn Fanning to become a one man info rave. His work, the file-sharing application called Napster, created during...
    Free research essays on topics related to: shawn fanning, recording industry association, industry association of america, u s supreme court, court of appeals
  • Mp 3 Files Breaking The Law
    1,268 words
    English 001 Section Napster Ryan Jacobson English 001 Section 1017 The Argument With Napster The Napster software (web), launched early in 1999, allows internet users to share and download MP 3 files directly from any computer connected to the Napster network. The software is used by downloading a program from the Napster site and then connecting to the network through this software, which allows sharing (uploading and downloading) of MP 3 files between all users connected to the network. While ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: recording industry, record labels, breaking the law, mp 3 files, napster users
  • Recording Industry Association Industry Association Of America
    1,413 words
    Napster Napster Vs. Riaa Argumentative Napster is: Not Violating Copyrights Going to be a Useful Tool for Musicians in the Future Copyright infringement has quickly become one of the most talked about issues of the internet. The most difficult aspect is defining its boundaries and pinpointing its limits. The distribution of music via Napster is a perfect example of a controversial issue that has sprouted due to copyright questions. Technically, Napster is not violating any copyright laws. Althou...
    Free research essays on topics related to: held responsible, music industry, recording companies, industry association of america, recording industry association
  • Millions Of People Napster Users
    905 words
    Shutting Down Napster is Not the Solution Almost everyone has heard of Napster and its long debated issue s of file swapping and sharing. Considering Napster s short-lived existence of about a year and a half, they have certainly opened many people s eyes. Some say the file swapping that Napster allows everyone to do is illegal; others says it s just another thing to do on the internet. Napster has done much good for the internet, adding one more good thing that the internet can do for us. Napst...
    Free research essays on topics related to: record companies, copyright infringement, millions of people, napster users, music industry

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