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  • Katherine Anne Porter Studies In Short Fiction
    1,017 words
    ... for her offspring (3320). The scene horrifies yet excites Miranda, and she refuses to accept the fur from the rabbit for her dolls. The sight of the young rabbits forces Miranda to realize the knowledge of the complexities of life and the birth process. Having seen, she felt at once as if she had known all along. The very memory of her former ignorance faded, she had always known just this (76). The meaning of life and fertility and of her own body begin to take shape in the little girls min...
    Free research essays on topics related to: short story, katherine anne porter, studies in short fiction, article talks, human mind
  • Lord Jesus Christ Spent Over Two Years Ephesians
    770 words
    Ephesians is to the epistles what John is to the Gospels: the most exalted and universal of them all. Paul probably wrote Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians and Philemon from prison in Rome around AD 60 or 62. Ephesians seems to be a letter for all the churches in the region Asia Minor), for it mentions no specific controversies in any local church. Instead, its topic is universal. Totally universal, in fact: We might call it Paul's treatise on "the cosmic Christ. " Ephesians, like life, is real...
    Free research essays on topics related to: colossians, lord jesus christ, universal, pauline, ephesians
  • Make Jim Suffer Paul Had Told Doc
    679 words
    Reading through the whole story Haircut, it is not easy to believe that the death of Jim Kendall is really accidental. It is most likely that the incident is a murder. Jim Kendall is not a man who is loved by people in that small town, although some people find his jokes funny as long as they are not on them. There are many examples of those on whom Jim always makes annoying jokes such as Milt who has got an Adams apple that looks more like a muskmelon Julie Gregg and especially Paul Dickson who...
    Free research essays on topics related to: kendall, doc, joke, stair, julie
  • Vice Principal Didnt Understand
    1,139 words
    The novel Dont Care High was written by Gordan Korman. This novel, as well as other novels he wrote were based partly on his experiences in high school, where he says, the only way to get through high school alive was by laughing. This novel relates to teenagers about high school and how their high school is different. Korman wrote his first novel at age 12, This Cant Be Happening at McDonald Hall. Korman graduated from New York University's Dramatic Writing Program. He now lives in New York Cit...
    Free research essays on topics related to: science fair, didnt understand, student body, vice principal, didnt care
  • D H Lawrence Mother And Father
    794 words
    Many essential steps must be implemented when taking a written story and turning it into a real life motion picture. D. H Lawrence, author of the short story The Rocking-Horse Winner depicts a common demon we all face; greed, society's need for more possessions and money often drives people to do drastic things. This is true in relation to a young boy named Paul who is growing up large unfriendly lavish house, with a mother and father who are obsessed with money and materialistic things. This re...
    Free research essays on topics related to: fairy tale, plot of the story, d h lawrence, short story, mother and father
  • Erich Maria Remarque Quiet On The Western Front
    1,597 words
    World War I was the first total war. Once the war began, the countries involved mobilized their entire populations and economic resources to achieve victory on the battlefield. The term home front, which was widely employed for the first time during World War I, perfectly symbolized this new concept of a war in which the civilian population behind the lines was directly and critically involved in the war effort. The war began as a clash between two coalitions of European countries. The first coa...
    Free research essays on topics related to: countries involved, erich maria remarque, central powers, quiet on the western front, austria hungary
  • Arrakis Lady Jessica Arrakis Lady Jessica And Paul Mother
    629 words
    This firsts starts off on the planet Canadian. There a young boy named Paul is half-asleep in his bed. He fully awakens to find his mother and another older woman talking. He over hears that he is on a royal bloodline and he will be trained to become a Mentat. His mother walks and so he lies still with his eyes closed and pretends that he is asleep. The next day he is brought to the old womans house. He passes a few tests and begins his training. Many people train him under his mother, Lady Jess...
    Free research essays on topics related to: planet, duke, fremen, dune, jessica
  • Willa Cather Willy Loman
    1,381 words
    The story Pauls Case by Willa Cather, and the play Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller both feature characters discontented with reality. Consequently, these characters, Paul and Willy Loman, respectively, exhibit similar behavioral patterns and elicit comparable reactions from their environment. Paul and Willy strive for an unattainable dream of wealth, power, and elegance, and fill their lives with lies in order to mislead themselves and others into believing they possess these attributes. Th...
    Free research essays on topics related to: red carnation, arthur miller, addison wesley, willy loman, willa cather
  • God And Jesus Love Of God
    1,273 words
    Love Within the Bible Christianity is represented through Bible as a belief where God is seen as a God of love. God gave away His Son, His Son gave away his life, and they together sent the Holy Spirit to rescue the sinners in order to help them reach happiness and peace. Practically, throughout the Bible God represents an example of loving by giving. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life (John 3: 16)....
    Free research essays on topics related to: love of god, god and jesus, unconditional love, holy spirit, point of view
  • Joe Jr Class Struggle
    310 words
    Book Review Eric T. LibeerPark Hill South High School Thursday, May 27, 1999 Book Review By Eric Linear Homeland, John Jakes formidable noel about the final explosive events of the nineteenth century, is the first in a series that will focus attention on a new Jakes family, the Crowns. Multiple Characters and settings are the norm for Jakes; however, this story rivets primary attention on Paul Crown, a young German immigrant. Paul leaves behind a Germany of cholera, poverty, and political upheav...
    Free research essays on topics related to: joe jr, jakes, book review, class struggle, joe
  • Acceptable Behavior Sex Life
    787 words
    The Paul Bernardo Paul Bernardo The urge shot through the mans body, uncontrollable, like sharks in a feeding frenzy. He could only quench his feverish desires by carrying out unspeakable devilish acts. The victim didnt matter, no thought was given to any implications of the satanic rituals. Several times Bernardo resorted to defecating of human beings in order to satisfy his sick and abnormal urges. Paul Bernardo's lustful and diverted sexual desires sprouted from the influence of pornography. ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: pauls, sex life, bernardo, acceptable behavior, fantasies
  • Quiet On The Western Front End Of The Movie
    627 words
    Movie: All Quiet on the Western Front In the movie All Quiet on the Western Front we see the boys almost innocent as they sit in class. The teacher in this scene is pressuring the boys to go to war. He preaches that it is their duty to fight. The teacher seems very pushy and strict. He is especially strict with Paul, the main character in the movie. In this particular scene, Paul is drawing a picture of a bird. In Pauls family they are glad that he is going to war. His family prays for him and t...
    Free research essays on topics related to: franz, albert, bird, end of the movie, quiet on the western front
  • Barn Burning Paul
    652 words
    CHARACTER COMPARISON OF PAUL FROM PAULS CASECHARACTER COMPARISON OF PAUL FROM PAULS CASE AND SARTY FROM BARN BURNING The stories? Barn Burning? written by William Faulkner and? Paul? s Case? written by Willa Cather both have two separate characters with very similar troubles. Each has a uniquely sad narrative. ? Barn Burning? is a sad story because it not only shows the classical struggle between the underprivileged and the privileged classes, but also the struggle between a father and his son, ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: father , barn burning, carnegie hall, de spain, paul
  • Paul Case Reading The Book
    631 words
    It is said that books are better then the movies created from books. I feel that the story and the film complement each other for Willa Cather? s short story, ? Pauls Case, ? is about a young, Calvinist man who did not feel that he belonged in his life. He lived on Cordelia Street in Pittsburgh, PA. Cordelia Street was littered with cookie cutter houses, suburbanite-like city-dwellers, and a general aura of despair. Pauls room was no different. Paul felt that his abusive father, uncaring teacher...
    Free research essays on topics related to: reading the book, paul case, character, cordelia street, concert hall
  • Guilt Because He Felt Childhood Was Affected Percy
    627 words
    Fifth Business In the essay Fifth Business, each of the main character traits is developed more and more clearly throughout their lives. Childhood characteristics are evident in the characters of Dunstan Ramsay, Percy Boyd Station and Paul Dempster. All paranoia, and memories of the town of Deptford are resurfaced in each of them after they all had left to start lives on their own. It was childhood that scared or marked them as people and the fact that parents often have influence on children so...
    Free research essays on topics related to: faced, dempster, dunstan, fifth business, percy
  • Rocking Horse Winner Mothers Love
    742 words
    Luck is the chance for things to go the way you want them to go with out having any control over the situation. When Paul confused luck with lucre, his mother explained luck is what causes you to have money lucre does mean money (403). Pauls continual confusion leads him to find his luck of knowing the winning horses. Paul is successful at reaching this goal and fulfilling his mothers definition of luck. However, he is extremely unlucky in not receiving his mothers love and approval, which all c...
    Free research essays on topics related to: horse, mothers love, luck, rocking horse winner, one thing
  • Knowledge Of God Gods Existence
    2,968 words
    Jesus: A Modern Sokrates Dialogue Sokrates, Lucretius, young student of Sokrates, Jesus, Paul, apostle of Jesus The Scene: Classical Athens Section 1. Meeting in Athens LUCRETIUS: I hear that the man from Jerusalem has arrived, Sokrates. The one whose followers so loudly denounce our city. SOKRATES: And me as well, Im told. My fellow Athenians dub me a gadfly, but these followers of Jesus hate me far more bitterly. LUCRETIUS: How strange, then, Sokrates, that this Jesus has come speak with you. ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: intuition, gods existence, human reason, knowledge of god, ive heard
  • Paul Mccartney John Lennon
    941 words
    Lennon/McCartney John Lennon and Paul McCartney are two of the greatest artists popular music has ever embraced. Their collaboration on early Beatles songs propelled the group to international fame. As the Beatles matured, however, the relationship between these two became more competitive than cooperative. They developed unique and surprisingly polar styles. In a 1980 Playboy interview John Lennon stated: You could say that (Paul) provided a lightness, an optimism, while I would always go for t...
    Free research essays on topics related to: john lennon, nice girl, paul mccartney, beatles, popular music
  • Loss Of Innocence Sons And Lovers
    1,602 words
    The setting for Montana 1948 is a small rural community where the pioneer family about which the tale evolves controls the law and the medicine. The plot for Montana 1948 is mixed with racial tension, sexual abuse and murder. The Hayden family is torn between justice and loyalty in this novel. The setting for Sons and Lovers is near a coal and iron field of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire in a small community where everyone keeps to themselves. In DH Lawrence's novel, Sons and Lovers and Larry Wa...
    Free research essays on topics related to: sons and lovers, racial tension, view of the world, loss of innocence, larry watson
  • Kingdom Of God Mosaic Law
    604 words
    Christianity is founded on the life and teachings of Jesus, a first century C. E. Jew. Christianity became an independent religion as it spread beyond its Palestinian borders. However, since during its first few decades, it was a sect within Judaism, there must be a relationship of Judaism to Christianity. In the independent religion, two elements of its doctrine are essentially Jewish. First, Jesus is the messiah, or anointed king, who is spoken of in Jewish prophetic writings. Second, the mess...
    Free research essays on topics related to: mosaic law, apocalyptic, kingdom of god, judaism, jewish law

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