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  • Perception Of Death Emily Dickinson
    1,109 words
    Since the dawn of time, death has been one of the greatest mysteries known to humankind. It has been anticipated, mourned, feared, welcomed, loathed, induced, and, through the poetry of Emily Dickinson, death has almost been explained. Dickinson's death-related poetic compositions reflect a metamorphosis of style and thought that distinguish her earlier work from that of her two later periods, and provide a means of understanding the mindset of the quasi-necrophobia poet, as well as an insight t...
    Free research essays on topics related to: physical aspects, emily dickinson, jesus christ, perception of death, holy spirit
  • High School I Played School I Played Rousseau
    1,956 words
    Henri Rousseau, the Dounier, as many people called him lived in a world of his own. It was a world filled with ghosts and goblins, eternal Sunday paintings, and simple worries. This world, I believe, I also share with Henri Rousseau. We are alike in many aspects of personality, talent, and friends. Not many people remind me of myself, but Rousseau is the only person to have done this. We are different in some aspects of our talents, because his lies in the arts while mine lie in sports. Our pers...
    Free research essays on topics related to: rousseau, tennis, paintings, banquet, arthurian legends
  • Due To The Fact Don Juan
    964 words
    Richard Strauss was born June 11, 1864 in Munich, Germany. The German composer-conductor is best known for his operas and tone poems. His father was Franz Strauss, one of Germany's leading horn players. Strauss's musical career began at the age of 4 when he learned how to play the piano. By the age of 6 he was composing and by the age of 11 he was studying theory and composition [ 5, par. 1870 ]. At the age of 20, he made his conducting debut in Munich. This led him to the Meiningen Court Orches...
    Free research essays on topics related to: strauss, don juan, opera, due to the fact, operas
  • Ludwig Van Beethoven Greatest Composers
    1,123 words
    We have witnessed and had the chance to hear many pieces from both classical and modern composers. Numerous composers have tried to match the style of one of the most prominent composers of the nineteenth century, but few have come close. We are speaking of the ever-famous Ludwig van Beethoven. Beethoven is one of the most famous composers of all times and always will be considered to be among the best. The rise of Beethoven into the ranks of history's greatest composers was paralleled and in so...
    Free research essays on topics related to: string quartets, nineteenth century, ludwig van beethoven, greatest composers, beethoven
  • Moses Und Aron Twelve Tone Technique Schoenberg
    761 words
    Arnold Schoenberg was born on September 13, 1874, to a Jewish family in Vienna. He taught himself composition, with help in counterpoint from the Austrian composer Alexander Zemlinsky, and in 1899 produced his first major work, the tone poem Verklrte Nacht (Transfigured Night) for string sextet. In 1901 he married Zemlinsky's sister Mathilde, with whom he had two children. The couple moved to Berlin, where for two years Schoenberg earned a living by orchestrating operettas and directing a cabare...
    Free research essays on topics related to: schoenberg, los angeles, string, composition, twelve
  • Fell In Love Main Theme
    1,471 words
    Frederic Francois Chopin was born in Zelazowa-Will, near Warsaw, Poland. No one is exactly sure about his birth date; he was born on February 22 or March 1, 1810. He was very gifted when it came to music and was playing the piano in public by the time he was eight years old. Soon after that he was composing music! When he was about sixteen, he studied at the Warsaw Conservatory and went to school there from 1826 to 1829. He left Poland in 1830 and settled in Paris in 1831. He lived in Paris for ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: main theme, piano, fell in love, world book, chopin
  • Michael And Marion Lack Of Understanding Play
    945 words
    Amidst the hustle and bustle of Greenwich Village, New York, is Abingdon Square where the story of Marion's teenage immaturity turns into an adult drama. When Juster, a fifty year old man, and Marion, a fifteen year old girl, decide to unite in matrimony under the face of love, the play begins. They live together with Michael, Juster's son from a previous marriage. Michael and Marion are the same age. As one would expect, this unusual family's existence set in motion a rather morbid series event...
    Free research essays on topics related to: square, marion, cummings, michael, lack of understanding
  • Description And Analysis Of Oratorio Art Song
    915 words
    This article will give a description of what an Oratorio and Art-Song are. It will also inform you on the stylistic characteristics, a summary on the historical background and a brief outline on the composers who helped develop and excelled in these styles of fantastic vocal music. Oratorio is based upon a substantial story of a religious or spiritual character. It is written for solo voices, chorus and orchestra and is often performed in churches or concert halls. Oratorio resembles an opera bu...
    Free research essays on topics related to: vocal, romantic era, composers, oratorio, time period
  • York Times Apr 2005
    1,010 words
    ... rent early success occurred at his Paris debut in April 1924. This performance was arranged by Pablo Casals. The audience included a circle of musical celebrities like Paul Dukas, Manuel Dc Falla and Madam Deputy. They loved him immediately. His reputation became international. In January 1928 he appeared at Town Hall In New York City (Cumpiano, William). Here is the article written by the New York Times: The fame of Andr " es Segovia, the Spanish guitarists whose name has been a prominent o...
    Free research essays on topics related to: york times, apr 2005, olin, instrument, guitar
  • Martin Luther Sound Recording
    865 words
    Josquin's music influenced many people. Adriaan Petit Coclicus, who was one of Josquin's students, published a method in 1552 entitled Compendium music, based on Josquin's teachings. He referred to Josquin as "princeps musi corum" which means "main writer of music. " Another person which Josquin influenced was the German reformer Martin Luther. Mr. Luther had his own views on music and how it relates to education. He believed that music could influence behavior. He also believed that there is a ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: western music, sound recording, martin luther, luther, renaissance
  • Kurt Cobain Gave Birth
    1,437 words
    Pop Music and Me: Music of the 1990 's Grunge was the popular style of our juvenile age. We got used to it when we were teenagers. Grunge shaped our culture, our world outlook and our viewpoints. The phenomenon of grunge is worth our attention to observe. We listened to Nirvana and Pearl Jam. We idolized Kurt Cobain and his songs. We loved grunge when we were teenagers and we dont shift our ground until now. Grunge is interesting by the fact that it didnt bring anything completely innovative int...
    Free research essays on topics related to: musical, gave birth, musical style, kurt cobain, pop music
  • Symphony No 3 Charles Ives Music
    638 words
    Born in Danbury, Connecticut on October 20, 1874, Charles Ives pursued what is perhaps one of the most extraordinary and paradoxical careers in American music history. Businessman by day and composer by night, Ives vast output has gradually brought him recognition as the most original and significant American composer of the late 19 th and early 20 th centuries. Inspired by transcendentalist philosophy, Ives sought a highly personalized musical expression through the most innovative and radical ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: composer, ives, symphony, musical, compositions
  • Harmonies And Rhythms Chopin Chopin Music
    357 words
    Chopin was Chopin Chopin Chopin was a Polish-born composer, one of the masters of piano composition. He wrote chamber music which is music for small groups of instruments, songs, and pieces for piano and orchestra. But his fame rests almost entirely on his more than 200 compositions for solo piano. He was born in Zelazowa-Will, near Warsaw. He played the piano in public when he was only 8 years old. He began to write music soon afterward. Chopin studied at the Warsaw Conservatory from 1826 to 18...
    Free research essays on topics related to: chopin, pieces, solo, polish, piano
  • Mangan Sister Third Person Point
    834 words
    Differences In Points Of View Between James Differences In Points Of View Between James Joyce's Short Stories Araby And Counterparts There are many techniques that authors use to communicate their intentions for writing a work. Each of these literary techniques has their own purpose in influencing how the reader perceives what he or she reads. James Joyce is no exception in relation to the use of literary techniques that enhance his compositions. Although there are several different techniques u...
    Free research essays on topics related to: mangan sister, points of view, third person point, point of view, first person point
  • Avant Garde Lady Macbeth
    1,557 words
    Dmitri Dimitri Shostakovich Dmitri Shostakovich Dmitri Shostakovich, born on September 25, 1905, started taking piano lessons from his mother at the age of nine after he showed interest in a string quartet that practiced next door. He entered the Petrograd (formerly St. Petersburg, later Leningrad) Conservatory in 1919, where he studied the piano with Leonid Nikolayev until 1923 and composition until 1925 with Aleksandr Glazunov and Maksimilian Steinberg. He participated in the Chopin Internatio...
    Free research essays on topics related to: avant garde, string quartet, symphony, lady macbeth, soviet union
  • Attempted To Catch Ballet Dancers Degas
    347 words
    Degas Edgar was a French painter. His compositions, skillful drawings, and perceptive analysis of movement made him one of the greatest artists of modern art in the late 19 th century. Degas is usually classed with the impressionists and exhibited his work in seven of the eight impressionist exhibitions. However, even though he was classed as an impressionist, his training in classical drafting and his dislike of painting directly from nature created a style that represented a related alternativ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: ballet, studied, impressionist, degas, impressionists
  • Form Of Music Middle Ages
    1,243 words
    Most of the early music that we have today still in print is primarily sacred music. This music, for the most part, is in the form of sections of the Mass, such as the Gloria, Kyrie and Agnus Dei. Most people of the Middle Ages were poor peasants who worked all day for meager wages and had no idle time lounging the way the upper classes did. Therefore, there are few extant secular compositions of music from this era. The rise of a new middle class, however, gave financial freedom for some people...
    Free research essays on topics related to: modern day, secular music, form of music, middle ages, time period
  • Johann Sebastian Bach Bach Cantatas Music
    657 words
    Johann Sebastian Bach Johann Sebastian Bach was born March 21, 1685, in Eisnach, East Germany. Unfortunately, Bach was declared an orphan at the young age of ten. He moved in with his oldest brother, Johann Christoph who lived in Ohrdruf. At age 15, he enrolled in Saint Michaels Church, where he sang in the choir. He stayed there for two years. Soon after he left the school, he became an organist at Saint Boniface Church, then at Saint Blasius Church. In 1717 he was employed as a court organist,...
    Free research essays on topics related to: saint, johann sebastian bach, bach's, cantatas, bach
  • Marine Corps Gilded Age
    1,008 words
    Zeitgeist: John Philip Sousa Artists do not create in a vacuum. They reflect their times or at the very least are affected by the lives they lead which are also influenced by the public sphere. The term for this reflection is? Zeitgeist. ? It literally means? spirit of the times. ? John Philip Sousa and his works can be classified under this term of? Zeitgeist. ? Most of Sousa? s music was composed during a period known as the gilded age. This period is known for its gross materialism and blatan...
    Free research essays on topics related to: music, gilded age, american people, civil war, marine corps
  • Matisse First One Figure
    459 words
    A special chapter in the history of modern sculpture could be devoted to artists who are known primarily for their careers as painters, but who have also made groundbreaking contributions to the understanding of three-dimensional form. Henri Matisse, celebrated as one of this century's greatest colorists, is also now recognized for the brilliant invention he brought to his sculptural compositions. Born in La Cateau-Cambr? sis, in northern France, Matisse first studied law before taking up painti...
    Free research essays on topics related to: executed, sculptural, compositions, matisse, matisse's

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