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  • Effects Of Smoking Tobacco Companies
    1,131 words
    ... outwork Staff Miscellaneous: The tobacco industry: liable for its consumers 2000 - 07 - 30 The Tobacco Industry: Liable for it's Consumers? Should the tobacco industry be held liable for illness and death caused by smoking? Currently, the Federal government is looking into this in numerous court cases, scientific studies, and a never-ending battle between national health, and the big tobacco giants. But to make an educated opinion, both sides of the argument must be heard. We hear about it a...
    Free research essays on topics related to: joe camel, effects of smoking, smoking causes, tobacco industry, tobacco companies
  • Library Of Congress Taco Bell
    1,416 words
    Do the names Spic, Greaser, Nigger, Jap, or China have a familiar ring to them? Well, these horrible slurs are all too common to the ears of many American minorities. The same people that work together, play together, vote together, and even sleep together are being taught by hundreds of ads to categorize differences among all Americans in ways that are becoming offensive. In addition to issues concerning the Spanish Speaking Peoples Congress, the repeal of desegregation acts and the demise of A...
    Free research essays on topics related to: library of congress, ethnic groups, taco bell, spanish speaking, sell products
  • Eating Disorder Physical Attractiveness
    728 words
    The average women sees four hundred to six hundred advertisements per day, and by the time she is over seventeen years old, she has received over 250, 000 commercial messages through the media (Dittrich). Advertisers often emphasize the importance of physical attractiveness in an attempt to sell the products. Researchers are concerned that this places unneeded pressure on women to focus on their appearance. Also, researchers suggest advertising may directly impact womens body image, which can le...
    Free research essays on topics related to: body images, physical attractiveness, average american, eating disorder, physical appearance
  • Soft Drink Industry Coca Cola
    1,134 words
    There are very few corporations that hold such world popularity like the Coca-Cola Company. The trademark of Coca-Cola is by far one of the worlds most popular brand names. Coca-Cola dominates the product industry and sets a standard of competition not easily met. Research shows that the trademark is recognized by over 94 % of the worlds population and is the most widely recognized word following OK. Cokes original formula was conceived in the late 19 th Century. It original business began as a ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: coca cola, advertising campaigns, cola, soft drink industry, coke
  • Reader Attention Pharmaceutical Companies
    1,170 words
    One of the most innovative trends in print advertising is medicine advertisement. The content of these particular advertisements (ads) are intriguing to me. I intend to analyze five medicinal ads to find the tools used by advertisers and to explore the positive and negative aspects of advertising medicine through print ads for the public. The people who develop ads to market prescription medicine products must have an inkling of what the reader wants to see. For instance, the ads in a parenting ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: pharmaceutical companies, ads, side effects, reader attention, one ad
  • Popular Culture Future Generations
    753 words
    American Traditions of Civic Faith 1. Everyday we sit in our homes desiring goods and services that we do not need or may not even want, and discussing issues that have little or no importance to our lives other than to make small talk. Everyday we work hard to buy stuff that is better or at least equal to what society considers normal. We are fashioning ourselves to be boringly equal cogs in one giant corporate machine, and in turn, are losing our culture to business and propaganda. When a new ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: future generations, traditions, popular culture, losing, commercialism
  • Sense Of This Word Yada Yada
    1,317 words
    Marketing Development In order for the Bev Co to come up with proper advertisement strategy for its newly developed beverage, the brand management team needs to learn about principles, upon which the advertisement campaign of Bev Cos competitors is based. As a good example of what managing creativity can accomplish, we will refer to Vitamin Water, produced by Glaceau. Products advertisement can be found at web 1. Vitamin Water design is meant to appeal to the liberal minded White yuppies, who co...
    Free research essays on topics related to: advertisement, vitamin, sense of this word, white people, yada yada
  • Socio Political Front Page
    1,054 words
    Newspaper Analysis The Daily Express is a good example of newspaper, which is slowly turning yellow, even though that now it is clearly associated with the political right wing. Nevertheless, the social dynamics within Britain, affect newspaper content. In order to prove this statement, we will analyze one of the most recent issues of Daily Express Online, from February 15, 2007. At first glance, Daily Express appears to be a newspaper, which focuses the most of its attention on covering issues ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: front page, socio political, newspaper, apparently, february 15
  • Media Control By Noam Chomsky
    1,225 words
    Media Control by Noam Chomsky Noam Chomsky wastes no time and begins his work with his definition of the concept of democracy. He states, ... Let me begin by counter-posing two different conceptions of democracy. One conception of democracy has it that a democratic society is one in which the public has the means to participate in some meaningful way in the management of their own affairs and the means of information are open and free. An alternative conception of democracy is that the public mu...
    Free research essays on topics related to: mass media, domestic politics, belief systems, red scare, noam chomsky
  • Absolut Vodka Ice Silhouette Absolut Vodka Ice Silhouette Woman Liquor
    367 words
    ADVERTISEMENT ANALYSIS Advertisements goal is mainly to communicate to an audience. But the goal does not stop with the mere conveyance of a message. Ads have the main objective of arresting audiences attention. Brand of the product is the value proposition between the user and the unique experience offered by the product (Rich Humnabadkar, Mather and Vogel). Brands display a vital relationship with its design. In the same manner, the designs of ads are also relevant to the culture and experienc...
    Free research essays on topics related to: ads, liquor, drinks, brand, silhouette
  • Health And Safety External Factors
    1,007 words
    Public education is a large and diverse system in the United States of America. An important division of this system EMS is responsible for development and implementation of various safety programs with the aim of saving many lives and minimizing the chances of medical and trauma emergencies. To plan an effective public education system for an area, the knowledge of the geography plays a critical role. An effective public education plan must be prepared after a careful research of the problems o...
    Free research essays on topics related to: education programs, public education, external factors, health and safety, community relations
  • Sources Cited Positive Image
    536 words
    University: Lecturer: Course: Date: Benefits and drawback of writing business reports using the direct approach Abstract The direct approach is a type of writing where the main ideas in a business are placed on the lead. The purpose of this is to ensure that clarity and conciseness is maintained. It is a simple and faster way of communicating messages to all the stakeholders of the business. The benefits realized from this method include an enhanced business image and better persuasion of potent...
    Free research essays on topics related to: messages, presentation, positive image, july 2009, 2009
  • Product Or Service Calvin Klein
    1,529 words
    Today we all live in the consumerist type of the society, which is heavily concerned with the type of things we own, consume, and do. Many of the international gigantic companies are making use of the above, and oftentimes are exploiting the behavior of their customers and clients for the pure sake of own benefit and prosperity. In this essay I will focus on the negative effects on the society, in particular on the exploitation of customers feelings or beliefs, of the modern advertising and mark...
    Free research essays on topics related to: cigarette advertising, product or service, calvin klein, cigarette ads, joe camel
  • Yin And Yang Feminine Qualities
    870 words
    Big Girls Boys Don t Cry Taking A Stand Essay Number One Jaime Kozlowski 187 - 62 - 0771 Freshman English: ENC 1101 T/TR 8: 00 9: 15 CPR 301 -F Instructor: Tanja Diederich 22 September 1998 Strong, fearless, and tough describe the 90 s idea of a perfect or stereotypical man. The roles a man holds in society today include: the protector and the shoulder to cry on. For a male to show emotion labels him as weak and sometimes homosexual. In the 90 s, advertisements use extremely muscular men to appe...
    Free research essays on topics related to: yin and yang, young american, american men, feminine qualities, american culture
  • Youth And Beauty Eating Disorders
    1,086 words
    We, the American public are hit from every imaginable direction every waking moment of our lives by slick advertising agencies trying to coerce us into or tell us why we need to buy their products. Their products will make us happier or thinner, or prettier. The advertisers often use the picture of youth and vitality so that the public will associate that particular product or service with being young and beautiful. They do this because of course in our society youth and beauty are to be coveted...
    Free research essays on topics related to: five percent, eight percent, lose weight, youth and beauty, eating disorders
  • Thousand Six Hundred Olympic Games
    447 words
    Donna Jirkovsky Professor Miller Media and Society Monday, September 25 th 2000 How the Media Effects my Life One thousand six hundred and eighteen minutes. One thousand six hundred and eighteen was spent by me, on my computer, in three days. That seems to be a lot of time when you think about it, probably just about twenty seven hours. How could all that time be spent at as single machine like a PC. One of the best features of the PC is that you can use many different media forms at one time. I...
    Free research essays on topics related to: thousand six hundred, one thousand, nbc, olympic games, olympic
  • Gender Role Todays Society
    936 words
    Hunger as Ideology Gender role in advertising has been the main theme of 20 th Century's World Advertising. It seems like all we see these days are advertising, which use the human body and sexuality to sell all kinds of products. The advertising for ideology in regards to the concept of gender role is virtually to attract the attention from audiences because ideology in advertising could give a clear direction to the people. The gender role could be found in many cases of food advertisements, w...
    Free research essays on topics related to: gender role, todays society, stereotype, visual image, body shape
  • Easily Accessible Television Shows
    671 words
    Ethical Issues in Marketing 1 I believe that a Company has the obligation in all cases of R-rated movies to make it aware to the public what actual events in the movie give it that R- rating. Whether it is because of language, nudity, violence, or all of them included. This should be made easily accessible to the parents or children that go and see the movies. They should also make why and how much of the explicit content is shown throughout the film. Parents should be informed of this so they c...
    Free research essays on topics related to: explicit content, easily accessible, television shows, movie industry, young children
  • Spice Girls Younger Kids
    1,468 words
    The media affects everyone in one way or another. Some affects are strong and some are weak, but it? s always there. Nobody can get away from the media, there are too many forms of it hidden in many different disguises. It can come in the the form of television, radio, newspapers, magazines, movies, posters, billboards, and even books. There is no hiding from it, but it? s not always a bad thing that media is so accessible either. It does have a positive side; T. V. shows can help a person learn...
    Free research essays on topics related to: younger kids, mass marketing, spice girls, role models, brand names
  • Mass Media Public Opinion
    575 words
    The media and advertising hinder do indeed hinder our being fully human. Mass media including radio, television and newspapers endeavors to shape public opinion on a variety of things. The media attempts to manipulate those values instilled by parents and society in general, thus taking away from our being human. Messages designed to influence peoples attitudes, desires and decisions fall upon society urging those people to buy a certain product, vote for a certain political figure, or support a...
    Free research essays on topics related to: fully, public opinion, messages, mass media, general public

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