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  • Andrea Gail Perfect Storm
    408 words
    " The Perfect Storm, directed by Wolfgang Petersen (Das Boot, Air Force One) tells the dramatic events that resulted from a phenomenal storm formation in the North Atlantic region in 1991. Based on a true story, The Perfect Storm follows the "Andrea Gail", a fishing boat that left Gloucester, Massachusetts and headed directly into the eye of a hurricane of unexampled proportions. Realizing his fishermen were underpaid and overworked, Captain Billy Tyne decides to make the last fishing expedition...
    Free research essays on topics related to: andrea gail, andrea, captain, storm, perfect storm
  • Critical Analysis Of Citizen Kane By Orson Welles
    798 words
    Directed, produced and starring Orson Welles, Citizen Kane is famous for the many remarkable scenes, cinematic and narrative techniques which help to revolutionized the film industry. Written by Welles and Herman J. Mankiewicz, filmed by Gregg Toland, Kane is brilliantly crafted remembrances of Mr. Bernstein's investigations. Kane draws much of its magnetism from its deviation from classic ideals and its ability to start new ones. Welles uses film as an art form to communicate and display a narr...
    Free research essays on topics related to: kane's, kane, citizen kane, citizen, welles
  • Song Of Roland Seven Years
    1,674 words
    Charles the Great invaded Spain in the year 778. He had been invited in by the governor of the strategic city of Zaragoza, who had promised to turn the city over to him. He entered through a pass in the western Pyrenees Mountains and marched through the lands of the Basques, a people who had managed to maintain their freedom from Muslim domination and who were not too pleased with the Franks entering their land without even asking permission. Charles took care of their objections by seizing host...
    Free research essays on topics related to: charlemagne, roland, seven years, three times, song of roland
  • Pearl Harbour Room 101
    937 words
    When we were first told that we could do Room 101 all these thoughts suddenly came rushing into my head about all the things that I would love the shut in a room (just like when you push all that dirty washing under your bed when youre my tells you to put in the machine), as there were so many I decided to tell you my top six! As a consequence by the end of my essay I hope that you to will want these things locked away and never heard of again. My first hate is of sore losers who, when ever they...
    Free research essays on topics related to: bob, pearl harbour, room 101, 101, arent
  • Freedom Of Thought Ray Bradbury
    1,107 words
    In Ray Bradbury's book Fahrenheit 451, showed a dystopian society in which owning books is illegal. The general nature of the society is based on destruction and emotionless, broken families. Bradbury conveys this world in a way that one cannot help but to read it as disturbing fiction. However, upon looking at our own world, we see our limits and standards for acceptable reading material close tighter around the neck of literary freedom. People are advised to not read books that have correct hi...
    Free research essays on topics related to: challenged, teaching evolution, middle school, freedom of thought, ray bradbury
  • Turns Into Color People Of Pleasantville Parker
    957 words
    Pleasantville was written and directed by Gary Ross in the year 1998. The story starts in the present day America. Two teenage siblings David and Jennifer, suddenly find themselves stuck in one of the old 1950 s sitcoms. They are the children of idealistic and perfect parents Mr. And Mrs. Parker. David known as bud in the town of Pleasantville was a keen watcher of this show. He was well aware of all the people and characters of this new place. Jennifer however, who was to meet her date was inte...
    Free research essays on topics related to: parker, ross, gary, present day, bud
  • Buddhist Teaching Southeast Asian
    1,133 words
    In keeping with their emphasis on the oldest and most fundamental teachings, Theravada Buddhists produce only a narrow range of Buddhist imagery. Nearly every Southeast Asian Buddha image is made in one of these postures (mudras) that can easily be identified by the position of the hands: Dispelling Fear: Hand raised with palm facing outwards and fingers extended in a universal gesture of protection, benevolence, and peace. Teaching: Hand raised with palm facing outwards and index finger forming...
    Free research essays on topics related to: buddha, buddhists, southeast asian, buddhist teaching, buddhist
  • Act Iv Scene Scene I Lines
    994 words
    The supernatural forces are the skeletal structure of William Shakespeare's Macbeth; it was this dark presence that added an element of suspense and a much-needed escape from the mundane for the audience. Moreover the atmosphere and aura the dark forces create are the backbone of the subplot and are the instruments that bring about revelations in character, plot and the hatred society had towards forces they didnt understand. Undoubtedly the under lining of the plot is highlighted with events th...
    Free research essays on topics related to: act iv scene, supernatural forces, weird sisters, scene i lines, second half
  • Shakespeare Tragic Hero In Macbeth And Hamlet
    899 words
    In Shakespeare's tragedies, one element is consistent- the tragic hero. Each tragic hero shares certain traits that contribute to his tragedy. They possess a fault that will eventually lead to their demise. Shakespeare's tragic hero is a man of noble birth who falls from a position of honor and respect due to a flaw in his character. Hamlet and Macbeth are portrayed as tragic heroes through their nobility, tragic flaws, and errors in judgment. During the first scenes of Shakespeare's plays Hamle...
    Free research essays on topics related to: flaw in his character, tragic flaws, noble macbeth, tragic hero, kill claudius
  • End Of The Book Gregor Father
    1,853 words
    Throughout The Metamorphosis, there are many scenes in which Gregor's father acts very aggressive and violent. However, there are other scenes where Gregor's father seems lazy and weak. Gregor's father changes throughout the whole book, but for the most part, the author portrays him as a power-hungry, and lethargic tyrant. During the countless hours in his room, Gregor recalled the days before his metamorphosis. Now his father was still healthy, certainly, but he was an old man who had not worke...
    Free research essays on topics related to: gregor life, end of the book, gregor, first scene, gregor father
  • Characters In The Film Give The Audience Struggle
    641 words
    In the film Alive, struggle is shown in a very explicit and raw sense; it shows how many different ways people deal with struggle. A European rugby team crashes down in the Andes, and they each struggle with the instant physical change in their own way. This film is very different in the way it presents struggle. Most of the film shots are medium-close, and the music is fairly constant. Thus it is up to the actors to present struggle within the film. The director uses many different techniques t...
    Free research essays on topics related to: evoked, director, pathos, crash, rugby
  • Counterpoint Within Shakespeare Twelfth Night
    969 words
    Shakespeare uses counterpoint throughout Twelfth Night to create an interesting story that captures the reader's attention. Counterpoint is a technique that incorporates multiple scenes happening simultaneously. These several scenes come together at the end of the work to produce a harmonious finish to an action-packed and appealing plot. In Twelfth Night these concurrent proceedings generate many misconceptions which provide the comical, somewhat ironic part of the play. The "love triangle" eff...
    Free research essays on topics related to: twelfth night, falls in love, sir toby, sir andrew, love triangle
  • Politics In Films House Of Cards And Reds
    1,054 words
    ... to make of it what they will. This is very different from the character of Jack Reed in Reds who is also deliberate, but straight forward too. In Reds, the background world changes a lot throughout the course of the story. The film starts out in Portland where Jack Reed and Louise meet, and we immediately see a transition in the film. Jack convinces her to go with him across the country to New York City. They travel to Greenwich Village, a small liberal neighborhood in the city where free sp...
    Free research essays on topics related to: louise, visually, reed, politically, reds
  • Lends Credence First Act Hamlet
    914 words
    Hamlet is fundamentally a play about seeking the truth. The opening scene is a miniature play which introduces the questions that will have to be answered throughout the rest of the work. Barnardo asks, "Who's there?" and is answered by Fransisco with, "Nay, answer me. Stand and unfold yourself" (1. 1. 1 - 2). The entire plot is encapsulated in these words, with Hamlet struggling to know who is really standing across from him, and with his own unfolding of himself to the audience. Thus Hamlet wi...
    Free research essays on topics related to: armor, clothes, hamlet's, madness, first act
  • Incl Briar Briar
    879 words
    For this piece of work I have been asked to write about the comparisons between the film and book of Great Expectations. The film was directed by David Lean, and he chose to change some features of the book in his film. Although many are insignificant, there are a few that changed the plot quite a bit. One of the major differences was that the character of Orlick, who plays a big role in the book, was not in the film. Because he was not there, Mrs. Joe cannot be attacked, she just dies of an &in...
    Free research essays on topics related to: briar , charles dickens, miss havisham, incl briar , visual effects
  • Ethan And Mattie Ethan Frome
    1,097 words
    It was almost as if the other face, the face of the superseded woman, had obliterated that of the intruder. Here, Ethan is horrified while seeing Zeena s face in her rocking chair instead of Mattie s. Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton is a book of love, hate, and tragedy but more so, it is a novel that is very similar to the Gothic Style of writing. In essence, a gothic novel is a type of fiction that includes mysterious and supernatural events that is intended to frighten or terrify the reader. As y...
    Free research essays on topics related to: gothic novels, edith wharton, ethan frome, ethan and mattie, elm tree
  • Table Or Bench Reverend Parris Made
    608 words
    The Crucible was written by Arthur Miller and, in the Northern production, directed by Deborah Barton-Moore. The play is set in Salem, Massachusetts, 1692, where suspicions of witchcraft were floating around the town air. The play opens with Betty Parris sick in bed, and Reverend Parris tending to her, and wondering what made her so sick. Soon Abigail Williams saunters in, and through much probing, Reverend Parris eventually finds out that she, Tituba, Susanna Walcott and Betty were all involved...
    Free research essays on topics related to: betty, reverend parris, parris, reverend, abigail
  • Death Of A Salesman Loman Family
    419 words
    Death of a Salesman by Kyle Pearce All throughout Arthur Miller s play Death of a Salesman, tension and falseness has been displayed by each of the characters but near the end of Act 1, it has become more evident than ever. The family, awoken by Willy in the middle of the night, gathered in the kitchen for their first confrontation. Each character in the play hides their real personalities and emotions, which creates chaos because they do not really know their own family or themselves. Therefore...
    Free research essays on topics related to: death of a salesman, act 1, loman family, linda, willy
  • Othello Must Experience Forgotten As Othello Desdemona
    1,086 words
    From out first introduction to him, to the point at which he strangles his wife, Othello undergoes a remarkable change. How does this happen and how do you explain it? Our first impressions of Othello in this play are of him as a noble a courageous man. He is portrayed as a simple soldier. He also seems to have a very positive relationship with Iago. Along side those positive images Shakespeare prepares us for the evil deeds that Othello will commit later in the play. For example, if he were a m...
    Free research essays on topics related to: iago, eternal damnation, othello, desdemona, othello's
  • Fair Lady Box Office
    510 words
    is an element of comedy in the s There tory Pygmalion and in the film My Fair Lady. In the play and the film alike, a woman of the streets named Liza Doolittle is transformed from a dirty low-life from the streets to a respectable high-class woman in only six months by two wealthy gentlemen named Higgins and Pickering. Pickering challenged Higgins to make this young girl a respectable lady and this becomes the object of the story, which is filled with several comical scenes dealing with the chan...
    Free research essays on topics related to: fair lady, high class, higgins, liza, box office

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