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  • Real Estate Agents Percent Earned
    588 words
    Buying or selling a house or an apartment is one of the biggest decisions of a person's life. And when selling or establishing a price for real estate, people seek out real estate agents to do the dirty work. A real estate agent has to convince a prospective homeowner that he or she is trustworthy and knowledgeable. In many ways, the agent acts as a counselor to individuals and families about to embark on a huge commitment. Real estate agents have a thorough knowledge or real estate market in th...
    Free research essays on topics related to: estate, agent, agents, percent earned, real estate agents
  • Long Term Young People
    407 words
    Consumers are becoming increasingly demanding and sophisticated in their service requirements and expectations, and able to defend their bargaining stance / purchase position. The product under analysis is a rail travel discount card Railcard. The main marketing objective is to attract new customers, young people and students allowing them to save money and increase the average number of journeys made by them. Customer service therefore plays a pivotal role in relationship marketing. Absence of ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: attract, segmentation, holders, young people, long term
  • Socio Cultural Advertising Agencies
    1,320 words
    I. Introduction The UK advertising industry has been at the forefront of the global market for several years now and is set to stay that way. The reason the advertising industry in the U. K has become world leader is due to a number of factors, primarily due to the strong economic structure in the U. K at present, but also a result of a number of political, economic and commercial events that have required active promotion. British advertising has gained a reputation over the past years as being...
    Free research essays on topics related to: advertising agencies, socio cultural, holding companies, advertising industry, digital television
  • Shifting Technology From Pagers To Cellular Phones
    1,159 words
    ... difference between analog and digital cellular? Commercials about a 100 % digital network scream from the TV. Print advertisements' black ink blare the magic of "digital" wireless services. More and more wireless services are touting the benefits of an all digital network. So what exactly is the big deal with digital and how does it compare to analog cellular technology? Here's a look at where digital and its predecessor cellular technology came from and where's it going so you can decide if...
    Free research essays on topics related to: wireless services, mobile phones, cellular phones, cell phones, cellular telephone
  • Fast Food Industry Pizza Hut
    1,204 words
    ... 0 billion for the 500, 000 restaurants in the U. S. in 1997. The U. S. restaurant industry grew 5. 2 percent in 1997. Six major segments make up the fast food segment of the food service industry. Sandwich chains, like McDonald's and Wendy's are the number one segment, followed by dinner houses, such as Applebee's and Red Lobster. Pizza chains are ranked third. Out of all the pizza chains, Pizza Hut has the largest market share, 46 %, followed by Domino's with 21. 7 %. International sales ha...
    Free research essays on topics related to: overhead costs, fast food industry, competitive advantages, pizza hut, mountain dew
  • Premium Ice Cream Ben Amp Jerry
    1,046 words
    INTRODUCTION Haagen-Dazs were the pioneers in the market for creating distinctive and indulgent taste experiences by marketing to an untapped segment - the adult ice cream lovers. The Haagen-Dazs brand quickly developed a loyal following. Its early success was created by word of mouth and praise. Without the benefit of advertising the story of an incredibly rich and creamy confection spread rapidly. At first, it was only available at gourmet shops but soon distribution expanded In 1983 Haagen-Da...
    Free research essays on topics related to: ben amp jerry, ice creams, premium ice cream, haagen dazs, super premium ice
  • Cutting Edge Data Storage
    1,108 words
    ... Look at the demand! ! Not only is there a shortage in workers, but the firms who do outsource IT say that it is something that they like. 42 % have become more reliant on outsourcing IT specialist. With this problem of a shortage in workers, companies like Schwab & Co. have attacked the problem head on and have helped lead the field in combating the problem of outsourcing and worker deficiency. "With an IT workforce of 4, 000 and a history of deploying cutting-edge technologies, Schwab h...
    Free research essays on topics related to: service provider, data storage, cutting edge, outsourcing, 2000 p
  • Analysis Of How Microsoft Should Spend Its Cash
    1,041 words
    Microsoft has a nasty problem: figuring out what to do with $ 31. 6 billion in cash. We can picture a sleep-deprived Bill Gates and a red-eyed Steve Ballmer toiling away night after night, trying to get Microsoft out of this predicament. It must be tough. So we decided to help them out by making a few suggestions on how Microsoft should spend its cash hoard. We " re going to propose a variety of acquisitions. While the company hasn't historically had an acquisitive culture, that seems to be chan...
    Free research essays on topics related to: 7 billion, million users, software developer, great plains, 1 billion
  • Major Problems Small Businesses
    405 words
    International Business Machines, better known as IBM started out as Computing Tabulating Recording Company in the 1890 's. Their corporate name changed to IBM in 1917 and now has become the world's top provider of computer hardware. IBM's long-term success can be attributed to serving many of the world largest, most important firms. In the early 1980 's the PC was introduced and made its way into homes, schools and small businesses. However, despite the success of the PC, IBM was experiencing ma...
    Free research essays on topics related to: major problems, computer hardware, long term, world largest, small businesses
  • Gdp Growth Labor Force
    1,281 words
    The economy of Thailand, until recently, has been the model of progress and growth in southeast Asia. At present, the Thai economy is slowly recovering from the recent regional downturn. However, much of Thailand's economic trouble could have been avoided. The problems encountered will be outlined in order to provide a model of what not to do in a similar situation. Thailand's recent history has been one continuo's trend of GDP growth. In the 1950 s, the Thai economy managed to grow at an averag...
    Free research essays on topics related to: gdp growth, economic growth, foreign capital, labor force, capital goods
  • 19 Th Century Labor Unions
    1,046 words
    The growth of labor unions around the world have provided a more secure work environment for many workers. This was not always the case. Still today many workers are not receiving the proper payment or working conditions. Labor Union is an association of workers that seeks to improve the economic and social well being of its members through group action. A labor union represents its member negotiations with an employer over all aspects of an employment contract, including wages and working condi...
    Free research essays on topics related to: labor laws, labor unions, working conditions, 19 th century, higher wages
  • Fedex Ups And The Bargaining Power Of Buyers
    1,460 words
    FedEx faces significant competitive pressure from corporate buyers in the overnight delivery market. This pressure is most evident in Fed Exs relationship with large corporate clients. These buyers have a great deal of bargaining power attributable to the large volume purchases they make. Negligible switching costs also contribute to buyers bargaining ability in the market. Buyers have a great deal of bargaining power because of the large volume of purchases they make from FedEx. Porter (1983) f...
    Free research essays on topics related to: fed exs, bargaining power, overnight delivery, strategic position, switching costs
  • Goods And Services System Of Government
    1,210 words
    Understanding the dynamics of the international business environment is a complex process because there are so many factors that can impinge the success or otherwise of an international business. The business environment is changing and its volatility is increased by the threat of competition and changing business culture. Most importantly, as MNCs venture into new and unknown grounds, they have to carefully consider respective countries risks that they are dealing with. Political Ideologies and...
    Free research essays on topics related to: system of government, political systems, goods and services, political ideology, exchange rates
  • Historical Significance Of Grand Central Station
    1,527 words
    When the words railroad station, are mentioned, the first thing that appears in most peoples minds is Grand Central Terminal in New York City. It has become known as the crossroads of the world. In the 1830 s it was becoming apparent that there was the need for an alternative to water travel because of the geographical expansion of the country. This lead to railroads, which could be extended easily, unlike canals that had to be dredged. From 1850 to the end of the nineteenth century, American ra...
    Free research essays on topics related to: york city, million cubic, hudson river, central station, hundred feet
  • Proposition 13 And The California School System
    1,335 words
    ... ut never deliver, Proposition 13 delivered as promised: about $ 7 billion in immediate property tax reductions. Proposition 13 was aimed directly at the financing of local government. It is among local governments that this change can be most visibly seen. The tax cut brought about by Proposition 13, along with an unsteady state economy and tight budgets, has resulted in a fiscal tightening of social and educational programs. Beyond the visible results of this tax cut- increased class size, ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: tax cut, local governments, percent per year, majority vote, property tax
  • Risk Of Developing Clinical Trials
    1,126 words
    Obesity drug Famoxin gives Genset shot in the arm By Noah Barkin PARIS, Feb 6 (Reuters) Investors scrambled to buy shares in French biotechnology firm Genset GENX. LN on Tuesday after the company announced pre-clinical tests showed its anti-obesity drug Famoxin was effective in treating laboratory mice. Genset said its star drug, for which it now plans to begin human clinical trials at the end of the year, had caused obese laboratory mice to lose weight without a change in their diet. The findin...
    Free research essays on topics related to: eight percent, teenage girls, weight loss, clinical trials, risk of developing
  • Advertising Firms Women Men
    582 words
    After the Second World War, and rationing was fading, many women were confined to tending children, and cleaning the house, while the men started careers after the strain of working with and for war-time efforts, that had dominated England for the previous eight years. The women, namely wives and daughters were predominantly dependent on the males and lowered themselves to answer their husband s beckoning call. During the war, advertisers had mainly worked on producing army and airforce recruitm...
    Free research essays on topics related to: adverts, comment, advertise, bottle, realised
  • Eastern Europe Red Wine
    985 words
    Green Laws Boost Clean-up Industry Engelskaflevering d. 01. 09. 95 Have companies around the globe really become house-proud, or is planet earth just in for a spring cleaning? It is hard to say but one thing is for sure; the environmental sector is en-joying a boom. The market for pollution control technology is on a steep exponential growth curve, which seems to be interminable. Especially the European companies put down their names for an immense part of the expansion. But what is the precise ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: ecological, shopping, red wine, eastern europe, clean
  • Economic And Social Institutional Theory
    1,495 words
    How Do Institutions Shape Policy? Neo-Institutional Theory How Do Institutions Shape Policy? Neo-Institutional Theory And Parliament And Cabinet Discuss the relevance of Neo-Institutional theory with reference to the institutions of Parliament and Cabinet This essay is concerned with the impact of institutions of the state on the policy process. Key influences in the Neo-Institutional approach to the study of policy have been the importation of ideas from organisational sociology and a growing r...
    Free research essays on topics related to: economic and social, civil servants, institutional theory, collective responsibility, political institutions
  • Bank Of England Aggregate Demand
    629 words
    Inflation Has Been More Subdued Than In Inflation Has Been More Subdued Than In The 1970 S What Are The Reasons For This And Will They Endure Inflation has been more subdued than in the 1970 s. What factors explain this and are they likely to endure? Inflation is a sustained increase in the general price level leading to a fall in the purchasing power of money. It is caused by two major groups of factors: The demand-pull factors, when the total demand for goods and services exceeds the total sup...
    Free research essays on topics related to: bank of england, exchange rate, low inflation, interest rates, aggregate demand

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