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  • Fur Bearing Animals Endangered Species Conservation Furs
    1,672 words
    The fur Industry is an area of commerce that encompasses farming or trapping certain fur bearing animals, processing their skins for sale to manufacturers of fur garments and marketing finished garments to retail outlets. The term fur refers to any animal skin or part that has hair, fleece, or fur fibers attached, either in a raw or processed state. Skins of fur bearing animals are also called peltries or pelts. From earliest times, fur has been a prized commodity. Exploration in the New World m...
    Free research essays on topics related to: fur, garments, endangered species, furs, skins
  • Short Story Analysis Of Uneasy Homecoming
    847 words
    Uneasy Homecoming by Will F Jenkins is a short story that has the effect of a particularly tense atmosphere. The story is about a woman named Connie returning to an empty house after a two-week holiday. When she arrives home she had developed a nervous feeling. While Connie was on holiday some burglaries had taken place. Later Connie finds the loot in her home and uses quick thinking to attract peoples attention from the other side of the bay who then catch the burglar. In this short story the s...
    Free research essays on topics related to: short story, connie, w f, back door, main character
  • Short Story Examination Of Araby By James Joyce
    1,151 words
    After a close examination of the short story Araby by James Joyce, several instances of religious symbolism seem to be intertwined throughout the story. Araby, in its simplest form is the story of a young boys first experience concerning infatuation with the opposite sex. In the text there are questions primarily concerned with Joyce's rearing in Catholicism and the beliefs the church encouraged in opposition to his true feelings. This moral dilemma is expressed through symbolism that occurs in ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: araby, young boys, apple tree, joyce, childs play
  • Theories On Qualities Of Leaders And Followers
    1,332 words
    There appears to be a particular trend in research on leadership. Most of it subsumes vision within charisma. Some scholars even suggest that it is the vision that leads to the attribution of charisma to the leaders in the first place. However, we think that charisma and vision are two distinct concepts and as such a leader may be charismatic but not visionary, or visionary but not charismatic, both charismatic and visionary, or neither. To us, charisma is an emotion-based construct or a heart t...
    Free research essays on topics related to: leadership theory, leadership theories, charismatic leadership, transformational leadership, first place
  • Characters In The Book Cannery Row
    593 words
    In the book Cannery Row who is written by John Steinbeck we get a glimpse of a strange idler community by the California-coast and its working, shy, but happy inhabitants who we learn to know. In the book there are strange things happening, fighting's and funny expedition. Everything in Steinbeck's humanity and humor. John Steinbeck is an American writer who was awarded the 1962 Nobel Prize in literature. His characters are often trapped in an unfair world, they remain sympathetic and heroic if ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: row, cannery row, characters in the book, john steinbeck, cannery
  • The Black Death Plague In Europe
    1,564 words
    Up from the murky depths of the Middle Ages crept a devastatingly horrific and terrifying disease. Responsible for the deaths of millions, this disease, or plague was known as the Black Death. Although there is no certainty as to the location where the plague originated from, it is known that its deadly bacteria came from the foul belly of a single flea. When the Black Death began to take hold, unimaginable fear, panic and chaos swept through the hearts of Europe's people; the rich and the poor ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: wrath of god, fourteenth century, gods wrath, black death, middle ages
  • Rush Is A Perfect Presentation Theory One
    891 words
    Claiming face and self presenting are very common place in fraternity life at colleges around the country and are no better exemplified than in the process of rush. Being a sophomore here at Bucknell and experiencing rush for myself, I can officially say that I, along with many others, have claimed face. Going into rush, one does not fully know what to expect from the different houses, but they do know what they want out of it, and more importantly, they know the type of person they want to come...
    Free research essays on topics related to: good time, rush, fraternity, brothers, funny
  • Black Plague Personal Hygiene
    594 words
    The bubonic plague also known as the black plague was one of the fastest spreading and most deadly of disease. This plague was also referred to as the pneumonic plague or the blood spitting plague. A person infected with this disease would vomit blood for three days straight and then they would die. It was an extremely fast acting disease. I found a quote on the web site, "It was said that they would eat lunch with their friends and dinner with their ancestors in paradise. " The first documented...
    Free research essays on topics related to: infected, fleas, personal hygiene, black plague, plague
  • Strong Minded Union Army
    1,508 words
    ... d vehicle. The staff, aside from the medical officers and hospital stewards, was mostly made up of the convalescents. They were frequently weak and weary, often snappish and irritable. They did not like the dirty work they performed. They wanted to go home. The surgeon-in-charge, as the hospital commander was titled, was often in a dilemma. If he returned the patient to his regiment too soon, the man might relapse or die on the road to his unit. If he tried to hold on to the man too long, he...
    Free research essays on topics related to: surgeon general, union army, feet long, strong minded, hospitals
  • Irish Families 'folk' Music Corpse
    732 words
    are short, aged, intoxicated, shoemakers, who are guardians of ancient treasure. Lepricans are normally dressed in pointed, or curled shoes and a green outfit. They avoid human contact for they have riches to offer a human once caught. The leprechaun is split into two distinctive groups - leprechaun and cluricaun. Cluricauns steal or borrow almost anything, creating mayhem in houses during the hours of darkness, raiding wine cellars and larders. They will also harness sheep, goats, dogs and even...
    Free research essays on topics related to: returning, corpse, irish families, ireland, irish
  • The Origins Of Hip Hop And Rap
    1,025 words
    ... n to the frightening demeanor of gangster rap. Although their lyrics seemed excessive and overly abrasive, N. W. A. provided America with a picture of the destitute conditions of the urban ghettos, and the dangerous lifestyle that many of the African American youth fell victim to as a result of their dire circumstances. In 1991, N. W. A. released their sophomore album Niggaz 4 Life, which sold 945, 000 copies in its first few weeks of release, and reached the number one position on the Billb...
    Free research essays on topics related to: african americans, billion dollar, hip hop music, hip hop culture, gangster rap
  • Percent Of The Land Part Of The Country
    1,039 words
    Estonia was found in 3500 BC when the ancient ancestors settled on the Baltic Sea in Northwestern Europe. It is surrounded by the Gulf of Finland on the North, Russia on the east, Latvia on the South, the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Rica on the the west. Tallinn is the capital city, the largest city and most important port. Estonia covers an area of 45 227 square kilometers and has more than 1 500 small and large islands. The biggest islands are Saaremaa Island and Hiiumaa Island. These islands s...
    Free research essays on topics related to: people work, percent of the land, baltic sea, russian people, part of the country
  • Phoenix Bowling Alley Lo Mac Bowl Lanes
    568 words
    The first bowling house in Birmingham is somewhat of a mystery. As happens so many times, it depends on whom you ask. Some say there was a bowling house on 1 st Avenue North near the Old Terminal Station; while others say the YMCA had the first, with either two or four bowling lanes located in the YMCA building. It is agreed, however, that the first regularly used bowling center was opened in 1933 and known as The Phoenix Bowling Alley, located in the basement of the Phoenix Building at 1706 2 n...
    Free research essays on topics related to: lanes, birmingham, bowl, super bowl, bowling
  • Jing Mei Mother Older Boys
    632 words
    Challenges of Life Jerry is a young boy in, the story of "Through the Tunnel. " He has a very big challenge which is swimming through a tunnel. By swimming through the tunnel he will be able to prove to the older boys and especially to himself that he can reach his goal if he sets his mind to it. Jing-mei and her mother from the story "Two Kinds, " also have a couple of challenges they must face. In this story, the mother is so eager for her daughter to excel, that she pushes and pushes until th...
    Free research essays on topics related to: jing, long time, mei, older boys, jing mei mother
  • Divided Into Four East And West Germany
    1,266 words
    The Berlin Wall, for twenty-eight years, separated friends, families, and a nation. A lot of suffering began for Germany when World War II commenced, but by the end of the war Germany was in the mists of a disaster waiting to happen. After WWII was over Germany was divided into four parts. The United States, Great Britain, and France controlled the three divisions that were formed in the Western half; and the Eastern half was controlled by the Soviet Republic. The Western divisions eventually un...
    Free research essays on topics related to: soviet union, divided into four, east berlin, east germany, east and west germany
  • Frank Lloyd Wright Aunts Nell And Jane
    1,569 words
    Frank Lloyd Wright. having a good start not only do I fully intend to be the greatest architect who has yet lived, but fully intend to be the greatest architect who will ever live. Yes, I intend to be the greatest architect of all time. Frank Lloyd Wright 1867 - 1959 CHILDHOOD Born in Richland Center, in southwestern Wisconsin, on June 8, 1867 (sometimes reported as 1869), Frank Lincoln Wright, who changed his own middle name to Lloyd, was raised under the influence of a Welsh heritage. The Lloy...
    Free research essays on topics related to: greatest architect, frank lloyd wright, aunts nell and jane, lincoln wright, intend to be the greatest
  • Freud Theory Belief
    1,089 words
    Freud? s Concept of the Uncanny When a person experiences chills or goose bumps as a reaction to something strange or unusual, they are being affected by a sense of uncanniness. The psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud endeavored to explain this feeling of uncanniness in his essay entitled? The Uncanny? . Freud? s theory focuses around two different causes for this reaction. Freud attributes the feeling of uncanniness to repressed infantile complexes that have been revived by some impression, or when pri...
    Free research essays on topics related to: freud theory, modern day, freud, fear, belief
  • Gentle Into That Good Night Rage Rage
    1,431 words
    Gentlemen Of the Night Acquainted With the Night and Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night are two poems about the night which contain desires, and it is readily said that these two poets offer easily accessible emotion in their verse. For Frost, his emotion was an attainable one because he didnt fill his life with what he considered to be mundane challenges. The most pronounced instance where my life was influenced by this instinct was when I gave up my work at Harvard, said Frost. It was durin...
    Free research essays on topics related to: wise men, emotion, gentle into that good night, rage, rage rage
  • Alice San Francisco
    1,642 words
    Go Ask Alice Imagine you are a young teen in high school. Your best friend is your diary, and your dream in life is to make some real friends and go on a date with the most popular guy in school. Go Ask Alice starts out just like that description. Alice never really had friends and was thought of as an outcast. One day Alice began to try and make some friends by talking to a girl from her school named Jill. Jill was popular, but was looking to meet some new friends. Suddenly, Alice was calling J...
    Free research essays on topics related to: san francisco, couldn t, didn t, alice , coffee shop
  • Evil Spirits Six Months
    1,219 words
    Goddess, wise crone of the crossroads protectress to Witches, Hecate! Hold before me the mirror of the dark moon, that I may see my true self in its reflection. I call to your wisdom as I stand before the before the three- pronged path, the time for decision has come, help me choose that which is right for me. She who rules the realm if dreams, the starry wisdom of the night sky, I welcome you! Let the mysteries of the night be mine! Fill me with visions, with Crone energy. Whisper to me the sec...
    Free research essays on topics related to: evil spirits, hecate, goddess, six months, three ways

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