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  • Declare War Terrorist Groups
    1,041 words
    ... owing. Soldiers and citizens are being killed in the war. Unfortunately, the target governments are not treating terrorism like the war it is. If we take the United States as an example, the limited war powers granted to the president by Congress are not powerful enough and are not used in a systematic way to defeat the enemy. If we are to win the war against terrorism, we must realise that it is war. Until we see it as military aggression, we will be unsuccessful in ending terrorism in this...
    Free research essays on topics related to: terrorist groups, host country, terrorists, terrorism, declare war
  • Ideas And Thoughts Of Karl Marx
    1,115 words
    The latter part of the nineteenth century was teeming with evolving social and economic ideas. Karl Marx (1818 - 1893) was a proponent of many of the radical ideas circulating at the time about class structure. The views of the social structure of society came about through the development of ideals taken from past revolutions and the ongoing clash of individuals and organized assemblies (Mckay, 1987: 234). As the Industrial Revolution moved forward, it paved the way for growing commerce, but al...
    Free research essays on topics related to: working class, classless society, industrial revolution, karl marx, capitalist society
  • Middle Class Upper Class
    1,197 words
    Colonialism changed the roles of Europeans of the early 1900 's or late 1800 's? One of the most famous slogans of the age of global colonization was: "The sun never sets on the British Empire. " As recently as 1940, world maps showed large areas colored pink, representing regions dominated by the British. Much of Africa was pink, along with India, Malaya, Hong Kong, and other scattered territories in Asia and the Americas. The existence of an empire on which the sun never set helped instill in ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: imperialism, upper class, white man, great britain, middle class
  • Lamentation Pain Grief Rebirth Old Age Disease Death Buddhism
    964 words
    Buddhism is probably the most tolerant religion of the world, as the teaching can coexist with any other religion. Other religions however, aim to be restricted and cannot accommodate Buddhism at the same time. The Buddhist teaching on God - in the sense of an ultimate Reality - is neither skeptic (as is sometimes claimed), nor vague, but clear and logical. that we can neither define, describe, nor usefully discuss the nature of that which is beyond the perception of our infinite consciousness. ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: noble truth, noble, buddhism, buddhist, buddha
  • Purpose In Life Roger Chillingworth
    1,100 words
    "He is the complete type of man of the world, the social ideal, -- courteous, quiet, well informed, imperturbably. Nevertheless, his moral nature is a poisonous and irreclaimable wilderness, in which blooms not a single flower of heavenly parentage. " (J. Hawthorne) Over the course of seven years, Roger Chillingworth changes from a calm, scholarly, and kind person to an evil, corrupt, and satanic being. Roger Chillingworth's life in England with Hester was happy. He studied alchemy, and was scho...
    Free research essays on topics related to: seven years, three years, chillingworth, purpose in life, roger chillingworth
  • Las Vegas Baseball Games
    934 words
    It was late in the evening. There was a man sitting in a chair and flipping channels eagerly between two baseball games on TV. The man's name was Les Sutton. He was a towering man standing 6 ' 3 ." He was built, worked out a lot and looked like someone not to meet in a dark alley. Les was a detective. His skills of deduction were brilliant. He also had an assistant. Les's long time pal and partner's name was Jason Mesh. Jason was also very tall but he was more lanky, built more like a basketball...
    Free research essays on topics related to: les, dodgers, las vegas, baseball games, jason
  • Wall Street June Man Who Shot Briefcase
    603 words
    David Page C. W. 1 st hour Corrections Fiction Story Ruthless Intentions Wall Street, June 18, 1999. A man in dark sunglasses and an expensive sleek Armani suit stands on a gloomy corner waiting. A golden Benz with black tinted windows stops at the curb. Another man dressed in similar attire calmly steps out of the back seat of the car and shots the man on the curb repeatedly. He than just as calmly steps back into the car and the golden Benz darts away in one swift motion. Chicago, June 19, 199...
    Free research essays on topics related to: wall street, walks, beggar, replies, briefcase
  • South African Man Called
    1,281 words
    Part 1, Chapter 1. A man called Stephen gets off a train and he is set on doing something that he has planned to do for a long time. The man is from Africa because he said that he felt homesick. Was three days before Christmas. Uses words like Drab Saw a beautiful girl sitting on the train. She looked out of place. Part 1, Chapter 2. Pilar, the girl narrates. She was also set to do something. She saw a good looking man in the corridor. He walked in to talk to her. Gave what both people are think...
    Free research essays on topics related to: part 1, man called, south african, part 2, long time
  • Timer At Sulphur Creek Timer At Sulphur Man
    628 words
    In the story "To Build a Fire" by Jack London, there are three principal themes. They are respecting nature, and considering results of actions. The main theme, or universal truth, is heeding warnings. The themes are shown through the character and his actions. The main character in the story had an attitude that prevented him from heeding internal and external warnings. He did not respect nature's power, and therefore he paid with his life. His attitude was arrogant and careless. The man had no...
    Free research essays on topics related to: warnings, main character, numb, creek, timer
  • Confucius Hammurabi And The Book Of Dead
    740 words
    ter> Compare and Contrast the writings of Confucius, Hammurabi, and the book of the dead Three of the most famous writings from ancient civilizations are the writings of Confucius, Hammurabi's code of laws, and Egypt's Book of the Dead. At first, they seem very different, they " re from different times, regions, and religions, but they all offer a peek into what values ancient people considered important. One of the values that all three civilizations is justice and fairness. I feel th...
    Free research essays on topics related to: book of the dead, put to death, afterlife, great man, hammurabi's
  • Dante Inferno And The Garden Of Earthly Delights
    1,240 words
    The Garden of Earthly Delights painted by Hieronymus Bosch, depicts many vivid fictional scenes in triptych style. The right wing of the triptych depicts Hell and the causes of man's downfall, which Dante wrote about in the Inferno. Dante tries to convey to all humanity the consequences of human actions and the levels of hell that he believes exist for different levels of sins. Dante divides Hell up into ten different circles, and there is an upper and a lower level of Hell. Dante and Bosch have...
    Free research essays on topics related to: dante inferno, levels of hell, dante, bosch, inferno
  • Science And Religion Religion And Science
    383 words
    ter> Science and religion cannot co-exist. What are your views on this? In the begining there was darkness. Then there was light. Then there was consciousness. Then there were questions and then there was religion. Why are we? Where do we come from? Why does the world and nature act as it does? What happens when we die. Religion tended to the answer to all these questions with the stories of gods and goddesses and other supernatural forces that were beyond the understanding of humans. ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: pens, religion and science, science and religion, man's
  • Edgar Allen Poe Premature Burial
    923 words
    During the nineteenth century, there was a common fear that plagued the Americans and Europeans alike; this was the fear of premature burial. Doctors during this era lacked the modern medical knowledge that we now posses and would sometimes pronounce people dead who were in comas or even unconscious. The assumed dead would then awake during the funeral service or even once buried. After this began to become a common occurrence, the people started to make many precautions in the burying the dead....
    Free research essays on topics related to: tale heart, buried alive, premature burial, burial, poe describes
  • The Crucible And Birthmark Human Failures
    531 words
    John Steinbeck once said that It was the responsibility of the writer to expose our many grievous faults and failures and to hold up to the light our dark and dangerous dreams, for the purpose of improvement. In other words when an author writes a story it is there mission to write it in such a way that it demonstrates mans pitfalls so that upon reflection of the work the reader will be able to better himself through the reading of the story. Arthur Millers The Crucible and Nathaniel Hawthorne's...
    Free research essays on topics related to: greed, miller, faults, abigail, birthmark
  • Hills Like White Elephants
    1,744 words
    H 2 >Is "It" a Gift or a Curse of the White Elephant? What is the use of symbolism in writing? Is it merely to confuse the reader or is its true intent to make the reader think about the meaning of the story? A symbol is a person, object, or event that suggests more than its literal meaning (Meyer 220). In Ernest Hemingway's short story "Hills Like White Elephants, " Hemingway uses a plethora of symbols to convey the idea that the young girl, Jig is ambivalent to having an abortion and t...
    Free research essays on topics related to: feel fine, hills like white elephants, indian society, train station, end of the story
  • Majestic Looking Hit Firmly With Almost Automatic Movement Hand
    504 words
    A nail, with some name engraved on it, suddenly appeared in the man's hand. He settled it firmly with almost automatic movement on top of the wood block while his right hand, holding a hammer, raised in the air, ready to strike. With majestic looking hit the nail disappeared into the wood The boy sits on his bed in a small light room wearing some firm and definitely expensive clothes. His legs are crossed in lotus form and his hands lay on his knees. His face is young and calm, filled with some ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: stick, knocks, suddenly, nail, wood
  • Hand Of God Save The Life
    1,495 words
    Latin America and its way of life is the setting to Graham Green's story. It is a story of terror and kidnap, a story of two men's love to a woman out of a brothel. All this is a discussion about the love & honour in a person, in a violent atmosphere. The Honorary Consul is a book of conflicts and paradoxes, which will be discussed in this book report. The main character in the book is Doctor Eduardo Plarr. Dr. Plarr is the only Doctor in a small town. He was half English, half Spanish. The Engl...
    Free research essays on topics related to: hand of god, committed adultery, save the life, end of the book, latin america
  • Lot Of People Point Of View
    792 words
    The article In defense of Elitism by William Henery III from the June issue of Time Magazine. Which was a forty-five year old man's opinions on the number of American students going from high school to college. Including the over population of schools and majors. HE gives good statistics and gives a good argument from his point of view. Throughout this article the author tries to inform people that if one is not one of the few elitist than one should not go to college. He thinks that there are t...
    Free research essays on topics related to: lot of people, point of view, collar jobs, blue collar, training schools
  • Takes Place Large Number
    1,972 words
    In the preceding pages we dealt with certain definitions of the words (frequently used interchangeably) dealing with illusion and glamor. We found that: Illusion is primarily of a mental quality and was characteristic of the attitude of mind of those people who are more intellectual than emotional. They have outgrown glamor as usually understood. It is the misunderstanding of ideas and thought-forms of which they are guilty, and of misinterpretations. Glamor is astral in character, and is far mo...
    Free research essays on topics related to: illusion, unity, perception, takes place, large number
  • Stanley Kubrick Clockwork Orange
    1,117 words
    Singing in the rain, I'm singing in the rain. " As this vivacious song disappears into the terror of the night, the emergence of one of the greatest novels and movies, A Clockwork Orange, begins to take shape. Anthony Burgess's contemporary novel, A Clockwork Orange, and Stanley Kubrick's outstanding movie, "A Clockwork Orange, " (Based upon the novel) have many important similarities and differences, which aid in confirming A Clockwork Orange as one of the most terrifying yet extraordinary piec...
    Free research essays on topics related to: anthony burgess, clockwork orange, stanley kubrick, first encounter, true meaning

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