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  • C Escher M C
    1,089 words
    Though M. C. Escher contended that he knew virtually nothing about mathematics, even having gone as far as to declare that he was absolutely innocent of training or knowledge in the exact sciences, (Schattschneider 67), his art work commonly incorporates the use of many recognized elements of science and mathematics. It has been argued that Escher's natural accessibility and his popularity with young art patrons is due to the Escher's use of symmetry, his use of metamorphosis, and his focus on r...
    Free research essays on topics related to: c escher, 1 b, m c, type 2, b 3
  • Turned Upside Hell Dante
    402 words
    In Dantes Divine Comedy, there are countless references to all forms of sins and the punishments of those who committed them. Dante goes into great detail when describing these sins and their consequences. Each punishment is perfectly fitting to the crime itself, so that the sinner deserves exactly what he is facing. Dante gains an immense amount of knowledge in conversing with a few of the souls that are forever trapped in Hell. When Dante descends to the second ring of the seventh circle to th...
    Free research essays on topics related to: souls, dante, suicides, upside, inverted
  • Fairy Godmother Sun God
    2,011 words
    by Fairy Godmother Emily Jean Once upon a time their lived a powerful god. His name was Ra and he was the god of the sun. Ra was a very powerful god, but a very lonely god as well for he was having trouble finding true love. Until the tenth night of Hallows Eve, when at a ballroom masquerade Ra found himself drawn to a particular beauty in the room. Her name was Emily Jean and she was an Enchantress. Ra waited patiently for the Enchantress to be introduced. His minion captured her attention and ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: powerful god, god ra, sun god, life force, fairy godmother
  • Lord Of The Flies War Paint
    1,005 words
    Picture this you are flipping through the radio and finally stop the mindless button pushing and stop to hum to that loveable tune you have grown to love. Girls just wanna have fun... yeah yeah, but have you ever once stopped to think about it? It seems to me that it must be changed to something more general. When it all comes down to it, we all just wanna have fun. Golding demonstrates this in Lord of the Flies when young boys are stranded on an island by themselves and all Hell breaks loose. T...
    Free research essays on topics related to: stranded, ralph, maurice, war paint, lord of the flies
  • T S Eliot Iambic Tetrameter
    1,422 words
    Analysis of the poems: T. S. Eliot Preludes and Rita Dove "Daystar" The poems Preludes and "Daystar" were written in two different eras - modernism and postmodernism and therefore they reflect the world from two different angels. Following the prescriptions of literary modernism, T. S. Eliot addresses the issue of the confrontation between a personality and a diseased city. Eliot's Preludes, written in 1917 consists of four parts and generally creates the atmosphere of decadence and melancholy o...
    Free research essays on topics related to: iambic tetrameter, t s eliot, preludes, social order, blank verse
  • Positive And Negative Systems Theory
    726 words
    The following essay will bring forth the concept of adoption through the systematic use of the Bowen system in looking at family dynamics. Through the Bowen theory adoption issues such as problems that may occur during an adoption, why people should adopt early and the positive and negative of adoption will be dissected. According to Murray Bowen, ones development of self is determined by the interactions that one receives during ones lifetime. The influence of family and social groups combine w...
    Free research essays on topics related to: systems theory, positive and negative, parent s, social groups, adoption
  • The Rise And Fall Of Ars Subtilior
    1,282 words
    The Rise and Fall of Ars Subtilior Ars Subtilior (or more subtle art) is the term traditionally used to describe the musical style of the late fourteenth century. This musical style is characterized by its notational and rhythmic complexity. It was widespread in the Avignon and Paris areas in Southern France and in some areas of the northern Spain and Cyprus. Ars Subtilior virtually divided the music of the Middle Ages and the epoque of Renaissance. Ars Subtilior is often discussed in connection...
    Free research essays on topics related to: rise and fall, fourteenth century, musical style, middle ages, upper class society
  • Three Types Of Dogs
    945 words
    Three Types of Dogs People watched for dogs with the traits to do the job, and then they bred them. The process, called selective breeding, started thousands of years ago. The two oldest breeds -- greyhounds and mastiffs -- developed because people wanted fast-running dogs for hunting and powerful fighting dogs for war. Today, these and other selectively bred dogs are known as purebreds. Because purebred dogs are bred only with each other, you can trace their pedigree, or family tree. Some greyh...
    Free research essays on topics related to: dogs, livestock, selective breeding, herding, three types
  • Stephen Nissenbaum The Battle For Christmas
    1,032 words
    Stephen Nissenbaum's The Battle For Christmas In the book "The Battle for Christmas" Stephen Nissenbaum gives detailed analysis of Christmas celebration through ages and how Christmas became the holiday as we know it today. The title of the book "The Battle for Christmas" closely reflects this process of transfiguration. On all stages of Christmas transfiguration there were battles for discarding the previous idea and meaning of the holiday. Stephen Nissenbaum describes the reasons for the battl...
    Free research essays on topics related to: rich people, 19 th century, christmas, holiday, celebrations
  • Cortisol And The Chemical Effects To Body
    693 words
    Cortisol and the Chemical effects to the body. The hormone cortisol, which is released in the body during stressed or agitated states, has gained widespread attention as the so-called "stress hormone. " (Stoppler, M. C, M. D. , 2005) Cortisol is secreted by adrenal glands. It is the main glucocorticoid hormone, which is produced in response to any physical or emotional stress. Cortisol regulates the level of carbohydrates, muscle proteins and fats. The concentration of cortisol can be increased ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: m c, adrenal glands, m d, lets examine, blood pressure
  • Falls In Love Notre Dame
    1,460 words
    Our Lady of Paris The Hunchback of Notre Dame is a tragic romance about a young deformed man named Quasimodo, and his troubles with love, and his master. The story starts in 1482 in Paris. The Festival of Fools is taking place and Quasi is crowned the Pope of Fools, for being so ugly. When Claude Frollo, Quasimodo's master, sees him at the procession, he immediately tells Quasi to go back with him. A man named Gringoire sees Esmeralda, a beautiful gypsy, performing he instantly falls in love wit...
    Free research essays on topics related to: falls in love, notre dame, situational irony, rose window, static character
  • Consolidate His Power Good Or Evil
    2,155 words
    Juan Peron Argentinian strongman Juan Peron joined the army in 1913. Some thirty years later, he was one of the leaders of an army coup. Peron held a number of important positions under the regime. His strong support for labor unions and social reform resulted in widespread support for him among the Argentine masses. When he was imprisoned by other members of the junta in 1945, this support, along with his wife's efforts, led to his release. In Argentina, a type of populist politics, based on a ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: good or evil, social welfare, consolidate his power, juan peron, labor movement
  • Young Adults Birth Control
    651 words
    Guide to Getting It On Book review Since the Victorian era the subject of sexuality has been carefully confined to the private arena of the home. Sexuality has been restrained to the function of reproduction. Sex has become something that people feel that they need to hide from others. During the past three hundred years sex has become associated with sin and guilt. Since the past thirty years we have experienced a lessening of prohibitions about sexuality. Societal developments such as the inve...
    Free research essays on topics related to: sexuality, birth control, first time, guide, young adults
  • John Updike Grocery Store
    1,138 words
    A&# 038; P, by College College A&# 038; P, by John Updike, is a short essay about a young man that encounters a moral dilemma while working in a local grocery store. The essay starts when three young ladies came into the A&# 038; P, a grocery store chain, wearing only bathing suites. A younger Updike was the narrator of the story he worked in the A&# 038; P as a cashier at the time of this incident. After the girls were spotted by the manager of the store he confronted the girls and asked them t...
    Free research essays on topics related to: roommate, 038 p, grocery store, updike, john updike
  • Vicious Circle Copyright Law
    865 words
    Canadas Copyright Law Canadas copyright law is one of our hardest laws to enforce. The reason the police have so much trouble enforcing this law, is due to technology. This law is very easy to break, and once broken, it is very hard to track down violators. So although some form of a copyright law is needed, the one we have has, too many holes to be effective. There are three main ways in which the copyright law is broken in everyday life. They is audio / video tape copying, plagiarism, and soft...
    Free research essays on topics related to: copyright, audio video, computer games, copyright law, vicious circle
  • Surface At An Angle Chain Of Custody Crime
    873 words
    In recent times, science has provided substantial aid to crime detection. Because anything in the physical universe has the potential of becoming an item of evidence in an investigation, a wide variety of procedures may be used in analyzing and interpreting evidence in a criminal case. These procedures include handwriting analysis, forensic photography, crime scene documentation, metallurgical investigations, chain of custody, entomology, and blood spatters. The first thing you do after securing...
    Free research essays on topics related to: handwriting, crime scene, direction, chain, determine
  • Dantes Inferno In Comparison Inferno In Comparison To Christianity Hell
    675 words
    Dantes Inferno In Comparison To Christianity And Dantes Inferno In Comparison To Christianity And The Media Dantes Inferno is a strange journey through hell, which at times seems familiar but then sometimes seems unexpected. As an American and a Christian it is possible to think that my opinion on this could be crafted from my religion and our society, particularly its media. In my mind I see hell as this place of immense torment bestowed on sinners. My faith has taught me that those who sin go ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: surprised, circles, dantes inferno, dantes, inferno
  • Clear And Distinct Idea Of God
    530 words
    Descartes Method of Doubt Biography Rene Descartes (1596 - 1650) Born in La Haye, a small town in Touraine, France. Educated at the Jesuit college Wrote Meditations Descartes is extremely important to Western intellectual history Contributions in physiology, psychology, optics, and especially mathematics Introduced analytic geometry Influential in modern scientific approach (cant just say its true, show its true) The Cartesian Method Descartes is very concerned with skeptical questions Though he...
    Free research essays on topics related to: descartes, clear and distinct, idea of god, doubt, god exists
  • Edgar Allen Poe Poe Describes
    764 words
    Deeper meaning to the poem We often call Edgar Allen Poe one of the fathers of terror and mystery. His twisted, Macabre tales and poems are filled with great detail and often end with a dismal twist. The Conqueror Worm is one example of his masterful rhymes and tells how a play on life turns into reality for mankind. The setting is a theater but it is not just a site for plays. Poe describes it to be that way to trick the reader, but the theater is actually the setting for mankind. We play our l...
    Free research essays on topics related to: edgar allen poe, one example, poe describes, deeper meaning, hidden meaning
  • Breath Of Air Top Of The Water Dolphins
    565 words
    Dolphins are playful and cleverness make them fascinating to watch. Dolphins are not fish they are mammals that live in the sea. They have to come to the top of the water every half minute, so they can breathe. But dolphins can stay under the water for six or seven minutes, if he holds his breathe. The dolphin breathes in his head because he has a blowhole in his head that allows him to breathe. Dolphins have a lot of teeth to help them eat. Each dolphin has almost one hundred teeth in his mouth...
    Free research essays on topics related to: boat, breathe, dolphins, dolphin, sleeps

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