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  • Messenger Of God Prophet Muhammad
    1,053 words
    "There is a polish for everything that takes away rust; and the polish for the heart is the remembrance of Allah. These were the words of our Holy Prophet (s. a. w). He is the Prophet chosen from Allah (s. w. t). He is the one from all the millions chosen from Al- Khaliq (The Creator). He is the one who is the talking & walking Quran. It is he who told us Allah (s. w. t) s glorious, beautiful words. Muhammad (s. a. w) is the Messenger of God. La idaho ill allah Muhammad ar-Rasullullah" Prophet M...
    Free research essays on topics related to: prophet muhammad, s w, holy prophet, w t, messenger of god
  • Odysseus Shows Hubris Hubris In Believing Polyphemus
    699 words
    There is no safety in unlimited hubris (McGeorge Bundy). The dictionary defines hubris as overbearing pride or presumption; arrogance. In The Odyssey, Homer embodies hubris into the characters Odysseus, the Suitors, and the Cyclopes. Odysseus shows hubris when he is battling the Cyclopes, the Cyclopes show hubris when dealing with Odysseus, and the Suitors show it when Odysseus confronts them at his home. To start, within the course of The Odyssey, Odysseus displays hubris through many of his ac...
    Free research essays on topics related to: hubris, odyssey, odysseus, suitors, polyphemus
  • The Matrix Red Pill
    1,050 words
    The movie The Matrix is filled with philosophical thoughts and questions. The biggest and most important question of them all is: Which one, the red or the blue pill? Given the choices, the red pill would be the most appealing. If the red pill is chosen it will open eyes to a new reality; it will give life a new meaning; and it will give a better understanding of the world to the one who consumes it. When it comes right down to it, to know or not to know, that is the underlying philosophical que...
    Free research essays on topics related to: understanding of the world, matrix, pill, h 2, meaning of life
  • Femme Fatale Ancient Greece
    1,588 words
    ... red various monsters and beasts from his quest of the twelve labors. Jason came across the dragon that guarded the Golden Fleece in his quest to regain the throne at Iolcos. And, Theseus met with creatures and beasts, such as the Minotaur, from his own labors in his quest to regain the throne at Athens. Along the way, the hero is also certain to encounter a femme fatale or an enchantress, who tries to add difficulty to the task at hand, but also sometimes ends up helping out. Helen can be co...
    Free research essays on topics related to: ancient greece, femme fatale, h 2, trojan war, journey home
  • Bilbo Baggins Dragon Smaug
    1,699 words
    The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien is set in a fantasy world that has differences, as well as similarities, to our own world. The story takes place in the imaginary world of Middle-earth in the Third Age of it's history. It's a land and time of Elves, Dwarves and Dragons Characters Hobbits are similar to people, though more shy and half the size of a man. Most have thick hair on their feet, round bellies, and a taste for a comfortable, peaceful life. The Hobbit chronicles the journey of...
    Free research essays on topics related to: h 2, lonely mountain, fantasy world, dragon smaug, bilbo baggins
  • Bilbo Baggins Lonely Mountain
    1,621 words
    H 2 >Setting The story occurs in the imaginary world Middle-earth created by the author, it is appropriate since creatures that are found in the book (e. g. , goblins and dwarves) do not exist in our world. Since the story happens in many places over Middle-earth the author gives a deep description only in places where important things to the plot happen but in other places he gives a more general description. Most places make the reader have a picture in his brain of them; the author use...
    Free research essays on topics related to: lonely mountain, bilbo baggins, plot development, middle earth, author makes
  • One Of The First Role Model
    629 words
    Odysseus is the hero that the Achaeans most admired. His intelligence, wit, and morals of the day allow the Greeks to look up to him as a role model. Perhaps the greatest characteristic that separates Odysseus from the suitors and his fellow shipmates is the wit and ability to trust the gods with their advice. The Odyssey begins 10 years after the Iliad had left off and Odysseus is trapped on an island with Calypso. Odysseus then has many hardships upon which he overcomes through his intelligenc...
    Free research essays on topics related to: wit, one of the first, role model, odysseus, suitors
  • Greece And Rome Son Of God
    1,293 words
    Seeing conditions what we believe; believing conditions what we see. Seeing conditions what we believe; believing conditions what we see. This is a true statement, although on the surface it appears paradoxical. How can ones beliefs be affected by physical evidence if the beliefs in question affect how one sees the physical evidence? To best discuss this statement, it is necessary to examine different cases in which either side of the statement might be true. Having done this, it will become eas...
    Free research essays on topics related to: greece and rome, lightning bolt, physical evidence, son of god, sensory perceptions
  • Time And Spiritual Transcendence In Crusoe
    1,144 words
    ... hed sexual maturity in his new sense of spirituality. He writes that while hanging suspended in a half-sleep in the cave my semen escaped me (Tournier 109). He acknowledges a radical process taking place within him and his search for new and original substitutes for the ruins that solitude has left with me (Tournier 111). He also talks of this progressive re-creation of myself (Tournier 112). All this talk of re-creation, reconciled with the fact hes abandoned the instructive exploration of ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: domination, crusoes, hes, crusoe, friday
  • Time And Spiritual Transcendence In Crusoe
    1,129 words
    ... ensibilities, his queasy fastidiousness, wondering if this were a last rare token of civilization, or only a dead weight that he must be willing to shed before embarking upon a new way of life (Tournier 164). Its the essence of concern for another living being for this ugly birth putting of the self on the same level with another, the lack of need for control and domination, that probably most affects the mind of Crusoe; a mind that is, at this point, flipping ever more precariously between ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: paradigm shift, robinson crusoe, york st, conscious mind, first time
  • Trolls Goblins Elves J R R Tolkien Magic
    512 words
    Honors English 116 Mrs. Bauer 11 November 2004 Magic and the Supernatural in The Hobbit The Hobbit, by J. R. R. Tolkien, is full of magic and things having to do with magic. There are all sorts of supernatural creatures in this novel, including dwarves, trolls, goblins, elves, wizards, and the main character is a "hobbit." Overall, magic and the supernatural plays a very big part in The Hobbit. One major magic entity in the book is Gandalf. He shows his magic power a few times. One of those time...
    Free research essays on topics related to: bilbo, j r r tolkien, ring, magic, dwarves
  • Philosopher King Direct Democracy
    1,604 words
    ... was perhaps Socrates' most famous student. He was twenty-eight years old when Socrates was put to death. At the age of forty, Plato established a school at Athens for the education of Athenian youth. The Academy, as it was called, remained in existence from 387 B. C. to A. D. 529, when it was closed by Justinian, the Byzantine emperor. Our knowledge of Socrates comes to us from numerous dialogues which Plato wrote after 399. In nearly every dialogue and there are more than thirty that we kno...
    Free research essays on topics related to: plato, direct democracy, philosopher king, future society, b c
  • Knocked Unconscious Lonely Mountain
    1,210 words
    The book begins with Biblo Baggins enjoying a pipe after breakfast. This is one of his favorite pleasures and he feels quite content in doing so. He is middle-aged, and resides in a burrow in the ground. One morning Gandalf, a wizard stops by to talk with Biblo. He tells Biblo that he is looking for someone to go on an adventure with him. Although Biblo is tempted he declines, but not before inviting Gandalf for tea the next morning. The next day Biblo hears his doorbell and he remembers invitin...
    Free research essays on topics related to: lonely mountain, ring, gandalf, knocked unconscious, lake town
  • Lady Of The Lake Knights Of The Round Table
    978 words
    1. King Arthur is considered to be the High King of Britain and the son of Uther Pendragon. Merlin who became his chief advisor taught him. He became king at age 15 when Uther died in battle. King Arthur ruled over Camelot with his wife Guinevere. The lady of the Lake gave him the sword Excalibur. His wife and son Mordred betrayed him. Mordred fatally wounded Arthur. Three of the nine witches of Avalon brought him to Avalon. Two of those witches were Morgan La Fay and The Lady of the Lake. They ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: king arthur, uther pendragon, sir lancelot, lady of the lake, knights of the round table
  • Lady Lenson Sir Baldric Threshmit
    816 words
    Sir. Baldric and The Evil Threshmit It was a frigid night at Rockland Palace. The wind blew hard, and howled out of the night, as the rain beat down on Sir. Morgan as he stood outside the castle walls. He had just returned with the news from King Crenshaw. Suddenly from the dark of the night came Threshmit, the great enemy of man. The description of the beast given by the churl, who stood witness to Sir Morgans dismemberment, was that of a giant, man eating firs snorting, three headed savage war...
    Free research essays on topics related to: sir, headed, beasts, beast, stood
  • Mother Earth God Zeus Rhea
    311 words
    Cronus became the lord of the universe after overthrowing his father. Seated upon the highest mountain, he ruled over heaven and earth with a firm hand. The other gods obeyed him and he was worshiped by early man. This was the Golden Age of man. At peace with the gods and each other, they did not kill and they had no locks on their doors, for theft had not been invented yet. But Cronus did not set his brothers free from Tartarus, and Mother Earth was angry with him and plotted his downfall. No g...
    Free research essays on topics related to: swallowed, mother earth, cronus, stronger, rhea
  • Gold And Silver First And Second
    1,111 words
    The book Robinson Crusoe 1 written by Daniel Defoe is about a young man who learns about the real world by traveling the seas, in doing so he skips the middle station of his life and away from the safety nets of his parents. Jean-Jacques Rousseau author of, The First and Second Discourses 2, describes the savage man as he perceives him to be. In Robinson Crusoe, Robinson in one of his travels leaves him stranded on a deserted island. This is the setting where some may consider that Robinson Crus...
    Free research essays on topics related to: robinson crusoe, civilized people, gold and silver, first and second, robinson
  • Character Development Act 4
    458 words
    Darkness, Beacon of Chaos in Macbeth Darkness in our society is indicative of evil. For instance, a black cat, a dark night, and a dark place are all symbolic of diablerie. Authors use these symbols to described evil character or setting. William Shakespeare employs the imagery of darkness in Act 4 of his play Macbeth to describe the agents of disorder. The witches, Macbeth, and Scotland are all described as dark because they represent the agents of chaos. The witches in the first scene of Act 4...
    Free research essays on topics related to: scotland, character development, act 4, chaos, act 1
  • Odysseus And His Men Doesn T
    421 words
    By: Eric Givens Polyphemus Polyphemus Polyphemus By: Eric Givens Polyphemus according to Greek mythology was the son of Poseidon and the nymph-those. In all of my research on Polyphemus I have found that he has no powers, nor does he have symbols. But besides his enormous size and his herding of goats and sheep. He has no other powers and symbols The Cyclopes definition means round eye. A mythical semi-human monster of huge proportions. A single eye at the center of his forehead. Usually describ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: polyphemus, odysseus and his men, doesn t, odysseus, cyclopes
  • Odysseus And His Men Hero Odysseus
    1,606 words
    The Odyssey is an epic story that has been a compelling piece of literature since it was first written and it will remain that way for many years to come. This much-found success of the Odyssey has been because of the story s hero, Odysseus. Odysseus has many personal qualities that make him survive through all his journeys. He is one of the first Greek mythic heroes famous for not only his brain but also his strength. He is a man with a curious mind, and he is also a man with unsettled valor an...
    Free research essays on topics related to: cyclops, odysseus, hero odysseus, crew, odysseus and his men

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