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  • Branch Davidians Chemical Warfare
    1,137 words
    Neither the Branch Davidians, nor the ATF, nor the FBI, were composed of or led by stupid persons. Yet at Waco, all of these groups made extremely bad decisions. One reason for the high-risk, low-quality decisions of the Branch Davidians, ATF, and FBI is that these groups of intelligent individuals could collectively make decisions much worse than the individuals might have made if they had decided alone. Many of the factors leading to groupthink were present, on all sides, at Waco. First, in gr...
    Free research essays on topics related to: delta force, bad decisions, law enforcement, chemical warfare, branch davidians
  • Branch Davidians David Koresh
    1,148 words
    The Branch Davidians Cult, which was until its demise headed by Warren Jeffs, had over 6000 members at its peak. These 6000 members lived in sister cities of Hildale and Colorado City in the barren US state of Utah. The cult in which control is the key is now considered by many to be closer to a terrorist organisation. The Branch Davidians had originated in the Seventh-day Adventist church where they in turn began to follow a Millerite which in short is a movement that believes the Bible sets ou...
    Free research essays on topics related to: david koresh, seventh day, branch, branch davidians, cult members
  • Branch Davidians Janet Reno
    1,731 words
    Waco- Case Analysis "While every person is guaranteed freedom of conscience and freedom of belief, the freedom to act is not guaranteed. When belief is translated into action a person may be required to conform to regulations. argued the constitutional lawyer Alan Gold hammer in a trial with the Supreme Court (Andres 1 - 15). With the recent spread of eastern religions to the United States and the fabrication of unorthodox churches, there has been great opposition to these forces. The general te...
    Free research essays on topics related to: janet reno, tear gas, branch davidians, excessive force, david koresh
  • Branch Davidians David Koresh
    552 words
    The standoff between the combined forces of the FBI and ATF and David Koresh-Branch Davidians was viewed as the worse governmental operation in history. There were several reasons why Waco turned out the way it did. Koresh and 76 of his followers, including more than 20 children, died in flames because there were breakdowns in communication between FBI and the Branch Davidians as the event unfolds. First, there was a lack of competency in communication during the negotiation period between the F...
    Free research essays on topics related to: david koresh, koresh, front door, fbi, branch davidians
  • U S S Hillary Clinton
    3,349 words
    In todays society people often pay close attention to what happens in politics. They normally make voting decisions on character, past work, and partisan lines. When rumors of indiscretion or impropriety of a public official pops up, people often like to get involved. Like gossiping on the church's rumor grapevine, people love to get involved in conspiracies and scandals dealing with people of power. If you have watched television at all in the last ten years, you have probably heard about White...
    Free research essays on topics related to: branch davidians, sexual harassment, u s s, hillary clinton, plea bargain
  • Organized Religion Branch Davidians
    4,728 words
    Everything Old Is New Again Observing Persuasion in the New Age Outline Thesis: The allure of the New Age can be attributed in part to an overall lack of understanding its nature; when its history is taken into consideration and its persuasive element is exposed, we see that, contrary to the assumption that the New Age is a freer alternative to mainstream religion, persuasion is a very present part of the New Age. I. Preface II. What is new about it? A. The New Age is not new. B. If there is any...
    Free research essays on topics related to: social psychology, jim jones, organized religion, branch davidians, human nature
  • Oklahoma City Bombing Men Women And Children
    681 words
    Oklahoma City Bombing April 19, 1995, is a day that will go down in history. Just around 9: 02 am, a major explosion blew up the Murray Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City. This explosion was caused when a rental truck filled with explosives was deliberately parked in front of the Federal Building. The people responsible for this bombing is 27 -year-old Timothy McVeigh and his ex-Army buddy, Terry Nichols. It was about 90 minutes after the explosion when an Oklahoma Highway Patrol officer...
    Free research essays on topics related to: death penalty, men women and children, timothy mcveigh, branch davidians, oklahoma city bombing

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