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Free research essays on topics related to: england journal of medicine

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  • Journal Of Medicine Creatine Supplementation
    1,113 words
    ... effect (Phillips 15). " 1. ) "By volumizing your cells to hold more resources then normal (15). " 2. ) "Create a drug like effect on cellular processes (15). " With this scenario, the dietary supplement can exert a positive effect on muscle metabolism and / or performance. The third theory and most important relating to my paper states that a supplement might help you build muscle, enhance athlete performance and improve your health by simply making up for the deficiency. This has basically ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: creatine supplementation, journal of medicine, creatine monohydrate, athletic performance, body mass
  • Birth Control Pills England Journal Of Medicine
    1,441 words
    In the United States in 1999 alone, an estimated 43, 700 people will die from breast cancer. It is the number two cancer killer among females ages 15 to 54. On average if a woman gets this disease, their life expectancy drops drastically. This cancer is within the top three cancers of all women above the age of 15, and comprises a great amount of all health care costs in the U. S. totaling an astounding 37 billion dollars a year in direct medical costs. An average woman is said to have a one in ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: bone mass, birth control pills, estrogen levels, breast cancer, england journal of medicine
  • Human Cloning Controversial Issues
    1,772 words
    In the article that I chose there are two opposing viewpoints on the issue of "Should Human Cloning Ever Be Permitted?" John A. Robertson is an attorney who argues that there are many potential benefits of cloning and that a ban on privately funded cloning research is unjustified and that this type of research should only be regulated. On the flip side of this issue Attorney and medical ethicist George J. Annas argues that cloning devalues people by depriving them of their uniqueness and that a ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: fertilized ovum, vitro fertilization, ban human cloning, embryo cloning, england journal of medicine
  • England Journal Of Medicine Controlled Trial
    1,965 words
    By Herbert Macomber 1. What is a febrile seizure? Febrile convulsions (FC) or seizures (FS) are clonic or tonic-clonic seizures that most often occur in infancy or childhood, mainly occurring between four months and six years of age, with fever but without evidence of intracranial infection, antecedent epilepsy, or other definable cause. That is why they are often referred to as 'fever seizures' or 'febrile seizures. ' Most of the time when children have a seizure, or a convulsion, it's caused b...
    Free research essays on topics related to: side effects, england journal of medicine, controlled trial, slightly higher, risk factors
  • England Journal Of Medicine Pain Killer
    1,312 words
    The Placebo Effect H. K. Beecher originated the idea of placebo into the world today. Fake surgery and psychotherapy, sugar pills and even start pills are considered placebos. Feeling improvement in health without treatment is described as the placebo effect. In some mysterious way, many people believe that the effect is due to the placebo itself. Latin for I shall please, a placebo is a treatment that is delivered by an administrator in the form of medication or special treatment. Placebos are ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: role playing, pain killer, england journal of medicine, clinical trials, learned behavior
  • England Journal Of Medicine Cellular Telephones
    909 words
    Cellular telephones are fast becoming an important factor in highway safety. ? Cellular phones are becoming increasingly universal, marked by a 1, 685 percent increase in the number of users from 1988 to 1995. ? (CTIA page 1 of 3) There are many studies currently being made looking into the risks involved with driving vehicles and talking on cellular phones. Many states are even experimenting with the idea of tickets for talking and driving. Such ticketing would affect a great deal of people. Th...
    Free research essays on topics related to: england journal of medicine, cellular telephones, motor vehicles, cellular phones, wireless technology
  • Cloning Of Human Beings England Journal Of Medicine
    888 words
    The debate on Cloning all began in 1997 with the birth announcement of a sheep named Dolly. Dolly was the first mammal to be cloned from an individual cell. Since then, the debate over human cloning has dominated the bioethics community and almost all industrialized nations have banned human cloning in one form or another. The European parliament pushed through a resolution on cloning. The preamble states: The cloning of human beings cannot under any circumstances be justified by society, becaus...
    Free research essays on topics related to: genetic material, moral implications, cloning of human beings, human cloning, england journal of medicine
  • Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease Mad Cow Disease
    1,270 words
    Fatal Familial Insomnia Fatal familial insomnia is a genetic disorder. It manifests itself by many symptoms due to the degeneration of a certain part of the brain, the thalamus. The disease also results in the formation of amyloid plaques. This is the build up of a waxy substance made of proteins associated with polysaccharides. The disease is a result of a mutation of a normal protein that is associated with brain tissue. This is the prion protein. In the case of fatal familial insomnia, the mu...
    Free research essays on topics related to: prion diseases, england journal of medicine, parts of the brain, creutzfeldt jakob disease, mad cow disease
  • First Amendment Rights England Journal Of Medicine
    1,681 words
    Nora Parker January 19, 2000 English 10, per 2 Marijuana Prohibition is a Violation of First Amendment Rights Let me ask you something? if you had a choice, what would it be: Marijuana or Martinis? This question appeared in the New York Times on Tuesday, May 12 th, 1998. Due to the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 the only legal choice that you and the 18 million other adults who used marijuana last year can make is the martini (Against Drug Prohibition ix). The legal acceptance of alcohol, however, do...
    Free research essays on topics related to: england journal of medicine, prohibition of marijuana, medical use of marijuana, first amendment rights, prohibition of alcohol
  • Physician Assisted Suicide Terminally Ill Patients
    2,414 words
    Many voters throughout the United States are taking the measure to legalize physician assisted suicide to the polls. If it is legalized, the United States will have legalized a much quicker, more humane method (as opposed to terminal sedation) of ending the suffering of terminally ill patients. The only legal process of this sort in the United States is terminal sedation, a method that can oftentimes add to a patient? s problems. Although Oregon is the only state to have successfully passed such...
    Free research essays on topics related to: england journal of medicine, life support systems, physician assisted suicide, terminally ill patients, life sustaining treatment
  • Physician Assisted Suicide Death With Dignity
    1,758 words
    Regulate and Reform Euthanasia One of the landmark cases that involve euthanasia is that of Karen Ann Quinlan. Quinlan, a twenty-one year old New Jersey resident, overdosed on pills and alcohol in 1975. She was rushed to the hospital where her physical condition gradually deteriorated to a vegetative state. The doctors determined she had no chance of recovery. Before the coma Karen said that if anything ever happened that would leave her physically and mentally incompetent, without any chance of...
    Free research essays on topics related to: terminally ill, england journal of medicine, nazi germany, physician assisted suicide, death with dignity

11 results found, view free essays on page:

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