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Free research essays on topics related to: ocean floor

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  • Mauna Loa Carbon Dioxide
    1,498 words
    ... locked into the melted minerals. If volcanic rocks erupt on the earth's crust, such as the Andean volcanoes, then magma can interact with carbonate rocks such as chalk as it travels up through the mantle or lower crust, picking up carbon dioxide on the way. In subduction zones, where the ocean floor goes down into the mantle some carbonate rocks do get taken down and melted, recycling their carbon dioxide content, but this is a minor source compared with the mantle. Carbon is quite common de...
    Free research essays on topics related to: ocean floor, active volcano, mauna loa, carbon dioxide, molten rock
  • Lava Flows Earth Crust
    1,090 words
    Volcano: defined is a mountain or hill formed by the accumulation of materials erupted through one or more openings (called volcanic vents) in the earth's surface. The term volcano can also refer to the vents themselves. Most volcanoes have steep sides, but some can be gently sloping mountains or even flat tablelands, plateaus, or plains. The volcanoes above sea level are the best known, but the vast majority of the world's volcanoes lie beneath the sea, formed along the global oceanic ridge sys...
    Free research essays on topics related to: active volcano, earth surface, earth crust, lava flows, ocean floor
  • Seismic Waves Plate Boundaries
    1,198 words
    ... dates. An example of the most well known and studied fault is the San Andreas Fault located of the coast of California. The origin of volcanoes: Hot spots, can be found on plate boundaries or inside the plates. The hot spot is a place deep inside the Earth that begins to form molten lava from extreme heat conditions. It will quickly rise up, pushing and melting its way to the surface resulting in a volcano. Because of the constant moving of the plates, the volcano will be carried away from t...
    Free research essays on topics related to: seismic waves, magnetic field, richter scale, plate boundaries, sea floor
  • Hydrothermal Vents Ocean Floor
    1,069 words
    Some 7, 500 feet below the oceans surface lies a intriguing and bizarre world unlike any other. Large black volcanoes tower above the ocean floor spouting out poisonous black gas into freezing cold waters and blind crabs roam endlessly in pitch darkness. These intolerable conditions could only mean one thing, hydrothermal vents. These mystical giants of the deep have stumped some of the worlds greatest scientists who have only recently discovered that they may hold the potential key to some of t...
    Free research essays on topics related to: hot water, mid ocean, ocean floor, cold water, hydrothermal vents
  • Hydrothermal Vents Hydrogen Sulfide
    1,001 words
    ... e used for medicines. The discovery of hydrothermal vents have presented us with a possible explanation for the origin of life as well as life on other planets. Many of the minerals that develop there could be minded safely and used by humans (Chu). In addition to these, there are many more reasons why vents are, and are potently important to humans. Introduction to Tube Worms Up until recently it was thought that nothing could ever live at hydrothermal vent sites. The vents hostile conditio...
    Free research essays on topics related to: hydrothermal vents, ocean floor, oct 2001, hydrogen sulfide, deep sea
  • Tectonic Plates Oceanic Crust
    1,370 words
    The core is divided into two parts, the solid inner core and the liquid outer core. The inner core is thought to be solid and primarily made up of iron and some nickel. The outer core is all around the inner core and is believed to be made up of liquid iron mixed with liquid nickel. The outer core is about 2890 to 5100 km. The inner core is 5100 to 6378 km. Earths mantle is mainly composed of substances high in iron and magnesium. The melting point of every substance depends on the pressure and ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: ocean basins, tectonic plates, ocean currents, plate tectonics, oceanic crust
  • Evolutionary Theory Sea Creatures
    919 words
    The existence of mimic octopus is restricted to the islands of Indonesia, specifically off the coasts off Sulawesi, and Bali (3). Surprisingly, the octopus have been viewed during the daylight hours, generally residing near sand tunnels, and holes (1). The octopus enjoy these mounds because they provide a significant source of food, including small worms, fish, and crustaceans. The octopus utilizes its arms to feel for prey, and then captures the food through the use of expanded webs. However, w...
    Free research essays on topics related to: ocean floor, evolutionary theory, sea creatures, octopus, mimic
  • Upper Saddle River Prentice Hall
    888 words
    The Earth is often referred to as the blue planet since it is seventy-one percent oceans and marginal seas with only twenty-nine percent comprising the continents and islands. There are three principal topographic features of the planets ocean floor: continental margin, ocean basin floor and mid-ocean ridge. The continental margin is the most extensive feature of the ocean floor divided into two kinds: a. ) the active continental margins which are primarily located around the Pacific Ocean with ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: ocean floor, upper saddle river, mid ocean, prentice hall, pacific ocean
  • Nuclear Power Plants Thousands Of Years
    1,408 words
    The disposal of nuclear waste is quickly becoming the most important issue facing the environmental community today. Nearly twenty percent of our nation s electricity is being supplied by the approximately 100 nuclear power plants that are in everyday operation in the United States. So far, almost all of the nuclear waste created by these power plants is being housed in temporary storage facilities at each power plant. Although the total volume of nuclear waste produced in one year is small when...
    Free research essays on topics related to: nuclear power plants, thousands of years, waste disposal, yucca mountain, nuclear waste
  • Ocean Floor Feet Long
    597 words
    Classification of Dogfish sharks Kingdom Animalia (animals) Phylum Chordata SubPhylum Vertebrata (vertebrates) Class Chondrichthyes (cartilaginous fish) Subclass Elasmobranch ii (sharks and rays) Order Squaliformes (dogfish sharks) Family Squalidae Genus Squalus Species acanthus Introduction Sharks are fish that have been around longer then dinosaurs have existed. They live in waters all over the world, in every ocean, and even in some rivers and lakes. Sharks, unlike other fish, have no bones; ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: ocean floor, teeth, sharks, feet long, shark
  • North And South Bermuda Triangle
    1,432 words
    The Dragons Triangle On the other side of the world from the Bermuda Triangle is similar mysterious place called the Dragons Triangle. To the Japanese this place is known as Ma-No Umi, which means the sea of the Devil. For centuries Japanese fishermen have told stories of mysterious losses of fishing boats to Sea Demons and Dragons who inhabit the Triangle. Ships have been recorded missing in the triangle for more than 3000 years some reports go as far back as the Sung and You dynasties of ancie...
    Free research essays on topics related to: aircraft carriers, north and south, ocean floor, magnetic field, bermuda triangle
  • Evidence To Support Continental Drift
    1,020 words
    We live in an extraordinary era of exploration. We are now able to reach far out into space and deep down into the ocean. We have the advantage with technology such as computers and satellites. We can now simply understand the dynamic forces that shape our Earth. Our Earth is constantly destructing and recreating. It balances through a continuous rebirth cycle. The Earth? s dynamic shape can be summed up very simply-Transfer Of Energy. This " Big Idea" helps to explain many things such...
    Free research essays on topics related to: ocean floor, plate tectonics, strike slip, evidence to support, continental drift
  • Hydrothermal Vents Hydrogen Sulfide
    580 words
    Hydrothermal Vents are considered by scientists to be very unique and complex communities of organisms. The reason for this is due to the fact that unlike most other organisms, Hydrothermal Vents are not powered by the sun s energy. Most organisms on the Earth+s surface depend on plants to produce nutrients from sunlight. This process is called photosynthesis. These communities are unique in that they depend on a different food-making process other than photosynthesis. Bacteria at the vents make...
    Free research essays on topics related to: process called, ocean floor, hydrothermal vents, hydrogen sulfide, popular science
  • Millions Of Dollars Lava Flows
    1,235 words
    Volcano's occur all over the world. The best know volcano zones occur on the destructive plate margin around the Pacific Ring of Fire. This chain of volcano's that lie along the west coast of central and south America, Japan and the Philippines, across New Zealand and into the Atlantic. Volcano's also occur in mid-ocean along the line of ocean ridges. The Mid-Atlantic Ridge is an example of ocean floor volcano's. When these volcano's erupt lava flows from the cracks building up the ocean floor. ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: ocean floor, mount st, huge amounts, lava flows, millions of dollars
  • Charleston S C Volcanic Eruptions
    2,884 words
    trembling or Natural Disasters earthquake, trembling or shaking movement of the earths surface. Most earthquakes are minor tremors. Larger earthquakes usually begin with slight tremors but rapidly take the form of one or more violent shocks, and end in vibrations of gradually diminishing force called aftershocks. The subterranean point of origin of an earthquake is called its focus; the point on the surface directly above the focus is the epicenter. The magnitude and intensity of an earthquake i...
    Free research essays on topics related to: earths crust, charleston s c, volcanic eruptions, tropical storm, plate boundaries

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