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Free research essays on topics related to: oil on canvas

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  • Oil On Canvas Edouard Manet
    1,490 words
    Hunting Dogs by Jean-Did-Gustave Courbet is the first painting I looked at and I was created in 1867. The painting is oil on canvas and the size of it is 361 / 2 x 58 inch. Courbet paints two dogs and a dead hare in the woods. The woods are becoming dark and the sun is setting. The painting is dark and gloomy except for the quarreling dogs that the sun is directly setting on. With fine brushstrokes he sets a depressing mood because of the choice of dark colors. This picture is a very good exampl...
    Free research essays on topics related to: oil on canvas, painting shows, edouard manet, dead christ, christs death
  • Jacques Louis David Prix De Rome
    1,912 words
    1. Introduction Set on a stage of revolution and Enlightenment, the Neo-Classical period presents a broad and interesting topic. Jacques Louis David was the first political painter, and a true revolutionary, but one cannot disengage his art work from the social and political systems of the period. Therefore, this essay will present an overview of the social context and systems of Pre Revolution France, Neoclassicism and how Davids work was influenced by it and how his work influenced it. Also im...
    Free research essays on topics related to: art and architecture, prix de rome, oil on canvas, reign of terror, jacques louis david
  • Woman With The Hat By Henri Matisse
    1,512 words
    Henri Matisse Woman With the Hat, 1905 Oil on Canvas 31 x 23. 5 San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Henri Matisse's Woman with a Hat (1905, is on display at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Woman with a Hat is a classic fauve extravaganza of wild color. It is oil on canvas; 31. 75 by 35. 5 inches. The first thing one notices about the painting is the color, its everywhere. The painting looks like a splattering of garish color. Green stands out instantly, as it dominates a good deal of the ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: museum of modern art, henri matisse, oil on canvas, san francisco, blue green
  • Classical Greece And Early Twentieth Century Art
    1,482 words
    ... l as promising young artists, to design relief panels for the project designed the arch. American sculptor and art patron, Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney, designed one such panel. Her bronze sculpture stands twenty-four inches high and sixty-four inches wide. On one side of the panel is a soldier standing at attention as he salutes. The opposite side of the panel depicts five men with their rifles drawn engaged in battle. This section of the monument clearly shows the horrors of war and the her...
    Free research essays on topics related to: twentieth century, beginning of time, harlem renaissance, oil on canvas, classical greek
  • Oil On Canvas Everyday Life
    559 words
    On April 7, 2002, I visited the Menil Collection, the Cy Twombly Gallery, and Richmond Hall. I arrived at the Menil Collection at around 2: 00 pm and stayed until approximately 4: 45 pm visiting the three collections. As I drove to the museums, I was challenged with normal Houston traffic clutters, but nothing out of the ordinary. The weather was musty, full of humidity in the air with light sprinkling rain, and it seemed that it was about to start pouring outside but never did during my visit t...
    Free research essays on topics related to: visit, full time, oil on canvas, everyday life, museums
  • Vincent Van Gogh Oil On Canvas
    1,980 words
    Running Head: Modernism Name: Course: Tutor: December 28 th 2011 Introduction In the history of art, the phrase modern normally refers to an era dating from roughly the 1860 s to 1935 and describes the ideology and style of art produced during that period. The phrase modernism is used to refer to the art of the modern era. Modernism is typified by the rejection of tradition. In the nineteenth and twentieth century, there was a predicament in art. Being able to paint convincing images of mythical...
    Free research essays on topics related to: starry night, subject matter, vincent van gogh, manet painting, oil on canvas
  • Oil On Canvas Human Effort
    549 words
    Brains, Blood, Sweat, and Tears C. Peters, Memorial Bridge (Oil on Canvas, 1932) R. Crawford, Whitestone Bridge (Oil on Canvas, 1939) You can accomplish anything with thought and hard work Justin Craig-Kuhn To overcome obstacles is human. When something stands in our way, its Give me liberty or give me death! in many cases. No matter how difficult a project may seem, hard work and determination will pull us through (or at least, thats what we tell ourselves). In many cases, it turns out that we ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: human mind, hard work, human effort, bridge, oil on canvas
  • Oil On Canvas 16 Th Century
    915 words
    METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART ASSIGNMENT I. Jan van Eyck's Last Judgment Jan van Eyck was active since 1422 and died in 1441. He was the most celebrated painter of the fifteen-century in Europe. One of his famous works is The Last Judgment. At first sight this work immediately attracted my attention. The paintings stunning colors and the fact that it reminded me of a previous similar work I have seen, triggered in my mind. The material that is used is oil on canvas, transferred from wood. The size ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: 16 th century, work of art, oil on canvas, van eyck, metropolitan museum of art
  • York Harry N Abrams Oil On Canvas
    2,150 words
    Throughout the period that covered the last half of the nineteenth century, Western Europe enjoyed the gatherings of a great wealth that was accumulated by the industrial-colonial economy. The revolutionary changes in the stratification of the society and the functioning of the production system brought new perspectives to view the individual and the world that surrounded him. The bourgeoisie reached the summit of its rise since the French Revolution, and industrial European cities became the ce...
    Free research essays on topics related to: avant garde, york harry n abrams, oil on canvas, work of art, marcel duchamp
  • Oil On Canvas Camera Obscura
    969 words
    Canaletto is renowned for his paintings of Venice. He uses linear perspective to create most of his paintings. This essay will therefore be reviewing Canaletto life and will analyze his paintings and methods. Giovanni Antonio Canal was born in Venice in 1697. He was christened in the church of San Lio. Canaletto was the son of a theatrical painter. People called him Canaletto so that they could distinguish him from his father, Bernardo Canal. Canaletto got a lot of his practical experience by wo...
    Free research essays on topics related to: paintings, painted, oil on canvas, camera obscura, buildings

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