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  • Porphyrias Lover Dramatic Monologue
    1,099 words
    ter> Compare the two poems Porphyrias Lover and My Last Duchess by Robert Browning. What do they reveal about attitudes to women and relationships in the nineteenth century? Robert Browning was one of the greatest poets of the nineteenth century. In 1842, he published Dramatic Lyrics which included the two poems Porphyrias Lover and My Last Duchess. In Porphyrias Lover Browning gives the reader a dramatic insight into the twisted mind of an abnormally possessive lover, who wishes the m...
    Free research essays on topics related to: robert brownings, late wife, nineteenth century, porphyrias lover, dramatic monologue
  • French Revolution Motives Of Committee Public Safety
    711 words
    ter> Essay Topic: Discuss the motives of the Committee of Public Safety and the role they played in the running of France (up to 27 July 1794) Anarchy within, invasion without. A country cracking from outside pressure, disintegrating from internal strain. Revolution at its height This was the country the Committee of Public Safety (The committee), inherited and it was announced their mission by the Convention, to create a viable (republican) state amid political turmoil, by means of in...
    Free research essays on topics related to: laws passed, public interest, private interests, committee of public safety, education system
  • Act 1 Sc 3 Communication Skills
    1,021 words
    ... In fact, at the time, although Venice was considered Europe's cultural capital, it was seen to have certain drawbacks, especially regarding promiscuity and the diminished role of fidelity in marriage (Tillyard 134). Add to this the fact that Iago is dealing with a man who has only recently been engaged in wedlock and therefore is less certain when questioned about his wifes character. Othello has seen the way in which Desdemona has deceived her father and eloped, what is to say that such a c...
    Free research essays on topics related to: othello's, iago, communication skills, othello, act 1 sc 3
  • Victor Frankenstein Mary Shelley
    1,215 words
    ter> Examine the way in which characters are portrayed in the novel. In the novel Frankenstein, written by Mary Shelley, the characters have been portrayed effectively. Much of the interactions between characters, and characteristics of the characters have been based on events which have occurred in Shelleys own life, or they represent what she believes is important. For example, Victor is portrayed as having a strong passion for science, and a poor understanding of relationships. Eliz...
    Free research essays on topics related to: mary shelley, de lacey, scientific knowledge, victor frankenstein, reader feels
  • Act Two Scene Macbeth Killed
    927 words
    Throughout Shakespeare's Macbeth, numerous symbols are used. Many of these depict characters actions and appearances, emotions, and events that have happened previously in the play. Although there are many symbols used all through the play, there are three important groups of symbols that are used most regularly. These are blood, sleep and animals, which all have different representations. Blood is an important symbol that is used continuously in the play. In the beginning of the play, blood is ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: act two scene, macbeth killed, important symbol, murdered sleep, lady mac
  • Computers And Children Learning
    1,459 words
    ... is practice can also find support at a theoretical level. Vygotsky (1978) argues that all higher psychological functions (e. g. perception, voluntary attention) have social origins. Specifically, he claims that adults and more capable peers mediate a child's experience. Many of the successful problem solving training studies have been influenced by the Vygotsky an notion of guided learning within a learner's zone of proximal development - a distance between what a child can do working alone ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: oxford blackwell, educational psychology, computer based, problem solving, cognitive skills
  • Booker T Washington Du Bois
    981 words
    Following the smoke of Confederate and Union gunfire emerged the self-reliant and awe-inspiring Booker Taliaferro Washington. As a distinguished black educator, a commanding broker, and an ethical as well as economical constructionist, he stepped up to the podium of civil reform with authority. Life was not easy for young Booker T; from the moment of his delivery on April 5, 1856, he was clamped into bondage. Toiling in the backbreaking salt furnace from the age of ten with his father, whilst pa...
    Free research essays on topics related to: booker t washington, civil war, du bois, hampton institute, black man
  • Seachange And Scales Of Justice Power Lifestyle
    980 words
    ter> Power can affect people in many different ways and this can have a direct impact on their lifestyle. How is this true in both Seachange and Scales of Justice? The issue of power and its effect on lifestyle is clearly demonstrated in both Scales of Justice and in Seachange through a variety of characters. In Scales of Justice, power and the abuse of it is shown mainly through corruption within the police force and in Seachange it is shown mostly through Laura and Bob Jelly. Both te...
    Free research essays on topics related to: lifestyle, personal gain, abuse of power, positive effects, webber
  • Nuclear Holocaust Nuclear Weapons
    1,473 words
    Deterrence is a theory of International relations based in Realism. Essentially, it tries to explain the situation of when two or more states threaten retaliation if attacked, in order to deter the attack. It is therefore possible to very simply state deterrence as "You hit me, I hit you. " For this essay, two main questions have to be addressed, Has it worked? and Does it make sense? To answer these questions, I will firstly define what deterrence is, I will then examine some of the main argume...
    Free research essays on topics related to: cold war, soviet union, nuclear holocaust, nuclear war, nuclear weapons
  • Social And Economic Read And Write
    859 words
    Most ancient Greek women were under control of men from the moment of their birth to the moment of their death, weather it be their father or husbands. This may be quite true about Athenian or any other women from different city-states, but Spartan women had a lot more freedom and when compared are found out to be a lot more different then the traditional image of which ancient Greek women are thought to of been treated. Firstly Spartan women had many more rights then other women of different ci...
    Free research essays on topics related to: marriage ceremony, social and economic, ancient greek, spartan women, read and write
  • Loss Of Her Hair Belinda And The Baron Pope
    807 words
    Pope had translated the Iliad recently before writing the Rape of the Lock so it is no wonder that the poem contains many allusions to it and other epics. Pope used the heroic couplet fore mostly because of the awe in which he held the epics and secondly because it provides a superb field in which to satirist whilst maintaining levity. His mocking of the epic begin in the first two lines of the poem: What dire offence from across causes springs, What mighty contests rise from trivial things, Thi...
    Free research essays on topics related to: satire, rape of the lock, belinda, belinda's, pope
  • Alexis De Tocqueville Democracy In America
    1,879 words
    A new democracy was established in America with certain unique characteristics in its structure and establishment. America's tyranny never came. America's duration of holding to its original form of government, since the time of the Constitution, evolved from a near insignificant point in human history, to an era power not in a man, but rather in free men, every one in America for over 200 years. The question of every great historian then is this, "How has America's democracy thrived when all ot...
    Free research essays on topics related to: native americans, american democracy, american citizen, democracy in america, alexis de tocqueville
  • Composed Upon Westminster Bridge Mont Blanc
    1,330 words
    Romantic movement in English literature (1785 - 1832) is known for its great novels and poetry works. This was the time of many important activities going on in the world and those events had a great impact upon artistic people. Many great masterpieces of poetry and other kinds of arts were created during that period, that still are popular among people of all ages and social status. In this paper we are going to examine significance of mountains, specifically the Alps, in this Romantic movement...
    Free research essays on topics related to: rhyming pattern, mont blanc, romantic movement, composed upon westminster bridge, english literature
  • U S Armed Forces U S Congress
    690 words
    As I read the poem and studied its original context, I was at first amazed by the uncanny resemblance of the particular England era with modern day America. However, upon further exploration of the poem, I began to see that the similarities should not have surprised me. The hegemonic existence of our world throughout history is a vital point wherein one should expect similarities between the two time periods even with different countries at hand. Back then England ruled the world or in the crux ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: u s congress, time periods, present time, u s armed forces, modern day
  • Social Influence Ethical Issues
    1,027 words
    Conformity and Obedience Question 1 Explain what is meant be the terms Conformity and Obedience Conformity is acting in terms of the accepted behaviour of a social group or a change in the behaviour of the minority to fit the behaviour of the majority. For example Jones study showed that when asked to estimate the number of beans in a bottle people would come up with different results, he then asked them to come up with a group estimate, then a second individual estimate. The second individual e...
    Free research essays on topics related to: social influence, social group, experimental group, ethical issues, participants
  • Omaha Beach D Day
    583 words
    PREPARATIONS FOR THE LANDINGS It was in 1943, at the Quebec Conference that the decision was taken to attempt a large-scale invasion, code-named Overlord, against the continent of Europe in the spring of 1944. However, instead of aiming their operation at the coast of northern France close to Britain, as the Germans had expected, the Allies chose to come ashore in the Bay of the Seine. Landing in lower Normandy, on shores less heavily fortified than those in the Pas de Calais, gave the Allies th...
    Free research essays on topics related to: capture, allies, d day, omaha beach, tanks
  • Primat Der Aussenpolitik Ist Fur Der Primat Der Aussenpolitik Ist Kehr
    420 words
    Der Primat Der Aussenpolitik Ist Fur Die Der Primat Der Aussenpolitik Ist Fur Die Ideologies Des Deutschen National staats Des 19. Jahrhunderts Kehr? s collection of essays are united, as the title of the anthology suggests, by the theme of the primacy of domestic politics in Wilhelmine Germany. ? The thesis put forward by Kehr was that domestic political concerns regarding the conflict of the industrialised masses, the industrial middle classes and the agrarian East Elbian landowners were the d...
    Free research essays on topics related to: considerations, league, agrarian, foreign policy, der
  • Makes It Clear Modern Day
    646 words
    The Australian novel, Lightning Mine, covers the development of an iron ore mine on a sacred land guarded by Namarrkon in the Northern Territory. MDG/Global mining was very interested in the area, and sent their chief prospector, Aaron Shoemaker to investigate the land. Whilst Shoemaker is there, he sets off a chain of corporate and government tactics to ensure the development of the mine on the Aboriginal sacred site. These tactics, as you can imagine, were not overly fair to the Aboriginal peo...
    Free research essays on topics related to: modern day, shoemaker, makes it clear, mine, stalin
  • Smoking Marijuana Marijuana Plant
    1,111 words
    What s illegal, Marijuana Marijuana What s illegal, friendly to the environment, not supported by the powers that be, and gets you banged up in nick for possession of it? Well the answer can only be the green bud, the Buddha, the wacky back or the puff, well what ever you call it it all boils down to the simple name of marijuana. So how come this plant has gained such a cult following over the thousand and odd years it s been subjected to us? Well I suppose you I could spout out the useful purpo...
    Free research essays on topics related to: marijuana plant, smoke, marijuana, smoking marijuana, strains
  • Form Of Democracy System Of Government
    435 words
    The Ancient City Pompeii How democratic was Pompeian politics? In order to answer the above question, it is first necessary to consider the exact meaning of the term democracy. Whilst it is difficult to give an exact definition of the word, it is certainly possible to create a list of the implications of democratic government for a society and its citizens. Perhaps the most obvious of these implications, certainly when considered from a modern standpoint, would be that every full member of a soc...
    Free research essays on topics related to: democratic government, element, form of democracy, system of government, pompeii

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