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  • World War 1 Trench Warfare
    725 words
    World War 1 is perhaps best known for being a war fought in trenches (Grolier 94), ditches dug out of the ground to give troops protection from enemy artillery and machine-gun fire. In Erich Remarque's novel All Quite on the Western Front that is exactly how he described trench warfare. Remarque showed World War 1 as a war fought in trenches, which he depicted well leaving out only a few minor details. The trenches spread from the East to the West. By the end of 1914 trenches stretched all along...
    Free research essays on topics related to: world war 1, trench warfare, shell shock, 000 men, trenches
  • Good Vs Evil Moby Dick
    511 words
    In the novel Moby Dick by Herman Melville, the apparent themes: good vs. evil, civilized vs. uncivilized, and conventional vs. unconventional are throughout the book, but they are not as superficial as they seem. In treating the theme good vs. evil, the apparent message is one of Ahab being the innocent victim. A man disfigured and tormented by a beast of nature. In juxtaposition to that the whale can be perceived as being evil because of what he did to man. However, if we are to look at this ob...
    Free research essays on topics related to: good vs evil, ishmael, ahab, moby dick, queequeg
  • Annotated Bibliography On Satan In Paradise Lost
    719 words
    Annotated Bibliography on Satan in Paradise Lost Anderson, Gene Michael. Milton's Paradise Lost. The Explicator (1995) The critic has acclaimed that the character of Satan is found to be undermining God's power through false belief in their own power. Fraud is found to be the weapon of Satan from the War in Heaven through the fall of man. Satan has convince its follow angels that they posses power that is equal to God. The author had compared Satan as a Great Prophet in disguise, a false Moses f...
    Free research essays on topics related to: milton paradise, paradise lost, fall of man, satan, character of satan
  • Play King Lear Years Of His Life
    1,863 words
    Madness as a Way to Truth Shakespeare introduces many themes in his famous play King Lear. The most important theme of the play is the theme of madness. During the play, madness was showed in King Lear, who was a tragic hero. Ahab in Moby Dick by Melville was also tragic hero full of madness, which was driving him to revenge. In Shakespeare's play, King Lear develops madness right in the beginning. He actually reveals it in Act IV. In this act, King Lear is at the peak of madness, but it is also...
    Free research essays on topics related to: captain ahab, tragic hero, moby dick, play king lear, years of his life
  • Nursery Rhyme Grateful Dead
    1,480 words
    Who can say where the prose comes from that flow from the pens of the author s of the Grateful Dead s lyrics? Careful listening reveals a strong tendency toward the ancient form of the nursery rhyme. From Robert Hunter s first lyric for the band Alligator (Hunter 6), in which he echoes Old King Cole (Gould 143), to John Perry Barlow s Throwing Stones (Dodd), nursery rhymes have provided both text and rhythm, and seem to fit well into the playful sound of the Dead. The rhythm of nursery rhyme pre...
    Free research essays on topics related to: santa cruz, nursery rhyme, good bye, ain t, grateful dead
  • Process Of Cloning One Of The Largest
    1,198 words
    Cloning A few years ago if you were to ask someone about the possibilities of cloning they would most likely say it was impossible. This attitude towards cloning has been held into belief up until recently when scientists in Scotland cloned a sheep. And immediately after scientists in Oregon cloned a monkey (Fackelmann 276). The most major breakthroughs of the century in science has occurred and we are not ready for it. The scientific breakthrough of cloning has caused a great deal of controvers...
    Free research essays on topics related to: human race, process of cloning, endangered species, one of the largest, genetic disease
  • Breath Of Air Top Of The Water Dolphins
    565 words
    Dolphins are playful and cleverness make them fascinating to watch. Dolphins are not fish they are mammals that live in the sea. They have to come to the top of the water every half minute, so they can breathe. But dolphins can stay under the water for six or seven minutes, if he holds his breathe. The dolphin breathes in his head because he has a blowhole in his head that allows him to breathe. Dolphins have a lot of teeth to help them eat. Each dolphin has almost one hundred teeth in his mouth...
    Free research essays on topics related to: boat, breathe, dolphins, dolphin, sleeps
  • Man Kind Reading Books
    866 words
    Fahrenheit 451: Books A Part of Our Past One of the biggest issues raised in this book was the idea that people are starting to forget more about books and what they mean. People have started to take books for granted, instead of reading books they watch a movie or a program on the television. People do not realize that books, scrolls, manuscripts are a big part of our past. Since the beginning of time, people have been recording things they saw, did and took part in on birch bark and later very...
    Free research essays on topics related to: man kind, reading books, fahrenheit 451, rent, stuff
  • Point In His Essay Aldo Leopold One
    483 words
    In the essay the Round River Aldo Leopold was trying to say many different ideas that related together in the fight for nature preservation and restoration. One of Aldo Leopold's main points in his essay was that we as humans can not replace, rebuild nature. So before it goes to far, and gets to destroyed we must restore it. As people though we can only do so much and we cant restore it with foreign plants, but only the natural plants that originated there. So if we destroy an areas ecosystem th...
    Free research essays on topics related to: leopold, whale, deer, restore
  • Normal Citizens Exact Position Gps
    342 words
    Describe how GPS works and how normal citizens have been able to use it to make their lives easier. GPS is a global positioning satellite that is used to show the exact position on earth that you are. This system is used in many ways. Many people in a new city use rental cars. These people will probably get lost. Now in these cars there is GPS. This system allows the driver to know where they are and gives them a map of the place they are planning to visit. GPS also speaks to that person and let...
    Free research essays on topics related to: collar, elephants, gps, easier, fisherman
  • Bartleby The Scrivener Narrator Of The Story
    1,758 words
    Herman Melville: An Anti-transcendentalist Or Not Essay, Herman Melville: An Anti-transcendentalist Or Not Melville, Herman (1819 - 91), an American Novelist, is widely regarded as one of Americas greatest and most influential novelists; known primarily as the author of Moby Dick. He belonged to a group of eminent pre-Civil War writers-American Romantics or members of the American Renaissance-who created a new and vigorous national literature. He is one of the notable examples of an American aut...
    Free research essays on topics related to: herman melville, moby dick, narrator of the story, capture the attention, bartleby the scrivener
  • One Of The Greatest Moby Dick
    200 words
    1819 - 91, one of the greatest American writers; b. N. Y. C. His experiences on a whaler (1841 - 42) and ashore in the Marquesas (where he was captured by cannibals) and other South Sea islands led to the writing of Type (1846), Ohio (1847), and other widely popular romances. Melville's masterpiece, Moby-Dick; or, The Whale (1851), the tale of a whaling captains obsessive search for the white whale that had ripped off his leg, is at once an exciting sea story, a heavily symbolic inquiry into goo...
    Free research essays on topics related to: one of the greatest, melville, whale, moby, moby dick
  • Bartleby The Scrivener Narrator Of The Story
    1,700 words
    An anti- transcendentalist or not Melville, Herman (1819 - 91), American novelist, a major literary figure whose exploration of psychological and metaphysical themes foreshadowed 20 th-century literary concerns but whose works remained in obscurity until the 1920 s, when his genius was finally recognized. Melville was born August 1, 1819, in New York City, into a family that had declined in the world. ? The Gansevoort's were solid, stable, eminent, prosperous people; the (Herman? s Father? s sid...
    Free research essays on topics related to: melville , benito cereno, capture the attention, bartleby the scrivener, narrator of the story
  • Power And Authority Good And Evil
    789 words
    The Microcosm on the Pequod The novel Moby Dick was written by Herman Melville. A microcosm, or small world, exists on the Pequod and is an example of the actions and events of the whole world. This microcosm is evident through the power and authority of Ahab, religion, friendship, and good and evil. The Pequod represents the thoughts, actions, events, and the many different types of people of the world. The power and authority of Ahab is probably the most obvious evidence of the microcosm. He e...
    Free research essays on topics related to: pequod, ahab, moby dick, good and evil, power and authority
  • Herman Melville Moby Dick
    738 words
    I Try All Things; I Achieve What I Can (Herman Melville in MOBY DICK) Herman Melville, in his novel, MOBY DICK, combined the results of large amounts of research in history, personal narratives, and scientific tracts with his own experiences on a whaling ship. He wanted his book to be an allegory, full of psychological and symbolic richness. Though the plot itself is deceptively simple, there are many layers and elements that make up this important novel. It is a sea story, a tall tale, an epic ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: white whale, moby dick, herman melville, ahab, captain ahab
  • Natural Bridges Area Natural Bridges State Beach
    786 words
    For my writing assignment # 2, I chose to go somewhere that I have never been before. The place I chose to go was to the Natural Bridges State Beach in Santa Cruz. Before I went on this field trip, I had never heard anything about it. When I asked my friends if they knew of any natural sites or museums, the first one they recommended was the Natural Bridges State Beaches. I asked them what was so interesting and significant about the place and they told me that I would find out when I go there m...
    Free research essays on topics related to: settlers, monarchs, beach, bridge, bridges
  • Endangered Species Living Things
    729 words
    Endangered species are living things whose population is so reduced that they are threatened with extinction. Thousands of species are included in this category. The International Union for the Conservation of nature and Natural Resources publishes a list of threatened mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and (many people don? t consider them) plants CAUSES OF EXTINCTION Millions of years before humans, extinction of living things was linked to geological and climate, the effects of which were ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: extinction, endangered, living things, endangered species, acid
  • Medium Sized Sea Ice
    1,154 words
    The penguin (Sphenisciformes) has been a fascination to numerous people including scientists and researchers alike. They have distinctive characteristics and an interesting classification system. Their eating habits, unique way of breeding and predators are just a way of everyday life that fascinates scientists and researchers. The species status still remains in danger and can hopefully be helped. This unusual bird stands on short legs and walks with a clumsy waddle. These birds cannot fly whic...
    Free research essays on topics related to: sea ice, penguin, medium sized, penguins, feathers
  • Part Of The Poem Robert Lowell
    1,468 words
    Lowell and Berryman Robert Lowell and John Berryman both used their personal experiences as visuals in their writings. Their styles are similar in that aspect. Robert Lowells poem The Drunken Fisherman tells a story about himself fishing, and describes the seen in great detail. Of Suicide, written by John Berryman, is an autobiographical poem about how depressed he is. Berryman's work describes in detail what he thinks about and what was going on in his life at that moment making him feel so dep...
    Free research essays on topics related to: robert lowell, personal experiences, part of the poem, john berryman, bad things
  • Million Years Ago 000 Years Ago
    648 words
    The Evolution of Lake Champlain Basin A billion years ago, Lake Champlain and all of North America was covered by huge glaciers. The air was rich in oxygen because of photosynthesis done by plants. The Adirondacks Mountains Mountain-building events made the then 20, 000 feet Adirondack Mountains. Minerals such as garnet, anorthosite, and diopside came from metamorphic rocks. The Iapetus Ocean What is now the Champlain Valley started to rift 600 million years ago. It turned into the Iapetus Ocean...
    Free research essays on topics related to: plate tectonics, 000 years ago, champlain, million years ago, lake champlain

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