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  • Southern Baptist Homosexual Relationships
    1,341 words
    Benefits for Homosexuals in the Workplace For many years now minority groups have been fighting to get equal representation in high paying jobs and to be treated like everyone else if they are hired. The minority group that I wish to focus on is homosexuals. Many gays believe that they are being treated unfairly by companies that do not offer domestic partner benefits and other fringe benefits that are offered to heterosexual workers and their spouses. They argue that their partners are in effec...
    Free research essays on topics related to: homosexual relationships, domestic partnership, sexual orientation, southern baptist, american airlines
  • Asia Minor Three Days
    1,520 words
    The life of the Apostle Paul is a very long and complex story. Through much research and thought of an approach, I have found the best way to give an account is to actually recount the life that he led. In this paper I will attempt to give a testimony of how I perceived the life of Paul. In my view, his life consists of four parts: his life before the conversion, the actual conversion, his life through the three renowned missionary journeys, and the testimony he gives throughout. The letters he ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: three days, conversion, saul, asia minor, 1 cor
  • Death Row Inmates Sentenced To Death
    1,284 words
    ... ate with McVeigh's fingerprint, and the rented Ryder truck used for the bombing. Other examples of criminals who have suffered capital punishment include Rolando Cruz and another Chicago man. They were both sentenced to death in 1985 for the abduction, death, and murder of a ten-year-old little girl named Jeanine Nicarico. Because the prosecution had based its case on a vision statement, the conviction was overturned. There was another man who had actually confessed to the murder, however, h...
    Free research essays on topics related to: capital punishment, death row inmates, sentenced to death, death penalty, death and executed
  • Son In Law Sydney Carton
    996 words
    It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, Dickens writes in the opening lines of A Tale of Two Cities as he paints a picture of life in England and France. The year is late 1775, and Jarvis Lorry travels from London to Paris on a secret mission for his employer, Tellsons Bank. Joining him on his journey is Lucie Manette, a 17 -year-old woman who is stunned to learn that her father, Doctor Alexandre Manette, is alive and has recently been released after having been secretly imprisoned ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: son in law, lucie, sydney carton, manette, darnay
  • Hitler Willing Executioners Police Battalion 101 Germany
    563 words
    In Daniel Jonah Goldhagen's book, Hitler's Willing Executioners, Goldhagen explains what could have provoked the German people to support the murder of six million European Jews. His central theory is that the perpetrators of genocide in Nazi Germany were not a small group of SS zealots but thousands of ordinary Germans who killed with the consent of millions more. One of his most convincing examples is that of Police Battalion 101. Due to manpower shortages during the war, the police battalions...
    Free research essays on topics related to: police battalion 101, hitler's, battalion, explanation, 101
  • Salem Witch Trials Group Of People
    1,032 words
    In The Crucible, there was a lot of senseless behavior. The purpose of The Crucible is to educate the reader on the insanity that can form in a group of people who think they are judging fairly upon a group of people. Judge Hawthorne believes what he is told by certain people is the truth even if little evidence is to be shown. The young girls with Abigail convince Hawthorne of others being witches so that Abigail can get what she wants, John Proctor, also so that Abigail does not blackmail the ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: pulitzer prize, group of people, arthur millers, salem witch trials, abigail williams
  • Put To Death Leopold And Loeb
    1,352 words
    Capital punishment has been stated as murder in its worst form barbaric, disgusting, unusual and completely unnecessary. Should Christians really support the death penalty? Many Christians believe that the Bible has spoken to the issue, but others believe that the New Testament ethic of love replaces the Old Testament law. Some early Christian writers who discussed capital punishment were absolutely opposed to it. Christians were instructed to not execute a criminal, to not attend public executi...
    Free research essays on topics related to: capital punishment, put to death, death penalty, victims family, leopold and loeb
  • Kill A Mockingbird Atticus Finch
    1,156 words
    In the 1960 novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee explores the concept of racism in the legal system and the upbringing of children. These notions are shown as one of the main patriarchs, Atticus Finch. He shows his children a principled path through life, and through his court case, he reinforces these philosophies. He also shows the small southern town of Maycomb what it really feels like to be a Negro. Atticus did not fail at either of these responsibilities: as a lawyer, he did not fail, ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: kill a mockingbird, mayella ewell, atticus tells, tom robinson, atticus finch
  • Personal Integrity Public Reputation Proctor
    428 words
    In a sense, The Crucible has the structure of a classical tragedy, with John Proctor as the play's tragic hero. Honest, upright, and blunt-spoken, Proctor is a good man, but one with a secret, fatal flaw. His lust for Abigail Williams led to their affair (which occurs before the play begins), and created Abigail's jealousy of his wife, Elizabeth, which sets the entire witch hysteria in motion. Once the trials begin, Proctor realizes that he can stop Abigail's rampage through Salem but only if he...
    Free research essays on topics related to: witch, proctor, confession, abigail, personal integrity
  • Men And Women Mary Magdalene
    904 words
    There are numerous passages in the gospels dealing with women. Some of the images presented are almost casual in nature; but others are highly important as they present God's unchanging view of women. These passages form the foundation of a guiding teaching from which the apostles try not to stray. Women are portrayed as equal to men by the parables, teachings, healing, and treatment by Jesus Christ, and also in their roles in the events immediately following the crucifixion of Jesus, the Son of...
    Free research essays on topics related to: mary magdalene, men and women, healing, jesus', phrase
  • The Extraordinary Life Of Frederick Douglass
    1,012 words
    According to Plato the Soul is apart from the body. The soul cannot endure the pains of the body. As a slave endures physical harm their soul must not be affected. In the Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave by Frederick Douglass, once a slave is born or brought into slavery, they will stay a slave until death part them. As a slave one does not possess much since one has surrendered and devoted himself to pleasing their masters. That is why a slave must sustain their ha...
    Free research essays on topics related to: master hugh, douglass, free man, frederick douglass, read and write
  • Kill A Mockingbird Mayella Ewell
    563 words
    Have you ever read To Kill A Mockingbird? It is a wonderful book by Harper Lee. This book shows great examples of courage, trust, and blindness. These are all displayed throughout the entire book. In the paragraphs that follow, you will read about courage, trust and blindness, and one way that each one is displayed. Mrs. Dubose shows a great example of courage in this book. Atticus admires her for this. Mrs. Dubose is an elderly woman that lives down the street from the Finch family. She acts hi...
    Free research essays on topics related to: tom robinson, judge taylor, kill a mockingbird, black man, mayella ewell
  • Men And Women One Thing
    1,058 words
    ... of God. He never trusted in his on strength and power. Joshua continually leaned on the mighty arm of God. The Bible tells us to cast our cares upon Him, for he care for us. If we could only learn to put our trust and faith in God. In the midst of difficult situations and trials, Joshua never once doubted the God that he served. He always stood strong in faith, totally believing the promises of God. When he and Caleb came back from spying out the land, they were the only two men with a good ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: men and women, armor, obedience, joshua, one thing
  • Moses And Elijah Heavenly Visitants Cloud
    1,145 words
    ... act, that, in quick reaction after the overpowering influence of the strongest emotions, drowsiness would creep over their limbs and senses. 'They were heavy - weighted - with sleep, ' as afterwards at Gethsemane their eyes were weighted. 10 11 Yet they struggled with it, and it is quite consistent with experience, that they should continue in that state of semi-stupor, during what passed between Moses and Elijah and Christ, and also be 'fully awake, ' 12 'to see His Glory, and the two men w...
    Free research essays on topics related to: terror, cloud, objective reality, moses, elijah
  • Intentional Fraud Primitive Tradition History
    1,089 words
    ... a vision. But is the account true? It certainly represents primitive tradition, since it is not only told by all the three Evangelists, but referred to in 2 Peter i. 16 - 18, 34 and evidently implied in the words of St. John, both in his Gospel, 35 and in the opening of his First Epistle. Few, if any would be so bold as to assert that the whole of this history had been invented by the three Apostles, who professed to have been its witnesses. Nor can any adequate motive be imagined for its in...
    Free research essays on topics related to: messiah, legend, fraud, narrative, moses
  • Forensic Linguistics Part 2
    1,588 words
    ... interest. The organization of this workshop will become an interdisciplinary forum of discussion. It will involve the participation of law scholars, computer science technicians and linguists. 4 The really interesting thing is for the lawyer to discover that linguistics exists, more than that, have some relevant expertise to offer them. The best way to become a valued consultant to attorneys is to first become a distinguished linguist in your own chosen field of expertise. Different legal ca...
    Free research essays on topics related to: written language, linguistics, computer science, speech sounds, forensic
  • Detroit Mi Gale Mi Gale Research
    944 words
    There are many different reasons why Hamlet must avenge the death of his father the late King Hamlet. The aspect of justice versus revenge is a prominent theme throughout the play. Prominent characteristics in each of the characters seeking revenge shows the different aspects of what each character feels is justice. Hamlet is notoriously known for being a man of action. This characteristic hampers the chain of events that follow after his father? s slaying. There are many reasons why Hamlet want...
    Free research essays on topics related to: detroit mi gale, eye for an eye, put to death, mi gale research, hamlet and laertes
  • 100 000 People Years In Prison
    1,565 words
    John Gotti and the Decline of Organized Crime The Mafia. It is a figment of many people s imaginations. To some people it is a true problem of society. For some people the Mafia and organized crime is a way of life. Popular culture has seen elements of the Mafia in such movies and television shows like The Godfather, Goodfellas, and The Sopranos. The Mafia and organized crime is very real. Organized crime however has been on a steep decline. Since the detainment of John Gotti and the defection o...
    Free research essays on topics related to: organized crime, carlo gambino, john gotti, 100 000 people, years in prison
  • Medicinal Marijuana Consumer Reports
    1,429 words
    Medical Marijuana Marijuana (cannabis) is a mixture of leaves, stems, and flowering tops of the Indian hemp plant Cannabis sativa. [ 4 ] Marijuana is thought by many to be harmful, but it has been proven in fact to be helpful for some people with certain illnesses. [ 4 ] When I first started looking into medical marijuana as my research subject, I was curious to see what people my age actually thought about marijuana. I asked twenty of my peers, ranging in age from seventeen to twenty-two, What ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: consumer reports, medicinal marijuana, multiple sclerosis, medical marijuana, drug dealers
  • Fair Trial Actual Events
    904 words
    Dallas police officer, Robert Wood, was shot five times and murdered after pulling over a vehicle for a minor traffic violation. Randall Dale Adams was arrested, convicted and sentenced to death for the crime. Adams plead " not guilty" to the charges. He claimed 16 year old David Harris, whom he had spent several hours with on the day of the crime, was the true killer. In Mark Singers " Profile of Filmmaker Errol Morris, " Singer describes Randall Adams case as it was portray...
    Free research essays on topics related to: actual events, morris, adams, fair trial, singer

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