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  • Bear Grylls Human Spirit Everest
    816 words
    A few years ago, after reading Jon Krakauer's horrifying account of the 1996 expeditions to Everest (Into Thin Air) in which 11 climbers died (nine on a single night) due to a combination of bad luck, bad weather and inexperience, I got a bit put off by this mountain climbing business. To "prove" themselves, people had begun paying vast sums of money to be literally pushed or carried up the great mountain, at great risk not only to themselves, but to others as well, just so that later, they coul...
    Free research essays on topics related to: human spirit, summit, climbers, everest, mountain
  • Early Twentieth Century Late Nineteenth Century
    1,145 words
    Between the period of the late nineteenth century and the early twentieth century, expansionism was a major part of the United States. Since there were many advances in technology and knowledge of the world many different countries tried to expand there countries as much as possible. Between this period there was a lot of continuation of expansionism plus there was also a lot of departure of expansionism in the country. Many things contributed to this expansionism such as the American Diplomacy ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: early twentieth century, expansionism, neighboring countries, late nineteenth century, part of the united states
  • Quality Of Life Industrial Revolution
    932 words
    The first statements devoted to the industrial revolution in England which lead to the changing the productive capacity. This revolution has accomplished so much in so little time. The past two centuries confirms that technology its not only tools. In 1762 Matthew Boulton built a factory and installed a steam engine to supplement power from two large waterwheels, which ran a variety of lathes and polishing and grinding machines. In Staffordshire an industry developed which gave the world good ch...
    Free research essays on topics related to: industrial revolution, quality of life, natural processes, genetic engineering, steam engine
  • Repeat The Past Homosexual Relationship
    982 words
    In the novel Falconer, by John Cheever, the main character, Farragut, is motivated by the wish to escape from an unpleasant world. In the Overview of John Cheever, it says, Cheever's world commonly portrays individuals in conflict with their communities and often with themselves. In this novel, Farragut is sent to Falconer prison for murdering his brother, and has to deal with the confinement and withdrawal of his drug addictions. In addition, Cheever expresses emotional tension arising from the...
    Free research essays on topics related to: homosexual relationship, brothers death, repeat the past, john cheever, n pag
  • World War Ii Truman Doctrine
    732 words
    In this paper I will discuss what actions and thoughts added up to cause the cold war. The cold war lasted from September 1, 1945 to about December 25, 1991. That is about forty-five years, which is an extremely long time. The cold war was a global competition basically between two sides, the Free World, which was led by the United States of America, and the Communist World led by the Soviet Union. The struggle took place through indirect military conflict, and direct competition in the areas of...
    Free research essays on topics related to: atom bomb, cold war, world war ii, soviet union, truman doctrine
  • Rises Must Converge Climax Of The Story
    849 words
    Everything That Rises Must Converge In the story, Everything That Rises Must Converge; Flannery O Conner uses a number of devices to make an organized plot. Causality, repetition, and structure all contribute in making the plot interesting. The exposition consumes the beginning of the story. This is important because it gives the reader a better understanding of the characters, and sets tones for causality. Being introduced first is Julian s mother. Her attitude and actions are best described on...
    Free research essays on topics related to: flannery o, main point, julian mother, rises must converge, climax of the story
  • Reading Across The Curriculum Writing And Reading
    1,053 words
    They Probably Know More Than You Think! Privacy and freedom are extremely valued in our society, and are to some extent legally guaranteed rights by the constitution. Rapid advances in technology, in conjunction with compelling motives to use this technology to control and exploit aspects of human life in general, as well as the workplace, make urgent the question of what uses of the technology should be permitted. This is a tough questions, but if businesses would realize that their employees a...
    Free research essays on topics related to: york longman, reading across the curriculum, employer employee, writing and reading, laurence behrens
  • Rippling Waves Dive Boat Back
    887 words
    Beauty, Tranquility, and having fun are all things that pull me back underwater every summer. Being deep underwater can calm my soul, letting me enjoy the wonderful scenes that only can be found under the rippling waves of the sea. About two years ago; we were in the keys on the southern tip on Florida, and had just boarded a fairly homely dive boat for my first ocean dive ever. My Father and I had been planning this trip for months, and today was the day it would happen. As the sound of the mot...
    Free research essays on topics related to: years ago, ocean, boat, dive, waves
  • Dating Anxiety Date Stress
    720 words
    Have Dating Anxiety Dating Anxiety Have you ever been really stressed about something? Think of the time when you have been the most stressed out. Multiply that to the 10 th power and you have me before a date. It seems to me dating and stress are like salt and pepper; you almost never have one without the other. Endless anticipations flood your mind, making it almost impossible to keep a continuous train of thought. The worst thing about dating is that you get seriously stressed out for one lou...
    Free research essays on topics related to: youre, evening, worst, date, dating
  • Willy And Linda Point Of The Play
    897 words
    No one has a perfect life. Everyone has conflicts that they must face sooner or later. The ways in which people deal with these personal conflicts can differ as much as the people themselves. Some insist on ignoring the problem as long as possible, while some attack the problem to get it out of the way. Willy Lowmans technique in Arthur Millers play Death of a Salesman, lead to very severe consequences. Willy never really does anything to help the situation, he just escapes into the past, whethe...
    Free research essays on topics related to: willy, willy and linda, back home, point of the play, willys
  • Incl Briar Briar
    879 words
    For this piece of work I have been asked to write about the comparisons between the film and book of Great Expectations. The film was directed by David Lean, and he chose to change some features of the book in his film. Although many are insignificant, there are a few that changed the plot quite a bit. One of the major differences was that the character of Orlick, who plays a big role in the book, was not in the film. Because he was not there, Mrs. Joe cannot be attacked, she just dies of an &in...
    Free research essays on topics related to: briar , charles dickens, miss havisham, incl briar , visual effects
  • Anti Social Social Ills
    1,049 words
    Freud and Marx it can be argued were both, as individuals, dissatisfied with their societies. Marx more plainly than Freud, but Freud can also be seen as discontent in certain aspects such as his cynical view of human nature. Each were great thinkers and philosophers, but both seemed unhappy. Perhaps the social ills and trouble each perceived in the world about them were only the reflections of what each of the thinkers held within themselves. Each person observes the same world, but each of us ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: anti social, class conflict, social ills, economic class, freud
  • Gang Activity Gang Members
    752 words
    Throughout Gangs Impact of Gangs Throughout There Are No Children Here, a continuous, powerful tension always lurks in the background. The tension is caused primarily by the gangs which are rampant in the housing projects of Chicago. In the Henry Horner Homes, according to Kotlowitz, one person is beaten, shot at, or stabbed due to gangs every three days. In one week during the authors study of the projects, police confiscated 22 guns and 330 grams of cocaine in Horner alone (Kotlowitz 32). For ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: horner, gangs, gang activity, gang, gang members
  • Banquo Ghost Macbeth
    804 words
    The presence of supernatural forces in William Shakespeare? s, ? Macbeth, ? provides for much of the play? s dramatic tension and the mounting suspense. Several supernatural apparitions throughout the play profoundly affect Macbeth and the evil forces eventually claim Macbeth and destroy his morals. Macbeth? s ambition was driven by the prophecies of the three witches and unlike Banquo, he was willing to do anything to assure that they actually transpire. Macbeth is horrified at the notion of ki...
    Free research essays on topics related to: supernatural forces, shakespeare , macbeth , banquo ghost, evil forces
  • Conan Doyle Short Stories
    2,091 words
    How do the Writers Create Suspense in the Short Stories? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Many writers use suspense in their work in order to excite the reader more, to make him or her want to turn over to the next page. This is can be done by giving the reader some information, but not enough for him or her to be able to answer the mystery or riddle that they may be trying to solve. This can also be done by suggesting things to the reader but never actually confirming or denying them. This means t...
    Free research essays on topics related to: first thing, conan doyle, suspense, short stories, takes place
  • Carbon Dioxide Cigarette Smokers
    1,369 words
    Just as a fire needs oxygen to burn, the human body also needs a continuous supply of this essential element for the process of combustion that goes on constantly in every cell. We ordinarily do not think of a body metabolism as combustion, yet that is what is: the controlled burning of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins to provide energy. The job of the respiratory system is to furnish the oxygen that combines with these fuels in each of the billions of cells, and to carry away the waste product...
    Free research essays on topics related to: lung cancer, surface tension, cigarette smokers, carbon dioxide, lung disease
  • Alceste Scene One Celimene
    426 words
    The tension of illusion and reality present a tremendous problem for the characters in Moliere? s Misanthrope. Another tension, to a lesser extent, is that of love and principle. Throughout the play the characters are saying or thinking one thing, but saying or doing the complete opposite. The conflict of these tensions is what makes this play a comedy and in some ways a tragic comedy. The main character, Alceste, goes from beginning to end judging people on their morals and ideals, yet never on...
    Free research essays on topics related to: exchange, tension, illusion, arsinoe, scene one
  • Incl Briar Love At First Sight
    1,278 words
    Hero and Claudio represent an idealized love that was a very widespread image of love in the Elizabethan renaissance. With the introduction of Beatrice and Benedick, we see a very different picture- a love that thrives on conflict and tension. While Claudio says of Hero, &incl; § Can the world buy such a gem, &incl; ¨ Benedick refers to Beatrice as &incl; § my dear lady disdain. &incl; ¨ While Claudio and Hero whisper sweet nothings into each other&incl; &briar; s ears, Beatric...
    Free research essays on topics related to: incl uml, beatrice and benedick, incl sect, love at first sight, incl briar
  • 20 Th Century Austria Hungary
    550 words
    Nationalism: The Cause of World War I In the rising part of the 20 th century many issues come to mind, when it comes to what was the cause of WWI. Nationalism can be described as one s pride in their county or state. Loyalty was important in the early 20 th century and that is why Nationalism was the cause of WWI. During the early part of the 20 th century the idealism of being an independent country was becoming a frequent activity. The annexation of Bosnia and Herzegovina by Austria-Hungary f...
    Free research essays on topics related to: austria hungary, nationalism, 20 th century, war era, post war
  • Feeling Of Power People
    341 words
    The Sick of Society Rape is the ultimate act of brutality. Rape is committed by people whose feelings of inadequacy compel them to commit this horrific act on those that are weaker and different from themselves. The people who live in the eastern European countries known as the Balkans are, for the most part, a very intolerant people. While this statement may seem like a racist generalization, a quick look at their history will show the reasoning. These people have been slaughtering each other f...
    Free research essays on topics related to: rape, ethnic, sick, weaker, sadistic

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