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  • Duc De De Guise
    1,297 words
    ... and the Duc de Lorraine controlled vast amounts of land that were claimed for the League. In addition to this noble base, the League had a growing urban following among the bourgeoisie, especially in Paris where the government was eventually in the hands of the League Committee of Sixteen. Henri the Third tried to trick the League as he had done a decade ago, by putting himself at its head. The treaty of Namours, signed in 1585, revoked all the edicts of pacification; banning the practice of...
    Free research essays on topics related to: estates general, henri, de guise, duc de, league
  • Perez Sanchez 200 Perez Sanchez 201 Guernica
    1,141 words
    ... ering may have been used to symbolize the helpless suffering that was endured by the people of Guernica. Another important figure that dominates the painting is the mother holding the dead child which "may have been inspired by a photograph. " (Chipp 92) Guernica is unique because Picasso painted images through his eyes and with brush strokes, his paintings were logical in his mind and not influenced by outside sources. In dealing with this image in one of his sketches he again strikes a per...
    Free research essays on topics related to: guernica, viewer, goya, picasso painted, picasso
  • Burning Of The Idols Fernando Amorsolo
    1,392 words
    The Burning of the Idols by Fernando Amorsolo is on exhibit at the Ayala Museum in Makati Avenue, Makati City at the Amorsolo Gallery along with several of his other paintings from different time periods such as his Untitled (Nude) painted in 1919, Planting Rice (1922) and Going to Town on Sunday Morning made in 1958. Like the latter painting mentioned (Going to Town on Sunday Morning), the painting Burning of the Idols was made sometime during 1958. It measures 84 x 128 centimeters and was pain...
    Free research essays on topics related to: hands and feet, young woman, seven months, sunday morning, fine arts
  • Louisiana Purchase Mississippi River
    438 words
    Louisiana Purchase The Louisiana Purchase of 1803 was a American acquirement from France of the formerly Spanish region Louisiana. When the secret agreement of 1801 was revealed, where Spain went back to Louisiana to France, excited the uneasiness in the United States both because Napoleon France was an aggressive power and because western settlers depended on the Mississippi River for commerce. In a letter to the American minister to France Robert R. Livingston, President stated that "The day t...
    Free research essays on topics related to: louisiana purchase, purchase, louisiana, mississippi river, orleans
  • Pompey And Crassus Bc Caesar
    1,267 words
    Julius Caesar's legacy and attributes are just as robust today as they were in his time. From the time he took power to the time of his death he accomplished more than many other men would have done in a lifetime. He brought the Roman Empire to its height and from his death on, the Empire did nothing but fall. He was one of the world's greatest leaders and probably the best. At the age of 15 Caesar became head of his family when his father died in 85 bc. His family wanted him to pursue a religio...
    Free research essays on topics related to: high priest, pompey and crassus, pompey, caesar, bc caesar
  • Shop Of Manuel Ramirez Age Of Fifteen Segovia
    1,039 words
    World Lit April 19, 2000 Andres Segovia Quick Biography Andres Segovia was born on February 21, 1893 in the Andalusian city of Linares, Spain. His father was a prosperous lawyer and hoped that one day that his son would join him in his work. Andres' father, trying to build a wide cultural background for his son, began to provide Andres with musical instruction at an early age. He thought him how to play the piano and the violin, but Andres did not seem to be too enthusiastic about either instrum...
    Free research essays on topics related to: ramirez, guitar, hauser, andres, concert
  • King Of Salem Soul Of The World Santiago
    1,074 words
    Sometimes in life, when a person wants something with enough passion, everything seems to go perfectly accordingly to how it was planned. Paulo Coelho, the author of the Alchemist, calls this desire a personal legend. Everyone, when they are young, knows what their personal legend is, and at that point in their lives everything is clear and possible. However, as time goes on, a mysterious force seems to blind us of achieving that goal. Through Santiago, the main character, and his attempts at re...
    Free research essays on topics related to: paulo, alchemist, santiago, legend, one night
  • Yellow Journalism And Mass Media
    601 words
    Yellow Journalism and Mass Media It is the news that informs us of the events that change our lives and entertains us when we are seeking something to do. Journalism has been the staple of American life for quite some time and will probably keep the same effect for years to come. Journalism has also changed many lives in American History. Furthermore, I leave you with my essay on the the hype of the early nineteen hundreds; the infamous Yellow Press. Basically, Yellow Journalism was the given na...
    Free research essays on topics related to: journalism, yellow journalism, mass media, yellow, york world
  • 16 Th Century One Of The Greatest
    457 words
    The Panama Canal is one of the greatest works of engineering and modern achievements of mankind. An all-water passage through the continental divide of the Panama region had been suggested since early Spanish colonial times of the 16 th century. The reality of a canal through the Isthmus of Panama In the 16 th century, Europeans dreamed of building a ship canal across the Isthmus of Panama. Spanish kings considered building a canal to carry treasure from their South American colonies back to Spa...
    Free research essays on topics related to: one of the greatest, panama canal, canal, panama, 16 th century
  • Treaty Of Versailles Britain And France
    1,073 words
    Hitler had three main aims in preparing Germany for war. His first goal was to tear up the Treaty of Versailles which brought an end to WWI. This treaty blamed Germany for starting the war, it took away large amounts of land, money and materials from her, and cur her armed forces down to a minimum. Hitler's second aim was to unite all Germans into one single country. As there were millions of Germans scattered in neighboring countries such as Austria, Czechoslovakia and Poland, these countries w...
    Free research essays on topics related to: treaty of versailles, german army, armed forces, britain and france, neville chamberlain
  • Seventeenth Century Sixteenth Century
    583 words
    The diminutive scale of Bernini's S. Andrea al Quirinal e and Borromini's S. Carlo illustrates the fallacy of the notion that massive size is the leading characteristic of seventeenth-century architecture. Vast complexes such as the sixteenth-century palace of the Escorial and the eighteenth-century palace at Caserta are a reminder that grandiose scale was not a monopoly of the Baroque. Yet it is undeniable that the taste for the very large is everywhere in evidence at this period, and that Baro...
    Free research essays on topics related to: sixteenth century, baroque, seventeenth century, genre, scale
  • Sun Also Rises Jake Barnes
    979 words
    Ernest Miller Hemingway was born on July 21, 1899, in Oak Park, Illinois. Ernest's father, a man of high ideals, was very strict and censored the books he allowed his children to read. Ernest's mother, considered herself pure and proper. Her children were expected to behave properly and to please her, always. Mrs. Hemingway treated Ernest, when he was a small boy, as if he were a female baby doll and she dressed him accordingly. This arrangement was all right, until Ernest got to the age when he...
    Free research essays on topics related to: ernest mother, sun also rises, jake, lost generation, jake barnes
  • Sun Also Rises Farewell To Arms
    703 words
    In A Farewell to Arms Hemingway said that the world would break you. It may not be today or tomorrow, but it will break you, and if it cannot break you, then it will kill you. In any event, the world always wins, because it does not play fairly. Einstein said that, Not only does God play dice; but the dice are loaded. It sums up how Hemingway felt about the world. He knew that no matter how hard you fought, the world would always win in the end. However, nature was a way out. It would not save y...
    Free research essays on topics related to: sun also rises, farewell to arms, major theme, hemingway, theme of love
  • Japanese Animation Tv Programs
    924 words
    In Japan, animation is like god. Animated characters have been on the top among Japanese films for more than a decade. In the beginning of 1994, animated TV programs reached their highest average viewer ratings of 16. 1 %. To compare it to the year 1993, it increased up to 9 %. This popularity of animated programs had gone fare beyond the borders of Japan. The countries animated exports headed top TV ratings in Asia as well as in Europe. Just as a new hit appears, buyers from different countries...
    Free research essays on topics related to: animation, animated, tv programs, hard work, japanese animation
  • Democratic Institutions Dependent Variable
    1,320 words
    Stable Democracies I show that the problem of democratic stability is in large part one of incentives: do political officials have the appropriate incentives to honor the rights of citizens and the rules of democracy? To see the importance of incentives for our question, notice that stable democracy requires two conditions: first, electoral losers must have incentives to step down; and second, those out of power must be willing to eschew force as a means of taking control of the government. If e...
    Free research essays on topics related to: institutions, democratic institutions, political institutions, dependent variable, post war
  • Percent Of The Population Costa Rica
    975 words
    There Central America Central America There are 26 million people in Central America. Mestizos of mixed white and Indian heritage make up one half of the population. Indians, who make up one fifth, are concentrated in Guatemala. Whites are dominant in Costa Rica, and blacks and mulatto's in Panama and the Caribbean coastal plains. Central America extends for a distance of 1, 200 miles east southeastward from Mexico to South America. Its wider western half is occupied by the nations of Belize, Gu...
    Free research essays on topics related to: coastal plain, central america, costa rica, el salvador, percent of the population
  • Major De Spain Today I Start Sarty
    592 words
    He did not look back. He knew that his father was going to beat him badly, so this time instead of accepting that fate, Sarty decided to get off the road his life was on and head down a new and unexplored path. Hopefully this way will have more security and stability to it than the route his father and family had been on. Family, that made Sarty think for a second. He didnt know what he was going to do, after all he had no one now. He was scared, alone, and hungry when he was suddenly startled b...
    Free research essays on topics related to: major de spain, sarty, spoke, horse, nigger
  • Childhood To Adulthood Beginning Of The Story
    866 words
    Transformation Into Adulthood In William Faulkner s story, Barn Burning, we find a young man who struggles with the relationship he has with his father. We see Sarty, the young man, develop into an adult while dealing with the many crude actions and ways of Abner, his father. We see Sarty as a puzzled youth who faces the questions of faithfulness to his father or faithfulness to himself and the society he lives in. His struggle dealing with the reactions which are caused by his father s acts res...
    Free research essays on topics related to: faulkner story, childhood to adulthood, end of the story, beginning of the story, barn burning
  • Aix La Chapelle Middle Ages
    1,783 words
    Charlemagne The King We know a good deal about Charlemagne because we have two biographies of him written by men who were close to him. The more important of these is by Einhard. He describes Charlemagne as being moderately tall, around six feet tall and powerfully built with a thick neck and deep chest. He had the red hair and blue eyes of his tribe and was possessed of both strength and stamina. He was average of the Franks in his love for hunting and for feasting, but Einhard notes that his k...
    Free research essays on topics related to: middle ages, aix la chapelle, ruled, saxony, charlemagne
  • Movie The Mission Persuade The Jesuits Spanish
    537 words
    Movie: The Mission Meena Throngkumpola The movie, The Mission, is about how the Spanish in cooperation with Portugal try to get the Jesuits off land negotiated by the two countries. The Spanish Church sends people into Asuncion, Paraguay to persuade the Jesuits to get off the land. The film includes spiritual and political activities the are reflected through the church, natives, and the Jesuits. What the movie mainly tried to show was that the Church wanted to maintain control over the Jesuits....
    Free research essays on topics related to: jesuits, mission, gun powder, portugal, split

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