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  • Salvador Dali Mental Problems
    743 words
    ter> (1904 - 1989) Salvador Dali was born into a middle-class family on May 11 th, 1904 in Figures Spain. In 1921 he entered the San Fernando Academy of Fine Arts in Madrid where he made friends with Federico Garcia Lorca, Luis Bunuel, and Eugenio Montes. He pursued his personal interest in Cubism and Futurism. In June of 1923 Dali was suspended from the Academy for having indicated the students to rebel against the authorities of the school. He was let back in October of 1925, and a y...
    Free research essays on topics related to: salvador dali, salvador, mental problems, surrealist, dali
  • Duke Of Ferrara Fra Pandolf
    812 words
    Robert Brownings My Last Duchess begins appropriately with a literary deception. The title suggests that the poem is about the Duke of Ferrara's former wife. However, after second and later readings, it becomes apparent that the subtitle Ferrara truly depicts what the poem is really about, for we learn more about the Duke of Ferrara than we learn about the Duchess. As the Duke talks about the Duchess, he really reveals his own controlling characteristics. This irony is significant, because it se...
    Free research essays on topics related to: dramatic monologue, sea horse, fra pandolf, duke of ferrara, duke
  • One Of Picasso Picasso And Braque
    1,291 words
    Pablo Picasso was considered the greatest artist of the 20 th century because of his unique styles and techniques. Pablo Ruiz y Picasso was born in Malaga, Spain on October 25, 1881 to a professor of art named Jose Ruiz Blanco and his wife Maria Picasso Lopez. Because of his fathers' occupation, Picasso's talent was quickly noticed and appreciated. Don Jose, an art teacher, moved Picasso and his family to La Coruna and then to Barcelona where he was Picasso's instructor at the fine arts academy....
    Free research essays on topics related to: one of picasso, picasso painted, les demoiselles, picasso and braque, analytical cubism
  • Sewer Golem Room Life Support Room Find
    1,252 words
    (1) In the room with the Cages, Speak with Misc. You will want to insult him and his Hamster friend a few times. He will become so mad that he will break himself out of his cage. After he has done this, you need to sooth him by being friendly (no more insults). If you are mean to him after he frees himself, he may not join your group. You can try to free Jaheira from her cage, but the door is locked solid. Do not try to anger her. She will not find any hidden strength to break herself out. Inste...
    Free research essays on topics related to: crystal, cage, life support, items, enter
  • Concentrate On His Work Plato Academy Michelangelo
    866 words
    Shortly afterwards, Lorenzo invites him to attend the meeting of the Plato Academy comprising of scholars from various fields of learning. Marsilio Facing had started the academy years ago. A well-read man, he had translated the works of great masters and introduced printing of books in Florence. Christoforo Landing, Angelo Poliziano and Pico are some of the esteemed members of the academy. They query Michelangelo about his knowledge of Greek art and volunteer to teach him the ancient language. ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: figures, lorenzo, marble, michelangelo, palace
  • Pope Julius Ii Creation Of The World
    1,219 words
    Michelangelo Buonarroti was born in 1475. He was born in a small town called Caprese, in Tuscany, Italy. Michelangelo was one of the most famous artists of the Italian Renaissance. According to Charles de Tolnay Michelangelo's three greatest works of his later life, were the Tomb of Pope Julius II, the Sistine Chapel ceiling, and the Medici Chapel (37). Michelangelo's specialty was painting the human body unclothed. In order to learn to paint the human body so well he would dissect human corpses...
    Free research essays on topics related to: italian renaissance, sistine chapel, jesus christ, creation of the world, pope julius ii
  • Vincent Van Gogh Early 20 Th Century
    1,287 words
    ... el, the Dutch Leo Gospel, the Danish S"odense, the British Lyall Watson. Among the members of the Paris school, Soutine, Pain and Modigliani have been attached to Expressionism. Fauvism Between 1901 and 1906, several comprehensive exhibitions were held in Paris, making the work of Vincent van Gogh, Paul Gauguin, and Paul C'elaine widely accessible for the first time. For the painters who saw the achievements of these great artists, the effect was one of liberation and they began to experimen...
    Free research essays on topics related to: henri matisse, early 20 th century, picasso and braque, vincent van gogh, style of painting
  • Ideals Of Beauty Renaissance Artists
    1,094 words
    Issues of Gender and the Body in Modern Art (1) It is quite impossible to talk about how the idea of body and gender is represented in the works of contemporary art, without understanding that arts trends correspond to socio-political reality. The reason why peoples bodies served as the objects of artistic portrayal, throughout the history, is that artists had good reasons to associate them with the ideals of beauty. In fact, our metaphysical ability of distinguishing between beautiful and ugly ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: human body, renaissance artists, artistic, female body, ideals of beauty
  • The Metropolitan Museum Of Art
    1,034 words
    The Metropolitan Museum of Art The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of the biggest and most famous world museums containing the art collections of all the times and peoples. The rise and decline of Byzantium is one of the most important world history periods characterized by the formation of the Christianity and its expansion from Byzantium all over the world. The history of Byzantium is characterized by the crusades, first religious wars. The opposition of Islam to Christianity goes back to th...
    Free research essays on topics related to: byzantium, hagia sophia, museum, metropolitan museum of art, ottoman empire
  • Paradise Lost Trojan Horse
    1,111 words
    In this paper I will compare and contrast two pieces of art work that are religious in nature. Through these pieces, I will show a theme of depicting death as heroic and beautiful, though painful and horrific. The first piece that I selected is a marble statue made in Hellenistic Greece (323 - 31 BCE. ). It was sculpted by Hagesandros, Polydor os, and Athenodoros and is titled Laocoon and His Two Sons. The second piece is an oil painting on wood panel made during the Baroque time era (1590 - 175...
    Free research essays on topics related to: paradise lost, trojan horse, pieces, damned, rubens
  • Cubist Art Suprematism 138 Movement
    669 words
    The Chain of Art Cubism was one of the strongest art movements in the 20 th century that gave birth to many other movements such as futurism and suprematism. The Forefathers of this revolutionary way of painting were Pablo Picasso and George Braque. Although it may have seemed to be abstract and geometrical to an untrained eye, cubist art do depict real objects. The shapes are flattened onto canvas so that different sides of each shape can be shown simultaneously from many angles. This new style...
    Free research essays on topics related to: geometrical, shapes, movements, cubism, futurism
  • Persistence Of Memory Salvador Dali
    1,314 words
    Living in Dreams, the Story of El Salvador Dali Dali El Salvador Dali was a painter of dreams, making them vibrantly real and true to life. Dali's art will forever be the epitome of surrealist painting. He even said himself, Le Surrealisme cest moi! (Surrealism its me! ) (Bogehold, 182). Dali's career was filled with insanities, love and most of all art. His style was new to the world. His imagination exuberant. From a small art school in Spain all the way to exhibitions all over the world, he h...
    Free research essays on topics related to: dali, one man, el salvador, persistence of memory, salvador dali
  • Played A Role Mother And Child
    921 words
    Different ideas and traditions are derived through the passing of time. Cultures are developed and taught through the insights of ones people, art and religion. In 500 B. C. Chinas culture was dominated by a philosopher named Confucius, who used the classics as a way of life. During the Golden Age of Africa, artwork was the main contribution to the teachings of their culture. While during the Renaissance, Europe's culture is vastly altered as the middle class takes over and indues humanism. Ther...
    Free research essays on topics related to: played a role, middle class, chinese culture, mother and child, greatly influenced
  • Washington D C Black And White
    1,010 words
    Robert Mapplethorpe began taking photographs in 1970 with a Polaroid camera given to him by a friend. Nearly twenty years later, when Mapplethorpe died at the age of forty-two, he was considered one of the most important photographers of his time. His elegant and sometimes shocking nudes, the black-and-white portraits, flower still lifes, and images of sexual sadomasochism had been exhibited widely and were the subject of serious critical attention in Europe and America. A few months after his d...
    Free research essays on topics related to: national endowment, washington d c, tax money, black and white, supreme court
  • Washington D C Art New York City
    1,348 words
    Picasso, Pablo Picasso Pablo Picasso Picasso, Pablo Ruiz y (1881 - 1973), Spanish painter and sculptor, is considered one of the greatest artist of the 20 th century. He was a inventor of forms, innovator of styles and techniques, a master of various media, and one of the most prolific artists in history. He created more than 20, 000 works. Training and Early Work Picasso was Born in M? last on October 25, 1881, he was the son of Jos? Ruiz Black, an art teacher, and Mar? a Picasso y Lopez. Until...
    Free research essays on topics related to: 20 th century, museum of modern art, washington d c, art new york city, pablo picasso
  • Edgar Degas Artist Art
    531 words
    Edgar Degas was a French artist, some people would refer to him as the expert of drawing the human figure in motion. He was known as an Impressionists, and was different from all the other artist of his type. Edgar Degas was a person who, at certain times, brashly defied propriety and common social practice. Although he could be the nicest person, at times he would go into rages during social gatherings, becoming hostile with the people who disagreed with his ways and opinions. Edgar Degas was b...
    Free research essays on topics related to: impressionist, leroy, degas, edgar degas, edgar
  • Ancient Greek Early Classical
    1,024 words
    As I began my search for an artifact to identify from the Late Bronze Age in Ancient Greece, I looked for a piece that would symbolize a major difference in stylistic change from the previous period. The artifact that captured my attention and satisfied my requirement, was none other than the Falling Warrior from the East Pediment at the Temple of Aphaia at Aegina. The subjects depicted in the pediment represent the warriors from the battles at Troy. The Falling Warrior was created c. 490 BC and...
    Free research essays on topics related to: falling, ancient greek, warrior, upper body, early classical
  • Greek Sculptors Kritios Boy Head
    297 words
    In the Early and High Classical periods, it is clear that the Greek sculptors have moved away from the rigid frontal pose of the human body, for example, the Archaic examples of kouros and korea statues. One of the best and earliest examples of a freestanding statue to exhibit more lifelike and natural qualities is the Kritios Boy from the Acropolis in Athens. The Kritios Boy is a example of portraiture sculpture. This shows us that the Greek sculptors believed that the head or mind and the body...
    Free research essays on topics related to: portrait, youthful, sculpted, aging, romans
  • Sized Bronze Sculptures Life Sized Bronze Sculptures Circle
    430 words
    The Holocaust Memorial Located close to lively South Beach is one of the most haunting pieces of art I have ever seen. The deeply moving Holocaust Memorial in Miami is an art installation that combines the senses of sight, sound and a vivid array of emotions. The structure itself is a walled circle within a semicircle. Within the circle resides the main body of the work, a 42 -foot bronze sculpted arm and hand reaching up to God. The wall surrounding the inner circle stands about 10 feet tall. T...
    Free research essays on topics related to: outer, corridor, circle, holocaust, bronze
  • Plato And Aristotle School Of Athens
    861 words
    Themes of Italian Renaissance Art As the fourteenth century ushered out the Middle Ages in Italy, a new period of cultural flowering began, known as the Renaissance. This period in history was famous for its revival of classical themes and the merging of these themes with the Catholic Church. These themes of humanism, naturalism, individualism, classicism, and learning and reason appeared in every aspect of the Italian Renaissance, most particularly in its art. Humanism can be defined as the ide...
    Free research essays on topics related to: renaissance art, italian renaissance, school of athens, plato and aristotle, peters basilica

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