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  • Skilled Labor Labor Unions
    430 words
    HIGH TECH COMPANIES SEEK TO HIRE MORE FOREIGN WORKERS Milwaukee Journal Business Section February 13, 2000 High technology companies that are asking congress to allow more foreigners to fill the labor shortage of skilled labor. Every year approximately 100, 000 jobs for educated workers in the high-tech. industry are created. Currently there are 115, 000 foreigners working in the United States with 6 -year visas. These workers are college educated and some are paid over $ 60, 000 per year. One o...
    Free research essays on topics related to: high tech, skilled labor, labor unions, foreign workers, global market
  • National Cap On Foreign Hire Is Maxed Out
    716 words
    With unemployment at its lowest and the demand for skilled and unskilled workers at a high where do business owners turn to fill the empty positions. A large percentage of them hire foreigners; most of which have a H- 1 B visa. But to the surprise of some high-tech business owners the National cap on foreign hires is maxed out. 115, 000 H- 1 B visas are accepted each year and that number has already been reached. 74, 300 have been approved and 45, 000 are still pending approval. Stephen Days, an...
    Free research essays on topics related to: h 1, business owners, work force, high tech, san diego
  • Business School Question Help
    4,689 words
    Please select from the following common MBA question topics: Why M. B. A. ? Questions Contribution and Diversity Questions Accomplishment Questions Leadership Ability Questions Hobby and Extracurricular Questions Role Model Questions Failure Questions Very Personal Questions Free research essays on topics related to: top a hr width 80, hr width 80 align center, href top back, senior vice president, sample essay
  • Intellect Economics Increasing Returns
    1,315 words
    Introduction Our understanding of how markets and businesses is an understanding based squarely upon the assumption of diminishing returns: products or companies that get ahead in a market eventually run into limitations, so that a predictable equilibrium of prices and market shares is reached. The theory was in rough measure valid for the bulk-processing, smokestack economy of Marshalls day. And it still thrives in todays economics textbooks. But steadily and continuously in this century, Weste...
    Free research essays on topics related to: software developers, increasing returns, cp m, diminishing returns, high tech
  • Illegal Drugs Illegal Substance
    1,170 words
    Drug smuggling is on a current up raise and there seems to be no way of stunting it growth. But here a some ways some states are trying to slow the rate of drug smuggling. In Illinois there is a program called "Operation Cash Crop" or the OCC. This is a combine of the ISP and the DEA. It's goal is to locate places where marijuana is grown then destroy all of it's gardens. During the span of 1983 - 88 these "OCC" led to 442 arrest and destroyed over 2 million marijuana plants. And in 1984 there w...
    Free research essays on topics related to: high tech, allot, illegal drugs, illegal substance, drug problem
  • Lost Their Jobs Cost Of Production
    1,612 words
    Competition Rapid economic growth in China can give a powerful incentive to Great Britain to speed up its local economic reforms. According to reasonable assumptions, it can even redouble the annual tempo of economic growth within the next dozens of years. Britain can maximize its profits from integration of China into British economic model and minimize its losses in case the government will make its economy more flexible, enhance mobility between various branches of economy. What concerns the ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: british economy, cost of production, lost their jobs, cheap labor, labor force
  • Risk Factors Expansion Strategy
    2,264 words
    Trilogy Case Study Table of Contents Executive Summary Company Background Ownership Management Human Resources Business model Commercial Business Case Analysis of Trilogy Software Competitors Environmental Scanning 3. 1. 1. Strengths 3. 1. 2. Weaknesses 3. 1. 3. Opportunities 3. 1. 4. Threats Analysis of Strategic Issues Risk Factors Recommendations and Implementation Strategy Historical precedents Remedial options 4. 2. 1. Decisions to be done 4. 2. 2. Pros, cons, theory, and possible risk fact...
    Free research essays on topics related to: economic value, supply chain, risk factors, expansion strategy, environmental scanning
  • Carnegie Mellon Coffee Shops
    2,401 words
    The Rise of the Creative Class Richard Floridas book has triggered a lot of controversial responses from various circles of the society at large; it is considered one of the most insightful pieces written by the author. Floridas main proposition is that Creative Class (and in particular its presence in particular regions) is responsible for the economic growth of those regions, while the regions where this class is not so numerous do not prosper that much. After carefully analyzing the arguments...
    Free research essays on topics related to: economic growth, carnegie mellon, coffee shops, creative people, driving force
  • Los Angeles Economic Growth
    2,443 words
    ... has no such districts, just a very few funky venues strewn about empty streets, with nothing connecting the dots. Often, these places come and go too quickly to form a walkable enclave. People-watching is important, too -- just being out on the street at any time of the day or night, seeing life stream by, is stimulating. A city needs a vibrant music scene, art scene, film scene, nightlife scene and outdoor recreation scene. And it's important for clubs and restaurants to be open late -- cre...
    Free research essays on topics related to: economic growth, san francisco, southern california, job growth, los angeles
  • Outsourcing Jobs To Foreign Countries
    1,636 words
    Outsourcing Jobs to Foreign Countries Outsourcing jobs formerly held by Americans to the foreign countries is one of the major issues that are currently discussed in various circles. While the opinions on this subject differ, after careful analysis it is apparent that job outsourcing is totally wrong not only it results in job loss for the United States as a nation, but also the quality of work the foreign countries can come up with is really sub standard. Outsourcing is a management strategy th...
    Free research essays on topics related to: foreign countries, financial institutions, high tech, manufacturing, system level
  • Body Language Personal Communication
    804 words
    Communication Progresses Between People In todays hustle and bustle of everyday life, men, women, and children walk past one another without even a friendly smile or hello. As global technology grows, communication between individuals gets more distant and less personal. Even in families, messages are left on the answering machine or as notes on the fridge. Therefore, with todays highly competitive technological world, it is vital to receive and maintain some old-fashioned inter-personal communi...
    Free research essays on topics related to: personal communication, high tech, body language, affects, tech
  • Income Per Capita Manufacturing Operations
    891 words
    Locational Implications of a Take-Over -Compaq Computer Corporation will lead in todays economic geography conference. At Compaq we recognize the need to become a global leader in enterprise computing solutions. The acquisition of Digital Equipment Corporation, an American US-based designer and manufacturer of mini-computers will greatly strengthen value proposition to customers. We are committed to supporting these key customer relationships by investing in Digital's strategic assets, particula...
    Free research essays on topics related to: windows nt, advanced technology, income per capita, manufacturing operations, high tech
  • National Security Agency Cyber Terrorism
    3,108 words
    Its 8 a. m. , morning rush hour in New York. People and cars move slowly and somewhat irritably toward the city. Suddenly, the power goes down and traffic lights cease working. Everything comes to a complete stop. Meanwhile, half way around the country, the water system malfunctions in Detroit. Then, in Dallas, air traffic becomes dangerously chaotic as guidance systems go offline. It seems like a series of unconnected events. But information security experts say it could also be the sign of a t...
    Free research essays on topics related to: organized crime, cyber terrorism, national security agency, telecommunications infrastructure, neo nazi
  • Employee Theft Pre Employment
    2,220 words
    INTRODUCTION The reduction of employee theft can be achieved by understanding the causes and implementing theft deterrent programs. Employee theft and pilfering have existed since the beginning of business. The exact amount it costs businesses is unknown, but estimates suggest it costs billions. Whether the theft amounts to small items such as paper clips and pencils or large items like a television or fur coat, it all comes out of the bottom line. Lost profits can lead a business to bankruptcy ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: net profit, employee theft, business owners, pre employment, hard working
  • U S Military Global Positioning System
    1,395 words
    In the 1800 s, most things were done using manpower, not machines. To plow a field it used to require a team of horses and a plow. To make butter it required a hand churn. Life was simple and people depended on themselves. In the 1920 s the automobile was a very important technological machine. Instead of a team of horses and a carriage, one could move about more efficiently in an automobile. Through the following years many advances in technology occurred: electric machines, televisions, radios...
    Free research essays on topics related to: u s military, department of defense, united states department, advances in technology, global positioning system
  • Y 2 K Year 2000 Problem
    2,764 words
    HOW A BILL BECOMES LAW THE CALIFORNIA STATE LEGISLATIVE PROCESS This paper deals with how bills in the state of California become laws, otherwise known as the Legislative Process. It will trace the process of a bill from the inception of an idea, to the outcome on a particular bill. Since I am majoring in Electronics Technology, Computer Repair here at American River College, I have chosen a bill related to that field. This bill is Assembly Bill 1710, Liability, and computer failures. The failur...
    Free research essays on topics related to: year 2000 problem, silicon valley, punitive damages, legislative process, y 2 k
  • World War Ii R 038 D
    593 words
    What The United States Can Learn From Japan Japan and the Four Little Dragons in order to achieve their industrialization goals have a diverse set of policies ranging from limited entitlement programs to a education and government bureaucracy that stresses achievement and meritocracy. But one of the most significant innovations of Japan and the Four Little Dragons is there industrial policy which targets improving specific sectors of the economy by focusing R&# 038; D, subsidies, and tax incenti...
    Free research essays on topics related to: high tech, economic policy, r 038 d, tax breaks, world war ii
  • Strategic Alliances Theoretical Framework
    2,719 words
    INTRODUCTION The topic under review is strategic alliances. This particular form of non-equity alliance between firms in the same industry (competitors) is becoming an increasingly popular way of conducting business in the global environment. Many different reasons of why such alliances are occurring have been recognised. These include: the increasing globalisation of the worlds economy resulting in intensified global competition, the proliferation and discernment of technology, and the shorteni...
    Free research essays on topics related to: theoretical framework, joint ventures, strategic alliances, widely accepted, fixed costs
  • U S Air Time Life Books
    2,458 words
    intelligence. The third, and least accepted, is that colonists from another galaxy came to Earth, mated with the primitives and established a high level of culture, before being destroyed by some natural catastrophe. And upon this catastrophe and destruction, we build and grow (Fitzgerald 1). Berossus, a Babylonian scholar, may have been the first astronaut historian. He said that animals endowed with reason bestowed the Sumerian culture before 3000 BCE. The Sumerians, along with their cultural ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: air force, flying saucer, u s air, time life books, ufo sightings
  • Los Angeles County Market Research
    3,273 words
    Business Plan Business Plan: Progressive Consulting What follows is a complete business plan for a hypothetical company. Please copy or save to your disk and use as an example in developing your own business plan. If you would like to read a series of articles jump to Web Marketing. For additional business aids click on The Practical Tools of ConsultinExecutive Summary Progressive Consulting will be formed as a consulting company specializing in marketing of high technology products in internati...
    Free research essays on topics related to: los angeles county, medium sized, market research, latin america, strategic alliances

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